The Global Spy Ring

It is getting muddy and muddier in Washington, D.C. as an obvious war waged by Democrats continues to break down the presidency of Donald J. Trump, accusing him of collusion with Russia. The top players within our Intel apparatus are on the side of the Democrats. We are witnessing a paradox of incompetence, which has been used by our enemies in an attempt to dethrone an American President. In fact, Russian collusion has been taking place in the heart of the Democrat Party for the last several decades. Alas, we missed it due to incompetence of our Intel, all of our seventeen agencies. Here is my version of the real events.

Russian Dossier on Trump

While watching the so-called Trump/Dossier document, it did not take me even ten seconds to realize that it was Russian “fallshivka” in front of me. Everything in the Dossier exposed the KGB’s handwriting: an arrogant manner of presentation, method, character with an aggressive and salacious tone to denigrate President Trump, the Republican Party, and to influence American opinion. It was a vivid picture of the incredible dirt on Trump, a typical Stalin’s legacy of demonizing and attacking the opposition leader, used by the KGB since Stalin’s death seventy years ago.

Yet, none of the officials or politicians mentioned nor indicated the presence of the KGB on American soil. I was stunned—our Intel did not know the real Russia and its KGB and Democrats have continued their war against Republicans. According to The Washington Examiner, officials from the FBI and DOJ have made stunning statements regarding the dossier. Both the FBI and Justice Department have stated “they cannot verify or corroborate any of the claims of collusion made in the dossier.” That was it: a dry, inconclusive, unsettled, and unsatisfying statement for two major agencies with the duties to defend us from enemies foreign and domestic.

Moreover, the infamous Dossier, a document that appears to have been fabricated and bought by the DNC and Clinton campaign—“was one of pieces of ‘evidence’ used to as a reason for government spying against President Trump’s staff.” Dossier Records Unsealed: Clinton Firm Caught Red Handed, CT, and November 22, 2017. And again, nobody mentioned the presence of the FSB (newer title for the KGB) in the activities of the aggressive actors. Yes, an aggressive anti-Trump cabal that later in December 2017 revealed the real players. In my opinion it is much more than anti-Trump bias—it is an attempt to coup detente, about which I have been writing for the last two years…

In December, 2017 we got plenty of information about the anti-Trump club. They are allied top leaders of the Obama FBI, CIA, DOJ, DNC, the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS, and Christopher Steele, a former British spy—they are all Democrats or on the side of Democrats. Then Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigating the Trump/Russia collusion joined the cabal—Obama’s Deep State had revealed its agenda, format, and techniques. I had an impression that the investigation of Trump/Russia collusion was initiated and run by the KGB…

A more substantive statement had appeared and confirmed my opinion on December 7, 2017: “I think we now know that the Mueller investigation is illegitimate and corrupt,” Fox legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said on Sean Hannity’s self-titled show. Jarrett continued:

“Mueller has been using the FBI as a political weapon, and the FBI has become America’s secret police: secret surveillance, wire-tapping, intimidation, harassment, and threats — it’s like the old KGB that comes for you in the dark of the night, banging through your door. Ask Paul Manafort. They came for him and broke through his front door.”

It was only one man, Gregg Jarrett, who recalled the methods of the old KGB. The rest of the media has no clue that we are dealing with the Russian KGB Government today, like 30-70 years ago…

As a matter of fact, a lot of Socialist and KGB methods have been implemented in the U.S. during the last three decades, especially the last eight years of Obama’s administration. The Democrat Party has become America’s Socialist Party embracing all the methods of Soviet Socialism. Just watch their methods and secrets as it was reported by The New York Times that Mueller’s lead investigator and FBI counterintelligence section Chief Peter Strzok was quietly removed from the probe after he was found to have sent anti-Trump text messages. Strzok was also found to be the center of other controversial FBI investigations, including that into Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of a private server to send classified emails.

If the FBI used a salacious dossier funded in part by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to launch an investigation into President Donald Trump that “clearly would be off the charts bad,” Rep. Darrell Issa, the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee said Dec. 7, 2017. Strzok has gained national attention for his text messages with his mistress in which the pair repeatedly bashed Trump. Many Republicans feel the texts show that he was unable to be neutral in his investigating. I agree with all these quotations, and would add another one of a professional federal prosecutor Tray Gowdy: “This was a level of bias that you rarely see, frankly.”

I would argue that the definition of anti-Trump’s activities as bias is erroneous for the agencies that are supposed to be neutral and guard us from enemies foreign and domestic. Judge Jeanine is right calling it a “criminal cabal.” I agree, this is a plot to break down Trump’s presidency. In fact, we are at war:  America’s Socialist Democrat Party is fighting Capitalist Republicans using Soviet Socialism as a model. That entire war was a major topic of my two latest books, telling you how Obama implemented Socialism in America and finally transformed the Democrat Party to Socialist one. Those exact combined forces are fighting Trump today and I am afraid that Russia is running this plot as well.

I am ill and my doctor has limited my computer-work to one hour a day. Considering my broken language, it takes me several weeks to complete an article. Watching my writings constantly the Deep State is acting accordingly and suddenly former British spy Christopher Steele admitted that the dossier was merely “possible,” not fact, and based on unreliable information and “limited intelligence.” After that came the Papandropolos story with Australia. I don’t trust both actors and confirm my statement—the Russian FSB’s people had produced the Trump Dossier. I’d like to remind you that Putin and his FSB (former KGB) are the mortal enemies of America and President Trump. Putin never helped Trump to win, it is a manufactured fake production of Obama’s Deep State Democrats to cover-up their behavior and treasonous actions of many years…

The Axis of Terror—Global Spy Ring

I wasn’t shocked reading the following: Shock Revelation: Obama Allowed Terror Group To Smuggle Drugs Into The U.S. All To Protect Iran Nuke Deal – Hezbollah, Report: Barack Obama being asked to return his Nobel Peace Prize after allegations of aiding Islamic terrorists December 20, 2017. Politico presented a well-research article—“the report claims that the Obama administration obstructed a Drug Enforcement Administration task force in its efforts to prosecute suspected drug and weapons traffickers linked to the terror group Hezbollah.” This group is a proxy of Russia and Iran, and Iran is a proxy of Russia. The author was deprived the opportunity to read my books and columns to see how Russia delegated its own criminal drugs trafficking to their satellites—the Axis of Terror in action!

The Obama collaboration with Iran had not surprised me; we are dealing with the “Axis of Terror” whether it is Iran or Stalinist North Korea—they are all under Russian umbrella and all collaborated and acted in behave of Russia as well, as Obama did. If you remember that Russia was running all terrorist groups, you will understand that Obama and Putin have the same agenda. Russia is also manipulating Iran, if you remember about the “Axis of Terror,” described in my book: Socialist Lies: From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders. Xlibris, 2016.

Let me give you some history, a paragraph from my other book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, Xlibris, 2012.

“The effects of drugs were analyzed by scientists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences and the conclusions were that the drugs trafficking would be extremely effective and the most vulnerable countries would be the United States, Canada, France, and West Germany. This study was approved in 1955 by the Soviet Defense Council. It was the first formal Soviet decision to launch narcotics trafficking against the bourgeoisie and especially against the American capitalists:

“Soviet strategy for revolutionary war is a global strategy… narcotics strategy       is a sub-component of this global strategy. …First was the increased training of leaders for the revolutionary movements—the civilian, military, and intelligence cadres…”

The information about my books and columns was blocked by the FBI. I don’t know the person who did it. Now, when the exposed names are discussed, it could be McCabe, Comey, Mueller, or any anti-Trump activists of the FBI. Yet, I do not know the probable cause to submit my name to the FISA Court and make me a foreign agent. In addition to incompetence, the FBI has Russian moles, who suppressed my books with extremely valuable information about Russia. I hope, a new FBI by investigating my case will find the mole and much more…

Meanwhile, our Ambassador to the United Nations Haley said: the U.S. has “concrete evidence” that Iran supplied missiles to Yemeni rebels, in violation of U.N rules. The missiles were used in an attack on an international civilian airport in Saudi Arabia. For your information are two facts: the KGB has built the Revolutionary Guard of Iran imitating its own structure and Russia has been targeting Yemen since 1973 to install Socialism there; now Russia is using his satellite Iran to do the same and to attack Saudi Arabia…

My readers know Obama’s agenda, yet they told me that I was linguistically mistaken calling it Obama/Putin Joint Venture, though I named it Destruction of the American Republic. Perhaps, they were right and the word Alliance would be more appropriate—Obama/Putin Alliance. At any rate, the idea of Obama/Putin collaboration was introduced completely in my two books, talking about ongoing WW III. And that war is the crux of the matter—Obama has brought the war waged by Soviet Socialism on our American soil, by making his party a Socialist one.

Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations

I am a former Soviet defense attorney and am eager to share my experience and knowledge with Americans to prevent any upcoming disastrous events. A lot of Socialists and KGB’s methods have been implemented in the U.S. during last three decades and for many years I wrote about Russia vis-à-vis America. The main subject was an ongoing World War Three, an asymmetrical war waged by the Socialists/Communists against Western civilization and the world—all my writings were dedicated to this topic. The title of this segment was taken from the Chapter 7 of my book What is Happening to America?

I don’t want to repeat this main subject again, yet I’d like to present the part of actions done by Obama/Putin Alliance—a military collaboration. Here is a list of military collaboration under Obama/Putin Alliance during all eight years:

  1. Killing of bin-Laden
  2. Invasion of Libya, conspiracy of Obama, Putin, and French Pres. Sarkozy.
  3. Benghazi, murder of the U.S. ambassador Stevens.
  4. “On 6 August 2011, a U.S. Boeing CH-47 Chinook military helicopter was shot down while transporting a quick reaction force attempting to reinforce an engaged unit of Army Rangers in Wardak province, west of Kabul, Afghanistan. The resulting crash killed all 38 people on board—25 American specialists … Fifteen of the Navy SEALs that were killed were members of the Naval… “
  5. The return of deserter Bergholt from Afghanistan to release five Taliban’s commanders.

The Afghanistan story, I have explained in my preceding columns, Russia was working with Taliban and needed back the famous commanders imprisoned in America. This is the answer to the manufactured deal by Obama using the family of a mentally unstable individual.

Besides military collaboration, the KGB had a green avenue to act freely on our soil during last three decades and especially the last eight years of Obama administration. Pay attention to the Trojan Horses that have infiltrated all strata of our society. One of them is George Soros, who is harming and damaging our country for over thirty years and our FBI is incapable to stop his criminal activities. Here is an objective information of the events:

According to The Daily Caller, the Middle East Forum has uncovered the fact that Soros-linked organizations have funneled cash into the coffers of Islamist front organizations like Islamic Relief Worldwide. Report: George Soros caught in illegal scheme to make Ireland abortion-friendly December 21, 2017. This is only two events involving Soros, however please, remember, Soros is sponsoring 180 different organizations including Unfortunately, we and the world have many Trojan Horses, I identified them. Please, read my book The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris 2006.

To perceive the scale and consequences of the infiltration by the KGB and GRU around the globe, let me give you another name of a Trojan Horse– Nouri Kamal Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki, Prime Minister of Iraq 2006-2014. The man was recruited by the KGB many years ago, when he had lived in Iran. Can you imagine the harm and damage inflicted to the world by this man? Don’t be surprised by the victorious march of Iran throughout Iraq and Syria the last decade—this is a Global Spy Ring in action. Where were our FBI and CIA when our boys and girls were slaughtered in Iraq? Their death is a direct result of our Intel’s incompetence!

Europe now has members of the KGB in some parliaments and there is another facet to the Russian connection. As you know, recruited in 1957, Arafat is dead, but we have mini-Arafat–Mahmoud Abbas. The connection with the Kremlin stays the same. He is literally a student of Moscow with Soviet “academic credentials”; his dissertation had denied the Holocaust. Look at Arafat’s corrupt people surrounding Abbas: the same corrupt structure plus Hamas and Hezbollah under Russia’s supervision, ready to wipe Israel off the world map. Don’t expect a peace on the Middle East—the KGB is there!

The latest example of our Intel’s incompetence is the Vegas massacre…It took me a couple of days to learn the details from the news and the picture of the shooter was clear to me, while our FBI is still looking for and researching the motive!? Knowledge is Power! Our Intel, including all seventeen agencies don’t recognize an ongoing World War Three, waged by the Russian KGB, I have been writing and cataloging about for almost thirty years! The deadly result of that incompetence you are witnessing today in the end of 2017 and the beginning year 2018!

“It’s not just the Democrats,” said Roger Stone, “the never-Trump Republicans and the deep state — according to one report, President Donald Trump is facing resistance from members of own cabinet.” . Former Trump adviser: Cabinet members are plotting to remove Trump, CN, and December 27, 2017

Very possible to be true; and I’d like to add that in my opinion the KGB and GRU are running and coordinating the entire effort through the Deep State to break down the Trump presidency. So, there are two types of people committing betrayals in America: those who do not like the system established by our Founding Fathers– they are currently collaborating with the KGB to destroy America, and those politicians who have no clue about the KGB, hence becoming their accomplices. I hope this column will help you to identify both types of traitors in America, remembering words of Denis Prego: “Putin is as Socialist as Brezhnev was.” We are on the threshold of a monumental exposure of the so-called Democratic Party. There will be another Watergate, this time—a quadruple and international one

To end this column, I’d like to tell you a story with a picture, which is worth thousand words. As I have already written, Socialism like a cancer, it is a Parasite-system, which needs a healthy body to use, survive, and appropriate Capitalism’s money. Socialism adores money. There is the KGB, Romeo Department that trains women and men to seduce the opposite sex. Do you remember a rich man Aristotle Onassis? After his death, his daughter, Christina Onassis was heiress to the Onassis fortune. She was the only daughter of Aristotle Onassis and… she married an alumni of the KGB Romeo Department. Furthermore, you were witnessing another alumni of the KGB Romeo Department on the screen of your TV in the end of 2017, you just did not know about this alumni and the KGB Romeo Department.

And again, it took me a second to recognize a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskay for what she was. An often visitor of our Embassy in Moscow, she suddenly appeared in Washington D.C. As the KGB is always pushing for connections, to destroy the target from within, she got Trump Jr.’s attention. He talked with her for twenty minutes and left, finding nothing there worth his time. There was a lot of ‘nosy news’ about nothing, concerning Trump Jr. yet the importance and the sign of the KGB was missed. Only one man from the real media got it correctly—Rush Limbaugh, he called the woman Natasha Honey-Pot. Look at the picture of Senate Hearing of Russian Probe: The Russian lawyer, Natasha Honey-Pot came wearing a white dress, tied on her bust and showing the size of it and she sat next to our Ambassador.

Please, look at the eyes of our Ambassador to Russia, they express his entire feeling of shame and embarrassment. Moreover, the picture itself tells the logical story as well: The KGB is sending its very valuable cadre to establish a connection with the Trump family, which means the KGB had no prior ties with the target! Knowledge is Power, and here is the answer to the Trump/Russia collusion—it was a manufactured Fake Production by the Obama/Putin Alliance …

To be continued

A Year of Spectacular Accomplishments for President Trump

It’s only weeks away from the day in January last year when Donald J. Trump ascended to the presidency and took his oath of office as the 45th President of the United States of America.

In only 12 months, it’s fair to say that he has already had an extraordinary presidency—more bold, courageous, and revolutionary than any American president since the Founding Fathers almost two-and-a-half centuries ago.

I use the adjectives spectacular and extraordinary not only to describe the sheer ebullience and optimism the president exhibits every day at his impossibly daunting job—and in spite of the non-stop vilification of the angry, bitter, jealous left—but mostly because his accomplishments in both domestic and foreign affairs have been so stupendous for the American people.

Haven’t you been reading the papers and watching TV?” the pathetic Never Trumpers grouse. “If you had,” they insist, “you would have seen clearly that the president has had just about no accomplishments!”

Of course, if I depended on the media whores at CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Public Radio (NPR)—the list is long—I would be forced to believe the avalanche of fake news which consistently fails to give even passing mention to the president’s laudable achievements.

But one of the genius things candidate Trump accomplished before he was elected and entered the Oval Office was identifying the colossal phoniness of the so-called mainstream media.

Jim Hoft, proprietor of Gateway Pundit reports that according to Wikileaks, at least 65 mainstream-media reporters met and coordinated with top Hillary Clinton advisors during the 2016 presidential campaign. Below is only a tiny sampling of what a friend of mine calls partisan prostitutes:

All of these shills worked closely with the Clinton campaign, were invited to top elitist dinners with Hillary Campaign Chairman John Podesta and Chief Campaign strategist Joel Benenson, and in every case were given an “off-the-record” agenda which was blatantly and fawningly pro-Hillary. NOTE: significantly, no fair-and-balanced Fox News reporters made the list.

