You, the people, stopped the Media Matters attack on Sean Hannity ‘dead in its tracks’

Florida Family Association’s campaigns appear to have stopped Media Matters attack on Sean Hannity’s advertisers dead in its tracks.  Media Matters targeted companies that advertise on Sean Hannity because of his conservative values.  Sean Hannity is a true American patriot.  Hannity has reported news that no other cable news host has produced.  He has relentlessly stood for traditional Judeo Christian values.

We launched several email campaigns that urged advertisers to keep supporting the Sean Hannity Show.  One email campaign allowed supporters to send emails to over fifty companies urging them to keep advertising on Hannity.  Media Matters has reported no new companies dropping Sean Hannity since we launched this email campaign to urge more than fifty companies to stay with Sean.

Additionally, seven of the eleven companies that Media Matters claimed were “advertisers who’ve announced they’ll no longer advertise on Hannity” are back on the Sean Hannity Show and/or renounced Media Matters’ report.   Boehringer Ingelheim makers of Dulcolax, reported as no longer advertising, was recorded as advertising again during the June 9, 2017 edition of the Sean Hannity Show.  InterContinental Hotels Group, GoodRX and also responded by stating that Media Matters had erroneously reported that these companies had stopped advertising on the Sean Hannity Show.

We launched three separate email campaigns that urged USAA, Viking Cruises and TD Ameritrade to reinstate advertising on Sean Hannity.  Media Matters had reported these companies as three of the eleven companies that had stopped advertising on the Sean Hannity Show.   USAA announced that they would resume advertising on Hannity.  Viking Cruises was recorded as advertising again on June 9, 2017.  TD Ameritrade responded with a statement claiming that Media Matters’ had incorrectly reported that they had stopped advertising.

Media Matters lost big thanks to the tens of thousands of emails that people sent through the email server that urged advertisers to stay with Sean Hannity.

Florida Family Association launched an online campaign to counter allure magazine’s push for acceptance of the hijab, an oppressive Islamist symbol, with Fourth of July American colors.  The July issue of allure magazine headlining a Muslim woman wearing a red, white and blue hijab on the front cover made the news racks and mail boxes just in time for its propaganda to take advantage of the Fourth of July.  The magazine also included eight pages of hijab photographs.  The allure cover headline states: “This is an American Beauty.”  Sounds just like other leftist media such as The Learning Channel which sought to push its propaganda to normalize Islamist program titled “All-American Muslim.”  The cover subheading states:  “Meet Halima. Muslim. Model.  Destroyer of Stereotypes.”

The hijab does not symbolize the freedoms and liberties bestowed upon all women who are under the protection of the United States Constitution.  Our online campaign allowed thousands of people to send emails to fifteen companies that advertised in the July 2017 issue of allure magazine.  Emails urged advertisers urge to be more careful in the future to sponsor content that embraces the liberties of the United States Constitution instead of Islamist tenets that oppress women and minorities.

Huffington Post laid off 39 employees amid cutbacks, plans new editorial version after losing 420 out of 439 advertisers.   Huffington Post published an article titled “HuffPost Lays Off Dozens Amid Corporate Cutbacks” on June 14, 2017.  The article states in part:  “Writers Guild of America, East, HuffPost’s union, said Wednesday that they were notified of 39 members being laid off.  The HuffPost layoffs come as Lydia Polgreen, who took over as editor-in-chief earlier this year, is assembling a newsroom leadership team, which includes former Daily News Editor-in-Chief Jim Rich, and charting a new editorial vision. She recently oversaw a rebranding of the site, which was co-founded by Arianna Huffington, who left the company in August.”

Huffington Post laid off the 39 employees after Florida Family Association influenced 420 out of 439 companies to stop advertising and influenced a drop from 61 companies advertising during the month of September 2016 to 19 companies in May 2017.   It is highly unlikely that Huffington Post’s parent company, Verizon, would have cut HuffPost’s workforce by twenty percent if the news site was making the profits it did when Verizon acquired AOL.  AOL purchased Huffington Post in 2011.  Verizon purchased AOL in 2015.  It is important to keep the pressure on companies to stop supporting this leftist, Islamist loving, America hating website.  Florida Family Association will diligently keep the pressure on.

Florida Family Association continues to influence more and more companies to stop supporting pro-Islamist web sites with advertising dollars.  Our numbers continue to grow.

  • Four hundred forty eight (448) out of four hundred seventy (470) companies have stopped advertising at since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in April 2016.  Ninety five percent (95%) of the companies stopped advertising as of June 30, 2017.   We have nine (9) ongoing email campaigns that target companies who are advertising at  The companies that continued to advertise at include: Allstate, Amazon, American Express, AT&T, Core Digital Media –,, Discover, Equifax, Everquote, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Goldman Sachs, Healthination, Hyundai, Lending Tree, Lifelock (Symantec), Microsoft Edge, Monex,, Rooms To Go, TD Ameritrade and
  • One hundred sixteen (116) out of one hundred twenty (123) companies have stopped advertising at since Florida Family Association started contacting advertisers in February 2017.  Ninety four percent (94%) of the companies stopped advertising as of June 30, 2017.  We have one email campaign that targets Lifelock which is advertising at  The companies that continued to advertise at include: Core Digital Media –,, Equifax, Everquote, Lifelock (Symantec), Monex and Robert Kennedy College.

Florida Family Association has numerous ongoing campaigns focused on Defending American Values against Islamization of America.  To see these campaigns please go to

EDITORS NOTE: Reader support is very important to our ability to continue the fight.  To make your donation by credit card, debit card, checking account or PayPal please click here or mail your gift to Florida Family Association (FFA), PO Box 46547, Tampa, FL 33646-0105.  If you would like to support our efforts with a monthly donation but don’t want the inconvenience of taking the time to do so each month please consider selecting Yes for monthly donations at the top of our donation web page.

VIDEO: Accusations Against Trump Election Integrity Commission Are ‘Nonsense’

In the video below, Judicial Watch Senior Attorney and Director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project Robert Popper provides you with keen insight into the Trump administration’s voting commission and clears-up some of the misinformation circulating in the news. ​


Robert Popper joined Judicial Watch in September 2013 as a senior attorney and as director of Judicial Watch’s Election Integrity Project. Prior to joining Judicial Watch, Mr. Popper worked for eight years, five as deputy chief of the Voting Section, in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, in which capacity he garnered numerous professional awards. Before that, Mr. Popper worked as a private attorney in New York City for 17 years, where his practice extended to a wide range of legal matters, including voting rights. Mr. Popper served as counsel in a successful constitutional challenge alleging racial segregation in the design of New York’s congressional districts, and successfully defended the appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Mr. Popper is a published author on the topic of voting rights law. He developed a legal standard relating to gerrymandering that is widely cited by experts and was adopted by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission. He has testified before the Missouri Senate Redistricting Committee and the Pennsylvania House State Government Committee; and he has spoken about voting rights to a conference of U.S. Attorneys at the National Advocacy Center, to state officials, and to countless local community representatives. Mr. Popper is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University Law School. He is admitted to practice in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court.


