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Creepy Canadian App Gives Citizens Points for Making Government-Approved Choices by Josie Wales

Ontario announced earlier this month that it will become the fourth Canadian government to fund a behavioral modification application that rewards users for making “good choices” in regards to health, finance, and the environment. The Carrot Rewards smartphone app, which will receive $1.5 million from the Ontario government, credits users’ accounts with points toward the reward program […]

Let Social Media Boost the Cuban Economy by Sarah Odessa Blow

In June, Ripl, a social media marketing company, published a study concluding that social media is ranked the most effective way to “attract new customers and connect with current ones” by American small businesses. While skeptics have long criticized social media’s effectiveness and return on investment (ROI), the plethora of evidence proving the values of social media […]

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Hitler Knew How Important Culture Is by Eileen L. Wittig

Amazon just released the first episode of its original show The Last Tycoon, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished book by the same title, and the rest of the season came out yesterday. It’s a glitzy Hollywood story, a tragic romance, and a swanky period piece, but its Nazi subplot is the most interesting part. As soon as we […]

Obamacare Is Dying. Let It. by John Tamny

The alleged failure of Republicans to repeal the misnamed Affordable Care Act (ACA) predictably has the conservative punditry up in arms. “Why Can’t Republicans Get Anything Done?” was one of many frustrated headlines lamenting the GOP’s lack of legislative success.The politics of repeal would have been worse than doing nothing. One editorial asserted that Republican […]

VIDEO: Health Care Is a Mess… But Why? by Seamus Coughlin and Sean Malone

You probably know a couple who both work full time to support their children, but even with their dual incomes, they’re finding it more and more difficult to afford health insurance. Everyday incidents like sports injuries, asthma, and blood pressure, combined with their anxiety over rising premiums, are turning their American dream into sleepless nights. […]

The Real Reason Government Wastes So Much Money by Daniel J. Mitchell

Why does government waste so much money? In so many ways? With such reckless abandon? I suppose I could answer with mockery and say it’s because they have lots of experience squandering our tax dollars. But let’s seriously contemplate that question and explore one of the reasons for waste. Simply stated, government programs are a magnet for scammers. Let’s look […]

10 Things You Never Knew About Orwell’s 1984 by Anna Mathews

George Orwell’s novel 1984 was incredibly popular at the time it was published, and it remains incredibly popular to this day. With multiple stars citing the book as one of their favorites – including Stephen King, David Bowie, Mel Gibson, and Kit Harrington – 1984 has been growing in popularity in recent years. The book reappeared on best-seller lists in early […]

Progressives Should Look to Their Own Troublesome History by Donald J. Boudreaux

I’m sure that the irony has struck others whose wits are sharper and quicker than mine. This morning my eyes happened upon my copy of Thomas Leonard’s excellent 2016 volume, Illiberal Reformers. It sat innocently on one of my bookshelves. In that book, Princeton economist Leonard documents the overt racism of “Progressivism’s” founders. Leonard documents the […]

The Attack on Hobby Lobby Is Incoherent and Unjust by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The mainstream press has accused Hobby Lobby, a great and beloved American company, of hypocrisy, unchristian behavior, smuggling, stealing, and even funding terrorism. As punishment, and concluding an investigation that has been going on for six years, the US government has extracted from the company a fine of $3 million, and the company is sending to the government property it bought […]

VIDEO: Obamacare’s ‘People Will Die’ Canard by Charles Blahous

Passions are high in the national health care debate. Some supporters of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have taken to asserting that hundreds of thousands of “people will die” if it is repealed or significantly altered. These claims do not withstand scrutiny, and those who wish their policy arguments to be taken seriously would be […]

Why the Swiss Health Care Model Will Never Work in America by Kevin D. Williamson

If you’re wondering what in Hell is actually going on with U.S. health-care policy, the short version is this: Policymakers in both parties are trying to replicate Swiss policies in a country that isn’t Swiss. The Affordable Care Act was, as thinkers as different as Paul Krugman and Avik Roy both observed, an attempt to […]

What Is the Deep State? by Thomas Knapp

Buzzwords come and buzzwords go. Lately, a trending buzzword – or, I guess, buzz phrase – among the politically inclined is “Deep State.” Google News returns 127,000 recent media uses of the phrase. Every time US president Donald Trump finds himself under attack or just stymied in one of his policy initiatives, his supporters blame […]

How Brexit Could Break the Cycle of Global Poverty by Joe Ware

In the run-up to the Brexit negotiations, there were numerous calls for the Government to confirm that the rights of EU citizens living and working in the UK would be secure. With talks now officially underway the Government has moved to address this with a “big and generous” offer according to Number 10 – or […]

Social Democracy Didn’t Spur Post-War Growth by Tim Worstall

It is obviously going to be difficult to get an economic idea across to Owen Jones – the lad’s a socialist for goodness sake, one who praised Venezuela’s policy loudly for some years – but needs must, eh? In his latest Guardian column, he tells us that Clem Attlee’s government produced the social democratic nirvana powering post-war growth: […]