Into The Heartland

Rumors of my death are exaggerated. The reason my wife Mary and I dropped off the face of the earth is because we have not had internet for almost a week, which as y’all know feels like an eternity. We drove up from Florida to close on our new home in a tiny West Virginia town, population 500. Why?

To move close to our parents and family.

The drive up from Florida was quite interesting. The number of Trump signs on display in yards, rooftops and billboards tells me Trump has connected with every day Americans like no other president before him.

It seemed like every time we pushed the search button on our radio another faith-based station came up. While fake news media would like us to believe they have successfully killed traditional American values, wholesome values are alive and well in the heartland.

My wife’s brother-in-law said when it snows, his neighbor plows out the road for everyone with his tracker. Mail is delivered at a central location for his group of neighbors. The mailboxes and polls were in need of repair. A neighbor took it upon himself to repair and refresh the mailboxes. Another neighbor fills pot holes in their road. All of these things were done without ridiculous paperwork, meetings or government.

How small is this town you ask? The internet company cannot hook us up until May 23rd. We can make calls on our phones, but they do not work as a hot-spot. I’m on-line at the library which is open limited hours on different days; closed from noon to 1pm for lunch with parking for 7 cars. I keep telling myself, take a deep breath and embrace the solitude.

There is no home mail delivery. When we went to the post office to sign up for a P O box, the cheerful clerk said, “Are you the Marcuses? Y’all bought the white house.”

We had to pay a $200 cash deposit at the Town Hall to get our water turned on. The clerk said, “Are y’all the people who called the other day? Y’all bought the white house.” The pleasant clerk said she would call “the” maintenance man to turn us on. One hour later, he showed up and turned on our water.

Most expressive were seniors Virginia and her husband Daniel who greeted me with big smiles when I walked into the library. “Welcome!” Virginia gave me the scoop. “Lunch at the Senior Center is $2. Today is hot dog day.” Virginia filled me in on all the churches, concluding that anyone we choose will be fine. Virginia said they are all good friendly people.

As a black guy, not once have I felt a twinge of the stereotypical racism attributed to the south, quite the opposite. Everyone has been warm and friendly.

The only store in town is Dollar General. Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes are over 20 miles away.

Mary and I stopped into “the” bank. “Y’all bought the white house.”

Yes, I am experiencing culture shock, but the people are nice and I think it is going to be fun.

America or Globalism? You can’t have both

I have been traveling for the last week. Where ever I go, the message from the people is the same.  POTUS is doing a great job but he is working with one hand tied behind his back.  Why is Congress hindering, not helping?

Party lines do not matter any more. America now has Globalists in both parties making our fight today not Republicans vs Democrat, but Americans vs. Globalists. Who are these Globalists and what do they want?  Think of a pyramid. Block off the top inch. That is about 1000 people who run both the Democratic and Republican party aka Globalist, aka Elite, aka Moderates. The ideology of these Globalists is rooted in Communism. Globalists are communists.  Communism is anti-American. Why is no one reporting this?  Americans have learned in school through diversity training to be silent.

Americans are told; if you speak out, you will be labeled a racist.  End of conversation.

Why kids? How does that work? Recently we discovered that Obama gave taxpayer dollars to Soros’ Open Society. Open Society used the money to influence the election in Macedonia by giving out Saul Alinski’s,  “Rules for Radicals” to students before having them riot. With worldwide training in school, students can be called to do whatever is called for including rioting through the use of triggers.  Kids without purpose are followers. Yet signals are constantly being thrown out by the media.  Go see the last episode of “Bull”, the one where the son killed his father. Was that a message or a sign of coming attractions?

Another Globalist technique is to “accuse your opponent of things you have done…”  By starting to train the young, and using Worldwide Common Core (a UNESCO and GATES partnership agreement signed in 1994) Globalists can use the same programming for kids throughout the world.  Focusing on the training with techniques created by Bell, Skinner, Pavlov, like Mastery Learning aka Outcome Based Education assures Globalists the proper response when key trigger words are used. The student is trained in a way that the outcome of their actions is now predictable. Once that happens students lose their ability to choose and can easily be controlled (manipulated) by their choices.  Their choices are now controlled by the Globalists. Any deviation from the group is racist. Today the youth of the world can be called upon to riot for any reason in any city.  And Americans are silent.

When God is erased from school, from the government, immorality becomes the norm and lies are accepted as real. Right is wrong and the success of wrong is celebrated. America is lost. And Americans are silent.  Why?

History must be erased.

The lowest common denominator in America is?

What is the one thing every American in one way or another must do whether public, private or at home?  If you said education, you would be correct.  So I ask, if you were trying to take over someone’s belief system and alter it to match what you want, where would you start your messaging?

If I were in charge of evil, I’d start in school, elementary school, after all that worked best for Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hitler to name a few. I’d change normal into my ideology by changing texts and history.    Once Michelle Obama let the cat out of the bag, it became more evident that this is exactly what is being done. Why do this to our kids? Well they do grow and become the future Globalists. We now find Globalists in all American bureaucracies and government.  Globalists are intolerant of any opposing point of view. Is there any surprise that we see the same failed programs in every state? Regionalism managed by un-elected bureaucrats, crony corporatism in Enterprise Zones, money designated and approved by the people are diverted into Globalist programs without oversight. Like: money for roads go into roundabouts, bike paths under the guise of saving the planet. Democrats say they favor big government, Republican Globalists focus on business. Once government manages and controls business, business controls government there is no difference.

All programs start in the same place.  Where? School. Today all school programs tout sustainability and man made climate change.  What is the real reason of this training? To REDISTRIBUTE WEALTH; to teach kids to rent not own. What do Globalists want?  Everything we own.  How do I know? Because Globalists tell us constantly.

UN VP Climate Initiative, Christina Figueres said,

This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for the, at least, 150 years, since the industrial revolution,”

What are the purposes of these programs? To ensure that future citizens believe man is destroying the earth and they must do more for less. Spending and regulation is the only answer to save the planet. Students are taught they must rent not own for ownership creates wealth and creating wealth is unfair.  The entire program is right out of Agenda 21 oops, Sustainable Development, Smart Growth.  Why rent not own?  Renters are controlled by their landlords. Owners control themselves.   Globalists will never allow you to control yourself.

In 1989, Bush 41 was POTUS, Bill Clinton was President of the Governors Association. Shirley McClune, from the McRel Educational Foundation, presented a new face for American education.  Shirley told the Governors:

  • Students are HUMAN CAPITAL Education’s purpose is to train students to work.
  • Purpose of Education was to Transform Society from individualism to collectivism
  • Fact Based Education is not longer the primary focus of education

The Governors applauded. Americans were silent.

Governor Jeb Bush partnered Florida with the United Nations bringing sustainability to every aspect of Florida’s agencies. NCLB brought the UN and Sustainability to Florida’s schools. Common Core oops, Florida Sunshine State Standards have succeeded in dumbing our kids by creating individuals incapable of choice, self esteem, respect and empathy.  We watched as students who had graduated 26th in the nation are now 47th.  Dumbing down is complete and today’s graduates can hardly read above a 3-6 grade level.  Not only will we lose our land through massive environmental programs that accomplish little or nothing to solve the problems but our kids will lose their identity as individuals.   Mission Accomplished.

karl-marxGoal of UNESCO: Education in 2005-2015 is the Sustainable Decade. “Integrate sustainable development into all levels of education in order to promote education as the key agent for change.  Agenda 21,Chapter 36

Following the key principal teachings of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin: Use emotion not fact

The Economic Philosophy now puts Government at the top of the pyramid dictating to business, for the good of the collective through education, for the common good.

Marx:   Psychological education (brainwashing) will change a persons belief system.

Lenin:  Take away a person’s heritage and they will easily be persuaded.

Diversity touts Marx while open borders belongs to Lenin.  But once history is erased, who will know America?