Byron York: Rebel states sell info they hide from Trump voter commission

Some States Resisting Trump Voter Fraud Commission Probe

Full Transcript:

“Trump’s Election Integrity Commission has asked states for their voter rolls in order to collect data on voter registration practices. This has been variously reported in the media and in extreme cases, it has been reported as a threat.

What people need to understand is that this is a very ordinary request. Judicial Watch routinely asks states for their voter registration rolls. And we get them. States like North Carolina, New Jersey, and Florida provide them for free, and other states require a fee of anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars.

Private marketing groups get ahold of these voter registrations all the time; they’re for sale, they’re exchanged. The idea that the Trump administration is doing something outrageous is nonsense. What they’re doing is gathering data on voter registration that we’ve needed for years.”

The Press Is Free No More

Few institutions are more instrumental to the protections of our liberties than a free and unencumbered press.

To this end, John Adams said liberty of the press is “essential to the security of the state.” And Thomas Jefferson, at times a bitter enemy of Adams, nevertheless agreed on this point: “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press. . .”

So important is the press to the continued wellbeing and independence of the nation that the guarantee of its freedom was etched in the First Amendment of the Constitution. Clearly, the Framers demanded that government not own the nation’s deliverers of news and political opinion.

But what if the press chooses to become subservient to the ideologies of its members instead of being forced to be subservient to the shackles of kings, is it any freer then?

On September 11, 2012, a group of terrorists attacked the American mission in Benghazi, Libya. Four Americans were killed. The Obama Administration immediately blamed the attack on a mob riled up by a ridiculous video created in the United States by one Makoula Basseley Nakoula. Nakoula was promptly arrested and would not be released until August 2013. The consensus quickly became that Nakoula’s video had no connection to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, but he had been placed behind bars nevertheless and stayed there.

Where was the uproar at CNN?

When viewed objectively, the story-line was ripe with possible corruption, governmental intimidation, negligence, coercion, and deceit.  Yet there was no outrage, no scrupulous journalistic investigation to find the truth. As a matter of fact, the media instead mocked Congress for conducting its own investigation into the matter, calling it political theater.

On October 16, 2012, when Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, in a live televised presidential debate, attempted to take then President Barrack Obama to task for not having immediately called the attack on Benghazi the work of terrorists, CNN’s Candy Crowley amazingly and wrongly corrected him. . . during the debate! Crowley was never fired for this unprofessional and unethical injection into a moderated debate between two presidential candidates. In fact, in a piece published on October 20, CNN was still defending her actions.

Press parochialism on violence

In June 2017, New York’s Public Theater in the Park presented its latest rendition of Julius Caesar, this time employing a Trumpesque actor as Caesar. As the play comes to an end, the audience is treated to a mock, hemorrhagic assassination of Caesar (Trump), making the parallels to the murder of the sitting president unmistakable. Trump supporters and many who honor the integrity of the Office of the Presidency immediately cried foul, repulsed by the audacity of the production.

On June 12, 2017, CNN’s Kate Maltby dismissed the objections to the play, claiming the hysteria from conservatives was largely driven by “Fox News . . . in order to pressure corporate donors.” She then said the concerns that this gross, simulated attack on the President of the United States would incite violence was, “a lie circulated by the President’s allies,” and warned that these falsities would have the effect of “chilling artistic expression.” She called the whole affair “a dark moment for American freedom of expression.”

Fast forward to July 2, 2017. President Trump tweets a segment of video depicting Trump beating up on a person whose head had been substituted with the CNN logo suggesting that President Trump was beating up on CNN.

There was no blood.

There was no death.

There was no dismemberment.

There were no weapons.

Yet CNN’s response was immediate and stratospheric.  It decried the video as an assault on the press. It claimed that the meme would encourage violence upon reporters (whereas, somehow, the visual depiction of President Trump being stabbed to death would not!).

So rabid was CNN’s reaction that it assigned its IT crew to find the identity of the private citizen who had created the meme, even though the creator had no association or ties to President Trump and the meme was available to anyone wishing to post it on social media, not just President Trump.

Unbelievably, CNN then went on to release a statement exalting its benevolence at not disclosing the identity of the meme’s creator because he had demonstrated remorse to the Omnipotent News Network.  (To add insult to injury, there are now suggestions that CNN may have bullied the wrong person!)

CNN’s partisanship is obvious

The pattern here is as recognizable as it is simple. CNN will take the position that most favors those on the left while ridiculing, mocking, and even persecuting those daring to aim their daggers at the network or even at its logo.

So, although CNN and media outlets like it who share the left’s hateful and repressive liberal slant are not beholden to the government (as far as we know) their reporting pattern and the disparate zeal with which they pursue certain stories leads us to the inescapable conclusion that it has fallen prey to another master; its own partisan ideology.

Referring to journalists, John Quincy Adams once wrote, “They are a sort of assassins who sit with loaded blunderbusses at the corner of streets and fire them off for hire or for sport at any passenger they select.”

You’d think he was watching CNN! And CNN is merely a  synonymous stand-in for all of the mainstream media.

Our nation, rightfully, provided certain legal protections to the press with the aim of frustrating any control by an oppressive police state. Its abilities to check government were based on the continued presence of a robust diversity of thought and interests among its various members.

Today, however, that diversity is largely theoretical, leaving We The People basking in a sea of misinformation, preferential treatment, and worse yet, outright lies.

So, before CNN and all its co-conspirators celebrate Caesar’s death by running to the common pulpits and declaring, “Tyranny is dead!” let us remind ourselves of the new masters to which these miserable servants bow and ascertain that it is not We The People who are being served.

For us, the absence of truth in a sea of darkness is just as miserable as shackles in the light of day.

RELATED VIDEO: D’Souza reveals why POTUS is winning the culture war

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

George Soros Behind Funding of Trump Travel Ban Protests

Once again, peel back the layers of a leftist-inspired backlash against President Donald Trump — and it’s George Soros you’ll see.

The group behind a New York City protest against Trump’s travel ban is funded by none other than Soros. Which group? The New York Immigration Coalition, Breitbart found.

The protest gathered about 200 anti-Trumpers in Union Square in New York City.

Breitbart has more:

The well-orchestrated protest drew about 200 anti-Trump activists like Sharia Linda Sarsour, along with social justice advocate Letitia James, as NY1 reported. Protesters held glossy signs, reading “No ban, no walls, no raids,” demanding an open borders approach to national security issues.

Many local media reports did not question the organized nature of the action, nor its primary funders.

For example, Policy Director of the Impact Center for Public Interest Law at New York Law School Andrew Scherer, who has also worked closely with Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Another funder of the New York Immigration Coalition is Kay Murray, a New York City lawyer who has also deep ties to the Soros organization.

Trump’s travel ban was partially reinstated for 90 days while the Supreme Court awaits a final ruling on the executive order, which shuts down refugee resettlement and travel from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

The travel ban was previously shot down by lower courts, with judges using Trump’s campaign trail statements to block the measure.

The travel ban was billed by leftists and lower courts as a ban on Muslims, based on Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail.

But that characterization has little to do with the actual text of the order, which simply states that those from six different nations — all of which are tied to terror — cannot enter the United States for a period of 90 days, unless they meet certain exemptions tied to family reasons. Similarly, refugees are banned from coming into the United States, for a period of 120 days.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.

