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Conservative, Pro-American Policies Are Winning

President Trump’s approval ratings are at their highest level ever, and Republicans have totally erased the 15-point lead in the generic congressional ballot Democrats held just two months ago. This is telling on a couple of levels, and I hope Republicans are paying attention. Democrats may continue on their merry intersectional way. First, polls taken […]

Rating Politifact Objectivity: Pants on Fire False

The most recent Politifact story “fact-checking” President Trump is a perfect example of why no one should trust this organization — other than liberals looking to buttress their beliefs with partisan hackery. Sorry, it’s just really that bad. This sort of breakdown can be done on fact-check after fact-check after fact-check. The assessment ranges from […]

State of the Union Unveiled the Democrats Last Night, the Media Today

Last night’s State of the Union was revelatory — not in the substance of the speech, which was powerful, emotional, energetic and hopeful — but in the stoney responses of Democratic leadership seated in the chamber and in the wildly negative, unrealistic media reporting today. President Trump was at his very best, delivering an optimistic, […]

Media Ignorance on Capitalism Hurts Low-Wage American Workers

For whatever reason — ignorance, socialist-leaning worldview or laziness — basic economics of free market capitalism seems all but impossible for most of the mainstream media to grasp. And that is a shame. It means they fall for the emotional appeal of fellow Democrats and others who lack an understanding of capitalism, which ultimately ends […]

The Ugly Reason For Durbin’s Claim of Trump’s “Sh**hole” Comment

Lost in the ongoing poopy-storm surrounding what President Trump may or may not have said regarding the relative sanitary conditions of certain third-world countries, is this perhaps larger question: Why did Sen. Dick Durbin do it? Why did the Illinois Democrat, with only a passing relationship with the truth, run to the media to claim […]

Trump Uses the Media to Bypass the Media, Outs Democrats on Immigration

We haven’t seen a ton of President Trump’s negotiating prowess so far for probably two reasons: Negotiating politically in D.C. is just flat different from negotiating in business; and Democrats don’t generally want deals — they want to oust Trump. It does, after all, require two sides to want a deal to get a deal. And that makes Trump’s […]

Entitlement Kicks in Over Oregon Self-Service Gas Pumps

Most Americans were probably drop-jawed to learn there was a state in the union where government overseers prohibited the people from pumping their own gas. The ultra-progressive and ever-controlling Oregon Legislature had banned this otherwise normal behavior for more than 50 years, ostensibly to provide some form of protection for its residents. This is the […]

Back to Work Everyone. The Trump Agenda for 2018!

With President Trump’s relatively successful first year in the books it’s time to set the agenda for 2018 that builds on the conservative principles and American priorities approach that really took hold in the final months of 2017. This is particularly important because the opposition party seems to have an empty idea tank for 2018. Their entire […]

America’s Most Amazing Year — Not Fake News Edition

Every newspaper and TV network will be doing their year-in-review issues around now. Considering they will primarily be re-hashing their own partisan attacks and intentional undermining of a duly elected American president, they’re not worth consuming. But America and the American people actually had a much, much better year than the deeply discredited media and […]

The Disease of Modern Feminism

Early American feminism that aimed at women’s right to vote and equality under the law was an honorable and reasonable feminism that many American women supported. That is not remotely today’s feminism. In fact, today’s is almost the opposite and seems driven largely by angry, man-hating social justice warriors and purely political partisans demanding unlimited abortions until […]