Jew Haters in Ohio: Nurses, Cooks, a Real Estate Agent and 18 others

“F**kin jew get your ass out of here,” says Adam Salti from Cleveland, Ohio. Salti works in a hospital.

This is one of scores of anti-Semitic comments uncovered by our latest report.

The Greater Cleveland Report focuses on 21 students and professionals, who made dozens of viciously anti-Semitic remarks as well as anti-Black and anti-LGBT comments on social media.

The report covers students from 6 Cleveland universities and includes members of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and Arab Student Union (ASU).

Professionals represented:

Would you eat food cooked by Ayman Ramahi who works in the restaurant at the Sunoco North Olmsted gas station? He said “YEA AND WELL KILL THE YAHOOD! [Jews]” and “U fuxin faggot kys [Kill Yourself]” and “Abeed [black people] are disgusting.”

Would you buy a house from Mohamed Wahdan, the realtor and gun enthusiast who delights in anti-Semitic and homophobic comments and bizarrely takes nude photos of men in public?

Would you buy a phone from Allen Allan, a telephone company employee who is a Holocaust denier, conspiracy theorist and racist?

For more information on these 21 unsavory characters please see below.

The Canary Mission team are in an on-going effort to expose individuals and organizations that engage in hate-speech and anti-Semitism. But we need your assistance. You can help by donating and encouraging others to subscribe.

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21 Cleveland Anti-Semites

Mohamed Wahdan is a student at Cleveland State University, majoring in Business. In June 2016, Wahdan was fired from Holton Wise —  a Cleveland, OH real estate company — after Wahdan tweeted derogatory remarks to professional basketball player, Stephen Curry, about Curry’s sister, Sydel. Wahdan’s offending tweet contained a reference to Riley Curry — Stephen Curry’s 3-year-old daughter — demanding: “You and your whole family get the f**k out of Cleveland and take Riley’s faggot a** with you.” As of March, 2017, Wahdan worked as a Realtor at Howard Hanna’s Westlake, Ohio office.

Moe Clammy Hamdan attended Cuyahoga Community College and says he is a branch manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Hamdan has tweeted violent hatred of Jews, such as: “Why don’t one of your little Jew a** bitchs come over to Palestine so we can smack the f**k outta ur ugly A**.”

Deanna Silmi was a student activist with SJP at Cleveland State University from 2015 – 2016. Silmi has demanded the boycott of Jews, tweeting: “If you buy anything supporting the Jewish during this month especially and your Muslim I’m judging you.” Silmi applied to the Cleveland Heights Police Academy, and was looking for a job in a Police Department as of January 20, 2017. On February 24, 2017, Silmi posted on Facebook from Sandusky, OH that she is employed at Planet Fitness.”

Bahaa Falweh was the president of the Arab Student Union at Cleveland State University (CSU) from 2015 to 2016. Falweh is also affiliated with SJP at CSU. He is now pursuing an MBA in Health Administration at CSU. He has tweeted anti-Semitic attacks such as: “Jew bitch,” “F**k you Jews” and “Jews die.”spacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″>

Raed Naserallah attended nursing school and has worked in Intensive Care units in the Cleveland Clinic. He has tweeted a plethora of anti-Semitism, anti-Black racism and hate for LGBT. Is Naserallah safe to attend to patients at their bedsides?

Kasem Abed is an electrical engineering major at Cleveland State University. Abed has tweeted: “I’m bringing rocks to school on Monday, bout to turn s**t up in the library. That Jew better run” and “F**k the Jews.” Abed also tweeted many anti-Black remarks, including a wish that Black people should be murdered indiscriminately.

Wala’a Mohammad is the treasurer and budget officer for SJP and a member of MSA at CSU. Mohammad expressed hatred of Israel supporters and made homophobic comments on Twitter. She also tweeted: “allah yin3an al yahood [May Allah curse the Jews].”

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Ayman Ramahi is an employee of Sunoco in North Olmstead, Ohio. Ramahi has tweeted “@zainabmustafaa YEA AND WELL KILL THE YAHOOD! [Jews]” and “If I had the chance to go NOW to #Palestine and throw ONE rock at a Zionists face AND get killed I would do it.”

Cleveland State University student Rahma Bakhshi tweeted violent hatred of Jews and Black people, such as: “‘@moeab75: I finally figured out what I want to do in my life. I’m gonna finish what hitler started! And add blacks to the list too.’”

Cleveland State University Civil Engineering Major Mashhour Shehadeh tweeted “When life hands you rocks, throw them at yahood [jews].”

Moe Jaber spread violent hatred of Jews and Israel on Twitter. Jaber subsequently deleted his Twitter account, in February 2017.

Nawal Sharab of Englewood, Ohio implied that her expressions of Jew-hatred are directed only toward “Zionist Jews.” Yet she tweeted “If I’m following any Jews or if any are following me please let me kno and unfollow me.” She also expressed her desire to slit the throat of an Israeli.

Mohammed Abuaun has spread hatred of Jews, hatred of Israel, mocked the Holocaust  and spread homophobic insults on social media. Abuaun claimed on Facebook to have been a student at Cleveland State University until 2017, studying Business Information Systems. Abuaun tweeted: “I haven’t had a day off since hitler was offing Jews and my country was free.”

Ali Allan was a student at Cuyahoga Community College, in 2015. Allan tweeted “‘@RashadAhmad95: Jews are up the street’ kill em all.” Allan also tweeted a vine clip of himself sitting on a hospital bed pretending to shoot a male nurse, then giggling. The tweet read: “Its a Jew.”

Ahmad Saleh tweeted: “Where tf is Iran with there nuclear weapons so they can f**k up these damn Jews.” On July 23 2015, Saleh tweeted that he was “having good luck” at Wright State University. And on January 5, 2017 he tweeted that he hoped nursing school would “be a breeze.” Would you want a guy like that at your bedside?

Moe Hamdan is affiliated with the Muslim Students Association at Cuyahoga Community College and claims to work as a manager at Marathon Petroleum Corporation. He tweeted many anti-Semitic remarks, such as “‘Ew, that ugly Jewish monkey” and used the Arabic word “abeed” — a racist slur, meaning “slav.”

2 replies
  1. Esther Rachwal
    Esther Rachwal says:

    This should be forwarded to the Legislators in Ohio and especially the Dean at the
    universities that these Muslims attend. Then demand what they plan to do with this
    information but certainly these students should be removed from their school. The
    big question is WHY would we allow these students to attend their schools if they are
    aware of their contemptible,vicious remarks?

    • Judith Klein
      Judith Klein says:

      Unfortunately this is nothing new. When I attended CSU as a returning student, there were already haters on campus. In one class about the history of Islam, 2-3 men always sat in the back and made noise and argued with the professor if they did not agree…Some of us went to the Dean’s office and found they were not even enrolled…suffice it to say they did not come for the remainder of the term
      Haters will always hate, it is up to decent people to shut them up.


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