CNN’s Thug Journalism: Bullying a 15-year old boy

There’s a saying, “When your opponent is committing suicide, don’t interfere.” That is what is happening with CNN, they are committing journalistic suicide.

Petr Svab, from The Epoch Times wrote on July 4th, 2017:

A short YouTube video of Donald Trump tackling a man whose head was “replaced” by a CNN logo has become the President’s most popular tweet since he won the election.

The July 2 tweet featured a decade-old clip from Trump’s WWE days showing him slamming WWE owner Vince McMahon. A CNN logo was crudely edited onto McMahon’s face. The video had been making the rounds on pro-Trump Reddit forum “The_Donald” for some time.

The tweet garnered over half a million “likes,” making it, by this measure, his most popular tweet since the election. Trump’s first tweet after the election night currently has nearly 626,000 likes.

The CNN editorial staff decided to go after the maker of the short video posted on Reddit. Not only did they identify the creator of the video, they threatened him. CNN published the following statement:

CNN is not publishing “HanA**holeSolo’s” name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

Ben Shapiro in a column titled “THUG JOURNALISM: CNN Threatens To Reveal Identity Of Reddit Man Who Made Trump-CNN Bodyslam Meme If He Disobeys Them” writes,

That’s essentially blackmail. That’s CNN stating that it will out the guy if he dares to defy their political perspective or offends them sufficiently.

[ … ]

CNN has accomplished the Houdini-esque feat of turning itself into the villain after President Trump tweeted a gif of himself body-slamming the CNN logo and punching it. This should demonstrate once again that Trump isn’t ruining CNN — CNN is so obsessed with Trump that it’s busily ruining whatever is left of its credibility.

It turns out the “guy” in Shapiro’s title is actually a 15-year old boy. So CNN is threatening a 15-year old boy, blackmailing him, if he doesn’t obey them. If CNN was a high school student it would be suspended for bullying by the City of New York.

This all sounds so Orwellian.

But it gets worse, if that’s even possible. Chris Cuomo, who works at CNN, and was the ABC News chief law and justice correspondent and the co-anchor for ABC’s 20/20, tweeted the following:

You would think the Cuomo, who later deleted his tweet but no tweet is ever really deleted, would know better as the former chief law and justice correspondent for ABC. Senator Ted Cruise tweeted the following after this latest CNN debacle:

Troubling. I assume CNN’s lawyers are examining GA § 16-8-16 Theft by extortion. If CNN constructively obtained the gif-maker’s IP… 

it’s a GA crime if they threatened to “Disseminate any information tending to subject any person to hatred, contempt, or ridicule….” 

Oops. Maybe CNN needs to stop digging itself into a hole? Or maybe the President and Republicans should just let them keep digging?


CNN Accused of Blackmailing The Reddit User Who Made Trump Wrestling Meme – Newsweek

#CNNBlackmail: Outrage after network appears to threaten Reddit user | Fox News

CNN Blackmail: News Network Under Fire After Threatening To ‘Out’ Reddit User Who Made Trump WWE GIF

CNN’s Cuomo Says Maybe CNN Should Out Reddit Guy Behind Trump’s CNN Wrestling Meme, Since He Was ‘Hateful And Bigoted’

CNN Hunts Down and EXTORTS Creator of Silly Trump “WWE” Video – TruthFeed

CNN accused of ‘blackmailing’ Trump gif maker – BBC

MORE FAKE NEWS: CNN Reported 44 States Refused To Provide Trump With Voter Information — It Was Only 14!


CNN Producer Doubles Down on “Stupid as Sh*t” Comments About Voters

Trump versus CNN meme compilation.

VIDEO: President Trump on American Pravda, ‘I Love it!’

As we head into our Independence Day weekend, it’s a good time to look back at our national history.

While history books are filled with tales of war and sacrifice, one important story that is left out is the nearly 50-year war to control the national narrative.

Since the Protests of 1968, a war has been waging over the information that is served to the us.

This war of information has been very one-sided given the power and wealth of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Anyone who dared take on the MSM was either ignored, labeled “fringe” or massively discredited.

This week, for the first time in nearly 50 years, truth struck a stinging blow to the MSM that has knocked them back on their heels.

With Project Veritas’ release of the first three parts of “American Pravda,” CNN has been left reeling.

They can no longer contain the truth and thanks to President Trump — who has promoted our work — more people are aware of our work than ever.

Here’s President Trump speaking at a fundraising dinner this week where he expressed his excitement over the “American Pravda” investigation:

President Trump stated,

“Van Jones. Did you see this guys? He’s talking about Russia. Russia’s serious, serious, serious. Then some guy goes up that I guess he thought he knew and they start talking about Russia and he says that’s a nothing burger. That’s a nothing burger. These are really dishonest people . . .

” . . . It’s a shame what they’ve done to the name CNN, that I can tell you. But as far as I’m concerned, I LOVE IT!

Many of us who can see through the attempts by the MSM to control us, heartily agree.

Thanks again for your support and I hope your 4th of July Weekend is filled with family, friends and plenty of fireworks.

CNN Producer: Voters “Stupid as Sh*t”– American Pravda: CNN Part 3

The Bernie Sanders Story: Rise of the ‘Berniecrat’ Political Revolution

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has become the voice of the new Democrat Party. His followers are passionately engaged and willing to do whatever it takes to bring themselves and the Democrat Party back to power.

Senator Sanders has given rise to the “Berniecrat” political revolution. He and his followers have moved beyond socialism to communism. Communism is an extreme form of socialism and has historically required violence to overthrow the existing from of government in order to fully implement its ideology.

CNN’s Gregory Krieg in an article titled Sanders to faithful: Take down Trump, take over Democratic Party wrote:

Bernie Sanders’ permanent “political revolution” rolled into Chicago on Saturday night [June 10, 2017], as the Vermont senator called on progressive activists gathered here to beat back President Donald Trump’s agenda while remaking the Democratic Party.

Speaking to a crowd of buzzing supporters in former President Barack Obama’s adopted hometown, Sanders ripped Trump’s “incredible hypocrisy” and called the President a demagogue who makes “even a very conservative president like George W. Bush” appealing in comparison.

But it was his unsparing assessment of the party whose nomination he sought in 2016 that set off an audience of nearly 4,000 mostly dedicated “Berniecrats.”

Senator Sanders has used rhetoric that has inflamed his supporters such as James T. Hodgkinson who specifically targeted unarmed Republicans, their families, children and supporters at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia wounding five including Congressman Steve Scalise, the majority whip of the House of Representatives.

The NSA leaker Reality Leigh Winner is a Bernie Sanders supporter. Chuck Ross from The Daily Caller found,

The 25-year-old woman who stole “Top Secret” documents from the National Security Agency and leaked them to The Intercept appears to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and other progressive icons, such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

Reality Leigh Winner’s apparent social media footprint also shows that she is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

She also recently referred to President Trump as a “piece of shit” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests.

Winner was indicted in federal court on Monday after she allegedly stole classified documents from her employer, Pluribus International, a defense contractor that does work for the NSA from its offices in Augusta, Ga.

