VIDEO: One Minute To Midnight

America, it’s one minute to midnight.


America, it’s one minute to midnight.

Even though America was bound to reach the point of electing a tyrant like Hillary Clinton sooner or later, we’ve all been whistling past the graveyard hoping it would be later rather than sooner. Despite the moral equivalency that Philadelphia archbishop Charles Chaput paints between the two, he’s wrong.

While each pose some problems for Catholic voters, Hillary Clinton is a problem. The woman had murder in her heart, destruction of all that is good. If she wins, it’s lights out for the Catholic Church in America. We are one minute from midnight.

As an aside, her fainting spells and coughing fits and unprecedented absences from the presidential campaign trail and cancelled appearances may be a sign that God will not allow her to survive until the election, but we can’t bet on that.

And as another aside, ever since Cdl. Raymond Burke’s 54-day Rosary novena began on August 15 — the Feast of the Assumption of the Mother of God — Killary has been slipping in the polls, the first day the Great Slippage began.

What’s extremely disturbing about the Hillary campaign, however, is the near-silence of the U.S. bishops on the true evil she presents to the country and the Church in general. Too many of the bishops — as a whole — are bought and paid for when it comes to the Democratic Party. Owing to Democratic Party leadership, the Church received $90 million from Uncle Sam to help resettle refugees and immigrants. There’s nothing objectively wrong with that, but does anyone seriously think that there is no possible conflict of interest there — accepting $90 million and keeping quiet about the candidate whose party hands the money over? And that’s in addition to the hundreds of millions of other dollars poured into the bishops’ coffers for Catholic Relief Services.

Hillary Clinton studied under Saul Alinksy. She was one of his disciples. The entire social justice mission of the Church in the United States was brought into existence by Saul Alinsky disciples in the Church — clergy, personal friends of his — many of the same clergy who worked tirelessly to overturn 2,000 years of tradition and dogmas of the Church.

None of this is a coincidence. It is the ascendance of evil in the Church cooperating with the same forces in the state. One look at Hillary’s VP candidate Tim Kaine raises the serious question: Where are the U.S. bishops in collectively denouncing not only Hillary but her fake Catholic running mate who declared this past weekend that the Church will change its teaching on gay marriage?

Still think both tickets are about the same, Abp. Chaput?

There’s a lot to understand and wrap our minds around with all of this, lots of names, dates, clandestine cooperation, well-placed silence, deliberate ambiguity — great forces at work just off stage working intensely to completely overthrow the established order. They have been largely successful up to this point, with the help of many many allies inside the Church.

Last January, Church Militant rolled out our daily Premium broadcast “The Download” — our heavy-hitting panel discussion that looks at issues in a way no other outfit in the Catholic media world does. There’s a lot of firepower on this panel; between Simon, Christine, Brad and myself, we have four degrees in theology, decades of experience in television and Internet communications, and deep experience in news media and investigative reporting and producing.

The Download” panel asks the questions others won’t, examines issues from a complete set of perspectives, isn’t afraid to let the facts lead where they lead. This is not a show the Catholic Church of Nice establishment is very fond of — but it is a show faithful Catholics can’t afford to miss.

Every day “The Download” crew scours the world of news Catholics need to know and sets the agenda for a lively informative discussion — a discussion that you want to know about because of the spiritual impact all this has on you and your loved ones.

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