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Restoring Free Speech: The Trump Effect

Years ago, Rush Limbaugh coined the term, “Low-info Voters.” The term perfectly describes Americans, like 95% of my family, who only get their news from the mainstream media. Consequently, low-info voters do not know that the mainstream media is not fair and balanced. The mainstream media has become strong-arm enforcers of political correctness and operatives […]

Trump Won, But We’re Not Done!

Between eating Turkey, passing out, and eating more turkey, plus pumpkin cheesecake (a dollop of whipped cream on top), I caught the news on TV. It seemed the lead story of every broadcast was Trump is an uncouth two-faced SOB. The incredulous mainstream media is going to bombard us for the next four years, spinning […]

Black Fan Cheers Over 49ers Losses

Losing again this Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals, the San Francisco 49ers have lost 8 out of 9 games. I admit it folks. I am experiencing schadenfreude (feeling pleasure because of another person’s misfortune). I hope those jive turkey 49ers lose every game this season. Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers biracial third string quarterback at the […]

The Left’s Lie: No One Gives a D*** About Blue Lives?

A few months ago, God laid it upon my heart to launch a Blue Lives Matter Celebration tour to dispel the evil myth that America’s cops murder blacks. This insidious lie is spread by the Left (Hillary, the Obama Administration, democrats, Hollywood and mainstream media). In essence, they have painted a bright red target on […]

Media’s Blackout of Blue Lives Matter Celebration in Florida

Saturday, my amazing God-sent team pulled off our first powerful Blue Lives Matter Celebration event. Each celebrity guest spoke masterfully on their topic; educating and dispelling negative myths about our brave men and women in blue. Radio talk show host Andrea Shea King’s incredible tribute to fallen officers had many wiping away tears. Humorist, AlfonZo […]

In the NFL dissing our National Anthem is Cool but Honoring Fallen Cops is Controversial?

Folks, I just do not know what is going on in our country anymore. A pro-football player was celebrated for refusing to stand for our National Anthem because he says America suppresses blacks. Meanwhile, other pro-football players were denied their request to honor five police officers assassinated by Black Lives Matter; deemed too controversial.  As for […]