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History the World Chooses to Forget

The Second World War is over and much of Europe is a wasteland. Millions of displaced persons roam the ravaged landscape in the wake of German Nazi devastation. Millions more are dead but none of the citizens of Europe have suffered disproportionally more than its Jewish remnant. At the beginning of 1933, when Hitler assumed […]

Ignorance is Bliss: Not always so!

“Nations seek to gain time through appeasement before the Islamic tide washes over them: But that is folly.” We have witnessed over and over again Arab and Muslim war crimes on a never ending spiral of horror inflicted upon non-Muslims worldwide and particularly upon Israel’s civilian population. No doubt, future salvos of missiles will rein […]

How can a people be called ‘settlers’ in their own homeland?

The Oslo Accords, the Wye Agreement, the Roadmap, ad nauseam, have all attempted to separate much, if not all, of the eternal possession of the Jewish people from their God given homeland? This decades long political foolishness has continued in order to appease a succession of occupants of the White House whose policies have, alas, […]