For the most part, today American history hardly resembles the history of America.  Education is based on truth (facts). Indoctrination is based on what others hope you will accept as truth (concepts). The indoctrination in the school curricula prompts kids to feel the FLAG causes distress so it is removed.  The pledge is nationalist and will make students “feel bad” if they recite it. Even worst is the reference that America is a democracy. America is not ruled by the majority. America is a Representative Republic ruled by laws called the Constitution. Removing the pledge with its line, “To the REPUBLIC for which it stands,”  is a reminder so the Pledge must be removed.

The Constitution states ALL are created equal.  But if citizens were taught the truth, they might learn that ALL means ALL and there is no need for labels or special groups demanding civil justice, religious justice or social justice.  Everyone is covered under the Law called the constitution. However our kids are taught the Constitution is a racist document promoting slavery. Why would anyone want to defend a racist document promoting slavery?

If Liberty and Freedom and American excellence are not taught in school, who will fight for America? The classics are read to present period pieces in history to give a clear understanding of the time frame under which events occurred. In Florida many of the classics have been removed from required reading lists and are being replaced in many cases by pornography.

Why?  Those that do not know the past will make the same mistakes again. And Americans are silent.

These agencies including the DOE and the FLDOE are merely a cover for a Globalist take over created to produced a core of drones aka slaves who will be trained to work for the government sanctioned corporation investing in their particular charter school.  Education is no longer about students learning, it is about money as billions are made in charters, texts, materials and tests. Through the use of stored data, manipulated by algorithms, students will be given their “choice “ of career as early as elementary school. There is little factual education attached to the programs, the focus is indoctrination forcing the student to become good global citizens at the expense of American nationalism. Any mention of nationalism is now considered racist in many Globalist circles.

What can I do?

I can’t tell you how many times I heard:  “I am but one what can I do?” The wonders of America is, each individual has the ability to act.  Each individual has the ability to use their power to make a change, to fight back.  We saw that with President Trump.  He fights back, he is proven right and he wins.  What a great role model!

Where is the one place you actually can make a change?  School, but you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. It is best if you can get a group but you can work individually as well.  The goal is to form a textbook review committee. You will find that most texts are written by foreign authors and published by foreign corporations.

Why? How can foreigners understand America?  They can’t and don’t. But they make lots of money. They are Globalists. Could this be why our children do not know America?

Go to your school board meetings and district office. Request copies of all books used in each particular grade. They might resist but you must be persistent. Tell them you are a stakeholder and want to see what your investment of tax dollars buys. Tell your legislators, newspapers, on line and fill out FOIA (Freedom of information Act) requests if you get no help.

Once you get the texts or know the names you will find most of the texts have already been reviewed.  Just check  for the list.  If you form a committee, go back to the school board meeting and expose the propaganda and errors. You can put passages on flyers, on line, in the paper, or read at community meetings.  Your goal is to change the books and curricula. POTUS just signed and Executive Order putting education back into the hands of the local community.  That is us. Will you act? Globalists are counting on the fact that you will remain silent and won’t expose so they can continue.

Martin Niemöller

Martin Niemöller

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

Then they came for the children, and there was no one left to speak for them…

Can we all say, “Leave those kids alone.”

Hillary Proves Trump Still Was The Only Choice

Hillary Clinton blessed us with her presence again recently and reinforced why Donald Trump was the only acceptable choice for President in the general election — even if he was not the first choice for many in the primary.

Trump’s victory must always be painted against the backdrop of this unalterably fixed point in space and time: He was running against Hillary Clinton, one of the most corrupt and incompetent politicians we have seen on the American public scene since…Well, there have been more corrupt and there have been more incompetent, but an elite ranking in both categories for one person?

As a true Clinton, her first act after wandering the presidential loss wilderness was not a contriteness, not introspection, not an apology for letting people down. It was to go on the hustings and begin hawking her book. In other words, she went back to mo’ money from the people she let down. And she did so with a launch interview by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, her most fawning admirer on a network chocka full of fawners.

Hillary told Amanpour she takes responsibility for her loss, then went on to blame FBI Director James Comey, Wikileaks, the Russians, fake news and, last but not least, a misogynistic American electorate that refused to vote for a woman. It’s just head-shaking, particularly considering she could not even win over white women — relying on the typically overwhelming minority female support for Democrats to get the overall female vote.

“I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and ‘Russian’ Wikileaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off,” Hillary said

OK, so she doesn’t really grasp the concept “taking responsibility.” Neither did Obama and it’s not clear that Trump does. But boy does her handling of events even now make it clear Americans were right to keep her far, far from the White House.

hillary cartoonA quick recap on the Hillary backdrop

Hillary told Amanpour that the letter from Comey telling Congress the FBI had reopened an investigation into her use of a private email server cost her the election. Now, to say that announcement had no impact on voters would be disingenuous. Of course it did. And maybe it was the margin in those close states.

But it was only because Hillary, in the first place, set up a private email server in her home that totally lacked any real security. Then she received and sent classified emails by the hundreds through that server. And then she allowed her very, very close assistant Huma Abedin to forward those emails to Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, who was under investigation for multiple sex-related crimes.

The latter Weiner information was new at the time and caused the investigation to be reopened, thinking it might lead to the 30,000 emails Hillary had wiped clean from her hard drive..

This was all Hillary’s responsibility. Her paranoia, her shady behavior that involved the private server, her endangering of national security to hide her actions.

All. Her. Fault. Not Comey for investigating it.

hillary-wikileaks-2WikiLeaks just leaked truth

Her corruption also infected the Democratic Party, which had a pretty weak immune system for combatting corruption in the first place.

She blamed WikiLeaks second to Comey. But all they did that hurt her was releasing the emails of her campaign chairman, John Podesta, which detailed how her campaign colluded (a nice word for “cheated” — more classic Clintonism) with the Democratic National Committee to torpedo Sen. Bernie Sanders.

These two events happened in the final days of the campaign, although obviously they were only revealed then. They are part and parcel with who Hillary Clinton is. But her conclusion?

“The reason why I believe we lost were the intervening events in the last 10 days,” she said.

So, um, that’s the exact opposite of taking responsibility for losing.

Shady. Corrupt. Incompetent. All. Her. Fault.

trump-full-faceSo then, the case for Trump

See above.

Seriously, Trump tapped into several American veins of frustration about which coastal and D.C. elites in both parties were clueless. He raised issues no one would talk about, or even recognized as issues in their insular worlds. It’s so interesting the Manhattan billionaire could find the pulse when others didn’t even know to look.

The Revolutionary Act is a site built on principles reflecting realities, not just on pure politics — although pure politics are part of reality. As such, Trump was not a first choice. His principles were and still are largely unknown. He tapped the right issues, and found Americans that D.C. had forgotten, or taken for granted. Whether he was sincere or not will depend on his actions in office.

For our part, we believe there is some true sincerity there, but only time will tell.

There is a lesson here worth learning for everyone. Off-putting personalities do not mean bad presidents. LBJ and Nixon were rotten people and everyone knew it. But they were effective presidents for their issues. Obama was a fairly likable man, but an awful president for the country, his issues and his party.

So, irritating personalities do not make for a bad presidency. Crashing waves of corruption and incompetence, however, do.

If Hillary Clinton contributed anything to the national debate, it was that lesson. She obviously cannot learn it. But maybe others can.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

Why Should We Care?

When I broach the subject of Islam in a critical way most people are disinterested, or perhaps afraid to discuss it lest they be labeled as intolerant, or what is worse – an Islamaphobe. In spite of all the contrary historical evidence – past and present – we are repeatedly told that Islam is a peaceful religion. Muslim imams reach out to Christian clergy and seek “dialogue” and “understanding.” People commonly say that they know a Muslim family and they are nice people, courteous, good neighbors.

So, why should we care that America has 3,000 mosques and a rapidly growing Muslim population? Why rock the boat of ecumenical harmony and perhaps offend somebody?