Another example of a Berniecrat is Jeremy Joseph Christian. The Daily Caller’s Derek Hunter reported,

Jeremy Joseph Christian, the 35-year-old Portland man who allegedly murdered two men and left another critically wounded while yelling anti-Muslim slurs in a knife attack on Friday, has been painted by the mainstream media as a “right-wing extremist,” but posts on his Facebook page indicate he was a supporter of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

According to screen captures of his Facebook page obtained by Buzzfeed, Christian was not a Trump supporter, as many media outlets claimed, but was a supporter of the idea of a Sanders/Stein ticket.

Read more.

Democrats, like Senator Sanders, are relentlessly yelling “fire” in a crowed political theater. The predictable result is assassination for political purposes.

Senator Sanders supported Representative Keith Ellison to Chair the Democrat Party. Ellison is now the Deputy Chair of the Democrat Party. Representative Keith Ellison’s background is extremist. He fits the profile of a Berniecrat. Discover the Networks reports:

As a third-year law student in 1989-90, Ellison penned four columns for the Minnesota Daily under the name “Keith E. Hakim”:

(a) In a November 27, 1989 piece titled “Minister [Louis] Farrakhan Never Claimed to Be a ‘Malcolm X’,” Ellison laid out his views about racism:

“Racism means conspiracy to subjugate and actual subjugation. That means planned social, economic, military, religious and political subjugation of whites. It cannot be intelligently argued that the Nation of Islam is doing this. In fact, blacks have no history of harming or subjecting whites as a class. On the other hand, whites have it written into their very Constitution that blacks shall be considered three-fifths of a person for purposes of taxation and representation of their white owners. Their Constitution also makes provisions for the return of runaway slaves. Their constitution is the bedrock of American law; it’s the best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.”

(b) In a November 30, 1989 column, Ellison wrote: “The news media prints only the most sensational bits and pieces, never the whole story. This leaves people believing that the Nation of Islam is some kind of black Ku Klux Klan, and they immediately dismiss all of its laudable work.”

(c) On February 2, 1990, Ellison published “Affirmative Action Does Not Make up for Past Injustice,” an article advocating slavery reparations as well as the creation of a geographically self-contained “homeland” for black people:

“Since no one but the WASP elite really appreciates affirmative action, I have a challenge for all fair-minded middle- and working-class white people: I will urge black people to abandon white-dominated, integration-oriented, give-away programs, if you urge white people to justly compensate black people for 250 years of slavery, 90 years of Jim Crow and 25 years of neo-Jim Crow.

Read more.

Ellison is a heartbeat away from becoming Chair of the Democrat Party.

These are just four examples of supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders. There are millions more Berniecrats out there. This is a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you Democrats!

RELATED VIDEO: From “Feeling the Bern” to “Feeling the Turn.” Turning Point News sat down with former Bernie supporter Jessica Dobrinski to discuss her new allegiance to Turning Point USA.

Everything we know so far about CNN

To take stock of everything that’s happened over the last three days, I sat down for an interview with Stefan Molyneux — to discuss what Project Veritas’s investigation exposed, what the responses were, and what the next chapters in this investigation look like.

This turned out to be one of my favorite interviews, so please take a few minutes and watch my interview with Stefan Molyneux:

Like I’ve said, this investigation isn’t over yet—there’s still a lot more to come. I know you’re going to love what you see tomorrow morning, stay tuned between 6 and 7ameastern.

As always, thanks for your help and support of Project Veritas.

What is Fake News?

What is fake news? Is Donald Trump correct when he says CNN, The New York Times, and other mainstream outlets report fake news? Commentator and bestselling author Andrew Klavan explains.


You’ve probably heard a lot of people recently screaming and yelling about Fake News. Charges fly from all points on the political spectrum: this story is mistaken — it’s Fake News; that statement is incorrect — it’s Fake News.

But to my mind, these arguments miss the point. Mainstream American news is ALL fake because the major news outlets are so consistently biased toward the left that whether any given story they report is factual or not, their overall reportage is essentially leftist propaganda.

You can complain about the right-wing slant of Fox News all you want, but left-wing ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN have, combined, almost ten times the viewers.

Look, the chief journalist at ABC is former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos; the president of CBS News is David Rhodes, the brother of a former senior Obama staffer. Comcast, which owns NBC, is run by a major Democrat donor. Same for the leadership at CBS and Time Warner, which owns CNN.

Only seven percent of American journalists identify as Republican. And while a lot of news outlets forbid their reporters to donate to candidates, 96 percent of those who did donate last time out gave to Hillary Clinton.

These journalists claim that despite the fact they’re all Democrats, they can be objective. It just ain’t so. Psychologists have shown that when people associate almost exclusively with those who agree with them, they suffer from groupthink and confirmation bias and lose their ability to see events clearly.

Now, it’s not that these journalists are liars, exactly – it’s that their bias skews their reporting in very specific ways. Let me give you Andrew Klavan’s Three Rules of Mainstream Media Journalism. These can transform any story, whether it’s true or not, into Fake News.

Rule Number One:

Whenever left-wing prejudices are confirmed by a single event, that event is treated as representative. But whenever left-wing prejudices are contradicted by a single event, that event is treated as an isolated incident – and if you treat it as representative, you are deemed to be hateful.

So, for instance, a white cop shoots a black suspect. The mainstream media treats that story as representative of general police racism even though studies show cops don’t use deadly force more often on blacks than on whites.

On the other hand, if a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, and someone is bold enough to point out that the terrorist act is, in fact, representative of the daily acts of Muslim terror around the world, this is considered Islamophobic.

The leftist media cherry-picks when an event illustrates a larger narrative. That’s Fake News.

Rule Number Two:

When a scandal breaks on the right, the news is the scandal. When a scandal breaks on the left, the news is: who wrongfully disclosed that scandalous information?

Thus, when the media wanted to raise suspicions that Donald Trump was somehow in league with the Russians, they freely quoted illegally leaked information from intelligence sources.

But when Congressman Devin Nunes announced he had information that the Obama administration might have misused intelligence against Donald Trump’s transition team, the story became: How did Nunes get that information? And did he do it legally?

The scandal meter is heavily weighted to fall to the right. Fake News.

Rule Number Three:

Individual extremists on the right are highlighted, but the overall extremism of the left is ignored.

In one of the fakest Fake News stories in recent history, the mainstream media rose up as one to tar conservative Tea Party members as racist, when all they really wanted were lower taxes and less government spending. Reporters gave the Tea Party disparaging nicknames; represented their almost universally peaceful gatherings as “ugly” and “violent”; and whenever an individual Tea Partier said something wrong, it was cited as evidence that the movement itself was tainted.

Meanwhile, the continually violent, vandalizing, anti-Semitic socialist movement that went by the name of Occupy Wall Street was hailed by journalists as an important social development right up to the moment it vanished without a trace (except for the piles of litter its protesters left behind).

Peaceful Tea Partiers wanted the small government prescribed by the Constitution, so they were radicals; violent Occupiers wanted the widespread government intrusion of socialism, so they were heroes. Very Fake News.