It wasn’t only fake news that militated against candidate Trump. It was also the leftist polling companies that consistently reported “fake” numbers right up until 8 p.m. on election night.

But whaddaya know—in spite of a massive coordinated blitz of negative reporting, candidate Trump’s message resonated with the entire country, which promptly awarded him the presidency!


Last May, I wrote about “The Juggernaut and the Jerks” in which I described the formidable inroads the juggernaut president had made on behalf of America, as opposed to the drumbeat of negative “press” he received from the jerks in the media.

Three months later, covering President Trump’s second quarter in office, I wrote about “The Unstoppable Trump Train,” again cataloging how the chief executive was slashing the mountain of wasteful government spending, getting rid of strangulating regulations, establishing strong ties with foreign leaders, and initiating measures designed to improve American lives forever.

Now that the November 8th date has passed since Donald J. Trump’s historic upset election, and President Trump is approaching the one-year date of his inauguration on January 20th, 2018, it is fitting that I close out my assessment of his first year in office.


There is a very good reason why President Trump, long before he ever contemplated a run for the presidency, became a multi-billionaire in the real-estate industry and one of the most successful TV stars of the 20th century. It is simply because he’s smarter than most people—definitely than most politicians—and he has that X factor of charisma that is missing in most of the nearly eight-billion people on earth.

Brains and charisma, in his case, equal the ability to get Big Things accomplished, combined with the charm to convince even his rivals that what they originally thought was a bad idea is, in fact, a good idea. And this is not to omit President Trump’s ability to play the kind of hard ball that eclipses the NY Yankees’ 27 World Series championships!

Case in point. The President just proclaimed that Jerusalem was the official capital of Israel, after just about every president since 1948 campaigned on this promise and never delivered. Most people know this instinctively, since Jews have lived in the Holy Land for over 3,000 years and Jerusalem is mentioned in the Bible over 600 times, in dramatic contrast to the Muslim’s holy book, the Koran, which mentions Jerusalem NOT ONCE!

Following the president’s pronouncement, 128 of the corrupt, tin-pot-dictators in the United Nations condemned the declaration. But unlike past presidents, especially the poseur “president” Barack Obama, who had a peculiar fetish for those anti-Semitic dictators, President Trump said, really? You don’t want to vote with the country that supports you to the tune of billions of dollars every year? Okay… it’ll cost you. Hard ball!

And sure enough, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley immediately negotiated a $285-million cut in the amount of money the United States would contribute to the U.N. budget—yes, only a 3.5% cut, but just watch the next vote—and if it’s again against America’s wishes, watch the next cut!

Meanwhile, within days, the president of Guatemala, Jimmy Morales, announced that he would move his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. And shortly after, Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel, Tzipi Hotovely, announced that at least 10 more countries joined the growing list of those who intend to move their embassies to Jerusalem.


Numerous pundits and websites have been keeping close track of Pres. Trump’s first-year accomplishments, including: the White House itself, WorldNetDaily.comFormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich, David P. Goldman of writer Katherine RodriguezDavid Prentice of American Thinkerblogger Don SurberPaul Bedard of The Washington ExaminerBreitbart.comBruce Thornton of frontpagemag.comProfessor Ray Schneider, blogger Jeff Dunetz …on and on.

I credit each and every one of them with helping me compile the following list of President Trump’s mind-boggling first-year accomplishments. But because of space constraints, it is only possible for me to mention a tiny percentage of the smashing successes the president has brought about since his inauguration. Believe me, this is only the proverbial drop in the bucket!


In contrast to Breitbart writer John Nolte’s description of Mr. Obama’s “anti-growth policies and anti-free market rhetoric,” President Trump, he says, has taken “complete ownership of the American economy”—including:

  • The enactment of the massive tax cuts and jobs-creation law which eliminates the Obamacare mandate and provides “incentives for corporations to repatriate trillions stashed overseas to avoid America’s unnecessarily high tax rates” and consumers to have greater choice in healthcare options.
  • A Latino unemployment rate that is has hit a record low in the 45-year history of government tracking,
  • A black unemployment rate hitting a 17-year low—after nearly two decades of double-digit unemployment,
  • An unexpectedly high growth rate of 3.3 percent in the third quarter of 2017…with projections for the fourth quarter edging into the magic number of 4 percent,
  • The unemployment rate hitting a 17-year low, the lowest since 2000,
  • Mortgage applications for new homes rise to a seven year high,
  • Lowest gas prices in more than 12 years,
  • A boom in manufacturing jobs, with 171,000 having been created under President Trump, in stark contrast to the 16,000 manufacturing jobs lost in the poseur “president’s final year, and the manufacturing unemployment rate just 2.6 percent, the lowest in history.
  • In addition, a booming stock market, with a gain of more than $4 trillion in wealth, the DOW over 24,000, and for the first time ever, rising 5,000 Points in one year, and the S&P and NASDAQ setting all-time highs,
  • A decrease in the U.S. debt by $101-billion dollars! (In his first five months, the poseur “president” Barack Obama increased the U.S. debt by $771-billion dollars).
  • The president convinced companies such as Ford, Chrysler and Carrier Air Conditioners to manufacture and build plants in the United States and Corning announced it was investing $500 million in new U.S. production, creating 1,000 new jobs. Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer, which makes the iPhone, announced in July it was investing $10 billion in Wisconsin to build a factory that will employ 3,000 workers directly and up to 22,000 workers indirectly.
  • According to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, international business editor of the London Telegraph, “American companies have stashed trillions of dollars overseas in what amounts to the greatest cash reserve in the world,” and President Trump, as part of his tax reform, is not bringing that money back to the U.S.
  • POTUS reversed the Dodd-Frank Act, financial-regulation legislation in which regulators were given too much power and big banks were given special treatment.
  • Refused his $400,000 a year salary as president, took just one dollar, and donated to the Park Service, Veterans Affairs.
  • Signed Executive Order for an Apprentice program to train skilled works to fill six-million open positions.
  • Reduced White House payroll by $22 million.


Bruce Thornton, of, notes that Pres. Trump “has begun to repair the damage to our international prestige wrought by” the poseur president’s “one-world, naïve internationalism favored by progressives, who want to diminish America’s global clout…” In that regard, POTUS has:

  • Increased the sanctions on Iran and refused to recertify Obama’s disastrous agreement with the nuke-hungry mullahs,
  • Bombed a Syrian airfield and destroyed a fifth of Assad’s jet fighters,
  • Took the gloves off our military and ended ISIS’s “caliphate,”
  • Rolled back Obama’s cringing concessions to Cuba,
  • Put Russia on notice by recommitting to the Magnitsky Act and increasing sanctions on regime oligarchs,
  • Unleashed U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on “the anti-American pygmy states infesting that ‘cockpit in the Tower of Babel’ (the United Nations),
  • Under Trump, Thornton says, “America seems to be getting its international mojo back.”
  • In addition, according to journalist and author Matthew Vadum, the president’s 11-day Asian trip—to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Beijing, the People’s Republic of China; Danang, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; and in Manila, the Philippines—succeeded in bolstering “resolve to combat North Korean nuclear adventurism and Islamic terrorism, and to promote his signature ‘America First’ trade policies… after eight years of pathetic servility, weakness, and apology tours” by the poseur president.
  • During the trip, Pres. Trump scuttled the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying: “We will no longer enter into large agreements that tie our hands, surrender our sovereignty, make meaningful enforcement practically impossible,” and produce “unfair trade practices and enormous trade deficits for the United States.”
  • VP Mike Pence announced that the U.S. will quit funding refugee programs carried out by the United Nations, given its failure to protect Christian [and other] minorities “in the wake of genocide and the atrocities of terrorist groups.”


Pres. Trump removed the poseur president’s crushing Rules of Engagement in combat, which tied the hands of our military and resulted in both greater combat and civilian casualties. And he empowered military leaders to “seize the initiative and win,” reducing the need for a White House sign off on every mission.

