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The Politics of Child Molesting

The demands of the sexual anarchists have no limits. Its time for real Americans to stand up and say “NO MORE”. RELATED COLUMNS: Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Raping, Impregnating 12-Year-Old in TX Charges for Man Disguised as Woman in Bathroom Filming VIDEO: They’re mainstreaming pedophilia! Pedophiles in American Public Schools and Universities Boys Beware: Classic Film […]

VIDEO: Release The Finicum Footage Now!

The killing of Lavoy Finicum has America in a volatile mess.  I  am calling for the release of all transcripts/law enforcement audio/visual footage so we can know exactly what transpired. The below enhanced video shows LaVoy Finicum pointing out those who shot him. The narrative is provided by Call of Duty Goddess, who posted the video […]

Muslim Migrants Gone Wild: Time for Buckshot and Hollow Points?

Those who come to this country to rape and plunder should not be tolerated…by government or citizens. Now The End Begins writes on Pinterest: Thousands Of Jews Flee France And Germany As Muslims Become The New Nazis- Europe has become like the dark days of 1938 Nazi Germany- Mob of Muslim youths shout “Death to […]