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General McMaster and that ‘Perverted Interpretation of Religion Used To Justify Violence’

President Trump has chosen Lt. General William McMaster as his new National Security Adviser. As a three-star general, McMaster’s appointment will require Senate confirmation, and one hopes that whatever else the Senators ask him, they make sure to examine his understanding of Islamic terrorism. For surely this is the greatest threat not only to American […]

Germany: 100 ‘radical Islamists’ in 2013 and 1,600 today

What a surprise! To what could this skyrocketing number of “radical Islamists” be attributed? Might it have something to do with Merkel’s disastrous immigration policies? No, it would be bigoted, racist and “Islamophobic” to think that. “German intel agency notes dramatic increase in Islamic extremism,” DW, February 22, 2017: The domestic intelligence service has announced […]

Champagne Time! It’s a ‘Bloodbath’ at the State Department

“It’s a bloodbath at the State Department,” the New York Post hyperventilated last Friday: “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is cleaning house at the State Department, according to a report.” In Donald Trump’s America, so much has happened so quickly to set the nation on a course decisively different from the one it was on […]

VIDEO: U.S. Ambassador to UN — ‘United States is determined to stand up to the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias’

This is so very refreshing and welcome after eight years of Obama’s contempt for Israel. The UN is a tool of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which has fueled its vicious anti-Israel bias. It is positively exhilarating to see the U.S. standing for sanity and justice. In the teeth of this, the establishment media […]

Toronto JDL filing Hate Crimes complaint against Mosque that called for Killing Jews

It is a shame when citizen’s groups have to take action for themselves in cases where authorities should be acting. Toronto’s Jewish Defence League says it will file a “hate crimes” complaint with Toronto Police alleging there were “troubling” words in sermons at a downtown mosque, including inciting the “killing of Jews.” The police already […]

VIDEO: ‘Enemedia’ Lies yet again about the Threat of Radical Islam

It is important to expose the establishment media, both large outlets and small, until it is universally known that these are not news outlets, but lying propagandists with an agenda. I was sent this article several weeks ago and was struck by this: “Norm Dyck attended an information session in Grande Prairie last year by […]

VIDEO: Lawmakers probe U.S. embassy funding of George Soros groups

This is skulduggery of the Obama’s State Department. And no enemedia coverage on this subterfuge. Macedonia: Leading Republican House representative Christopher Smith announced an investigation in the activities of the US Embassy in Macedonia, and the allegations that it has acted in an openly partisan way in the past years, supporting the left wing SDSM party. […]

President Trump: ‘I will not back down from defending our country’

Trump said that the appeals court’s ruling blocking the travel ban was “incorrect and unsafe”: We are saving American lives every single day. The court system has not made it easy for us. And we’ve even created a new office in Homeland Security dedicated to the forgotten American victims of illegal immigrant violence, of which […]

Problem Solved: Asylum seekers streaming into Quebec to escape Trump order

The Canadian Border Security Agency says Quebec is now the flashpoint for “asylum seekers” or double refugees who first entered the U.S. as refugees and are now fleeing there and trying to sneak into Canada over fears that President Donald Trump will have them deported. The asylum seekers are graciously accepting the warm welcome from […]

Researcher finds over 50 million Muslims support radical Islamic terror attacks

Bring in more Muslim migrants! What could possibly go wrong? “More than 50 million Muslims are willing to support those who carry out terror attacks to defend their religion, migration expert warns the EU,” by Allan Hall, MailOnline, February 13, 2017: A migration expert warns that there are more than 50 million Muslims willing to […]

Trump defends immigration pause as Trudeau says he won’t ‘lecture another country’

“Trudeau said he would focus on governing “in such a way that reflects Canadians’ approach.” Trudeau also said: “The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves.” Oh really, Mr. Trudeau? One wonders what may have influenced Trudeau’s last-minute change of heart […]

Former Obama officials, loyalists waged secret campaign to oust Flynn to preserve Iran deal

“Former Obama Officials, Loyalists Waged Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, February 14, 2017: The abrupt resignation Monday evening of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn is the culmination of a secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve […]

The End of Countering Violent Extremism, the Start of Countering Radical Islamic Extremism

A few days ago, I correctly pointed out that by far the most important paragraph of the President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration was being widely overlooked by the media. While they carried on their endless discussion of the completely tangential list of exactly which countries citizens had their nonexistent “right” to enter the United […]

Syria’s Assad: Some refugees are “definitely” terrorists

When Isikoff presses him about whether the terrorists constituted a significant percentage of the refugees, Assad noted correctly that the number didn’t matter, because a small number could do great damage, as on 9/11. Assad is right, of course, but his words will be dismissed as those of a bloody dictator, and misrepresented as if […]

Flynn: ‘If we can’t tackle enemy doctrines that call for our domination or extinction, we aren’t going to destroy their jihadis’

It is so refreshing to see this realism and common sense after eight years of Obama’s denial and willful ignorance. “Flynn’s plan to beat radical Islam starts with schools and social media,” by Paul Sperry, New York Post, February 4, 2017: President Trump’s national security adviser wants to fight not just Islamic terrorists but the […]