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Outrage: Obama White House tells WWII vets to get over ‘feeling embittered’ over Pearl Harbor

Yesterday, Josh Earnest, outgoing Obama White House spokesperson, had the effrontery at a press conference to accuse the few survivors and their generations of families and WWII vets  to get over their being  ‘embittered’ over the Japanese sneak attack that resulted in  2,117 dead and 960 missing and presumed dead  on the morning of Sunday, […]

Sudan: The Cornerstone of the ‘Caliphate’ in Africa?

Just after the election of President-elect Donald Trump, Dr. Walid Phares, his principal advisor on Middle East Affairs, spoke before a group of American Sudanese Nuba émigrés in Washington, DC. Eric Reeves of Amnesty International wrote in a November 15, 2016 column in the Sudan Times about Phares’ statement. He speculated on what the Trump Administration […]

Geert Wilders’ Defiant in Hague Court contesting ‘Hate Speech’ charges

Geert Wilders’ biased political show trial culminated today with his final statement to the panel of judges requesting that he be acquitted of all charges.  Wilders’ and his Freedom Party (PVV)  has a commanding lead in the latest political polls in the  Netherlands ahead of the March 2017 general election.  The daunting problem he faces  […]

Why the Democratic Rust Belt in Northeastern Pennsylvania voted for Trump

The Weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), November 12-13, 2016 presented the latest in a series of articles on The Great Unraveling.   Formerly Democratic rust belt counties, devastated by economic and social decline that swung the electoral victory for President-elect Donald Trump, “The Places that Made Trump President.”  The WSJ characterized these areas as: […]

Geert Wilders’ Plan to Make the Netherlands Great Again

Geert Wilders is enmeshed in yet another political trial. This time  brought by the Hague Prosecutors based on 6,400 petitions filed over his 2014 Campaign remarks about “fewer Moroccans” – a reference to the record of criminality by Dutch Moroccans.  This Kafkaesque second trial brought on criminal charges of hate speech is being heard before […]

Widers ‘Kafkaesque show trial’ to proceed over ‘fewer Moroccans’ statement

SkyNews reported that Geert Wilders will stand trial on criminal charges of violating the Dutch hate speech laws,”Geert Wilders hate speech charges upheld in court.” His counsel had filed a motion with the Hague court to dismiss the charges. The case against Wilders arose  from petitions filed with the Hague prosecutors by Dutch Muslims and […]

Exclusive Interview with DHS Whistle Blower Philip B. Haney Confirmed

Yesterday, I reached out to DHS whistle blower Phil Haney, author of best seller “See Something, Say Nothing” while he was on the road heading to a speaking engagement in Santa Monica, California. I texted him a message: “Like to talk to you [about] how the Port of Newark CBP (Customs Border Protection) gave Rahami […]