According to James Lewis of The American Thinker, when President Trump dropped the Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan…“a hundred or more of the worst human beings since Hitler died in one big explosion,” and both our allies and our enemies knew there was a powerful new sheriff in the United States. “Obama would never even name the enemy,” Lewis says, and he “never, ever seemed to get that basic point of morality, nor did Hillary, nor did any other Democrat. Trump and Mattis obviously understand it…”

Journalist Rick Moran reminds us that today, ISIS has lost 98 percent of its territory and that now, fewer than 1,000 ISIS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria. And Fox News reports that number is down “from a peak of nearly 45,000 just two years ago. U.S. officials credit nearly 30,000 U.S.-led coalition airstrikes and regional partners on the ground for killing more than 70,000 jihadists.

In addition, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2018, which approves one of the largest defense spending increases in the past 30 years. The NDAA does the following:

  • Increases the size of our forces for the first time in 7 years,
  • Authorizes funds for the continued defeat of ISIS and to cover critical missile defense capabilities to confront the threat posed by North Korea,
  • Takes concrete steps to rebuild U.S. military readiness
  • Approves a 2.4 percent pay raise for our troops—the largest in 8 years!


  • Signed the Veterans Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act to allow senior officials in the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire failing employees and establish safeguards to protect whistleblowers,
  • Authorized $2.1 billion in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program in healthcare; allowed private healthcare choices for veterans,
  • Launched an online “Access and Quality Tool” providing veterans with a way to access wait time and quality of care data,


Conservatives like me knew one thing after observing the poseur president Obama after his very first month in office, i.e., that the worst was yet to come.

Sure enough, for eight long years we witnessed a remarkable avalanche of apologies for America, non-stop race baiting, the evisceration of our military, and a virtual devolution of everything positive America stood for.

After the big-hearted people of America gave a community organizer with not one microsecond of executive or foreign affairs experience a chance to lead the greatest, strongest, most generous country on earth, those same big-hearted people regained their sanity and voted for an American patriot with vast executive experience to seize the reins of power and—literally—to save both America and Western civilization!

For those of us who value safety, a strong military, a booming economy, high employment, a belief in the sanctity of life, and a reverence for the U.S. Constitution, the election of Donald J. Trump was a godsend.

And we fervently believe that under his leadership, the best, indeed, is yet to come!

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Canada Free Press.

Entering 2018 With Gratitude to God and President Trump

I remember that painful election night in 2012. Against reason, Americans chose to give Obama four more years in the White House.

As a Christian, all I knew to do was trust God. Little did I know Obama’s re-election was setting the stage for long-shot dark-horse presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Over 8 years, the shine wore-off electing the first black president. Americans knew Obama was driving our country in the wrong direction. We subconsciously felt the tyranny of political correctness. Obama led Leftists’ war on Christianity. Obama’s agenda was founded upon punishing America first. Thus, Americans were ready for real change. Enough with empty promises from fancy-talkin’ professional politicians.

When businessman extraordinaire, regular guy candidate Trump said he wanted to “make America great again”, We The People immediately connected with Trump’s clear and simple decree.

Political elites thought Trump running for president was hilarious. It amazes me that political so-called experts are still puzzled why Trump won the White House. Establishment elites are finally backing away from the narrative that Trump stole the election via collusion with Russia or other dirty tricks.

This tells me these people (establishment elites) are sheltered from everyday Americans in their Washington DC towers of power. It is only common sense that a majority of Americans would desire a leader who loves his homeland and wants to make it the best it can be. Only liberalism indoctrinated anti-American zealots have a problem with Trump’s positive agenda for America.

Purposely unreported by fake news media, Trump has used his will and true grit to amass a substantial list of wins for America in his first year. Trump has been rolling back Obama’s messes in spite of Never-Trumpers and congress.

I remember presidential candidate Ted Cruz promising to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. To the shock and horror of haters of Israel in America and around the world, Trump picked up Cruz’s baton, deciding to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.

God said He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. (Genesis 12:3) Thank you President Trump.

Remarkably, Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises, despite fake news media dominating the airwaves with distortions, negative spin and actual lies about everything Trump says and does.

Trump successfully getting his tax cuts through congress has sparked an unprecedented economic boom for We The People. Do you see the pattern folks? Thankfully, unlike most pro-politicians, Trump presses forward not giving a rat’s derriere about what fake news media, Democrats, the American left and establishment elites think or say about him.

By the way, I wish to thank the American Left for pushing Trump further to conservatism. Trump is not ideological, not viewing himself as liberal or conservative. But, when Trump saw Leftists’ vitriolic response to him doing anything good for America, it opened Trump’s eyes, pushing him further to our side.

Despicably, evil Leftists have sought to falsely brand Trump supporters as hateful white supremacists. We Trump supporters are decent hard working Americans who love our country and desire the best for all Americans regardless of race, color or creed. I am a black guy, proud and grateful to be an American. I even wrote and recorded the “Trump Train” song.

Despite the American Left daily launching every weapon in its arsenal at Trump, he remains laser-focused on dismantling Obama’s Punish-America legacy. Thank you fellow Christians for your prayers.

I do not believe any other 2016 Republican presidential candidate would have been able to endure or match Trump’s remarkable list of restored freedoms in their first year.

Entering 2018, I am most grateful to God that Donald J. Trump is in the White House. Folks, last November, we dodged a bullet big-time. Hillary Clinton would have marked the end of America as we know it for Lord knows how long.

The same way the American left exploited Obama’s skin-color, using it as a bludgeon against anyone who opposed Obama behaving as our dictatorial king, Leftists would have used Hillary’s gender.

Queen Hillary supported mass murdering of the unborn. Hillary defended the horrifically evil practice of partial-birth abortion. Partial-birth abortion is the abortionist delivering the entire baby’s body except for the head. The abortionist then shoves scissors into the full term baby’s head to kill it. 

Hillary would triple down on Obama’s persecution of Christians. Hillary would dictatorially use government to cram various forms of sexual deviancy down mainstream American’s throats. Hillary would celebrate trifling lazy dependency on big government as the new American normal. As I said, anyone daring to oppose Hillary infecting Americans with Leftists’ socialist/progressive virus would be taken out; high-tech gang lynched or thrown into jail.

In essence, Obama regarded the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper; overruling many of our constitutional and God-given freedoms and liberty. Trump has dramatically put the breaks on Obama transforming America into a socialist, progressive and anti-Christian nation. And for that, I am extremely grateful to God and Trump.

Mary and I will spend much of 2018 traveling America, fighting to keep Republicans in control of the House and Senate which will help Trump reverse Obama’s crimes against us. If we stay firm in our support of Trump, together we will make our country great again. Quoting the Pointer Sisters’ hit song, “I’m So Excited!”

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America’s Most Amazing Year — Not Fake News Edition

Every newspaper and TV network will be doing their year-in-review issues around now. Considering they will primarily be re-hashing their own partisan attacks and intentional undermining of a duly elected American president, they’re not worth consuming.

But America and the American people actually had a much, much better year than the deeply discredited media and than Democrats — which are basically the same people. In fact, it was a downright amazing year — if you think America remains the best nation in the world, a shining city on a hill, a beacon of hope. For eight years we had people running the federal government who thought roughly the opposite. But 2017 brought a dramatic change to the White House and to the hopes of millions of Americans — and actually, the world.

The amazingness of the year is multiplied if you were unsure of what policies President Trump would pursue and his effectiveness in pursuing them. Many people voted against Hillary Clinton for good reason, but held their breath on Trump.

However, if you are conservative, traditionalist, pro-American or even libertarian, there has been an amazing amount of achievements to like in 2017 — even some Trump opponents admit that — generational tax reform and cuts, a booming economy and historically low unemployment, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, decertifying the Iran deal, the Jerusalem embassy, military revitalization, deregulation, immigration control, Obamacare mandate repeal, destruction of ISIS, Justice Gorsuch and the rest of the judiciary.

