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A murder that France dares not name

Dismay, frustration, exasperation. Three months after Sarah Halimi was savagely murdered by Kobili Traoré, the suspect is still out of reach in a psychiatric hospital, leaving the criminal investigation at a standstill. An update and action plan were presented at a July 4th press conference organized by the Comité de soutien / Vérité et Justice […]

French Legislative Elections: Part 2 and Zionist interlude

Apparently the Right is divided and heading for a big disappointment in the coming legislative elections (1st round June 11, 2nd round June 18th). Determined, a few short weeks ago, to grasp a legislative victory from the jaws of an unfair presidential defeat, les Républicains are reportedly fissured and wobbly. Candidates and voters have wilted like cut […]

French Presidential Campaign: Partie 6

French Presidential Campaign: Part 5 French Presidential Campaign: Part 4 French Presidential Campaign: Part 3 French Presidential Campaign: Part 2 French Presidential Campaign: Part 1 Update: the debate 1:50 AM: Marine Le Pen succeeded in making me think that Emmanuel Macron won’t be such a bad president after all. It was just an illusion, but […]

French Presidential Campaign: Why It Matters

Why should you be interested in the French presidential campaign? Because it might as well be going on next door to you. We are facing the same major challenges in a similar state of confusion. The differences are circumstantial, the stakes are the same. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Liberté, égalité, fraternité. Our […]

Feminine Spring

The self-appointed female nation, outraged by the words and deeds of the new president, took to the streets on the 21st of January, the day after the inauguration.  Protestors marched in a compact mass estimated at 700,000 to a million in Washington DC, with another million tallied in national and international sister marches. Did anyone question […]