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‘The Catholic Church…has become one of Islam’s loudest boosters’

In this excellent piece, George Neumayr refers to the rupture of relations between the Vatican and al-Azhar that took place during the time of Pope Benedict. As I explained here, that rupture took place because Pope Benedict dared to speak out about the Muslim persecution of Christians. By contrast, Francis energetically defends Islam, and leaves […]

Why I Left Islam: An Iranian-American Speaks

“I see a lot of love in Christianity, I see a lot of anger and hate in Islam,” stated my anonymous Iranian-American interlocutor to me in his condominium building manager’s office. My interview partner related a revealing personal spiritual and geographic journey away from his boyhood Islamic faith and Iranian homeland to an adult Christian […]

ISIS takes credit for Paris slaughter, says Muslim shooter was from Belgium

This attack should lead European authorities to realize that they’re in a war, and that it’s getting worse, and that they’re not winning, and that they need to undertake a drastic reassessment of their approach to this whole problem. But it probably won’t. “Paris attack: Isis claims responsibility for shooting that left one police officer […]

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance calls for ‘ISIS suicide bombing’ of Trump Tower Istanbul

The far-Left Islamic apologist Malcolm Nance is the quintessential establishment counter-terror “expert.” (I had to laugh when I saw his self-description: he says he is a “former Arabic speaking naval intelligence counter-terrorism and intelligence officer specializing in the Middle East.” “Former Arabic speaking,” eh? How did he forget all his Arabic?) His book on the […]

Marine Le Pen: ‘Give us France back, for God’s sake’

Marine Le Pen said: The choice on Sunday is simple: It is a choice between a France that is rising again and a France that is sinking. She is right. Far too many Westerners are still licking old (now gangrenous) wounds from eons ago. Europeans and white people are deemed inherently or inveterately evil because […]

Muslim screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ murders three people! Fresno police unsure if this was terrorism?

It is unclear as of yet whether or not Kori Ali Muhammad had an ISIS membership card, hence cops are holding out hope that he is “mentally ill.” And so the denial and willful ignorance persist in the face of the ongoing jihad. “3 people killed in ‘random’ shootings in downtown Fresno,” BNO News, April […]

Brexit Group calls for ‘five-year ban on unskilled workers’ immigrating

Brexit group Leave Means Leave says the measures will help migration back to levels last seen in the 1990s and finally hit the failed Tory target of tens of thousands. The group… says Brexit provides a “golden opportunity” to stem immigration at last. This would be a good start for Britain, yet while the main […]

A 1,389 Year-Old ‘Phobia’? by Raymond Ibrahim

A direct correlation exists between Western ignorance of history and Western ignorance of Islam’s “troublesome” doctrines. It is this connection that allows Islam’s apologists to get away with so many distortions and outright lies meant to shield Islam. Take Reza Aslan, CNN’s resident “cannibal”: he recently claimed that “Islamophobia” — defined by CAIR and others […]

Westminster slaughterer linked to radical Islamic mosque

Why is this mosque still open? Because that great warrior against “extremism,” Theresa May, wouldn’t dare offend Muslims by taking action against a source of incitement in the ongoing jihad against her country. “Westminster killer’s link to Luton mosque,” by Andrew Gilligan and Robin Henry, The Sunday Times, April 9 2017: The Westminster terrorist had […]

Another Known Wolf: Truck jihadi had been in Swedish Security Service files

“Anders Thornberg, head of the Swedish Security Service, said ‘the suspect didn’t appear in our recent files but he earlier has been in our files.’” One long-term strategy of the Islamic State is to overwhelm the security services of the West with so many jihadis and would-be jihadis that they collapse. And they’re well on […]