Newsweek Editor Evan Thomas was once criticized when his magazine essentially convicted some white Duke University lacrosse players of raping a black woman — a rape, it turns out, they did not commit – because it didn’t happen. Thomas defended himself, saying, “The narrative was right, but the facts were wrong.”

The mainstream media almost always get their left-wing narrative right, whether the facts support it or not. That’s called confirming your own prejudices. It’s called bias. It’s called Fake News.

I’m Andrew Klavan for Prager University.

EDITORS NOTE: Readers may donate today to PragerU! by going here:

VIDEO: The second shoe drops on CNN…

Yesterday, Project Veritas released the first video in our “American Pravda” series—catching a CNN producer bragging about how they’re spreading fake news for the sake of ratings.

Today, Project Veritas launched our second video—which shows liberal pundit (and former Obama aide) Van Jones admitting that the whole scandal is a “nothing burger,” despite the hours of time he and other CNN pundits have spent pushing the story.

Watch now:

As I said in my email earlier this morning, the response to the first video has been seismic.

President Trump tweeted about it twice, and his White House Deputy Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said she would encourage “everybody across the country to take a look at it.”

By the afternoon, Project Veritas had made headlines in almost every major publication—everything from the Washington Post to Drudge Report.

Our team expects a similar response to today’s video. But, because of your support for Project Veritas, we wanted you to be among the first to see it—before anyone else.

Watch the latest chapter in this investigation now.

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Democrats Play Dog Whistle Politics, Too. Just Ask Bill Cosby.

Two weeks ago, entertainer extraordinaire Bill Cosby was handed a hung jury in his sexual assault trial in Norristown, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia.

Regardless of what you think of Cosby and the allegations made against him, a jury of his peers spoke and they concluded that they couldn’t reach unanimous agreement on any of the three charges, thus a hung jury.

That should have been the end of the case and the end of the story. It should have been time for everyone to move on with their lives; it should have been a time for Cosby to get back on stage and do what he does best—to entertain and challenge America; especially Black America.

But that is not what happened on June 17th. Within minutes of Judge Steven T. O’Neill’s declaration of a mistrial, Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele vehemently asserted that he would retry Cosby as soon as possible. By law, they have up to four months to make a final decision to retry.

Steele said, “We will reevaluate and review our case and will retry it and move as soon as possible.”

He went on to declare: “[Cosby’s accuser Andrea Constand] is entitled to a verdict in this case.”

Please allow me to interpret this for you. Steele means she is entitled to a verdict that “he” agrees with.

Constand was not entitled to a verdict; Cosby was entitled to a trial by a jury of her “peers,” nothing more, nothing less.

Those who follow my writings know that I rarely, if ever, invoke race into my arguments, but I would be remiss not to point out the issue of race in this particular case.

In 2015, Steele defeated former Republican Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor in a very heated race. Steele made the veiled promise of a conviction of legendary entertainer Bill Cosby, the central issue in the election. In 2005, when Castor was the district attorney, he declined to prosecute Cosby in the rape allegation brought forward by Constand, because “there was insufficient evidence.”

So, Steele comes along in 2015 and says if you elect me, I will re-open the case against Cosby that was dropped nearly ten years ago.

According to the 2010 census, the county is 79 percent White non-Hispanic, 8.7 percent Black or African American, 6.4 percent Asian, and 4.3 percent Hispanic or Latino.

Republicans have a well-earned reputation for using race to scare White folks into voting for them and are rightfully called out on this practice, but I find it amazing when White, liberal Democrats use the same tactic, liberals, especially Black ones, get laryngitis.

So, Steele used a caricature of the world famous Black comedian to convince White voters in Montgomery County that he would save them from thuggish predators like Cosby, a blind philanthropist, who was once called “America’s Dad.”

Dog whistle rhetoric

Aren’t these the same dog whistles that Democrats accuse Republicans of using?

Look at the 2015 campaign TV commercial Steele ran against Castor using the allegations against Cosby. When I saw this ad two years ago, I was immediately transported back to 1990 when segregationist Republican Senator Jesse Helms ran his infamous “hands ad.”

In 1990, Harvey Gantt, mayor of Charlotte, N.C. was leading Helms in his reelection bid for the U.S. Senate. Gantt would have become the first Black senator in North Carolina’s history. As soon as Helms aired the hands ad, the race was, for all practical purposes, over.

There is absolutely no doubt that Helms’ ad was racist and meant to scare White folks to turnout for his reelection. Likewise, Steele did the same thing, but since he is a liberal, White Democrat, there was no public outcry.

Some political insiders have suggested that Steele’s ultimate goal is to run for governor of Pennsylvania; a conviction in the Cosby trial was critical stepping-stone to the governor’s mansion.

It’s all or nothing for Steele. Cosby, and by extension Blacks in Pennsylvania, are simply pawns in the game that the district attorney is playing to get what he wants politically.

The Congressional Black Caucus raised holy hell in 1990 denouncing the Helms’ TV ad; Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were both all over TV screaming racism; the NAACP and Urban League were sending out massive amounts of mail coming out against Helms and Republicans.

These folks and groups all “claim” to be for justice and equality for all, but I guess you have to add, “if” they agree with your politics. It is public knowledge that Cosby has opened his wallet to many civil rights groups lending his celebrity to various social causes for decades.

So, to all the Blacks who are running away from Cosby, like the plague, and have suddenly come down with a severe case of laryngitis, I say that today Bill Cosby has been tried and convicted in the White liberal court of public opinion, but ask yourself, who will stand up for you when it’s your turn?

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Black Press USA.

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Brinson brings the words of Jesus to a Mosque

BIRMINGHAM, Ala./PRNewswire/ — After receiving threats and negative blowback from an article by Cameron Smith entitled “A few Baptists and a GOP candidate walk into an Alabama mosque…” which mentions his recent speech at an Alabama mosque, Dr. Randy Brinson, physician, lay minister and candidate for the Republican Senate seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions, spoke today about his recent visit to the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center.

Brinson’s Statement:

“I had been asked by several Birmingham doctors to visit the medical clinic on the same property as the Islamic Center.  They’d heard about my plans for health care reform and wanted to speak with me about that, and my other campaign positions.  After we’d spoken about this, I was invited to an Interfaith meeting that was being held that evening with members of Shades Mountain Baptist Church.  Until they asked me to participate, I had no idea that the Interfaith meeting was going on.”

“God opened this door for me, and I used the opportunity He’d given me to extend an olive branch and share my faith in the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to everyone there.  It was a tremendous opportunity to do what we’re told to do in Mark 16:15, to proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.”

“Some people won’t vote for me because I went to a mosque and spoke to 140 Muslims about Jesus, and that’s okay. I don’t regret taking advantage of a God-given circumstance to bear witness and give my testimony about what the Lord has done in my life.  If sharing my faith costs me this election, then so be it.  I know what’s important, and first and foremost, that’s my salvation through Jesus Christ,”  Brinson said.

In the article Cameron Smith wrote:

If you think a masjid might be intimidating to a few Baptists, imagine what it would be like for a few Muslims to spend time with 4,000 Baptists on Sunday morning in Alabama. In fact, Taufique’s estimate of the entire Muslim population in the greater Birmingham area is about the same size as my church’s membership roll.

