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Do we strike now or wait until Iran has nuclear weapons and face a nuclear catastrophe?

Today we can stop Iran’s path to nuclear weapons and nuclear proliferation, or we can wait and suffer an unimaginable nuclear catastrophe. Four nuclear sites are key to Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Isfahan, Arak, Natanz and Qom. Isfahan and Arak are above ground and can be destroyed by air or sea launched missiles. Natanz is […]

President Obama — Please explain how you will prevent a nuclear arms race in the Middle East?

President Obama, please explain to me how you will prevent a nuclear arms race among the various Muslim countries in the Middle East and elsewhere as your nuclear agreement with Iran will surely cause it? Hopefully you and your close advisers understand that Iran’s neighbors in the Middle East including Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, the United […]

President Obama please explain this to me

Vladimir Putin has Russian separatists, with the assistance of Russian forces, take over parts of the Ukraine and you impose sanctions on Russia. Iran supports the massacre of over 200,000 Syrians, provides weapons to its proxy Hezbollah who kill Syrians which ultimately results in the creation of Islamic State. Iran supports its proxies in Yemen […]

Kerry Warns Israel PM Netanyahu Not to Disclose to Congress Details of the Iran Nuclear Agreement

The issue of protocol by the Obama White House was always a smokescreen to change the subject from the real reason Obama doesn’t want Netanyahu to speak. Kerry’s warning clearly shows Obama doesn’t want Congress or the American people to know what is in the deal. The White House has been leaking some selected details […]

Obama: America’s First Nuclear Proliferation President

On March 6, 2012 the UK Telegraph reported: President Obama, speaking at a news conference a day after meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said there was a window of opportunity to settle the dispute with Iran over its nuclear programme diplomatically. “We will not we will not countenance Iran getting a nuclear weapon. […]

David and Goliath

Historians will look back at this period with great awe when a U.S. president sought to empower a nation with nuclear weapons committed  to jihadism. What appears to be developing is a confrontation between Israel and Iran over the issue of nuclear weapons with Obama and Russia paving the way for  Iran (Goliath) to acquire […]