Amazing. Here’s the full look:

  • ➙ Conservative judiciary. This of course starts with Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, but extends far beyond. Once Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke the Democrats’ obstructionism on every appointee, Trump’s picks began slowly flowing through and they are amazingly conservative and originalist. Trump has nominated 12 constitutionally conservative appellate justices alone — a record for a president in his first year.
  • ➙ Tax reform. The unnecessarily scorned tax reform law lowers corporate taxes sharply from 35 percent to 21 percent. We were by far the highest in the industrialized world which made it hard for American companies to compete globally and was creating the perverse incentive for them to create offshore entities to limit tax liability. The passage of this morally and economically right legislation was followed immediately by a stream of major American corporations announcing new investments, employee bonuses or hiking their own minimum wage to $15/hour — something Democrats are fighting for through the heavy hand of government. On the individual side, the reform is much more modest, but most Americans outside of some in high-tax states will get a pay raise or no change due to reduced tax rates. This is Trump’s only major legislation of 2017, but it is a generational change — as big as those by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan.
  • ➙ Repeal of Obamacare mandate. This was part of the tax reform bill and unburdened Americans from the most Constitutionally questionable and liberty onerous provision. The Supreme Court should never have found it acceptable, even with the contortions it went through to do so, to force Americans to buy a private product. Striking this heavy hand of government from law is an amazing accomplishment considering full Obamacare repeal failed.
  • ➙ De-regulation. The Trump Administration has eliminated 22 existing regulations for each new regulation it instituted. While some will wail that the world is ending, the voices are small and marginal because these were so overly burdensome, driven by ideologies of the previous administration and too often paybacks for political supporters. These have received very little news coverage because every tweet is more important, apparently. But they undoubtedly have had a huge impact on the booming economy.
  • ➙ Keystone Pipeline and ANWR. This crucial pipeline that will create economic impact along its corridor and provide better oil prices and more energy independence for America, was needlessly and recklessly blocked by the ideologies of the Obama administration. It frustrated and angered everyone except environmental activists — a key Democrat constituency — and it hurt American workers. Many years after Obama and Democrats blocked any oil exploration in the mammoth and relatively uninhabited Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northern Alaska, Trump signed legislation to open up the empty region for oil drilling.
  • ➙ Rocking economy. After eight years of paltry growth that left Americans depressed and in a malaise, the jump in measurable economic activity in 2017 is astonishing. GDP growth is the best it has been in a decade and well above expectations. This has naturally led to a rapidly increasing workforce participation rate — more people with jobs and more people once again looking for work — and the lowest unemployment rate since 2000. We are sitting at near what economists consider full employment, and that will help everyone as such competition will create upward pressure on wages — if immigration is controlled properly.
  • ➙ Immigration. Trump’s efforts to put a temporary ban on a handful of nations where terrorism is rampant, or actually government-supported, was initially blocked by politically-motivated liberal judges in one circuit. But the ban has since been lifted and is expected to be found constitutional and is now in place. Immigration controls help the American worker and much still needs to be done, but Trump has moved in the right direction. The administration has also beefed up border security forces and policies on enforcement of existing laws. The Department of Homeland Security found in October that the Border Patrol is stopping people trying to cross illegally at almost twice the rate of the past decade. Unshackled, the Border Patrol can do a lot more, and Trump unshackled them. However, the border wall itself is still just talk. This must begin to be reality in 2018 because a new president one day can simply undo the executive policy changes. He or she won’t demolish a wall.
  • ➙ Paris Climate Accords. Walking away from this bit of fictional environmental salvation — but real-world economic harm — was a bold stroke by Trump and good for America. He knew the “world community” would come down on him like a ton of bricks, despite the fact that by its own measurement, the accords would not accomplish much on global warming while the biggest contributors of carbon emissions weren’t likely to ever be part of it. That means it was just going to competitively disadvantage the United States without being beneficial to its own, stated cause. This was always just a feel-good accord among people who would not individually be harmed by it. But Trump was right to pull out.
  • ➙ De-certifying the Iran Deal. This awful and inexplicable deal enabled the worst state player in the Middle East to be put on a path to nuclear weapons, and be given hundreds of millions in cash, much of which Iran would promptly distribute to its Islamist terrorist arms to attack our ally Israel and perhaps even America. This was an unconscionable deal as part of a bumbling foreign policy. De-certifying is a start as it was unconstitutional on two grounds, but the United States needs to walk away entirely and re-institute sanctions. Unfortunately, we can’t get back the cash the Obama Administration literally flew to Iran on a plane.
  • ➙ Jerusalem. Acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is a campaign promise made by multiple presidents, including Obama and Bush, but which was never kept — until now. Trump kept his and will move the U.S. Embassy to the capital. Amazingly, despite the constant noise from the left, actually very little terrorism and outrage has happened. It was the right thing to do as it is the historic capital of Israel and countries have a right to choose their own capitals.
  • ➙ Destruction of ISIS. This amazing accomplishment has been largely ignored by the media, for the obvious reason that it is great news under Trump. ISIS’ territorial holdings — it’s primary claim to a caliphate and recruiting power, are essentially gone. Not only is the caliphate gone and ISIS now reduced to another terrorist organization — dangerous but only a shadow of its former terror — nothing worse has popped up in its place at this point. Outstanding. It’s sad to think the world possibly had to endure the plague of ISIS for so many years unnecessarily.
  • ➙ Military revitalization. Trump rightly jettisoned the hand-tying rules of engagement for the military that existed for eight years and allowed military commanders to make military decisions more freely. This resulted in the rapid destruction of ISIS. Trump also altered America’s military’s strategic timeline in Afghanistan and continues to push for a more fully-funded military after the readiness erosion of the previous administration.
  • ➙ Asserting sovereign right at the U.N. When the United States acknowledged the reality of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the world had a conniption fit and the United Nations, a weak but negative influence on world affairs, opposed our sovereign foreign policy and voted to condemn us. Those votes included most of our allies and the murderous dictators around the world that inhabit the U.N. and that we give aid to. Ambassador Nikki Haley said the U.S. will remember those who we have been generous to and then spit in our face. Funding cuts have already begun. Hopefully, 2018 will see a defunding of this anti-Semitic and anti-America institution.

This is not the list you will be seeing in your local newspaper or TV station, nor on any of the national media outlets. That will be a reiteration of what they got wrong in the first place — Russia collusion and other non-stories. But this list is true.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

Judge Roy Moore files complaint to delay Alabama election certification’s Anna Beahm reports:

The Roy Moore campaign filed a complaint Wednesday [December 27th] to have the election certification delayed “until a full investigation of voter fraud is conducted,” according to a statement from his campaign.

The complaint includes affidavits from three “national election integrity experts” who claim election fraud occurred and a statement from Moore saying he successfully completed a polygraph test confirming the representations of misconduct made against him during the campaign are “completely false.”

[ … ]

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue as election integrity should matter to everyone,” Moore said. “We call on Secretary of State Merrill to delay certification until there is a thorough investigation of what three independent election experts agree took place: election fraud sufficient to overturn the outcome of the election.”

The complaint was filed in the Montgomery Circuit Court Wednesday on behalf of Roy S. Moore and Judge Roy Moore for U.S. Senate, according to the campaign statement.

The campaign claimed three national election integrity experts all concluded “with a seasonable [sic] degree of statistical and mathematical certainty…election fraud occurred.” The experts said the irregularities in the 20 Jefferson County precincts alone are enough to reverse the outcome of the election, the campaign said.

Read more.

Roy Moore Complaint by KentFaulk on Scribd

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by  AP Photo/Brynn Anderson.

President Trump endorses Congressman Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida

In a tweet President Donald Trump has pick his candidate for Governor of the Sunshine State. However, his pick has yet to file to become a candidate. Of course Trump, during a campaign stop in Florida, said that current Governor Rick Scott would make a great U.S. Senator. Governor Scott has not filed to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Bill Nelson.

The question is will President Trump’s support for DeSantis help the TEA-party conservative outflank Adam Putnam, who is currently the GOP front runner after Jack Latvala dropped out of the race. Putnam, Florida’s Agricultural Commissioner is sitting on a $15 million heap of campaign cash.

Here is a list of candidates for Governor of Florida who have filed with the Florida Department of State as of December 23, 2016:

Candidate Status Primary General
AdamsDavid Andrew (REP) Active
AlmalehIssak  (REP) Active
BaldaufDon  (REP) Active
DevineTimothy Michael (REP) Active
GibsonKyle Chaderwick (NPA) Active
GillumAndrew D. (DEM) Active
GrahamGwen  (DEM) Active
JainUsha  (REP) Active
KingThomas Christopher (DEM) Active
Knox Sr, Anthony “Tony” (NPA) Active
LaroseJosue  (DEM) Active
LatvalaJack  (REP) Active
LevinePhilip Louis (DEM) Active
McClanahan III, Louis Earl (DEM) Active
MercadanteJohn Joseph (REP) Active
NathanBruce F. (REP) Active
PutnamAdam  (REP) Active
RivasArmando Adames (REP) Active
RiveraAngel Luis (REP) Active
WhiteRobert William (REP) Active
WisemanRandy  (LPF) Active
ZutlerDaniel Paul (CPF) Active

Voter Fraud Investigation Launched Into Alabama Senate Special Election

If you are going to brag about voter fraud in the Alabama Senate race, it would be a good idea not to do it in a viral video [below]. That seems to have been done after Doug Jones defeated Judge Roy Moore. The video implies that fraudulent voters came from out of state and helped swing the election to the Democrat candidate. Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill now has some serious questions to ask of someone.

