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What Do They Want?

Our French feminine newscasters are attractive, charming, refined, and fashionably dressed. (Though a few have disfigured themselves with silicone lips that interfere with their ability to speak). Compared to their American and British counterparts, they are stunningly beautiful. And it just might have something to do with French culture, because women on the French channel […]

Peace Processing Iran

The principle is similar: faced with an enemy that repeatedly declares its genocidal hatred, acts on it wherever possible, constantly strives to improve its ways and means, you peace process. Why was it successful with Iran and not with the “Palestinians”? Perhaps because the comical P5 + 1 applied the pressure to itself in the […]

Bitter Oranget, Oranget Pulp

The right word would be hazukashi, Japanese for “shame,” which means admitting you were wrong and making sincere amends. Sad to say, but “avoir honte,” being ashamed in French, too often means denial of the misdeed compounded by fresh lies. Monsieur Stéphane Richard, CEO of France’s sterling telecommunications outfit Orange™, did a song and dance in Cairo. […]

Jihad attacks in Denmark: Dateline Paris

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was on official business in Morocco when informed of the jihad attack against a free speech meeting in Copenhagen. He immediately flew to Denmark where he joined his personal friend François Zimeray, French ambassador to Denmark. Zimeray, who attended the “Art, Blasphemy, Freedom of Speech” event at the Krudttønden Café […]

More than a Million March in Paris

The latest estimate is 1.5 million marching in Paris today. We have never seen anything like it. It’s 5:20 p.m. as I start to write and the Place de la République is still filled with an overflow crowd that will probably never get to follow the route to the official destination at Place de la […]

How I discovered the ‘Voice of Israel’ [+Audio]

How I discovered Voice of Israel radio and rediscovered my precious friend Danny Seaman, valiant chief of the Government Press Office when we first met about ten years ago, one of the first and finest and onliest in the Israeli government bureaucracy to declare, without ever flinching, that the al Dura news broadcast is a […]

Now Look What They’ve Done [In English and Hebrew]

“Now look what they’ve done!” That sums up the reaction, in certain quarters, to the November 18th slaughter at Kehilat B’nei Torah. They who? Palestinians? Israeli Arabs? Terrorists? Mujahidin? Activists? Résistants? No. The Jews. Israel = the Jews, look at what they’ve done now. Will they never learn? The massacre is condemned, that’s the first […]