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The Obama, Kerry and Clinton legacy

The Obama, Kerry and Clinton legacy is clear. Their action and inaction has resulted in a refugee problem not seen since the second world war.The Iran nuclear debacle and the rise of the new Iranian ‘Persian Empire’ allied with a resurgent Russian Empire armed with nuclear weapons is taking shape. Russia and Iran have joined […]

Democrats now own the Iran Nuke Deal like the Republicans owned Iraq

This writer argues that the Democrats  now own the Iran issue like the Republicans owned Iraq.  They are at the mercy of the Ayatollah and if things go south, the Congressional Democrats will bear the consequences since Obama will be long gone. People remember who causes harm and sometimes actions and votes have consequences. The security […]

Will Congress become complicit in expanding Iran’s global terrorist activities?

Iran is the leading state sponsor of terrorism around the world. It is no secret that the sanctions have squeezed Iran’s economy and forced it to reduce funding to its terrorist proxies including Hamas and Hezbollah. Once the sanctions are reduced or eliminated billions of dollars will flow into Iran. Undoubtedly a substantial portion will […]

U.S. Senator Graham to Israel: Congress not the President has your back

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) took to the Senate floor to discuss U.S.-Israel relations and recent reports that White House Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough called the Israel presence in the West Bank an occupation. RELATED ARTICLES: Obama’s hypocritical attack on Netanyahu Why is Obama so Obsessed with Israel? Obama’s Two State Tantrum Administration […]

Iran deal will not affect their nuclear weapons program — It merely removes sanctions

The nuclear agreement is a ‘placebo’ for the American people but doesn’t treat the disease. Kerry recently asked is there a better way? Yes there is. To put things in perspective, as far as Iran is concerned the nuclear agreement will have little effect on their nuclear development program; but it is a necessary inconvenience […]

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio Delivers Blistering Speech on Obama’s Assault on Israel

Note how the excellent Rubio quotes the evil Palestinian Authority’s denial of Jewish history in its ancestral homeland and thus the Bible. Rubio quotes several venomous and anti-Jewish tropes from the Islamo-Nazi Palestinian media, which is under the authority of the Holocaust denier, Mahmoud Abbas. The systematic hatred inculcated among the Arab population, and especially […]

Do we strike now or wait until Iran has nuclear weapons and face a nuclear catastrophe?

Today we can stop Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation, or we can wait and suffer an unimaginable nuclear catastrophe. Four nuclear sites are key to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Isfahan, Arak, Natanz and Qom. Isfahan and Arak are above ground and can be destroyed by air or sea launched missiles. Natanz is […]

President Obama — Please explain how you will prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East?

President Obama, please explain to me how you will prevent a nuclear arms race among the various Muslim countries in the Middle East and elsewhere as your nuclear agreement with Iran will surely cause it? Hopefully you and your close advisers understand that Iran’s neighbors in the Middle East including Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, the United […]