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Can Blacks excel in America? The simple answer lies in a 1994 study!

I recently received an email linking to a 2014 oped published on American Renaissance titled “Ten Percent is Not Enough.” The oped states: The black/white experiment has failed. [ … ] Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.” But […]

VIDEO: President Trump’s remarks on Iran, North Korea, ISIS and Afghanistan

Before President Trump met with his top military leaders on October 6th, 2017 he gave a short statement on Iran, North Korea, ISIS and Afghanistan. The media has focused on one part of his statement: In addition, we must not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence, bloodshed, and […]

The National Association for Gun Rights opposes NRA-backed ban on firearm accessories

Washington D.C. – The National Association for Gun Rights is urging members of Congress to withhold their signatures from an anti-gun letter that is currently being circulated by Congressman Adam Kinzinger and Senator Dean Heller — in concert with the NRA — that calls for banning “bump stocks.” The proposal outlined in the letter will not […]

VIDEO: Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin on Gun Control and the Las Vegas Massacre

The Daily Signal posted the below video on its YouTube channel: President Trump in his statement immediately after the Las Vegas massacre said: Our unity cannot be shattered by evil. Our bonds cannot be broken by violence. And though we feel such great anger at the senseless murder of our fellow citizens, it is our […]

ISIS labels those killed and wounded in Las Vegas ‘Crusaders’ — Why? Bill Clinton and the Big Lie!

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) issued the following statement about the massacre in Las Vegas: The ISIS statement on the massacre in Las Vegas refers to those wounded and injured as “crusaders.” ISIS goes on to call those attending the outdoor concert as members of “the crusader alliance” and the event as […]

Security guard wounded in first ISIS attack in U.S. sues FBI, charges cover-up

Good for Bruce Joiner. There are many, many unanswered questions about what happened at Garland, and about the FBI was doing there. 60 Minutes ran a feature last March about the FBI curious role in the May 2015 Garland, Texas jihad attack at a free speech event co-organized by Pamela Geller and me. It was, predictably enough, […]

VIDEO: List of Things that Don’t Add Up about the Las Vegas Massacre

Before Its News published a list of questions that don’t add up about the massacre in Las Vegas on October 1st, 2017. They also posted a video listing their concerns. Here’s the Before Its News list: Dozens of concert-goers reported the presence of multiple shooters Who warned concert-goers they were “all going to die” a […]

Opelousas Massacre: When over 150 Black Republicans were hanged by White Democrats

On September 28, 1868, Democrat Judge James Dickinson led a mob that killed over 150 black residents in Opelousas, Louisiana. The event is known as the Opelousas Massacre. It started when local blacks expressed outrage when a white newspaper publisher, Emerson Bentley, was severely beaten. Bentley was beaten because he published an article that criticized […]

On Average an NFL Player is Arrested Every Seven Days for a Violent Crime

There is a dark side to the National Football League that few media outlets are talking about. Donald J. Trump, Jr. highlighted the issues in a Tweet: According to NFLarrest.com: The average time between [NFL player] arrests is just seven days, while the recorded without an arrest is slightly more than two months, at 65 […]

Cuban doctors tired of ‘being slaves’ sue Cuban Government

As former Bill Clinton said, “It’s the economy stupid!” For the Cuban people it truly is the economy, stupid. Perhaps a few of my first hand experiences during my visit to Cuba will help those who favor big government understand where “socialismo” leads. One of the things some people, many of whom have never visited […]