[ … ]

But here’s the amazing part, we also discussed our clear theological conflicts. Their belief in the oneness of Allah is wholly incompatible with the Christian belief that Jesus was fully man and fully God. For Christians, Jesus’s divinity, death and resurrection is a necessary element for salvation. Muslims believe we will all stand before Allah on the Day of Judgment and to be measured against the Six Articles of Faith and our deeds during our lives.

The central tenets of one faith are heresy to the other. Neither the Baptists nor the Muslims in attendance made any attempt to downplay the disagreement or modify our respective theologies to make others more comfortable. It simply wasn’t necessary. Neither Christian nor Muslim likely won converts over the course of the evening, but we did take a critical step towards building friendships. [Emphasis added]

Brinson has a long history of faith-based activities. Apart from nearly 30 years at Taylor Road Baptist Church and countless mission trips, he has been involved in Christian music since 1999, when he brought WAY-FM to Montgomery. In 2003, he and his wife Pam formed Redeem the Vote to engage more people of faith in the political process. In 2006, he became head of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, and in 2008 was a senior advisor to Governor Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign.

Brinson stepped down as head of Redeem the Vote and the Christian Coalition earlier this year to run for the Senate seat previously held by Jeff Sessions.


Muslim Violence Increases As Michigan Now Aims For Islamic Governorship

Hizballah-linked Paraguayan is Charged in Miami in a Drug Conspiracy – IPT News

VIDEO: President John Fitzgerald Kennedy — A Democrat or a Republican?

As a young man I was a JFK Democrat. He was my “American idol.” It was the time of Camelot and at the peak of American economic, political and military power. JFK embodied a vision of the future that has been fundamentally changed by Barack Obama.

Larry Elder did a video asking the fundamental question: JFK – Democrat or Republican?

Allow me to point out a few examples of how Democrats have fundamentally changed from the party of JFK to the party of BHO:

  • JFK was a Catholic. He held those beliefs and spoke about his beliefs. JFK stated, “For while this year it may be a Catholic against whom the finger of suspicion is pointed, in other years it has been, and may someday be again, a Jew— or a Quaker or a Unitarian or a Baptist. It was Virginia’s harassment of Baptist preachers, for example, that helped lead to Jefferson’s statute of religious freedom. Today I may be the victim, but tomorrow it may be you — until the whole fabric of our harmonious society is ripped at a time of great national peril.” Today we see under BHO, the persecution of Catholics, and Christians in general, for their beliefs on marriage, abortion, religious freedom and the ability to freely practice their faith, without fear of being audited by the IRS.
  • JFK was a decorated Navy Combat Veteran. JFK Commanded PT109. He served proudly and loved the military. He created the U.S. Army Special Forces, which led to the creation of special operations forces such as the Navy SEAL program. JFK said, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” JFK supported compulsary military service and noted, “A young man who does not have what it takes to perform military service is not likely to have what it takes to make a living. Today’s military rejects include tomorrow’s hard-core unemployed.” BHO never served and has not served well those who do.
  • NASA and reaching for the stars. It was JFK who believed in American ingenuity and wanted to put a man on the moon. He and his policies did just that. Today under BHO we see NASA no-longer its former self. Programs have been dramatically cut, the space shuttle program ended. BHO tasked the head of NASA to focus his and the agencies efforts on “having better relations with Islam.” America is no longer dominant in space as it was under JFK. NASA is but a shadow of itself.
  • The National Rifle Association. JFK was a life member of the NRA. On March 20, 1961 JFK became a life member and in a letter to the NRA President Franklin L. Orth stated, “Through competitive matches and sports in coordination with the National Board for Promotion of Rifle Practice, the Association fills an important role in our national defense effort, and fosters in an active and meaningful fashion the spirit of the Minutemen.” BHO hates the NRA and all it stands for. BHO, his administration and Democrats have taken an adversarial position on the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. JFK supported Second Amendment rights for Americans, saying in an April 1960 statement, “By calling attention to a well-regulated militia, the security of the nation and the right of each citizen to keep and bear arms, our founding forefathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy. Although it is extremely unlikely that the fears of government tyranny, which gave rise to the Second Amendment, will ever be a major danger to our nation, the Amendment still remains a major declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships, in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason, I believe the Second Amendment will always be important.
  • JFK added the M16 (AR15) rifle into the U.S. military inventory. It was JFK who introduced the Armalite M16 (AR-15) rifle into the inventory of the U.S. Military. Under JFK, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered Secretary of the Army Cyrus Vance to test the M14 , the AR-15 and the AK-47 . The Army’s test report stated only the M14 was suitable for Army use, but Vance wondered about the impartiality of those conducting the tests. He ordered the Army Inspector General to investigate the testing methods used, who reported that the testers showed undue favor to the M14. McNamara ordered a halt to M14 production in January 1964. In November, the Army ordered 85,000 XM16E1s for experimental use, and the Air Force ordered another 19,000. Meanwhile the Army carried out another project, the Small Arms Weapons Systems (SAWS) , on general infantry firearm needs in the immediate future. They highly recommended the immediate adoption of the weapon, so much so that they started referring to it as the M16. Today BHO Democrats hate the M16 rifle and have banned it in states like New York. Senator Diane Feinstein has made it her mission to ban all “assault rifles” the prime example being the M16/AR15 civilian variants. A rifle JFK favored is now in disfavor with BHO Democrats.
  • Immigration policy was much different under JFK. JFK in his book “A Nation of Immigrants” wrote, “The interaction of disparate cultures, the vehemence of the ideals that led the immigrants here, the opportunity offered by a new life, all gave America a flavor and a character that make it as unmistakable and as remarkable to people today as it was to Alexis de Tocqueville in the early part of the nineteenth century.” In his book JFK Kennedy outlines three main reasons why immigration to the U.S. took place: freedom from religious persecution, political oppression and economic hardship. While JFK believed in a generous, fair and flexible immigration policy he did not believe in open borders and no immigration policy.
  • On Federal taxation and balancing the budget. As JFK wrote on September 18, 1963, “A tax cut means higher family income and higher business profits and a balanced federal budget….As the national income grows, the federal government will ultimately end up with more revenues. Prosperity is the real way to balance our budget. By lowering tax rates, by increasing jobs and income, we can expand tax revenues and finally bring our budget into balance.” BHO has raised taxes, spent like no other president and increased the federal deficit to historic levels.
  • Communism and the Free World. As JFK stated in his 1961 inaugural address, “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty. This much we pledge —- and more. To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do—for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder….We dare not tempt them with weakness. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.” Weakness in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine is at the center of BHO’s European policy. Ignoring the threat from Russia, China, North Korea are the hallmarks of the BHO Doctrine.
  • JFK and McCarthyism. Joseph Kennedy had befriended McCarthy because he found him to be a likable fellow Irish-Catholic who had all the right ideas on the domestic communist menace. These warm feelings were quickly transferred to the entire Kennedy family. JFK liked the fact that McCarthy went after the “elites” in the State Department whom JFK regarded with contempt. Even before McCarthy made accusations against the State Department of subversion, JFK had already aligned himself with the militant anti-communists who blamed the Truman State Department for the “loss” of China. So JFK declared on the House floor in January 1949, “The responsibility for the failure of our foreign policy in the Far East rests squarely with the White House and the Department of State.” BHO embraces those who hate America and has put them in key leadership and advisory positions in his administration.
  • And finally Cuba. JFK invaded Cuba, unsuccessfully. Blockaded Cuba. Made Cuba a pariah in the Free World. That has now changed under BHO.

