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Hungary leads Central European countries against mass migration

An alliance of Central European countries led by Hungary has pledged to work together to stem the flow of illegal migrants into Europe. It is refreshing to see countries in Central Europe finally stand up and defend their borders, and reject the suicidal immigration policies that have led other European countries into massive crime, debt […]

San Francisco State University sued for fostering hostile environment for Jewish students

“In particular, the suit accuses university administrators and police of being complicit in disruption of a speech last year by Nir Barkat, the mayor of Jerusalem. According to the suit, students and attendees were met with protesters shouting offensive chants and blaring bullhorns while school officials instructed campus police not to intervene.” It is very […]

Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson: ‘The Left wants to prevent debate from taking place’

Mark Steyn discusses a frequent preoccupation of this site, the growing authoritarianism and thuggishness of the Left (and Leftists’ Islamic supremacist allies). They don’t want to debate, and probably know in their heart of hearts that they would lose any debate, and so instead they are increasingly moving to crush all dissent. RELATED ARTICLES: Nonprofit […]

Afghan soldier opens fire on U.S. troops, injuring three

These “green-on-blue” attacks show the futility of trying to distinguish “moderates” from “extremists” in Afghanistan, particularly since the U.S. military is still committed to ignoring, as opposed to understanding, the jihadis’ motivating ideology. Our troops are being put in harm’s way for nothing in Afghanistan — for a war without a goal and without an […]

Courtney Love calls out Linda Sarsour: ‘You’re a vile disgrace to women and all mankind’

At last, someone who is on the cultural Left calls out this pro-Sharia anti-Semite — in this case, for making money off a fake hate crime. “Courtney Love Rips Linda Sarsour: ‘Vile Disgrace to Women and All Mankind,’” by Charlie Nash, Breitbart, June 7, 2017: Musician and alternative icon Courtney Love has blasted anti-Donald Trump […]

NSA leaker Reality Winner sympathized with bin Laden and Taliban

She isn’t a jihadist. She is just a Useful Idiot. Clearly these sympathies indicate that she hates President Trump, and would do anything she could to make his administration look bad. “‘I want to burn the White House down’: NSA leaker Reality Winner, 25, is DENIED bail as prosecutors claim she may have stolen more […]

VIDEO: Macron invites Americans to flee to France after Trump exits Paris Accord

The only people who are likely to take Macron up on this are Leftists who think all resistance to jihad terror is “Islamophobic.” How happy they will be in France! France: Guantanamo inmate released by Obama arrested for recruiting for the Islamic State Ramadan in Paris video: Muslim strikes at neck of man carrying beer […]

Leftists Want Their Enemies Dead

Should neo-Nazis be allowed to use gym facilities? It’s an odd question, but it has larger implications for the future of conservatives in the public square, and for America’s prospects of staving off a new civil war. The question about neo-Nazis and the gym came up recently when Georgetown University professor Christine Fair happened upon […]

Secretary Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department

This may signal an end to nearly two decades of Islamopandering. If it weren’t for international jihad terrorism, there would never have been these government Ramadan observances, which are an effort to show Muslims that we really aren’t that bad, so please don’t kill us. These events are a result of the analysis that places […]

Why are the loudest proponents of ‘tolerance’ and ‘peace’ so frequently ugly, hateful people?

Not physically ugly, but ugly deep in their souls. Georgetown University professor Christine Fair happened upon neo-Nazi Richard Spencer, who is not me, at a gym and began berating him. The gym then revoked Richard Spencer’s membership. I have no regard for Richard Spencer, as often as I am confused with him (even in the […]

Manchester Muslima wears shirt with LOVE spelled out with guns, knives and grenades

Coexist with that. What better way to show one’s horror at the Manchester jihad massacre than to wear a shirt showing the word “love” spelled out using various weapons as letters? Is this niqabbed Muslima a moderate? Is her shirt moderate, or extremist? Was she radicalized on the Internet (where, presumably, she bought the shirt, […]

Major policy shift: Trump administration declares Jerusalem part of Israel

Major, and most welcome. Jerusalem belongs to Israel by the record of history, international law, and the right of conquest that is recognized for every other state in the world, but not for Israel. This is an extremely encouraging development; we can only hope there will be more to come. “Trump Admin Declares Jerusalem Part […]

Alt-left: ‘Rioting … or physically attacking a conservative speaker are not enough’

Now the Left is trying to kill us. And more is to come. A good piece from my friend Thomas Craughwell in the American Spectator on my being poisoned last week in Iceland: “Ecstasy on Ice — But Not the Good Kind,” by Thomas J. Craughwell, American Spectator, May 19, 2017: Somebody just tried to […]