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Time is Running Out: Sign the Floridian’s For E-Verify Petition Now!

I have written several messages about Congress and the Florida Legislature’s failure to make mandatory E-Verify law so all workers are legal. In response to their failure to act hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are attending our schools and undercutting legal workers for jobs. Seven Southern states have passed and implemented mandatory E-Verify so […]

Has the Republican Controlled Florida Legislature Protected Florida’s Legal Workers?

Answer: NO! Before I show you the proof let me give you some background information. Back in 2007 I joined with a group of Patriots out of South Florida looking to find a solution to end the invasion by illegal aliens to Florida. The consensus we reached was the invasion would stop if we could […]

Where is the biggest S***hole in the United States?

Thirty two years ago members of the once respected institution promised then President Reagan to implement what has become known as E-Verify if he would grant amnesty to less than a million illegal aliens. The amnesty grew from less than a million to more than three million but Congress was not through. They granted six […]

Eliminating the Strongest Magnet Attracting Illegal Aleins to Florida

Several years ago I met Joe Gruters, now just elected State Representative Joe Gruters of District 73, at a Republican Executive Committee meeting. During the course of our conversation he mentioned we shared the same views on opposing illegal immigration. Just elected to the State House, Joe has wasted no time in going after the […]

VIDEO: President Obama Encourages Illegal Aliens to Vote

On Neil Cavuto show Coast to Coast an illegal alien asks President Obama if she should fear voting, because immigration will come and get her and her family. Samantha Change from BizPac Review in a column titled “Cavuto stunned as Obama prods illegals to VOTE on national TV: It’s secret, they can’t catch you” reports: […]

Is Florida’s Congressional Delegation supporting American Workers or illegals?

Florida’s Congressional Delegation is faced with a choice, one that serves their constituents and one that does not. Which ones are serving their constituents? Are you aware it costs Floridians over $5 Billion annually to educate, medicate and incarcerate nearly one million illegal aliens in our state that has been so for many years? Isn’t […]

A List of Florida’s Republican ‘anti-American Worker’ Members of Congress

As you all know Florida has one of the highest illegal alien populations surpassed only by border states California and Texas costing us over $5,000,000,000.00 annually to educate, medicate and incarcerate them. Are you aware the State spends $1,600.00 more per illegal alien student annually to teach them to speak English? It is an unnecessary […]

PODCAST: You Cannot Multiply Wealth By Dividing It

A sermon given in 1984 by Dr. Adrian Pierce Rogers, Baptist Pastor, Author, and Political Commentator titled, “God’s Way to Health, Wealth and Wisdom.” “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the industrious out of it. You don’t multiply wealth by dividing it. Government cannot give anything to anybody that it doesn’t first […]