Why I Wear the I Love Fossil Fuels T-Shirt

For years I have gotten the question: Where can I get one of those shirts? And for years I have had inadequate solutions that involved a) you paying $25-30 a shirt or b) CIP spending a lot of time becoming a mediocre t-shirt fulfillment company.

Now, thanks to the geniuses at Teespring, I am thrilled that you can get between 1 and a million I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirts for $10 each.

This year is the pivotal year for the future of energy in the world. No exaggeration. The results of the US elections and the energy policies adopted by the next President and Congress can either a) commit us to the catastrophic, energy deprivation policies the current administration agreed to in Paris last year or b) liberate the energy industry and capitalize on America’s amazing energy opportunities to create energy abundance around the world.

Wearing the I Love Fossil Fuels t-shirt is the perfect way to show where you stand in the energy battle of 2016.


P.S. Please, please, please also sign and spread the America’s Energy Opportunity ultimatum to our politicians.

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