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WikiLeaks: President Hillary to use ‘gender-oppressive’ title

A new WikiLeaks dump of emails from the People’s Democratic National Committee has revealed that our comrade Hillary Clinton may be considering a gender-oppressive title “Mother” (or “Mr.” for short) after she is elected, despite the Party’s long-standing efforts to drop “Mr.” from all official titles, including that of the U.S. President. A Party consensus […]

New scandal! Trump is heterosexual

KUBE EXCLUSIVE!!! Some previous remarks by Donald Trump have been analysed by psychology experts and the results are quite unexpected: his thought patterns have been declared “typically heterosexual”. Some of you will not know this term, because – as good progressives – we are either homosexual, transsexual, intersexual, bisexual, asexual or veganosexual. “Heterosexual” means actually […]

Who won the second debate – Hillary, Trump, or pussies?

Loading… The Great People’s Show Trial over Criminal Trump, aka “Second Presidential Debate” has just ended. Its first several minutes gave me the goosebumps, so much it reminded me of the glorious show trials under Comrade Stalin: Hillary as a prosecutor, with both moderators as her faithful assistants, leveling trumped-up charges against the designated Enemy […]

NEEDED: New White Supremacy Symbols

Comrades! The Party needs your creative juices flowing and frothing, if indeed not actively spewing, to create new or designate existing common objects as symbols of hateful White Supremacy. It has recently been revealed that a cartoon frog named Pepe, designed some decade ago for an obscure internet cartoon series, is in fact a symbol […]

Hillary Breaks Glass Ceiling – Thousands Injured

In what is being called the worst political disaster in American history, Hillary Rodham Clinton broke the glass ceiling on Tuesday night, injuring thousands at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Those in attendance at the Democratic National Convention little suspected that nominating Clinton would result in catastrophe. The evening’s events began innocently enough with […]

Living with Moderate Muslims: The Board Game

Glorious news, comrades! You already miss this year’s Ramadan Bombathon? Your family lives in a country with few Muslims? You envy your European friends who get to know the joyful and open-minded religion that is Islam, with its peaceful suicide bombings, its feminist-friendly female oppression, and its cultural annihilation? Then it is time for you […]

Black Lives Matter boycotts Big Sunscreen for ‘racist discrimination’ [+Video]

TAMPA BAY, Florida – Members of the local Black Lives Matter chapter (BLM) are calling for a boycott of local businesses that sell merchandise designed for white people, such as sunscreen lotions and related skincare products. According to the organization, the sunscreen industry has a history of glamorizing white culture through advertisements that show only […]

Hindenburg reporter summoned to describe crash of Target [+Video]

Following multiple comparisons of Target’s recent $10 billion stock crash to the Hindenburg disaster, our editors asked a renown necromancer and psychic worker, Miss Courvoisier, to channel the voice of Herbert Morrison, a radio announcer best known for his dramatic report of the tragic crash of Hindenburg airship in 1937. Miss Courvoisier, who works the […]