Amanda Prestigiacomo for the Daily Wire reports:

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill has launched an investigation into voter fraud accusations from last week’s Senate special election, in which Democrat Doug Jones was declared the winner over his Republican opponent, embattled Judge Roy Moore. Moore has yet to officially concede.

The investigation was triggered by a viral video of a Jones supporter telling Fox10 reporter Kati Weis that he and others had traveled “from different parts of the country” to “vote” for their candidate, Jones.

“We came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship, and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together, and we got our boy elected!” said the unidentified man.

Speaking to Fox10, Merrill said the clip was “very disconcerting,” adding that his team is working to identify the man in the video.

“Well, it’s very disconcerting when someone who’s not from Alabama says that they participated in our election, so now it’s incumbent upon us to try to identify this young man, to see what kind of role he played ― if it was to simply play a canvassing roll, or if he was part of a process that went out and tried to register voters, or if he himself actually became…

Read more.

What The Heck Happened in Alabama?

Years ago, my brother David gave me a nugget of wisdom. He advised, “When faced with a crisis, stabilize your emotions before responding/acting.” Thus, I thought it best to wait a day or so before sharing my thoughts about Roy Moore losing in Alabama.

Moore’s loss simply does not make sense. Alabama is a red state. It is hard to believe Alabama voters chose Jones, a guy who supports killing babies even at the point of birth over 38 year old unproven sexual misconduct allegations against Moore. Yes, I smell the foul stench of democrat voter fraud in the Alabama senate race

We’ve heard the term partial-birth abortion, but most folks don’t know what it is. The abortionist takes the entire baby out of its mother except for the head. He then shoves scissors into the baby’s brain to kill it. Planned Parenthood is elated when abortionists can murder the baby without too much damage to the baby’s head. Intact heads sell for premium prices. Jones supports this horrific evil.

Rather that believing Alabama voters knowingly chose a man who supports murdering babies and trafficking their body parts, I tend to believe fake news media successfully hid Jones’ hostility towards unborn innocent human life. Leftists celebrate Jones’ mindset because Leftists deem killing babies environmentally responsible; necessary to save the planet from too many humans. Step on a spotted frog and Leftists are outraged at you!

Like nothing we’ve seen before, Leftists saturated the airwaves, social media and fake news media with 24/7 attacks on Moore, his wife and anyone supportive of him.

I want to thank Judge Moore for hanging in there when everyone and their brother on both sides of the political aisle demanded that he get out of the race. Moore said the allegations were untrue and he was not running away. I loved it; a real man with a steel backbone.

I realize we lost an important senate seat. But I am so sick of Republicans behaving like spineless wimps; allowing Leftists to dictate the rules of engagement; who we’re allowed to run, what is acceptable speech, what is racist, what is presidential and so on. When Leftists say, “Jump” the typical Republican response is, “How high?”

Folks, we throw our warriors under the bus far too quickly; reacting to Leftists’ and fake news media’s lies, distortions and smears. We have fallen for this Democrat and fake news media tag-team tactic far too many times.

We pray for courageous conservative Republican warriors who will fight on our behalf in Washington DC. When God sends us a hero, establishment elites, democrats, Hollywood and fake news media join together in a 24/7 campaign to brand our hero a kook, racist, sexist, mean-spirited, stupid and insane. Suddenly, folks on our side begin backing away, embarrassed to be associated with our brave conservative warrior. Folks, I have seen this happen with Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Judge Moore and others.

Meanwhile, democrats run candidates who are the scum of the earth; liars, con-artists, sexual predators and thieves. Leftists media promote democrat scoundrel candidates as our superiors with compassion for the little guy. We Conservative/Republicans abandon our candidates every time Leftists point out our candidate’s inability to walk on water.

It is amazing how effective Leftists media’s 24/7 relentless negative branding can be. Sarah Palin did an awesome job as governor of Alaska. When she became the Republican VP nominee, suddenly the woman is a complete idiot according to Leftists and fake news media. The American Left viciously and relentlessly politically spun, twisted and distorted every word out of Palin’s mouth to brand her stupid and crazy.

Wimpish Conservatives/Republicans began saying we must get rid of Palin because the media made her toxic. I was outraged. Is this how we treat our friends, our heroes, our warriors? I thought, “News flash, anyone we send to DC who is committed to fighting for our principles, values and best interest will be branded a wacko airhead by fake news media.” This is the tactic the American Left is using to get rid of Trump; branding him mean, dumb and unstable.

I have no problem with Trump being Trump; tweeting and so on. Leftist media will negatively spin whatever Trumps says. Therefore, I love Trump sticking it to them, not allowing Leftists to control him. I hate Republican’s typical fearful kowtowing to Leftists’ narratives and dictates.

Trump has made incredible headway in an extraordinary short time; unshackling us from the chains of political correctness and rolling back Obama’s punish-America agenda. God knew as an outsider Trump would be undeterred by fake news media’s dictates regarding acceptable Republican behavior. Trump’s fearlessness terrifies and enrages fake news media and their fellow Leftists. They are obsessed with getting Trump out of the White House.

After a week of intensely campaigning for Judge Moore, his loss was unexpected. But this was just one battle. All I know to do is trust God and continue faithfully fighting the good fight for my country; backing real-deal courageous conservative candidates; our warrior heroes.

My wife Mary and I will fly home and enjoy Christmas with our family.

Come next year, we’ll be back on the road fighting to keep Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer out of power. Please stand firm in your support for our president.

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Judge Roy Moore raising $75,000 to pay for recount in Alabama [Video]

Given growing reports of voter fraud during the Alabama special election and the revelation that Gloria Allred’s daughter offered six digit payoffs for women to accuse President Trump of sexual misconduct Roy Moore isn’t giving up.

In an email to supporters the Moore for U.S. Senate campaign stated the following:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing with me against the Washington establishment and those who despise our conservative Christian values.

Your encouragement, support and prayers throughout this brutal fight means the world to me and my family.

But I also wanted to let you know that the battle is NOT OVER!

You see, military and provisional ballots haven’t yet been counted by the Secretary of State’s office.

Without those ballots, Richard, this race is too close to call.

Not only that, but we have received reports of voter fraud and other irregularities at polling locations throughout the state.

That’s what I mean when I say the battle is NOT OVER!

And that’s why I’m counting on your generous support once more.

My campaign team is busy collecting numerous reported cases of voter fraud and irregularities for the Secretary of State’s office.

But Richard, the truth is, chasing down and gathering up these reports requires a lot of resources my campaign simply doesn’t have because our budget ran through Tuesday.

Worse yet, everything must be submitted shortly after the certification date, which is just a week and a half from today.

Time is running out for conservatives to guarantee the integrity of this election.   

So can I count on you to chip in a donation to my campaign’s “Election Integrity Fund” to help document and submit EVERY report of voter fraud and irregularities before the deadline?

Your generous support will help cover the costs associated with collecting and submitting the information on time.

This includes gas, research, phone calls, and hundreds of hours in manpower.

Any amount you can donate at this time is critical to ensuring the integrity of this election and making sure ALL votes are accurately counted before the certification date.

In closing, Richard, I recorded a special video message for you about the importance of this fight — and why the battle still rages on.

So please click HERE to watch the video and chip in a donation to help fund my campaign’s critical “Election Integrity Fund.”

Thank you again for your support.

Please stay tuned for more updates in the near future.


Judge Roy Moore


Alabama Special Senate Election Ballot Confusion

Money talks: 2 Trump accusers in ‘payday’ scheme: Lawyer solicited cash from Clinton donors, tabloid TV during 2016 campaign

Kansas: Female Democrat Andrea Ramsey drops out of House race over 2005 harassment suit

People of Florida 2, Lobbyists 0. School Board Term Limits Advance Again!

Today we learned once again that the power of the grassroots here in Florida can overcome any special interest, no matter how entrenched.