I could go on and discuss how JFK worked with Congress. How JFK embraced the Constitution. At his 1962 State of Union, JFK stated, “The Constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress.” BHO believes it is his way or the highway.

Where are the Blue Dog Democrats? Purged from the BHO Party?

As Ronald Reagan once said he did not leave the Democratic Party, rather the Democratic Party left him. So it is with many Democrats. The BHO Party has left them in the lurch.

Stalinist Style Show Trial on American Soil

History is the Mother of all sciences. I know history, especially Russian history. I am a child of Stalinism and a former Soviet defense attorney. I have already published four books and over sixty columns on the subject of Russia, WW III, Soviet Fascism, and Obama/Putin joint ventures. Most of you had never read or heard about me and my writings, because our Intelligence has blocked information about both my books and columns. That is the reason I titled this column the way I did. Yes, we are witnessing Stalinist Show Trial in the 21st Century on American soil: A Show Trial to destroy President Donald J. Trump.

A Brief History of Stalin’s Strategy – Fighting for Power

Show trial in the former Soviet Union.

It should be noted that before instigating Show Trials of dissidents in Russia, Stalin implemented his policy of Political Correctness to manipulate human mind and then undertook the repressive legal actions against the opposition.  When my language allowed me to understand American politics, I began to get a whiff of Stalinist Political Correctness: Listening and watching to what was going on in American politics, I recognized Soviet/Stalinist politics and tried to expose it: “… political correctness is a Stalinist policy, driven by the political agenda, a skillfully crafted design of a quintessential system of lies and a long-term strategy of war against Western civilization to create a One World Socialist Government.”

But I couldn’t formulate Political Correctness and explain it linguistically and chronologically well enough, I needed an authority to do that. It took me several years to find a solid and logical definition of Political Correctness I can trust:

“In the early-to-mid 20th century, contemporary uses of the phrase “Politically Correct” were associated with the dogmatic application of Stalinist doctrine, debated between formal communists (members of the Communist Party) and socialists. The phrase was a colloquialism referring to the communist party line, which provided for “correct” (Stalinist) positions on many matters of politics, according to American educator Herbert Kohl writing about the debates in New York in the late 1940s and early 1950s.”

Writing about Stalinism and watching its ubiquitous application in the 21st Century in America, I was satisfied with the definition presented by American educator Herbert Kohl. It resolves the question of how the brainwashing of the population of Russia took place in time and space, and also answering the question of why Russian people did not revolt against the Show Trials and consequent Purges by Stalin, with the killing and deportations of millions that followed. Overwhelmed by Stalin’s heinous brutality, and in abject terror, Russia was sinking in quagmire. As a witness of Stalin’s crimes, I would add to the Herbert Kohl opinion: The early-to mid-20th Century was a time when the politically-terroristic ideology of Soviet Fascism was established and later-on spread throughout the world by the KGB and GRU…

Stalinist Political Correctness was more about semantics, a combination of lies, fraud, and hateful verbiage to demonize the opposition, to manipulate the human psyche in the needed direction. The political objectives were to control the narratives targeting the opposition prior to the application of force. The media, subordinated to the state as an integral part of Political Correctness was inextricably integrated into the idea. By Stalin’s order, the government newspaper Izvestia published for the first time these two words in 1933—“politically incorrect.” In fact, creating Political Correctness, Stalin set up an ideological machinery and leverage for the entire global Communist movement–all Socialist/Communist media followed Stalin’s instruction…

Strong unity of the Communist Party with the Soviet State media worked smoothly against the opposition, even against the old Bolsheviks who had been victorious in the first Socialist Revolution in Russia: they were shot, deported or tried in the Show Trials. Political Correctness has served and protected this intertwined force all the long years since it came to life.  It was that exact strong unity under Stalin’s leadership that criminalized the opposition, annihilated it and created Stalin’s cult of personality. Those who know Russian history can confirm the events described in this segment. Today’s America has a lot of resemblance to Stalin’s pattern in fighting for power …

A Media That Serves A One Party System

The events described in the above segment took place 70-80 years ago in a country where media was a part of Socialist/Communist state, under total control of the KGB. Nothing substantial has changed in Russia since: we have today Russian KGB government and the KGB still occupies Lubyanka, it just changed its name for the 8th time. The country we called the Soviet Union changed its name to the Russian Federation, yet, the Soviet System with its human rights violations stays the same. Have you seen demonstrations in Moscow in June 12, 2017 and the young people arrested by the police? Not a lot has changed in Russia, and if something is changed, it is done to camouflage the Soviet System to save it. The major agenda of the ideology left by Stalin remains the same—destruction of Western civilization.

To grasp the worldwide events today and the turbulent situation in America, we have to know more about the ideology created by Stalin during those 70-80 years. Stalin was an ideologue of Socialism: he created his ideology of Soviet Fascism as a foundation to protect the Soviet System. I would agree with one of Comey’s statements about Russia and the media: “the people do not know what they are talking about.” He is right in this respect; some people writing and talking about Russia very often do not have the background to understand the subject. The reason I called the ideology Soviet Fascism is simple: I lived through it half of my life and saw the Russian socialist quagmire. I am not alone, those victims of Socialism, who immigrated to the U.S. feel the same way and I am writing on behalf of them all.

As a matter of fact, Stalin’s agenda was very clear: to destroy capitalism and replace it with Socialist economy worldwide, to build One World Government under Kremlin’s rule. When you learn Stalin’s Political Correctness you’ll grasp the significant role played by media in the process. Let me give you an example of a media man, a KGB cadre and Stalin’s apologist, who help Stalin to annihilate millions in Russia:

Walter Duranty (May 25, 1884 – October 3, 1957) was a Liverpool-born, Anglo-American journalist who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief of The New York Times for fourteen years (1922–1936) following the Bolshevik victory in the Russian Civil War (1918–1921). In 1932 Duranty received a Pulitzer Prize for a series of reports about the Soviet Union, 11 of them published in June 1931. He was criticized then and later for his denial of widespread famine (1932–33) in the USSR, most particularly the mass starvation in Ukraine. Years later, there were calls to revoke his Pulitzer; the New York Times, which submitted his work for the prize in 1932, wrote that his articles constituted “some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper.”

In addition to lie about Ukraine, Walter Duranty, had assured the West that Stalin’s Show Trials and Purges were lawful and fair. For several decades Walter Duranty was lying and defrauding the public in the West. I am giving that example for a reason—knowledge of Stalinist Russia and the KGB is imperative today, 70-80 years later. The Soviet System designed by Stalin is alive and well in the Russian Federation: the same KGB under another name but with the same agenda to destroy capitalism and Western civilization is intact. Our media is not only ill-informed today, some can be recruited and groomed to suppress the natural achievements of capitalism proclaimed by Trump and by doing that to help Russia. We don’t have an independent media any longer…

The other example is media’s incompetence. Look at CNN, a leader of the witch hunt against President Trump. Take the CNN show The Most Powerful Man in the World, by GPS, March 26, 2016.