With Ezekiel 33:1-6 as our reference point, let me explain why we should care. Islam divides the world into two groups: the House of Islam (ostensibly peaceful) and the House of War. The House of War comprises all societies not dominated by Islam. Islamic theology (sharia law) obligates every Muslim to use persuasion, legal means, emigration (called hijara by Muhammad) and frequently violent jihad to change a society to Islam.

European society is being changed today by means of sharia courts, no-go zones (non-Muslims not allowed), rapes, immigration and violence – all of which are foreshadowed in the bloody history of the political-religious ideology called Islam. By extrapolating current history and the high birth rate of Muslim families many scholars believe that Europe will be under Islamic control by 2050.

Fortunately most of the Muslims in our country are westernized, unorthodox Muslims who do not faithfully follow the more violent dictates of the Koran and the hadith (traditions of Muhammad).

Why should we care?

Of course we don’t want our country to experience what is happening in Europe, but the main reason we should care is that God cares and “desires all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4). At 1.6 billion Muslims are the largest unreached people group on earth. They walk in darkness, deceit, and destruction with no knowledge of a gracious, forgiving God who seeks to have a personal relationship with them.

Their god, Allah, is a slave master who hates sinners and all non-Muslims. Our God is a personal friend, brother, Father who loves the sinner and calls him into an eternal friendship culminating in heaven.

We should not fear Muslims or avoid the challenge of sharing God’s love. Most Muslims do not practice orthodox Islam and are not terrorists. But they are blind to the grace and love of the true God.

Surely you would help a blind person cross a busy intersection. Speak and show the grace of Jesus to your Muslim friend. Establish a relationship and when an opportunity presents itself share your faith.

That is our mission as a chosen people “that you may declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light” (1 Peter 2:9).

RELATED ARTICLE: Europe’s Childless Leaders Sleepwalking Us to Disaster

EDITORS NOTE: Reverend Bruce Lieske, Chairman, Florida-Georgia District Task Force on Muslim Evangelism, is available to speak if you would like to sponsor a seminar on this topic we have presenters available. You may contact Reverend Lieske at

Freedom of Speech alive and well at Gettysburg College

Score one for free inquiry. Heartfelt thanks to the police and security personnel who were out in force last night as I spoke at Gettysburg College. They ensured that Left-fascists would not disrupt the event as they did Monday at the University at Buffalo. I made the case that the concept of Islamophobia was making it impossible to have an honest discussion of a real problem, took the usual hostile and moronic questions from Leftists in attendance, and that was that.

All in all, it was a great evening, thanks to the courageous students of YAF who invited me and the security team. My hat is off to them. I think the event was videoed and will post the video if I can get it.

“Jihad Watch leader’s speech, Muslim support rally coincide in Gettysburg,” by Dustin B. Levy, Hanover Evening Sun, May 4, 2017:

(Gettysburg) — Gettysburg College played host to two events that presented starkly different visions of Islam on Wednesday night.

The impetus was a presentation from Robert Spencer, the director of a blog called Jihad Watch. Spencer’s appearance, requested by a student group, sparked controversy on the campus for his beliefs that Islam is more inherently violent than other religions based his readings of religious texts.

Spencer spoke to a filled room in the College Union Building about the dangers of the stigma of Islamophobia and how it can make people afraid to speak out when they are aware of a terrorist threat.

Just across a courtyard, hundreds of students and faculty gathered for a Muslim Solidarity Rally in front of Pennsylvania Hall. The outdoor rally featured music from a band called the Nawaz Brothers, playing songs like “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias and Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Attendees sat in chairs or on the grass and some eventually got up to start a jubilant dance party in front of the steps of Penn Hall.

The purpose of the rally was “to show the Muslim members of our community that we support them, that we love them and that we’re there for them,” said Pearson Cost, a member of the College Democrats at Gettysburg College.

The rally came in response to the university’s affirmation of allowing Robert Spencer to speak on campus. Student senate originally approved the $2,000 required to bring Spencer to the college.

Spencer’s speaking engagement came with a significant law enforcement presence on Wednesday. The college decided to close his speech to the public because of safety concerns. By comparison, the rally had one or two police officers on hand.

Spencer acknowledged the backlash that predicated his speech, noting a lack of tolerance given to “intellectual diversity.” He accused the college’s president, Janet Riggs, of pressuring students not to attend.

In Spencer’s view, this all plays into stigmatizing those who share his views with labels of “Islamophobia.”

“The idea is to make everybody who speaks about the nature and magnitude of the Jihad threat honestly so toxic that other people are afraid to speak out,” he said.

Spencer read from the Quran and Sharia law to justify his beliefs. He maintained the quotes he read were what “the vast majority of Muslims believed.”

“Did I write that?” he asked. “Did I make that up?”

Spencer responded to charges apparently made by Todd Green, a speaker at the college on Sunday night, on several occasions. The school scheduled Green, an associate professor of religious studies at Luther College, to make remarks and give students the choice in listening to opposing voices on the issue.

Spencer sarcastically referred to himself as a “vicious gargoyle” and “hate-filled Islamophobe.” He described a “wave of fascism on American campuses,” specifically from the left wing.

A college or university “ought to be a place where free inquiry is prized above all,” he said.

Green did not think Gettysburg College should have felt obligated to host Spencer in the name of free speech.

“At a time in which you can make the most outrageous claims and insinuations against Muslims, our nation needs academic institutions to raise the bar intellectually and morally when it comes to how we talk about Islam and those who practice it,” Green said in an email.

Some of the students attending Spencer’s presentation did not share his beliefs, but were merely curious and wanted to listen….

“Guest speaker at Gettysburg College with controversial views on Islam delivers presentation; opponents demonstrate peacefully,” by Felix Rodrigues Lima, Fox43, May 4, 2017:

GETTYSBURG, Pa. – A guest speaker at Gettysburg College who drew calls for boycott because of his views on Islam, as well as a larger police presence because of anticipated protests, was allowed to make his presentation.

Robert Spencer, author and director of Jihad Watch, made light of the controversy during his talk to students, saying they were not going to get the sideshow they may have been looking for, but rather his assessment of Islam and what he calls the dangers of the faith.

“What we have in this situation is actually a very determined effort to make it so that the point of view that I represent is not examined,” Spencer said.

The Young Americans for Freedom group at Gettysburg College invited Spencer to speak and were approved even as the college brought in an opposing speaker earlier this week and amid calls from the college president to boycott the event.

“I think it’s very important to have this kind of perspective on every campus,” Scott Moore, the chapter’s president, said. “It’s obviously an issue that the entire country and the entire world is going to be facing and has already faced for decades.”

But there was a different vibe from what has happened across the country in response to conservative speakers on college campuses. Students held a “Muslim Solidarity Rally” to demonstrate support for Muslims in the community, featuring speakers and music.

“The way that we would counter this is by just having a celebration basically of Islamic culture,” Davis Healy, one of the rally’s organizers, said. “We just wanted to bring people out and have people be together because that’s what we think is the best way to show what we think in response to Mr. Spencer.”

Demonstrators say they hoped to counter the negative views of Islam from Spencer with greater cultural awareness….


Hugh Fitzgerald: An Apostate, Not Quite There

Raymond Ibrahim: ‘The Real Bomb Is in Islam’s Books’

New York DNC Vice-Chair Defends Pro-Islamic, Jew-Hating Linda Sarsour

There will be a huge protest against this sharia supporting hatemonger on June 1, Join us – RSVP here.

People have already taken to the streets.

Video “Questions for Linda Sarsour from Assemblyman Hikind”:

Michael Blake, New York Vice-Chair.

Michael Blake, New York Vice-Chair.

“DNC Quiet on Vice Chair’s Full-Throated Defense of Anti-Israel Activist,” by Brent Scher, Washington Free Beacon, May 2, 2017:

The Democratic National Committee has yet to comment on a statement from its recently elected vice chairman that he would “respond directly, consistently, and with all heart and soul” to any criticism of anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour.