The Local Government Committee of the Constitutional Revision Commission just passed School Board Term Limits by a 5-1 vote, meaning we are one step closer to letting Florida voters decide in 2018 whether eight years is enough for all school board politicians.

The School Board remains one of few areas in Florida government where there are no term limits yet, except for a single county (Duval).

I have to tell you, the way we passed the committee today was great. First, our sponsor — Collier School Board member Erika Donalds — gave an awesome pitch for term limits. Then, like clockwork, the biggest and most powerful lobbyists in Tallahassee got up one by one to bash term limits. These guys were angry. They know they stand to lose a lot of influence over incumbents if we succeed.

Erika handled their flimsy objections with no problems. Then, one commissioner, Bob Solari of Indian River, announced he would oppose term limits. At this moment, the gallery full of lobbyists and special interests gave Solari an ovation! They were so proud that someone stood up for their swamp.

However, one minute later, the committee voted and term limits WON, 5-1. Solari and his influence-peddling friends were crushed.

So how did the lobbyists lose? It’s simple. For the last few weeks, you and people like you have been making calls and sending emails nonstop to this Commission to let them know the people want term limits. Lobbyists have no such army behind them. They have deep pockets, sure, but they lack real citizens taking action to get things done.

Citizen energy is term limits’ secret weapon.

We’ve come a long way, but School Board term limits still aren’t on the 2018 ballot yet. This measure has to pass a drafting committee and then be elevated to the full Commission level for a final vote. But today’s action brings us one big step closer.

The Commission will even be touring Florida before taking a final vote, so you’ll have an opportunity to appear in person and make the case. I’ll email you when it comes to your town.

Thanks for your continued support,

Nick Tomboulides
Executive Director
U.S. Term Limits

VIDEO: Judge Roy Moore’s Statement on the Alabama Special Election & What Lies Ahead

Judge Roy Moore has released the following video on his campaign and what lies ahead:

EDITORS NOTE: The feature photograph is by Mark Peterson / Redux.

Trump Gets under the Media’s Spin

There may be fake news, but there’s no making up the media’s loathing of Donald Trump. The press has been unrelenting toward this president since day one — and Media Research Center’s data proves it. Even the 89 percent negativity from his early months almost seem benevolent now, with numbers in the 91-93 percent range (the latter, according to Harvard).

“Our latest numbers show that coverage of Trump on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts in September, October and November was more than 90 percent negative (our methodology counts only explicitly evaluative statements from reporters or non-partisan sources)” MRC explains. “In September, there were just 31 pro-Trump statements on the Big Three vs. 359 negative. In October, the number of positive statements grew to 41, while the negative statements swelled to 435.”

The hostility is tough to ignore, spilling over into fiery White House press briefings and a line of questioning more combative than most Hill hearings. “Add it all up,” MRC reports, “and coverage of Trump has been 91 percent negative during the past three months. Our study of news in June, July and August found an identical rate of 91 percent negative, which means TV news is unchanged in its hostility toward the president.”

And the bias isn’t just in conservatives’ heads. Former President (and Democrat) Jimmy Carter knows a little something about dealing with the press as the leader of the free world. Even he agrees: “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about,” he told the New York Times. “I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation.”

The reality is that to date the president has systematically gone about fulfilling his campaign promises — and that’s what’s driving people opposed to a conservative, pro-American agenda crazy.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.


Military on the Polarized Express with Trans Training

Chai Tees up Debate over EEOC

Podcast: The Effects of Roy Moore’s Loss

The Upside to Moore Loss for Trump and Republicans

There is plenty of Republican hand-wringing and media gloating this morning over the dramatic loss of a Republican-held U.S. Senate seat in the deepest red Alabama yesterday — the first time since a conservative Democrat won in 24 years.

It is mostly much ado about nothing.

It had nothing to do with the very liberal Democrat running, Doug Jones, who was originally just a “D” set up as a lamb to the slaughter in a state Republicans typically win by 25 to 30 points. Trump won Alabama by 28 points.

It had everything to do with Republican Roy Moore being plagued by late accusations of sexual abuse 40 years ago and his own poor handling of the accusations. Republicans stayed home and Democrats were energized at the sudden and unexpected opportunity. Most importantly, the minority turnout was very large — undoubtedly the key to Jones’ victory and the only real concern for Republicans.

So as far as indicating any sort of wave election for Democrats in 2018, it is not remotely an indicator because of the universe of unique circumstances surrounding the race. Remember Moore lost statewide election twice before and was polling as the weakest of the Republican primary field when facing the Democrat in the general election — before the wave of debilitating accusations.

Moore loss insulates Trump on sexual misconduct accusations

One line of worries among Republicans is that last night’s election is going to give Democrats and the media more ammunition to go after President Trump, and that they will redouble their efforts on that front as the Russian “collusion” investigation seems to be faltering. Yes, Democrats will harp on it and the media will report it some, but it has no real legs without new “news.” Even the media requires news pegs — although they make them up sometimes nowadays.

No, the comparison between Trump and Moore is this: Both candidates had late and unconfirmed accusations of sexual misconduct against them before their elections. The Moore accusations seemed credible enough to enough Alabama voters that it flipped the election for the Democrat.

But voters had the same chance to weigh the accusations against Trump and found them less credible than Moore’s. Quite a bit less credible, and this was reflected in media coverage. Even the anti-Trump mainstream media could not find enough leverage in the accusations to keep them newsworthy in the 2016 general election.

With such accusations that are not only unconfirmed, but unconfirmable, the only jury available if a candidate or sitting official does not voluntarily step down, is the electorate. The electorate chose last night in Alabama against Moore. And it chose in November 2016 in favor of Trump. Democrats will try, but they will not get any real legs from rehashing what the voters already decided.

Knocking down talking head shibboleths

A second line of worries is that this could portend an anti-Trump, anti-Republican electoral wave. Naturally, the media is going off the deep end in trying to extrapolate yesterday’s election to the national stage because that is what they do and because it is an opportunity to attack Trump — and that is an opportunity they never miss.

Here are a few being spewn about last night and today in that regard which are almost too easily knocked down.

• The Alabama results are a direct rejection of Trump. Nonsense. Trump supported Moore’s Republican opponent in the primary, Luther Strange, and worked for him. He supported Moore at the last second and it was not the normal resounding Trump. His base knew he was not fond of Moore, only that he was a Republican in the tight Senate, and that was not adequate when weighed against the accusations.

So let’s be clear, there were zero issues involved in this campaign, just the sexual misconduct allegations against Moore. None of the Make America Great Again agenda was on ballot — not border control, not tax reform, not deregulation, not Obamacare repeal. None of it. So this really had very little to do with Trump or Doug Jones, and everything to do with what voters thought about the accusations against Moore.

• Alabama and Virginia show voters oppose what Trump is doing. More nonsense. Media commentators have been trying to create a “trend” starting with Virginia rejecting Republican Ed Gillespie in the governor’s race a few months ago because — again, late in the game — Trump supported Gillespie, an establishment Republican.

But Virginia is clearly a blue state now as the ever burgeoning D.C. area blossoms further into Northern Virginia and brings with it more Democrat voters, which is shown in statewide offices. Further, Hillary Clinton won Virginia by five points. She lost Alabama by 28 points. The two states are in no way comparable except on one point: Both Moore and Gillespie had previously lost statewide elections in their respective states and both had only tepid support from Trump. So there is no actual trend on this point.

• This could point to a wave election for Democrats in 2018. The most nonsense. Particularly in the Senate, the 2018 electoral map is overpoweringly in favor of Republicans, who may actually pick up a seat or two as they are defending only 10 seats while Democrats are defending 25 seats, including vulnerable seats in Indiana and Missouri.

Remember, this Senate seat in Alabama is only for two years, as that is what is left in the term of Jeff Sessions, who stepped down to become Trump’s Attorney General, creating this special election. The Virginia-Alabama trend talking point is a non-starter as Trump’s policies were not on the table.

However, Democrats will use the Alabama election to fundraise and to spur their base and build momentum. That is real. It will certainly be a weapon in the 2018 midterms to get out voters. The House could be at some risk of Republican loss, but that was already the case before Alabama because of the number of Republicans in vulnerable districts in a midterm election.

And minority voters were huge in Alabama, where they are a large percentage of the population. They turned out in almost record numbers as virtually every major black Democrat in the nation campaigned in the state, from Barack Obama and Joe Biden to Alabama sports stars such as NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley. This all undoubtedly goosed turnout.

