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Marine Le Pen: I’m Best Equipped to Face ‘New World’ of Donald Trump

Marine Le Pen, France’s right-leaning presidential candidate, said she’s the best chance for her country to be able to deal with the emerging new world — the one that’s being led by the likes of U.S. President Donald Trump. Marine Le Pen said she’s best positioned to deal with President Donald Trump, because of all […]

New York DNC Vice-Chair Defends Pro-Islamic, Jew-Hating Linda Sarsour

There will be a huge protest against this sharia supporting hatemonger on June 1, Join us – RSVP here. People have already taken to the streets. Video “Questions for Linda Sarsour from Assemblyman Hikind”: “DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist,” by Brent Scher, Washington Free Beacon, May 2, 2017: The Democratic […]

VIDEO: May Day Protesters in Philadelphia Chant ‘Kill Trump, Pence!’

Imagine if we chanted “Kill Obama!” Leftwingers would have opened fire on us. How are these traitors not arrested en masse for treason? RELATED ARTICLES: ‘Kill Trump! Kill Pence!’ Chant at Philadelphia May Day Protest Ignored by Media The Same People Who Organized Trump Inauguration Riots Are Helping With The Climate March Antifa anarchists mug […]

Tillerson Cuts 2,300 Jobs From Bloated State Department

Let’s hope that as he makes these cuts and streamlines State Department operations, Tillerson clears out the Obama loyalists who are trying to impede President Trump from draining the swamp and implementing needed reforms. “Tillerson Cuts 2,300 Jobs From Bloated State Department,” by V Saxena, Conservative Tribune, April 29, 2017: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson […]

Clinton Pollster: Trump’s Support ‘5% or 6% Better’ than Polls Suggest

“The media echo chamber has, I think, made it more difficult for people to express their political views, especially to live interviewers.” Yes, and even though the enemedia was so wildly wrong about the 2016 election, they still haven’t learned their lesson, and remain as leftist and elitist and out of touch as ever. “Clinton […]

Muslim plot to ‘bomb Elton John concert’ on 9/11 anniversary

The takeaway from this unprecedented war against our very way of life is “Islam is peace.” This jihadi’s brother is serving life for plotting to behead a poppy-seller or a police community support officer on Remembrance Sunday. Haroon Syed, 19, also planned to target crowds outside Buckingham Palace and shoppers in Oxford Street. JIHADIST HAROON […]

Le Pen vs. Macron in French Presidential Run-Off

EDITORS NOTE: Marine Le Pen delivered a rousing speech to her enthusiastic supporters last night, declaring that it is time to “free the French people” from the destructive policies of open borders, open immigration and crushing EU regulations. The first round of the 2017 French presidential election was held on 23 April 2017. As no candidate […]

Judge Revokes follower of Mohammed’s U.S. Citizenship

Citing immigration irregularities and numerous lies on various applications the U.S. government has revoked the citizenship of a suspected al Qaeda terrorist. This is excellent news and should be done with every Muslim who has been convicted of jihad terror activity here or abroad. A confessed al-Qaida operative who recruited other naturalized U.S. citizens to […]

Egypt Releases American Aid Worker From Prison After President Trump Strikes A Deal

At last, we have a President who actually works for Americans and takes our side. After eight years of Obama, this is like stepping out into the sunlight from a cave. “Egypt Releases American Aid Worker From Prison After Trump Strikes A Deal,” by Kaitlan Collins, Daily Caller, April 21, 2017: Egypt has released an […]

President Trump’s Arrest Record So Far: 21,000 Illegals

Immigration and Customs Enforcement under President Donald Trump has ratcheted arrests to the point that 21,000 illegals have been detained by authorities in the first few weeks of the new administration, President Donald Trump has cracked down on illegals in the United States, as he promised during his campaign. ICE provided the stats to the Washington […]

Venezuela illegally issued 10,000 passports to Syrians and Iranians

America’s problem with illegal immigration has reached a crisis point, but Heaven forbid anyone should actually try to do something about it. At least the Trump administration has taken steps against Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who has alleged ties to Hizballah and is reportedly behind the surge of illegal passports. “Venezuela illegally issued […]

VIDEO: Berkeley Cops Sit in Patrol Car and Watch as Trump Supporters Attacked

As one journalist who witnessed the scene tweeted: “As the violence escalated, police in Berkeley stood down and retreated from the crowds. I have never seen so few police at an event like this.” Another tweeted about the bloody violence, and failure of police to act. Luke Rudkowski ✔@Lukewearechange Literally blood on the streets and […]