Michael Blake, a New York state assemblyman who was elected DNC vice chair in February, spoke out in defense of Sarsour amid growing concern about the taxpayer-funded City University of New York’s (CUNY) decision to invite her to deliver its commencement speech later this month. Sarsour is a leading voice in the anti-Israel movement and has been accused of anti-Semitism.

“Making it real clear,” Blake warned on Twitter. “If you keep coming after @lsarsour, we’re going to respond directly, consistently, with all heart and soul. Fall back!”

It is unclear whether Blake’s intention was to make a statement of support for Sarsour on behalf of the DNC. Blake and representatives of the DNC did not respond to numerous requests for comment.

Sarsour has emerged as a leading activist for the party in recent months despite applauding violence against the Jewish state. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) celebrated her as one of the “suffragists of our time” in Time magazine last month.

Not mentioned by Gillibrand was that weeks earlier Sarsour had shared a stage with Rasmea Odeh, a fellow anti-Israel activist and convicted terrorist who is responsible for a bombing in Israel that killed two young students. Sarsour said she was “honored to be on the stage with Rasmea.”

Also unmentioned by Gillibrand was that Sarsour once said she felt “hurt” when Iraqi war criminal Saddam Hussein was captured by the United States, that Sarsour has called children throwing rocks at Jews “the definition of courage,” or that she recently said Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a victim of female genital mutilation as a child, doesn’t deserve to be a woman and should have her vagina taken away.

Sarsour also said this year that it is impossible to be both pro-Israel and a feminist.

New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat who serves alongside Blake in Albany, says he thinks his party is “committing suicide” by turning a blind eye to the radicalism of figures like Sarsour.

“Linda Sarsour has a soft spot for terrorists; it’s plain and simple,” Hikind said. “Her remark recently that you can’t be a feminist if you support Israel, why isn’t everybody yelling about this? That’s outrageous.”

“The Democratic Party, to a great extent, is committing suicide,” he said. “When you don’t do the right thing in reaction to the Linda Sarsours of the world, then you are no better than Linda Sarsour.”…

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

Confused about European candidates? Not anymore!

man confusedConfused about which European candidates to support from this side of the pond? Well, clarity begins here with al-Blogunov’s People’s Patented Euro-candidate Filter™. You’ll know in a jiffy whether you’re cheering a good ‘un or a bad ‘un.

Just plug in your favorite candidate’s views on major issues, and voila! the answer in milliseconds.

Does the candidate believe that his/her country should subjugate itself economically to a massive bureaucracy, and open its borders to huge numbers of violent, unvetted immigrants?

man i get itIf yes, then your candidate is “reasonable.”

Does the candidate believe that his/her country should have a degree of economic sovereignty, and that it should protect its citizens by carefully vetting immigrants?

If yes, then your candidate is an “extreme, right-wing Nazi.”*

See how easy it is to use? Order now while supplies last, and get a free burka for that special someone**.

macron german


*Please ignore the fact that “Nazi” stands for “national socialism.”

**Offer oddly void in France if used for beachwear.


Submit Candidates for Helen Thomas Award Here

WHACK! (not to be confused with Pinkie’s shovel)

Huma Abedin: ‘Hillary often gets confused’

CNN to grill Democrat candidates using Fox News debate style

Biden confused, believes he’s campaigning in ‘OIHO’

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire by Komissar al-Blogunov originally appeared on The Peoples Cube.

French Presidential Campaign: Partie 6

French Presidential Campaign: Part 5

French Presidential Campaign: Part 4

French Presidential Campaign: Part 3

French Presidential Campaign: Part 2

French Presidential Campaign: Part 1

Update: the debate

1:50 AM: Marine Le Pen succeeded in making me think that Emmanuel Macron won’t be such a bad president after all. It was just an illusion, but she can be given credit for it.

Her only strong moment was when she confronted Macron on the question of fundamentalist Islam. It is his weak point and she supported her argument with strong specifics. However, he was able to slip out of the trap by confronting her record of systematically voting against protective measures taken by the French or EU government, for example the PNR and broad wiretapping powers for the police.  “They’re all junk,” she retorted.

For the rest, her performance was a disgraceful barrage of insults, snickering, cackling, interrupting, sputtering, and endless wild shots that missed their target.

Instead of revealing weak points in Emmanuel Macron’s vision or program, she wasted her ammunition on sloppy rants. Even when she was right, she was wrong.

By the time she finished accusing her rival of being an heir to François Hollande, a creature of the socialists, a heartless ally of globalized big finance, responsible for the capitalist free for all that divides and conquers, crushes the poor peasants and workers, crawling on his belly to the orders of Angela Merkel and the drug companies… all of this and more in one rambling rant, she made no points that could stick.

And there she was again with Whirlpool. If she were president they wouldn’t close the factory. Because she’d slap their imports with a 35% tax.

To reduce the deficit of the health care system, she would force pharmaceutical companies to lower their prices.

Aha, replied Emmanuel Macron, I have bad news for you. 90% of the drugs consumed in France are manufactured in other countries. Your import tax will increase the cost. And the same goes for your cell phone…

Who won? In a post debate poll, 63% judged Emmanuel Macron most convincing as against 34% for Marine Le Pen.

Despite the fact that many of 20 million viewers that followed what was more like a punching match than a debate were deeply disappointed at the entire spectacle, I think it is safe to predict that it clinched Emmanuel Macron’s lead and in the long run doomed Marine Le Pen’s political prospects.


Final results of the first round vote on April 23rd Number of votes
Emmanuel Macron 23.87%, 8,656,346
Marine Le Pen 21.53%, 7,678,491
François Fillon 19.91%, 7,212,995
Jean-Luc Mélenchon 19.64%, 7,059,951
Benoît Hamon 6.35%,  
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan 4.75% 1,695,000 (that might have carried Fillon to the 2nd round
Jean Lasalle 1.22%  
Philippe Poutou 1.10%  
Asselineau, Arthaud, Cheminade Each under 1%.  

Four radically different candidates came in so close to each other that the order is almost arbitrary. But the consequences are enormous.

In contrast with the 1st round, polls were scarce and barely mentioned until Macron’s lead over Le Pen slipped by five points. On the eve of the May 3rd debate it stood at 59%/41%. And nothing is certain. Nothing is stable. The French political scene is like the polar ice cap, with big chunks breaking away and floating on icy seas and huge masses looming on the horizon. No one is in control. If François Hollande and his cronies thought they could count on a “Republican Front” to carry their candidate to victory, they miscalculated. The media that was so cozy with the En Marche wunderkind on the 1st round has turned snippy. And, no matter how many old devils surface, they seem to think Marine Le Pen has managed to take the onus off of her party. More or less.

Many honest citizens will abstain or vote blank. Marine Le Pen is trying to seduce the 1st round voters of the lider maximo Mélenchon, who won’t take a stand one way or the other. Reportedly, one third are ready to go her way. In his concession speech, François Fillon said he would vote Macron. Hard to swallow for him as for his supporters, but consistent with the view that the Front National is not a legitimate political party. Many high profile members of the LR followed suit; others announced they would not vote for either candidate. A few have already edged into Macron’s camp since Fillon was weakened by scandal. François Baroin, once slated to be Fillon’s PM, is now running the LR legislative campaign. If the party maintains its majority, Baroin would accept the post of prime minister in an En Marche-LR cohabitation government. No one knows if the Assembly is going to be a patchwork, a tossed salad, or a sour soup.

And then there’s holier than thou Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (known as NDA), a man of such high principles that he broke away from the conservative party (today’s LR) and started his own movement to defend national sovereignty, dignity, and integrity. Fishing in the same voter pool as François Fillon, NDA reveled in his rival’s mishaps. The gift of expensive suits? NDA, mayor of Yerres, raises his eyebrows: “I gave back all the gifts I received.” You could just see the right honorable mayor depositing in the municipal treasure chest the paperweight offered by a local printing company, the tool kit donated by a hardware store, and other such precious gifts. Does he employ his wife as parliamentary assistant? “Yes,” he exclaims, “and she really works!!!”

On the 1st round election night, defeated candidates and prominent members of their parties announced one after the other their reluctant or enthusiastic support for Emmanuel Macron. Clean as a whistle NDA, who scored under the 5% minimum that entitles a candidate to reimbursement of an important share of his campaign expenses, coyly promised to state his position the next day. It dragged on until the Friday presentation of the dream team: Marine President, Dupont-Aignan Prime Minister. The vice president of NDA’s party (Debout la France / Stand tall, France), horrified by this unholy alliance, immediately resigned. Citizens of Yerres are disgusted. But most commentators seem to think Marine has finally achieved her goal of making a real alliance with a real political party. What a catch!

What a catch? She’s fishing for giant tuna and she hooks a sardine, big deal! Since MLP and NDA joined forces, her platform has cracked and fizzled. Frexit is kicked down the road, the euro won’t be ditched, the linchpin of a rickety economic project is removed, leaving only barebones French-first promises, most of which are unconstitutional or impossible without leaving the EU and the eurozone. Huge gaps are plastered over with boasting. Marine will give the EU a piece of the glorious French people’s mind, she’ll negotiate from strength, she’ll wrest control of borders, protect our economy from unfair competition, ridiculous regulations, lousy trade agreements, and dumping of products and workers. How about the euro, blamed for our import-export ills? It will be retained, after all. Temporarily. But only for international exchanges. The French will have their cherished franc for domestic exchanges. I watched Marine’s niece, the young MP Marion Maréchal Le Pen, explain the double-decker currency to a hawk-eyed BFM TV economic expert … who didn’t even blink!

One thing is clear: immediately upon taking office MLP/NDA will set about moralizing political life. Marine’s supporters are not bothered by the EU Parliament’s demand for reimbursement of 5 million euros in funds misused by FN eurodeputies. It doesn’t bother the raised eyebrows of Dupont-Aignan either. No snooper journalist has zoomed in on a Daddy Warbucks that might have given Marine a free outfit or a buy-all-you-want card at the French equivalent of Macy’s basement. Then there are the varied accusations of financial irregularities in FN operations here in France. Jean-François Jalckh, who is involved in those scandals, served briefly as interim party chief while Marine is making her way to the presidency, stepped down after just a few days in office, embarrassed by some boiler plate negationism captured in a 2005 interview for Le Temps des saviors.

Jalckh denies he said Zyklon B could not be used for wide scale massacres; the journalist says she has the recording; Marine says she wants nothing to do with that kind of talk that led her to break with her father. Jean-Marie Le Pen blubbered that the slain policeman Xavier Jugelé was honored as a homosexual (Jugelé was an LGBT activist within the police force) not as a man in blue.

One commentator suggested that Marine is on her way to achieving her dream of reorganizing the Right around her axis. In other words, bagging NDA with his self-righteous smirk is enough to undo the intricate conservative movement established after France was liberated from the Nazis and maintained in relative good health ever since. They should all disappear into the hole dug to bury François Fillon?

Highlights of the first week of campaigning: Commemorations, delocalizations, exploitation

The 2nd round campaign has been frantic and incoherent. To cast light on the dark origins of the Front National, Emmanuel Macron did a round of commemorations of “horrors that must never be repeated”: the Armenian Genocide, the Nazi atrocity at Oradour sur Glane, the Deportation, the Shoah, and the 1995 drowning of Brahim Bouarram pushed into the Seine by skinheads during a Front National Mayday parade. Marine Le Pen decried her rival’s exploitation of the dead.

And what about contemporary atrocities? To her credit, Marine Le Pen did mention the murder of Sarah Halimi, but neither candidate has made an issue of the contemporary form of anti-Jewish persecution. MP Meyer Habib is following the case, in close contact with the victim’s brother William Attal and with the interior minister. At Habib’s suggestion the family has retained Maître Gilles William Goldnadel, lawyer, columnist, and president of the France-Israel association. Further Details of the vicious jihad murder have emerged: Sarah Halimi was subject to “torture and barbaric supplications” before being pushed out the window by Kada Traoré. Inexplicably, the police, called to the address because Traoré was on the rampage, waited downstairs until commando reinforcements arrived. Too late.

Close to a thousand people participated in the march in tribute to Sarah Halimi. They had not yet reached her building when some of the organizers stopped the march and asked them to leave their flowers. The participants refused. When they reached the site, they saw (visibly Muslim) neighbors on their balconies cursing and throwing projectiles at them. A bit further, local “youths” threatened them. “We know what to do with you, Jews. We have kalachs.” An eyewitness tells me that mature family men joined the younger Jews and chased the aggressors away.

Courageous political leaders, including Manuel Valls and François Fillon, have identified antizionism as the modern form of antisemitism. Times of Israel unearthed a basket of comments by Marine’s running mate Dupont-Aignan: in 2014 he defended a French parliamentary motion for unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state, condemned Israel’s “disproportionate” reactions and “unacceptable” collateral damage to civilians during the Protective Edge operation, called the land operation an “invasion,” slammed France’s failure to “rein in” Israel. He described the conflict as a duel between two hawkish camps led respectively by Netanyahu and Hamas. Nothing better can be expected of Emmanuel Macron on this score.

Frantic campaign maneuvers

Traditionally, French presidential candidates gallop over to the nearest labor dispute and promise that such things will never happen once they are elected. This time it’s the closure of a Whirlpool plant in Amiens that is relocating to Poland, and the workers are vigorously protesting against the disgraceful delocalization. They don’t know or don’t care to know that Whirlpool (we say whirl as in world, the French say it as in weird) is an American company started as a small family business in 1885 and now operating in 26 countries. The story is edifying. After his first venture failed, Lou Upton was able to salvage one item. He chose the patent on a hand washer and wringer that he thought could be electrified. It worked. But all the machines in the first shipment broke down because of one defective part. The company solved the problem, replaced all the machines, and established its good reputation.

When Marine Le Pen heard that Emmanuel Macron was meeting with labor and management in an office at the Amiens site, she dropped everything and parachuted herself into the crowd of angry workers, bringing them croissants, hugs & kisses, and selfie-ops. After she left, Macron came out of the office and mingled, but the reception was cool. Faced with insinuations of buttering up the workers with croissants, FN-affiliated MP Gilbert Collard sputtered, “We’re not whores, the workers aren’t whores…it’s the bankers that are whores.”

This is one of Marine’s major lines of attack against Macron: he is an instrument of the evil financial oligarchy, once a banker always a friend of the bankers. He’s a tool of the financial monster that sucks the blood of the hardworking people, feeds the voracious multinationals that crush the working man, destroy our countryside, ruins our farmers and small businessmen, inundates us with hostile immigrants.

Emmanuel Macron counter-attacked with a foray into Sarcelles, one of those banlieues where, he proudly declared, Marine would not be welcome. He was surrounded by cheering diversity locals. slim Macron in his elegant suit kicked around a soccer ball to squeals of delight, made a fake goal with the help of an enthusiastic supporter, squinted as he was hugged by a woman in hijab. The socialist mayor of Sarcelles, François Pupponi, looked on with a smile. At a conference organized by the UPJF [Union des patrons et professionnels juifs de France] in March, Pupponi said the Salafists are messing up Sarcelles. Once known as Little Jerusalem, Sarcelles was home to a vibrant population of Jewish refugees from the Maghreb. In the summer of 2014 rioters wreaked havoc, burned down a kosher grocery, and attacked a synagogue.