That sort of intense focus is possible in the right circumstances in one race, but it not duplicatable nationally. Still Republicans need to do more of what Trump did in 2016 — go to black neighborhoods and tell them directly that the conservative agenda is better for them and their children and why. It is. Talk to them directly, and bypass the media filter.

The conservative message is still a winner with the American people.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

VIDEOS: The Swamp Comes to Alabama and a Democrat Wins!

The Daily Signal’s Rachel del Guidice reports:

Democrat Doug Jones beat Republican Roy Moore in Tuesday’s special election in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race.

Prior to the allegations of sexual misconduct Moore faced, the state was seen as an almost sure win for a Republican candidate. President Donald Trump won Alabama by almost 28 percentage points in 2016 and there has not been a Democrat senator in 25 years representing the solidly red state.

With 93 percent of the precincts reporting, Jones had 49.6 percent of the vote, or 602,515 votes, while Moore had 48.8 percent, or 592,729 votes, according to The New York Times.

A Jones win will hurt the conservative agenda, Brian Darling, a former staffer for Sen. Rand Paul, said in an email to The Daily Signal.

“This development empowers the moderates in the Senate in a way that will halt progress on a free market conservative agenda,” Darling, president of Liberty Government Affairs, said. “It is sad that the Republican leadership has proven so incompetent in implementing an agenda promoting free markets, lower taxes and a limited government [and] that has now become even harder to pass.”

After Jones is sworn in, there will be 49 Democrat senators and 51 Republican senators.

[ … ]

Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, [Jeff Flake, R-AZ, Richard Shelby, R-Alabama] and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, also withdrew support.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Moore would face an ethics investigation if elected.

According to Gateway Pundit:

Republicans (Roy Moore) lost 667,819 votes — or 50% of 2016 vote

Democrats (Doug Jones) lost 58,396 votes — or .08% of 2016 vote

Additionally, there were a total of 22,819 write-in votes or 1.7% of the total votes cast.

Bill Finley published a video titled “The Lynching of Roy Moore”:

Judge Moore has not conceded the race until the absentee ballots are counted. According to Section 17-16-20 of Alabama state law:

When, in a general election, the election returns for any public office, including a judicial office, reflect that a candidate is defeated or any ballot statewide measure is defeated by not more than one half of one percent of the votes cast for the office, or the ballot measure, as certified by the appropriate election officer, a recount shall be held unless the defeated candidate submits a written waiver for the recount…

According to, “[T]he Moore campaign could contest the results and pay for a recount. But the Republican Alabama Secretary of State said during an interview with CNN election night that it’s “highly unlikely” the outcome of the election would change, even with a recount.

President Trump tweeted:

The swamp came to Alabama and won.

We will be watching how Republicans and Democrats use this race as a referendum for their policies in other key races for governorships in southern states like Florida and Georgia.

In an email titled “What Happened in Alabama’s election” Michael Williams, Republican candidate for the Governor of Georgia wrote:

Mitch McConnell and his establishment buddies in DC went after Roy Moore. It was obvious to those watching. They secretly hoped pro-abortion, anti-Trump Democrat Doug Jones would win in deep red Alabama. Not because they were convinced Moore was guilty of the allegations against him, but because they knew he would be a lock vote for conservatives.

Now my Democrat opponent Stacey Abrams is tweeting up a storm that Alabama’s results are a prediction of what is to come in Georgia! She will be correct if we nominate a Mitch McConnell/Jeff Flake establishment Republican. Georgia Democrats are invigorated by the Alabama election, we need to fight harder now more than ever!

Two of my establishment Republican opponents, Casey Cagle and Hunter Hill, refused to even discuss Roy Moore, let alone support his conservative agenda or President Trump. Their liberal Atlanta donors would stop lining their pockets if they supported a conservative. So they remained silent as Alabama voted blue tonight. I’m sure they’ll have some Monday morning quarterback analysis now that the election is over. But weak establishment Republicans like them is exactly why we lost the Alabama senate seat to a pro-abortion Democrat.

Establishment politicians cut funding to Moore and it helped cost him the election. But it’s not Roy Moore I’m concerned about. It’s the Trump America First agenda that I’m worried about. We now have a razor thin margin in the U.S. Senate. This means getting the Trump agenda passed will become even more difficult.

To learn more about Michael Williams click here.



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Liberal Doug Jones (D-AL) narrowly won the special election in Alabama yesterday and Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has now helped elect yet another Democrat to the U.S. Senate.

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American Renaissance: It is no longer business as usual!

There is something in the wind. America is changing, not just a little, but a lot. No, it is not the political intrigue of Washington featuring numerous investigations. Nor is it the recent spat of sexual harassment charges, or Russia for that matter. These are all manufactured distractions by the Main Stream Media (MSM). A new way of thinking about government is starting to permeate society, and frankly it is long overdue, and it is making the Washington establishment nervous.

During 2017, we witnessed the rise of the American economy. The Labor Department reported unemployment is down to 4.1%; the Department of Agriculture reported the number of people on food stamps is beginning to decline; the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported the Gross Domestic Product grew throughout the year and looks to accelerate presuming the tax cuts pass; and the stock market is hitting record highs. The President has also issued numerous orders to cut bureaucratic red tape, thereby freeing up business to prosper and grow. Yet, most Americans are unaware of this as it goes unreported by the MSM.

In terms of immigration, the Department of Homeland Security reported dramatic reductions in illegal immigrants in 2017, and the southern wall is in the offing. Again, the MSM overlooks such changes. The President also signed Pro-Law Enforcement and Anti-Crime Executive Orders. In addition, he is very supportive of rebuilding the military. His no-nonsense approach to trade and statesmanship has been noticed by both our friends and enemies abroad.

Despite all of this, I have friends, both Republican and Democrat, who are offended by the president’s tweets, speeches, and duels with the MSM. I normally ask, “Why does this offend you?” They claim his conduct is unpresidential and not in accordance with political correctness. To which I counter, “You mean, it is not business as usual?” Yes. “Good, because business as usual has led us into the mess we were in.”

Donald Trump was elected president not because he was a noted politician, but for being a hard-nosed businessman who is able to get things done.

His super Type-A personality is despised by the Washington establishment, on both sides of the aisle. As is typical of someone with his stature in business, he uses some friendly bullying and humor to get his way, most of which is misunderstood by the media and his opponents. It is this type of defiant personality middle America finds appealing, and resented by politically correct politicians and the press. However, with the 2018 midterms on the horizon, and the clamor from the American public to get the economy working and to safeguard the country, the Republican side of the house is slowly waking up to the fact it is a new day in Washington, not “business as usual,” and they better get aboard the Trump train or pack their bags for home.

This means an “American Renaissance” is in the offing, a reawakening of basic American principles, such as smaller government, individual liberty, respect for family values, and an acknowledgement that the American Dream is based on capitalism. Of course, this does not sit well with the Left who represents the polar opposite of such values and, as such, is fighting President Trump every step of the way. However, the Renaissance concept has already taken hold and is gaining traction. Should the economy continue to accelerate, and the president can deliver on his promises, there will be no stopping the renaissance.

At the time of this writing, the proposed Tax Reform plan hasn’t yet fully passed the Congress. If it makes it to the President’s desk for his signature, this will be a significant catalyst to power the American economy even further, raising the GDP, encouraging business, and putting more money into the pockets of the people. A stimulated economy will then begin the process of paying off the national debt and shrinking the deficit.

As an old systems man, I am acutely aware of the effects of change. The more dramatic the change, the more people tend to resist it. The problem though is Americans have grown accustomed to “business as usual” in the nation’s Capitol for so long, our government and country is denigrating in the process. The changes engineered by Mr. Trump were inevitable as the country no longer accepts the status quo of the Washington establishment which has floundered and produced nothing of substance, other than the enlargement of the government.

Perhaps Mr. Trump’s biggest legacy from his term of office will be the realization it is time to think and act differently in government. This is something past presidents simply do not comprehend, nor his political opponents or the press. However, I’m betting by the time Mr. Trump’s tenure is over, he will make the changes implemented by Ronald Reagan seem minuscule.

What is necessary is to recognize these are extraordinary times we live in, and the status quo simply won’t cut it any longer. “American Renaissance” is the mantra we need to embrace to make America great again.

Keep the Faith!

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in the Huffington Post. All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies.