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Rigged Elections? Yes. Think Broadly.

There has been much hot-air hissing over Donald Trump’s continual charge that the election is rigged against him. The gaseous releases come from Trump’s Democrat opponents, naturally enough, the media, also naturally enough, but also many Republicans. This is an ongoing revelation in this election cycle. The elites (oh for a better word) in the […]

Why Abortion is Not a Woman’s Choice

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court truncated the democratic process of dealing with abortion from state to state in 1972, the issue has been defended as being a “woman’s choice.” Apologies for bluntness, but this is an immoral position. There is really only one question in this debate: Is that which is within a woman’s […]

IN-DEPTH: Bias is Foundationally Ingrained in Traditional Journalism

A quarter century in the mainstream media establishment furnished me with ample evidence of how the media shades and distorts coverage in the most professional and yet opaque ways — so ingrained that the shading is all but invisible to the journalists doing it. (IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: There is no conspiracy of bias across the mainstream […]