May Day

The traditional worker’s May Day parade was billed this year as anti-Le Pen but the bulk of the message was “No to the plague and cholera” and the outrage was concentrated on Emmanuel Macron the banker. As the usual marching crowd moved slowly down the boulevard from Place de la République heading to Bastille and Place de la Nation, buoyed by giant balloons bobbing in the wind and ear-blasting sound trucks, hundreds of Black Blocs and associated party crashers were already fighting the police a few hundred meters past the Bastille. Pictures of a riot policeman engulfed in flames have gone around the world tour, making a mockery of the state of emergency, and reminding us that above and beyond this tumbledown presidential campaign, France has to deal with the full range of violent subversive forces.

Anarchists roam the city, smashing whatever pops up on their disapproval list: Real estate agencies, trendy clothing stores and always and repeatedly, banks. Money is the root of all evil, except of course if they need some for themselves. They deface all the election posters displayed on age-old municipal hoardings in front of polling places. Sometimes they team up with the lycéens, barricade the entry to schools, set fire to trash cans here, motorcycles there. Destroy.

27 April: Historian of past and present, Georges Bensoussan presented his latest release, Une France Soumise [French submission], to a receptive audience at the Cercle Bernard Lazare, a Jewish community center in the Marais. Readers of Troubled Dawn of the 21st Century will find an account of an assault on the CBL by pro-Palestinians marching for peace in 2003. Editorial director of the groundbreaking Territoires perdus de la République, Bensoussan again worked with a team of investigators gathering testimony from private citizens, public servants, medical personnel and other professionals exposed to the thrust of Islamic domination. Ninety percent of the people interviewed asked to remain anonymous, either out of fear of reprisals from aggressors or disapproval from their superiors. Bensoussan is not an alarmist, he is not inspired by any personal animosity, he could have refrained from examining these distressful truths, the better to promote his distinguished career. Instead, historian of the Shoah, Jewish refugee from the Maghreb, he has taken it upon himself to look the facts in the face. If the ills cannot be recognized, he says, they cannot be cured. Listening to anecdotes, statistics, overall impressions and analyses, it felt like being dipped into the “reservoir of hatred” that the author warns can explode at the slightest spark. He takes care to add that despite her rhetoric, Marine Le Pen is not the answer. The Front National is anti-democratic, a danger to the nation.

According to Aymeric Chauprade, Le Pen’s former foreign policy advisor, Marine Le Pen is under the influence of the obsessively antisemitic Frédéric Chatillon who handles PR and is a big cog in the party’s financial machine, currently under investigation. Chatillon’s political origins in the neo-Nazi GUD movement and his current links to Bashar al Assad, Hezbollah, Alain Soral, Dieudonné, and others of the same ilk remind us of other examples of collusion between these seemingly disparate forces.

Does this reassure us about the will and the way that Emmanuel Macron will protect our cherished freedom and lead a democratic defense of our national sovereignty and international civilization, domestically and within the European Union that he wants to strengthen and federate? Will he protect the living with as much devotion as he has shown to the memory of the dead, victims of the same persecution from a 20th century version of totalitarian conquest? Determined to combat Daesh…as long as it is done under UN auspices, committed to a solution of the Mideast conflict…in conformity with international law, Emmanuel Macron advocates peace and harmony.

Questioned about the May Day violence, Macron promised stiff penalties for anyone who attacks the police, and fire-resistant uniforms for law enforcement.

Far from reassuring on this count as on other major issues, the probable future president will face the skepticism of a majority of the electorate, the reluctant support of those who choose him as a lesser evil, the explosive anger of disappointed followers of Mélenchon and Le Pen, and the wrath of the Front Social, a hard-nosed fringe of the labor movement and assorted autonomists acting in concert with the violent Destroy fringe and determined to settle scores in the street, not in the voting booth. On the site of the Publicis branch of the CGT (Communist trade union) the photo of the riot policeman engulfed in flames is labeled “poulet rôti” [roast chicken = roast cop].

Is something more ominous at work beneath the surface of this dismal presidential campaign? Is the choice between the Front National meteor with its Petainist tail and the En Marche bombshell innocently harboring an Islamist powder keg a sign of acquiescence to the new wave of genocide sweeping our world? The Front National is, they say, banalisé. Not a shameful heir to the disgrace of the 20th century, just an ordinary political party. And an ordinary extermination, an ordinary past. Time to forget and move on. En Marche, move on, on the go, forward with all the youthful energy of progressives, new faces…facing new forms of subversion armed with victim status and appealing to universal values…the better to eat you with, my dears.

COUNTDOWN: The Top 5 Lies of the Left

American political liberaldom relies heavily on empty canards, name-calling and scare tactics to stay alive and shut down opposition.

There are few if any deep and penetrating debates on major topics that drive the politics of the left. They simply will not allow it. So they create fictitious arguments (the nice way of saying lies.)

With that in mind, here are a few major shibboleths of at least the activist left which verge on the incredulous, but which are used regularly and magnified by the sympathetic media megaphone.

No. 5 Lie: Border security is racist

If you believe that America should act like most every other country in the world and protect its borders, you’re a racist.

If you believe that America should have the authority to let in who it wants to and keep out who it wants to like most every other country, you’re a racist.

If you believe America should know who is here and who is coming and going like most every other country, you’re a racist.

This stems from candidate Donald Trump running on a campaign to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border to stop the millions of illegal aliens (that is the actual, legal term) from crossing back and forth like it was a state border.

This quasi-open border is the result of an unholy alliance between businesses that want cheap labor and Democrat political interests that see future Democratic voters and a play to current Hispanic voters. And it is the issue that Trump claimed in order to peel away blue-collar Democratic voters.

The left rarely tries to argue the merits of open borders, because most Americans oppose that. So they devolve to the thought-free name-calling of racism because, you know, Mexicans are brown and therefore opposing them, or anyone else, breaking into our country illegally is racist.

No. 4 Lie: Asking questions is science denying

Speaking of science and politics, the inquisitive, independent thinkers among us are now considered anti-science — if they are asking questions about the degree and causes of climate change today.

Yes, while it is obviously the antithesis of actual science, which involves continually asking questions, forming hypotheses, testing, re-testing based on results and so on, this tactic now is employed to shut up any opposition to the climate change political agenda.

The data seems to suggest modest warming since the mid 1800s and there seems to be a connection between carbon in the atmosphere, trapped greenhouse gases, and global warming.

But if you question the data because of a series of scandals revealing how leading climatologists have conspired to alter older data creating cooler temperatures to suggest more rapid warming now, you are a denier.

If you question the degree to which human activity is impacting climate change by pointing out a nearly two-decade pause while carbon emissions continued to increase, you are a denier.

But these and many others are reasonable questions. That we are not allowed to ask them without being labeled flat-earthers suggests this is a lot more about politics than about science.

No. 3 Lie: Men can be women can be men, or whatever

One of the most mind-boggling absurdities foisted on us by the modern liberal is that a person’s sex is dependent on what they think it is. Any “assignment at birth” is an arbitrary constraint to who that person really is.

So, if a person has one Y chromosome and one X chromosome and they have the full package of penis and scrotum, it is not arbitrary to call them male. That person is a man. That is actual science.

But the left — in true full science denial — says those physical realities can be trumped by a person’s feeling. If that person feels like a woman, then they are a woman trapped in a man’s body and they should be allowed and encouraged to dress like a woman or have full-blown surgery to become a woman. And they should be allowed to use women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and showers — even though they are a man.

Until just the past few years this was considered a psychological condition that should be treated. But now, the left celebrates children as young as four years old being encouraged to be the sex they are not.

One could reasonably call that child abuse.

No. 2 Lie: Hate speech is not free speech

No less a luminary than former Vermont governor, DNC chairman and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean tweeted out this past week that “Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.”

dean tweet hate speech

The internet blew up over such a ridiculous statement. Even PolitiFact and media organs called him to task. But the thing is, his tweet got 700 retweets and 1,400 likes. Dean actually doesn’t have that big a Twitter following, meaning the tweet got strong traction among those following him.

