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Back to the Future – Gay Marriage

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The Roman Empire was “ahead of its time,” establishing slavery-pedophilia and same-sex unions as the norm. Nero, the Roman emperor married at least two men in lavish public ceremonies, wearing a veil, and all the appearances of a traditional wedding: “dowry, marriage bed, torches, and witnesses.” According to Craig Turner, the Roman historian, Tacitus, described Nero’s engaging in coitus with the “groom” in full view of the wedding guests. He further described Nero’s deeds as engaging in “every filthy, depraved act, licit or illicit.”

During his infamous reign, Nero also rounded up Christians and tied them to stakes, burning them to light his garden. His penchant for violence included countless brutal executions, including that of his own mother. Not surprisingly, he committed suicide in 68 AD.

Gary DeMar sums up our current dilemma perfectly, when he says, “What stopped the moral disintegration was the spread of Christianity. It’s frightening to think that today, many Christians have sided with Nero.”

Traditional marriage and gay marriage are mutually exclusive and to remain silent is complicity. 41 states have voted to protect traditional marriage, but the “progressive” media, “emperor” Obama, and a handful of unelected Supreme court justices, are hell bent on forcing their will upon the American people.

The Book of books, outlining the structure for a well ordered civil society, and upon which our country was built, has given us the most prosperous and free country in history. People from all over the world have risked their lives to participate in our 200 + year “experiment” called liberty.

We have special protections for every segment of society, written into law, EXCEPT for Christians and heterosexuals. Will history repeat itself, or will we rise up and declare that we are, now and always, a Christian nation?

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Lamarre Notargiacomo
Lamarre Notargiacomo

Lamarre graduated with a bachelor of Theology and a minor in Music from the Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida, in 1978 at 21 years of age, Liberty Bible College (not to be confused with Liberty University). Lamarre dabbled in politics dating back to Ronald Reagan's campaign, playing a part in the Miami campaigns of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Bob Martinez - Former Governor of Florida. She teamed with pro-life groups, all church denominations, and a handful of pro-life activists in 1991 to form the largest life chain to date in Miami - 10,000 people. Lamarre attends Calvary Chapel, Vero Beach for the past seven years and sings in the choir. She has been a volunteer for multiple Republican candidates for the past several election cycles, including the Posey, McCain and Romney campaigns. She has volunteered as a poll watcher and walking door to door, making phone calls and participated in several local Republican Clubs including Republicans for Life, Republican Women of Indian River, where she has been a member for the past five years. In October of 2012, with a handful of Vero Beach concerned citizens, Phyllis Frey, Steve Meyer, Stephanie Austin, Rosemarie Frigerio, Sharon Swezey, Mary Ingui, Keith McDonald, Melinda Meikle, Jenna Featherstone, Maria Perkins, Rosemary White and Susan Mehiel and others, were instrumental in helping County Commissioner Bob Solari, reverse the previous 5/4 vote in favor of participating in the Seven 50 regional/sustainable communities plan - the conjoined twin of Agenda 21, to a defeat for Seven50 in a 5/4 vote against continuing in the program. To date, the organization has successfully stopped the Seven50 plan in three south Florida counties (3 down, 4 to go!) and multiple city governments. Our work is far from over, but we remain committed to rooting out regionalism from South Florida. Lamarre is currently Secretary for the Vero Beach Republican Club of Indian River County, the oldest Republican club in the county. Lamarre homeschooled all six of her children and now has six grandchildren.

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