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Oxfam Uses Absurd Metrics and Gets Absurd Results by Chelsea Follett

Every year, Oxfam releases a report meant to shock the public about the extent of income and wealth inequality. This year’s report claims that the eight richest people on Earth have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world’s population (3.6 out of 7.2 billion people). That’s certainly shocking. It’s also profoundly misleading. As others have pointed out, Oxfam […]

What’s Truly Remarkable about Bitcoin: It Exists by Jeffrey Tucker

It was the second week of February 2013 when I first ventured a public opinion that Bitcoin is the real deal. The dollar exchange rate was at $25, on its way toward another run-up and crash that had been the pattern for two years. I had just returned from a conference where some Bitcoiners surrounded […]

90,000 Pages of Bureaucratic Hell

There are records, and then there are records. A month ago, I blogged that President Barack Obama’s Federal Register, the daily depository of rules and regulations, stood at 81,640 pages for 2016. That topped the all-time record—also held by Obama—of 81,405 pages in 2010. And it happened before Thanksgiving. Since November 17, the Federal Register has […]

The Failure of Public Schooling in One Chart by Daniel J. Mitchell

While I have great fondness for some of the visuals I’ve created over the years (especially “two wagons” and “apple harvesting“), I confess that none of my creations have ever been as clear and convincing as the iconic graph on education spending and education outcomes created by the late Andrew Coulson. I can’t imagine anyone […]

I Believed Communism Would Liberate the World from Oppression — I Was Catastrophically Wrong

By Max Forrester Eastman… People who read these reflections may wonder how I arrived at the understanding that socialism has failed. I am describing the whole experience in another book, but here a brief glance at the intellectual road I traveled may be helpful. It has not been so winding a road as some may […]

The Real Reason We Have Ethanol in Our Gas by William O’Keefe

To get enough votes to pass the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, Democrats led by Henry Waxman made a deal with the corn lobby.  In exchange for its support, Congressman Waxman committed to an oxygenate provision—essentially a mandate to blend corn derived ethanol into gasoline. As a way of disguising this requirement, Congress wrote the […]

Judge Blocks Oppressive Overtime Regulation by Jeffrey A. Tucker

Only days before the enforcement was to begin, Texas federal judge Amos L. Mazzant III has blocked the imposition of the Obama administration’s egregious overtime regulations that have already had a terrible effect on American businesses and workers. The judge said, essentially, that the Department of Labor did not have the authority to issue these […]

Government Transportation is Literally a Train Wreck by Jairaj Devadiga

In March of 2015, Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board. On November 20 of this year, the Indore-Patna Express derailed after a suspected rail fracture, killing at least 149 people. Both events were tragic and probably preventable, but the responses to these tragedies couldn’t be more different. Germanwings […]

Americans Are Embracing Bad Government Because They Don’t Know History by Annie Holmquist

Recent news has proudly informed us that U.S. graduation rates are rising. Unfortunately, rising grad rates don’t tell the whole story. If one truly wants to know how American students are doing in school, a look at the Nation’s Report Card might offer a better picture. Those numbers tell us that not even half of […]

Are You Not Selfish Enough? by Dan Sanchez

Have you ever read How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne? I finished the 1973 book the other day; it was mind-blowing and life-changing. I’ve since restructured how I approach even the most elemental constituents of my life: my moment-to-moment actions and thoughts. This mind-shift has had immediate, spectacular results. In […]

FACT: Socialism Kills More Babies than War by Chelsea Follett

Recent reports that infants now die at a higher rate in Venezuela than in war-torn Syria were, sadly, unsurprising – the results of socialist economics are predictable. Venezuela’s infant mortality rate has actually been above Syria’s since 2008. The big picture, fortunately, is happier. The global infant mortality rate has plummeted. Even Syria and Venezuela, […]

In Louisiana, Private Disaster Relief Outperforms the Government by Kevin Boyd

The recent flooding that hit Louisiana is the worst natural disaster to hit the United States since Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012. So far we know that at least 13 are dead and tens of thousands were left homeless in the flooding. Even worse, most of those affected do not have flood insurance. […]

American Unions Have Turned into Roach Motels by Diana Furchtgott-Roth

This is National Employee Freedom Week, organized by the Nevada Policy Research Institute and the Association of American Educators, to support workers’ choice to leave their unions. The National Labor Relations Board has made it easier for workers to join unions. But if you want to leave, that’s a different story. By the Rules It’s […]

Make Babies, and Don’t Let the Greens Guilt Trip You about It by Steven Horowitz

Several years back, the economist Bryan Caplan wrote a wonderful book called Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. Caplan argued that most parents underestimated the benefits of larger families and were engaging in costly parenting strategies that yielded few real benefits. Thus, he said, if you love kids, you should have lots of them. From […]