Too many on the left, most particularly those on college campuses, view hate speech practically as any speech with which they disagree. Of course, many of these same campuses actually have speech codes and “free speech zones” with the overt meaning that outside the zone is not for free speech.

The unfortunate truth is that many college liberals, trained by professorial liberals, think that they should be able to shut down speech they do not appreciate or agree with. They have safe spaces and mainstream American views can be shouted down and pushed out with threats and actions.

These people leave the campuses today and in a generation will be leaders in the nation. It matters. The radicals running campuses know this.

No. 1 Lie: It’s not about innocent life, but reproductive freedom

And coming in at number one in our countdown is the oldie but definitely not goodie, the abortion non-debate.

Increasingly, science (which worldview seems to be anti-science here?) is showing that by every objective definition the baby in the womb is indeed a human, with the inherent rights of a human, within a few weeks of conception. From brainwaves to heartbeats to pain reaction, a person. Science continually pushes this obvious definition earlier and earlier.

But the left forces the debate to revolve around women’s rights. Not the 50 percent of female babies aborted — not those would-be women — but adult women who should have the right to kill their unborn baby at any point in a pregnancy for any reason they deem. Period. This is the classic Planned Parenthood position on choice.

Because abortion is conflated with birth control, it is called a reproductive “right” on the order of getting a contraceptive device or even pap smears and mammograms — anything except actually talking about whether we should condone the often wanton taking of an innocent human life. Any restrictions on abortion therefore are restrictions on a woman’s access to healthcare. See how much you can get away with when you refuse to call something what it is.

Oh and coat hangers. Don’t forget coat hangers.

But there is an encouraging side to this falderal. All of this avoidance on major issues means that conservatives actually have the stronger cases. Otherwise, liberals would not avoid the debate. We just need to be courageous enough to make those cases over and over and over.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on The Revolutionary Act. Click here to subscribe to the Revolutionary Act’s YouTube channel!

Why The Circle Is Such an Epic Fail by Jeffrey A. Tucker

All of us have wondered and worried about the astonishing amounts of private information we share with digital hubs. Google, Facebook, Apple, and so many others collect enough on all of us to enable identity theft, financial pillaging, blackmail, and worse. We know this, and it rightly troubles us.

What should we do about it? Where is this heading?

A movie on this subject sounds promising, especially one starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. And yet The Circle might set records for bad reviews and low profitability. It has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 17% and it seems to be falling from there. It has a D+ CinemaScore, which apparently has no precedent. The reviews are savage.

Abandoned Plot Lines

What went wrong? I counted at least four plot lines that seemed promising but then strangely fizzled into nothingness. Characters were undeveloped. In the main plot, nothing particularly intelligent happens. It was supposed to be dystopian, but the threat to our well-being was never quite threatening enough, and the solution to the supposed problem was unbearably unsatisfying.

The story is of a young worker who gets the chance to work at The Circle, a company with this huge compound where, she gradually learns, she is expected to spend most all her time. Her position is with customer service and her job is to upsell all customers on new products. But the company also seeks to be the whole of her life: her friends, her parties, her support groups, her lifeline to all good things.Yes, it’s wildly exaggerated, but that is fine. It is true that companies’ of a certain size today do provide an impressive range of employee amenities, all designed to take the edge off the toil of work. The lunch offerings at a place like Google compare with the nicest resorts I’ve been to, and it is common for even small startups to have ping pong tables and cocktail hours.

Work = Life

If you have seen Mad Men, however, you know this isn’t entirely new. The postwar corporate world adapted to new times and sought to play an outsized role in people’s lives, at least as compared with the typical big-city job in the first half of the 20th century. It began with health care provision, of course, and moved to retirement benefits. Over time, the workplace tried to become less like a job and more like a family or community.

It can get creepy, certainly, but whose fault is this? For half a century, government policy has prodded companies to do exactly this, all in the name of granting new rights to employees. The benefits that government mandates employers must provide were supposed to be pro-worker but they actually have the opposite effect. Once you get a secure job and all the benefits it provides (particularly health care), the effect is to lock employees into their jobs, even when they are unhappy in them.

Job lock is indeed a huge problem in American labor markets today, and Obamacare and hyper-regulation of the labor markets has made it worse. Economists have shown that a higher rate of job-to-job transition (the quit rate) is associated with higher earning relative to staying in one place. The IMF has done some remarkable number-crunching to discover what is happening to the American quit rate, and found that it has been in free fall.

A main effect of Obamacare was to wreck the market for health care for independent contractors. Ten years ago, it was possible to obtain a cheap policy with low deductibles and low premiums. No longer. It’s a terrifying market out there, without many options and no guarantee that doctors will even accept what you buy.

Whose fault is this? It’s not the big bad corporations that the movie The Circle tries to demonize. The fault belongs to the regulators who have imposed on business all sorts of benefits that ought to be left to the competitive market.

The Circle Is about Something Else

The problem of job lock could have been an amazing theme for the movie to explore. Incredibly, it doesn’t. As with several other themes, the idea is introduced and quickly dropped.

To be sure, it wasn’t all bad. Portions of the film captured the crazy world of social media beautifully. It happens when the lead protagonist decides to go fully transparent and put her entire life online in real time, gaining millions of followers who comment on her every word and move. Here the movie gets creative, funny, and even alarming. We’ve all been there and it is a strange thing to experience.

And yet, that’s about all that I recommend from the movie.

The implausibility of the main lines of the plot were obvious from the beginning. The Circle is a company that is a “one-stop shop” for all things digital: search, texting, audio, video, entertainment, and so on. One thing you learn from the world of tech startups: anyone who claims to be the “one-stop shop” will fail. This is not how digital technology has come to be. You have to move into a niche and be the best in it, or else you will flop.

The Circle mysteriously gained some kind of monopoly (90% of the population is enrolled) but we are never told how or why. Oddly, the company never has to deal with competition from anyone else in its space. Huh? Even giants like Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Facebook deal with competition. They live and breathe it. If they have a market share, they all know it could be temporary. Rest and you will lose it, just as Google today is massively under pressure from competitors.Not so with The Circle. This company seems to have a free hand to do what it wants. And that’s absurd. Even in today’s highly regulated, truncated, and hobbled marketplace, there is always a competitor out there trying to eat your lunch. For this reason, the movie lost me in the first 10 minutes.

What about Privacy?

As this movie flounders around trying to figure out what it is about, it finally hits on a theme: privacy. How much transparency, openness, and information-sharing should there be? How much is too much? Is the demand for privacy only about wanting to hide sin from the world or is there a fundamental human right at stake?

I’m looking at today’s digital world and it does seem alarming how much information “they” have on us. But we have to make some distinctions here. Most of these private companies are collecting data on us precisely so that they can better give us what we want: targeted ads, quicker search results, tools that integrate across platforms, and so on. Google and Facebook desire to serve us better. They don’t always go about it the right way and they often rub us wrong, but this is the prevailing purpose of data collection.

To be sure, there is a darker side to data collection. Edward Snowden’s revelations showed us the NSA and the national security state had generally installed backdoors into top companies servers, sometimes with their own complicity, but other times not. There is solid evidence that both Apple and Google were astonished to learn of the extent to which their own server space had been penetrated. Meanwhile, the private sector is innovating to serve the growing market demand for privacy itself.But in The Circle, the totality of the problem is that private enterprise, and actually just one company with a nearly complete monopoly, is the source of all problems. Sadly, the movie just ends up collapsing into a classic anti-capitalist screed that wildly exaggerates the power of business while completely ignoring the actual real-world problem with government intrusion into the digital space.

For me, the anti-capitalist agenda was the reason the film lost energy, becoming directionless, tired, and ultimately vapid. The overwhelmingly obvious problem with the power of data today is not that we are going to get targeted ads but rather that our masters in the state apparatus are going to use this data as a more effective way to control the population. This is your dystopia. Somehow The Circle completely missed the mark.

