Democrats and the Deconstruction of Free Speech in America

Growing up in the 1960s I remember a time when Democrats marched for freedom of speech in Berkeley, California. Today Democrats riot to stop free speech in places like Berkeley, California.

As Shelby Steele wrote in a Wall Street Journal article:

The recent flurry of marches, demonstrations and even riots, along with the Democratic Party’s spiteful reaction to the Trump presidency, exposes what modern liberalism has become: a politics shrouded in pathos. Unlike the civil-rights movement of the 1950s and ’60s, when protesters wore their Sunday best and carried themselves with heroic dignity, today’s liberal marches are marked by incoherence and downright lunacy—hats designed to evoke sexual organs, poems that scream in anger yet have no point to make, and an hysterical anti-Americanism.

All this suggests lostness, the end of something rather than the beginning.

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free speech movement

Nov. 20, 1965 the Free Speech Movement of the University of California, Berkeley.

Picture This: California Perspectives on American History writes:

On Nov. 20, 1965 the Free Speech Movement (FSM) of the University of California, Berkeley, organized a protest of several thousand students outside a meeting of the Regents of the University of California. The regents were gathered to discuss how to deal with the FSM. The movement had grown out of students involved in the Civil Rights movement and became a sign of the power of student activism that would be a trademark of the 1960s.

The FSM had its beginnings with students involved with CORE (Congress on Racial Equality) and the Southern Civil Rights movement. In the summer of 1964 some U.C. Berkeley students had gone south to work with CORE and returned for the new school year in September 1964. The CORE students set up tables on the Berkeley campus asking for donations and new members.

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Fast forward to the 2017 March4Trump rally in Berkeley, California.


Bloodied March4Trump rally member in Berkeley, CA. Photo: iPatriot News

iPatriot News in an article “Radical Liberal Terrorist Bloodies Liberty-Loving Americans at Trump Rally” by Lars Lamonte reports on a March4Trump rally in Berkeley, California. Lamonte reports:

Ten liberal terrorists were arrested in California after physically attacking, bloodying, and in the case of an eldery [sic] gentleman, threatening the life of pro-Trump supporters on Saturday. The liberal thugs attacked the Trump rally in Berkeley, California with metal pipes, bats, 2×4’s, and pieces of wood according to police who arrived at the scene well after violence had gotten out of hand.

“At least two people, with their faces covered up, could be seen on video trying to set fire to an American flag, while a photo on Twitter showed the bloody face of a man who wore a T-shirt that said ‘Trump is My President.’” reported The LA Times.

Typically, the liberal media has barely reported on a story that highlights the thuggery and terrorist actions of the liberal left. Several rally supporters complained about the lack of intervention by police officers despite the violence shown below, a common complaint at pro-Trump rally’s in liberal states like this one in California. Despite the large amount of violence, numerous reports indicate that police officers refused to intervene, and only one suspect was arrested.

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Freedom of speech has now become “hate speech” if you do not belong to those who support President Donald J. Trump or America. Peaceful protests have turned violent. Those who support the President are bloodied, beaten and harassed, including the Vice President of the United States, whose wife’s email address was made public by the Associated Press.

The so called “resist” movement has the signature of another group known as the Storm Detachment (German Sturmabteilung or SA) the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party.


Nazi Sturmabteilung logo.

From April 1924 until late February 1925 the SA was reorganized into a front organization known as the Frontbann to circumvent Bavaria‘s ban on the Nazi Party and its organs (instituted after the abortive Beer Hall putsch of November 1923). Members of the SA were, throughout the 1920s and into the 1930s, often involved in street fights called Zusammenstöße (collisions) with members of the Communist Party (KPD).

Fast forward to today and we have the “resist” movement.

According to Discover the Networks:

The Indivisible Team (IT) was established by a group of five former Democratic congressional staffers in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 presidential election. One of the five founders, IT board president Ezra Levin, had previously served as associate director of government affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and as an AmeriCorpsVISTA employee in the Homeless Services Division of the San Jose Department of Housing. Another key founder, IT board secretary Angel Padilla, had worked as an immigration policy consultant at the National Council of La Raza, and as an adviser to Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) from 2009-11.

Upon its inception, IT’s first order of business was to launch a website devoted to providing leftists and liberals with strategies for countering the “radical, racist, and sexist” objectives of President Trump. This website features a tool kit for local IT organizers, a daily calendar that lists national events and calls-to-action, and the group’s signature publication, Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda. During December 2016 and January 2017, this Guide was downloaded more than 1 million times.

Fear drives the “resist movement” to commit violence. Fear that they have lost power and influence. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.”

Gird your loins America for more violence, mayhem and destruction. You can thank your Democrat friend for this neo-free speech movement that wants to silence you.


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