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VIDEO: The Slaughter of the Sissys

Manhood is on the decline in America. What is going to happen when the patriotic seniors are gone? RELATED ARTICLES: The War Against Boys Lost Voices in the Transgender Debate: Liberals and Conservatives Unite Disney Continues Its Culture War on the Family The Texas Privacy Act (Bathroom Bill) is about Public Safety Russia bans children […]

VIDEO: President Trump vindicated by Wikileaks CIA dump

ZeroHedge in a column “Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents“; Another Snowden Emerges” reports, A total of 8,761 documents have been published as part of ‘Year Zero’, the first in a series of leaks the whistleblower organization has dubbed ‘Vault 7.’ WikiLeaks said that ‘Year Zero’ revealed details of the […]

Wikileaks Exposes ‘Vault 7’ — The CIA’s ‘Zero Day’ Weapon

Today, Tuesday 7 March 2017, WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. The first full part of the series, “Year Zero”, comprises 8,761 documents and files from an isolated, high-security network situated […]

Citizens can actually read the ‘American Health Care Act’ bill Online! Refreshing

Remember this: Speaker Paul Ryan in an email to all Americans wrote: I want you to be the first to know: we just introduced our bill to repeal and replace Obamacare. It is called the American Health Care Act, and it is a plan to drive down costs, encourage competition, and give every American access […]

IMMIGRATION: President Trump’s Revised EO is Constitutional, Legal, and Common Sense

President Trump has signed a revised Executive Order (EO) on immigration and refugee resettlement. Democrats are already calling it a “Muslim ban.” A question that Democrats should ask themselves: What if former President Clinton had banned the 9/11/2001 hijackers from entering the United States, would we be better off today? Secretary of Homeland Security John […]

Economic ‘Trumpature’ Survey Results Released

NEW YORK, NY /PRNewswire/ — Convergex, an agency-focused global brokerage and trading related services provider, released the results of its “Take Your Trump-erature” survey, designed to gauge President Trump’s possible impact on the financial markets. The survey, which was conducted from February 21, 2017 through February 24, 2017, garnered a record number of responses with some surprising […]

Obama’s Denial of Trump Wiretaps Not Credible!

Here’s the list of proven victims of Obama’s many wiretaps according to WikiLeaks, who released the list on February 23rd (see link here) of Obama administration wire taps: The US National Security Agency bugged a private climate change strategy meeting; between UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin; Obama bugged Chief of […]

Democrats and the Deconstruction of Free Speech in America

Growing up in the 1960s I remember a time when Democrats marched for freedom of speech in Berkeley, California. Today Democrats riot to stop free speech in places like Berkeley, California. As Shelby Steele wrote in a Wall Street Journal article: The recent flurry of marches, demonstrations and even riots, along with the Democratic Party’s […]

Women in Toronto fearful of Muslim migrant sexual assaults

Following is a very disturbing an email from a concerned Canadian to Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Kathleen Wynne and Minister Ahmed Hussen about an alleged incident of a sexual attack on the Spadina subway line in Toronto. What this email raises is the early concerns of citizens in Sweden and Germany about bringing in Muslim […]

VIDEO: Qur’an verse read at the Oscars was about the ‘Children of Israel’, not Muslims

The following Qur’an verse was read at the Oscars to indicate that Muslims are peaceful. However, the verse in fact refers to Jews, not the followers of Mohammed. Tommy Robinson of TheRebel.media looks at the Oscars ceremony and what Hollywood’s favorite Koran verses really mean in the below video. From the source:  quran.com 5.31-32 Sahih […]

VIDEO: Former Obama Attorney General calls for ‘more marching, blood, death on streets’

A short video was posted on YouTube by Senate Democrats of former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch calling for violence. Worldnet Daily reports: The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the […]

TOWERGATE: Obama uses secret court and FBI to spy on Trump Campaign

Wikileaks released an email dated 2016-04-27 between two Democratic National Committee staffers (roberstske@dnc.org and BrinsterJ@dnc.org). In the email robertske@dnc.org wrote, “[T]he pro-Russia stuff ties in pretty well to the idea that Trump is too friendly with Putin/weak on Russia.” We now learn that in June 2016 the Obama administration filed a request with the Foreign Intelligence […]