And here’s the ultimate irony: the complete financial failure of The Circle as a film beautifully demonstrates that, even in our times, the market still works to sort out winners from losers.

Jeffrey A. Tucker

Jeffrey Tucker is Director of Content for the Foundation for Economic Education. He is also Chief Liberty Officer and founder of, Distinguished Honorary Member of Mises Brazil, research fellow at the Acton Institute, policy adviser of the Heartland Institute, founder of the CryptoCurrency Conference, member of the editorial board of the Molinari Review, an advisor to the blockchain application builder Factom, and author of five books. He has written 150 introductions to books and many thousands of articles appearing in the scholarly and popular press.

Operation Mural

Children rescued during operation Mural.

Children rescued during Operation Mural.

Bat Ye’or, Giselle Littman, is the nom de plume of noted author of The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam, Eurabia: The Europe Arab Axis,  Europe, Globalization, and the Coming of the Universal Caliphate and other major works in her oeuvre. Her books and articles cover the treatment of Jews and Christians in Muslim Lands, the threat of Islamization of the West and what she called, “the Palestinization of Israel.”

Bat Ye’or is featured in the book and documentary about  Operation Mural about the Israeli Mossad covert operation that involved both her and her late husband David Littman posing as Christians smuggled the first 530 Jewish children to Israel via Switzerland and France under the guise of a summer camp. They were the leading edge of ultimately more than 100,000 Moroccan Jews to gain freedom in the land of Israel in 1961. Operation Mural was launched following the tragic loss of 44 Moroccan Jews lost when an illegal immigrant ship the Egoz capsized.  Emigration to Israel had been restricted by Morocco following its Independence from France in 1956.

For his efforts, David Littman was awarded the Mossad Hero of Silence by a grateful Israeli government in 2009.

Here is the note Bat Ye’or sent this writer about  development of the book on Operation Mural:

Bat Ye’or , Giselle Littman.

Bat Ye’or , Giselle Littman.

Dearest Jerry and Jean,

First, many thanks for your beautiful card that you kindly sent me for Pesach. I had been in Paris where I gave a lecture on the Islamization of Jerusalem by UNESCO. I am so happy to see that you are active together as always, devoted to fight the vicious enemies of our people.

I wanted to tell you that I am delighted to see that David’s beautiful and generous act on behalf of Moroccan children, prevented to leave the country, is remembered in this feast of Passover commemorating deliverance and freedom. We had to keep it secret for many years because it would have endangered people working still there. Meanwhile, others who never went to Morocco claimed the merit of it.

I am happy that the film was produced and the book written: Operation Mural giving all the proofs from Swiss archives. Although he was much weakened, David Littman, z”l, finished this book while he was in the clinic of Genoliers under heavy treatment for an aggressive form of leukemia. I stayed most of the time with him and it is from there that I wrote for you late at night in the dark room, hardly seeing anything, an interview that you had published beautifully in The West Speaks (2012).

Ariane, our daughter, helped David in typing the manuscript and after his death edited it with skill, adding the documents and some testimonies of children who are now grandparents. The book was published some years ago and I hope that you have a copy.

I hope that you both are strong and healthy like when I met you so many years ago. I think often of my American friends and I am proud to see their achievements in fighting this terrible world jihadist battle to save the most important human right that Judaism proclaimed for humanity, three thousand years ago: Freedom!

Giselle Littman aka Bat Ye’or

A special showing of the film Operation Mural-Casablanca 1961 will be held at B’nai Israel Synagogue in Pensacola, Florida on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at 4PM.  Following the film, a panel composed of synagogue members Esther Allen and Kate Lollar of Moroccan Jewish Sephardim heritage will discuss their experience during WWII, the period that led up to Operation Mural and a relative who was among the first wave of Moroccan children who left for Israel facilitated by the Littmans.

An assortment of Moroccan delicacies will be served to attendees at the Operation Mural event.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the New English Review.

The Unfortunate Phenomenon of Black Political Group Think

My black brother called me from Baltimore feeling frustrated and alone. He is surrounded by blacks, including his household who believe everything they are told by fake news media. No amount of data, logic or truth seems to penetrate their wall of brain-dead loyalty to the democrat party and worship of Obama. My brother said even at his all black church every sermon includes digs against Trump.

In his black circles, spouting the truth about Obama is not tolerated. They angrily reject data confirming that blacks moved backwards culturally and economically after 8 years of Obama

As a strong Christian, my brother is saddened that many of his black peers abandoned Christ’s agenda to worship at the feet of their black-golden-idol Obama. Many black Christians ignore the truth that Obama was the most biblically-hostile president in U.S. history. Remarkably, even some black preachers threw their Bibles under the bus to support Obama’s anti-biblical mandates.

My brother said he cannot understand why so many blacks eagerly accept Leftists’ obvious lie that all problems plaguing blacks are the fault of white racist America and new Nemesis, Donald Trump.

I praised my brother for being an independent thinker. He reminds me of Joe, an old black college buddy back in the 1970s.

Around a dozen of us black art students were attending the Maryland Institute College of Art. The Black Panthers and black power protests were the rage. Our small group of black students ranted constantly about how a black man does not have an f****** chance in this f****** racist country.

Joe stayed focused on working part-time jobs and his classes. Joe was a no-excuses no-nonsense kind of guy. While working on a college art project together, my job was to find special paper. I told Joe I looked everywhere and simply could not find the paper. Joe questioned me. “Did you look here?” I replied no. Did you look there? My reply was the same. Joe said, “Well Lloyd, don’t tell me you looked everywhere.” Though he annoyed me, I knew Joe was right.

After graduating college, Joe worked his way through grad school and became the first black art director at a prestigious Baltimore Advertising Agency. Joe was an independent thinker.

Frustrated, my brother asked how can he get through to blacks who automatically dismiss him as an Uncle Tom without researching his reasons why blacks should stop voting Democrat? I told him experience has taught me no amount of truth will penetrate willful ignorance.

Matthews 10:14 “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to you words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet.” In other words, forget them and move on.

My brother said when you are on a different page than everyone around you, you tend to question yourself. I assured my brother that he was on the right side of the issues. Also, I wonder if self-reliant (conservative) people are born that way. As far back as I can remember, the only thing my brother ever wanted from the government is for it to stay out of his way. Some people are willing to surrender control of every aspect of their lives to government for the promise of a few crumbs of security.

I explained to my brother that the vast majority of black Americans are engaged in group think when it comes to politics.

However, I have seen signs of more blacks beginning to see the light. Praise God. A group of Chicago blacks produced a video expressing their displeasure with Obama and Democrats. One black person said, “Everything in my community is controlled by Democrats so they can’t blame the Tea Party.” 

Another good sign of cracks in the democrats’ wall of deception is an ad I heard while campaigning in Georgia against democrat far-left radical Jon Ossoff. A black group’s radio ad told blacks that voting for Ossoff equaled voting for more Democrat broken dreams and broken promises. Thrilled, I said, “Right on bros!”

I told my brother to keep spreading the truth. While many will reject his message, you never know who will truly hear and receive it. As for those blacks who insist on being stuck-on-stupid, wipe their dust from your shoes and move on bro; move on.

The liberal view of women’s rights ‘a load of horse manure’

Fantasy Christian oppression vs. very real Muslim oppression: which do you think the Left is more upset about? That’s right.

“Laura Perrins: Islamism poses the real threat to the sisterhood,” by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman, April 29, 2017 (thanks to Inexion):

The novel, The Handmaid’s Tale by Canadian author Margaret Atwood, has been scaring the bejesus out of women since 1985. I am not going to give you the full summary – you know it. The US becomes a big evil Christian theocracy and after widespread infertility hits, only the few fertile women that are left must become Handmaids to the better families, bearing them children.

Fornication is punished by death, women cannot work and have to be covered and suffer from all round horror at the hands of the patriarchy (and evil conservative women).

The book is everything that feminists want women to believe is ‘just around the corner