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State Department officials quitting over ‘complete and utter disdain for our expertise’

We can only hope that with the departure of these failed State Department officials, their failed policies will be swept out along with them. Chief among these is the almost universally held idea that poverty causes terrorism. The United States has wasted uncounted (literally, because a great deal of it was in untraceable bags full […]

Muslim professor at University of California calls for ‘intifada’ in America

University of California’s Hatem Bazian, co-founder of the anti-Israel Students for Justice in Palestine, has been calling for intifada in the United States. It was a matter of time before jihad-minded Muslim leaders in the U.S. started calling for “intifada” (violent uprising) on American soil. It is the result of too much kowtowing by non-Muslim […]

Mayoral candidate proposes disarming cops after Muslim cop kills unarmed woman

Better yet, how about just disarm the cops who, like Mohamed Noor, are only on the force to demonstrate Minneapolis’ commitment to “diversity,” rather than because they’re competent to be police officers? Even better still, how about hire and fire cops based on merit, rather than for their value as trophy Muslims or Somalis on […]

FBI seized smashed hard drives from Wasserman Schultz’s Muslim IT aide’s home

Five Pakistani-born Muslim Congressional IT aides are now under criminal investigation, and the establishment media is resolutely looking the other way. Questions abound. “Collectively, the Awan group has been paid $4 million since 2009.” That’s a tremendous amount of money for IT work. And what is on these hard drives that led Imran Awan to […]

Facebook censor: ‘When I can save someone from seeing something, I find that really good’

“Holocaust denial, incitement of hatred, as well as racist and anti-Semitic speech are all illegal under German law.” Holocaust denial is a fairly straightforward concept, as is anti-Semitic speech, but “incitement of hatred” and “racist” speech are much less clearly definable concepts. Who gets to decide what is “incitement of hatred” and “racism”? Why, the […]

Hungarian PM: Europe must regain sovereignty from the Soros empire, build border wall to stop ‘Muslimized Europe’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been long known to oppose allowing Muslim migrants into his country. Consequently, Hungary has experienced no “terror.” Nor has Poland, which has also restricted Muslim migration. In 2015, Orban stated that Europe was in a “grip of madness” and warned that its “Christian identity” was threatened. Two years later, Europe has found itself […]

Marquette University pays for faculty to attend ‘Overcoming Islamophobia’ workshop

It also “will offer a graduate credit for attendees that also submit a written assignment.” When will Marquette pay faculty to attend a workshop about the ideological and theological roots of jihad terrorism? Why, that would be inconceivable. And so would any honest discussion of the jihad terror threat at Marquette or most, if not […]

Muslim U.S. soldier swore allegiance to ISIS, tried to pass documents to it

Last week the presence of a Muslim such as Ikaika Kang in the U.S. Army would have been held up as evidence that concern about the loyalties of Muslims in the U.S. was sheer “Islamophobia.” Not today. “FBI: Hawaii soldier swore allegiance to ISIS, tried to pass documents to group,” Hawaii News Now, July 10, 2017: […]

President Trump in Poland: ‘Our Civilization Will Triumph’

A far cry from Obama’s avowal that Islamic civilization will triumph. My latest in FrontPage: Interrupted repeatedly by chants of “Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!” as he was speaking in Poland on Thursday, President Trump delivered a ringing affirmation that he would defend Western civilization: “Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare today for the […]

VIDEO: Linda Sarsour Inciting Islamic Violence [jihad] Against the President of the United States

Linda Sarsour’s jihad against Trump: here’s why she really is inciting violence. My latest over at the Geller Report: Linda Sarsour said it at the convention of the Hamas-linked Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) over the July 4 weekend. She denounced the Trump administration, saying: “Why, sisters and brothers, why are we so unprepared? Why […]

‘Sanctuary cities’ giving citizenship to migrants to oppose Trump

“Sanctuary cities” are so virulently against President Trump that they are willing to put the well-being of American citizens at stake. Sanctuary Cities Vow to Make ‘1 Million Immigrants’ Citizens to Oppose Trump And taxpayers are given no option but to pay for unvetted migrants and absorb whatever damage ensues from these irresponsible decisions that […]

Bill Gates changes mind, warns about migrants overwhelming Europe

Bill Gates once urged America to take in a million migrants like Germany. Now he’s apparently starting to come to his senses a year-and-a-half later, after all the prior warnings about this suicidal immigration policy. Maybe his change of heart is tied to the dire impact of these migrants upon the European economies, which will have a […]

EU ‘rattled by President Trump’s visit to ‘anti-migrant’ Poland

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło has shown impressive backbone in rejecting the hijrah and averting the chaos experienced by other European nations that have implemented extraordinarily irresponsible immigration policies, placing their populations at risk for crime, economic collapse and jihad attacks. The EU, although imploding under its reckless immigration policy, has been threatening to punish Poland and […]

CNN presents Elmo’s ‘wonderful trip’ to refugee camps

“Elmo thinks it’s important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that’s very important.” Really? Cute little Elmo could not possibly tell the truth about what’s really happening in refugee camps, now could he? Innocent people are suffering in refugee camps at the hands of jihadists and barbaric Islamic supremacists. That would […]