Commenting the history of the Soviet Union’s Collapse, the anchor Fareed Zaharia stated the following: “The institutions like the KGB simply ceased to exist.” I couldn’t believe my ears. For such a statement the anchor should have received a Woolf passport to prevent him to enter any media outlets. Saying that is equal to saying that Goebbels was a human rights activist. What an Ignorance within the media in 2017! Now you see how Political Correctness is working in America today within the Democrat Party, trying to cover up the Obama/Putin joint venture, the real criminality. For details read Socialist Lies; From Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016

The declared war on the Trump presidency has strong Stalinist smell and patterns. Have you seen an incredible viciousness against the entire Trump family? His daughter Ivanka is right, the family was shocked by the intensity of negative propaganda against the President and his family. What about a “hit list” of the Republicans to be murdered? It is not a surprise for me, I have been warning the public about the ideology of Soviet Fascism for the last twenty-five years. Chapter 7, WW III: Recruitments and Drugs, Infiltration and Assassinations was written in 2007, and assassinations are the last scheduled actions. What is Happening to America?  Xlibris, 2012.

Urgent Message from David Horowitz

Dear Fellow American:

People ask me, “Are you shocked that MSNBC, CNN and the big media want President Trump impeached after firing the FBI director?”

My answer: “No, I’m not shocked. In fact, I predicted it.”

When my book “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America” was released just days before his inauguration, I was ridiculed and blackballed.

I was said to be “crazy” when I said Obama would lead a “government in exile” with his allies in the “deep state” to undermine and thwart President Trump at every turn.

But I am not crazy. All of this has happened and worse.

I made clear in “Big Agenda” that when Trump actually promulgated his plans to reform and remake Washington, the liberal establishment would simply try to destroy him.

David Horowitz is right: we are witnessing a strong attempt by the left to destroy President Trump. The left has been armed with the Stalin’s ideology of Soviet Fascism during the last forty years and followed Stalinist strategy in many different fronts: Personal destruction of the opposition leaders is one of them. You’ll be surprised by the man who supports my idea. The best lawyer in the country Alan Dershowitz told us what we shouldn’t do, and mentioned Stalin in his interview with Tucker Carlson, Fox. News June 19, 2017. He was asked about investigation of the President. Dershowitz reminded us a conversation between Stalin and his Chief of the KGB, Beria. Beria told Stalin: “Show me the man and I’ll find the crime to charge him.” The war against Trump is a typical Stalinist demonization and personal destruction of an opposition leader…

The Ideology of Soviet Fascism in America

Alan Dershowitz is right reminding us Stalinism and its lawlessness, in fact it is the essence and core of Soviet Fascism that I have been writing about for the last twenty-five years. Today we have another reminder of the ideology—Otto Warmbier, a 22 year old American killed by the North Korean regime. Senator McCain is right stating the follow: “Let us state the facts plainly: Otto Warmbier, an American citizen, was murdered by the Kim Jong Un regime…In the final year of his life, he lived the nightmare in which the North Korean people have been trapped for 70 years: forced labor, mass starvation, systematic cruelty, torture, and murder. “ This is a real description of the regime, I called Soviet Fascism. Just compare the events within North Korea today with Stalin’s time in Russia. It is an identical quagmire of Soviet Fascism…

To show the worldwide application of the ideology, I gave you the history of North Korea and Stalin’s decision to form a Socialist/Communist regime in Asia in my column, April 20, 2017. In the column, I also gave you a history of Syria and the Middle East, showing how the ideology of Soviet Fascism has been implemented throughout the world by the Kremlin. In my opinion it is not only China that has power over the North Korea. In 1945 defeated Japan had left a political vacuum in North Korea, and Stalin used it. A Korean Army was formed, trained, equipped to the teeth with the Soviet arms, and supervised by KGB men sent to implement the Stalinist formula in North Korea. Stalin personally chose its leader—a captain of the Soviet Army, Kim IL Sung. Since then, the connection between the Soviet military, the KGB and the Korean military has never ended, Soviet Fascism is currently working there. It has come to our soil as well…

Writing about Soviet Fascism for the last twenty-five years, I dedicated many pages to the politics of the Democrat Party. Moreover, in the last nine years I wrote about an Obama/Putin joint venture and Obama’s shadow government against Trump’s administration.  When Sean Hannity spoke about The Deep State in American politics, I did not know the real meaning of the term. So, I went to a dictionary and got the definition of the term. And the definition had brought a real confirmation of all my thoughts…

The Deep State

A body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy.

“The deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern.” This definition confirms all attributes of my writings. It directly warns us: “the deep state and its policy of allowing extremist ideologies to flourish may be the actual issues of concern.”

Yes, I have been concerned about the ideology of Soviet Fascism for the last several decades and warned you in all my writings. This ideology is an extreme one and I was showing its nefariousness and agenda so you could learn about it and take the obvious actions. Unfortunately, our Intel has been also infiltrated and blocked information about my writings since the Clinton administration. As I understand it today, the Clinton Mafia within the Democrat Party was the foundation for the current “deep state” in America. At the Obama presidency, I described the formation as the Obama/Putin joint venture, in the time of the Trump presidency it became a shadow government—The deep state.

“The concept of a deep state suggests that there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy without regard for democratically elected leadership. The term, which was originally used to refer to sophisticated shadow governments in countries like Turkey and post-Soviet Russia, has also been used in American political science to refer to entrenched government institutions wielding power, without necessarily implying a conspiracy.” Wikipedia

Steve Bannon is correct to a certain degree, saying that “Obama put America on a collision course with a deadly historic destiny, even as it inaugurated a vital new

President, Donald J. Trump.  I would say that the Obama/Putin joint venture put America on a collision course with a deadly historic destiny, even as it inaugurated a vital new President, Donald J. Trump. I had been writing about Russian connection of the Democrat Party and especially about Obama/Putin joint venture for the last nine years. Don’t forget, we have seventy Socialists in our Congress…

Don’t be surprised by the recent appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump/Russia collusion. Trump did not commit any crimes. This is a typical maneuver of Stalinist Soviet Fascism—to blame the leader of the opposition for what had been done by Obama…  Even more, remember, Obama was not alone: “there exists a coordinated effort by career government employees and others to influence state policy…” The others includes Putin and his KGB operatives like George Soros in America today.  This is the answer to why the Democrat Party refused the FBI access to the Democrat’s computer system. One Democrat admits: ”the Democratic Party is more toxic than Trump.” The man should read my books to grasp the toxicity of Soviet Fascism…

Reversal of Totalitarian Socialist’s Swamp

Trump’s movement is fighting a totalitarian swamp of Socialism. It is not an easy fight. Obama had attempted to transform America to Socialism for the last eight years and unfortunately, he “achieved” a great deal and to reverse what he has done will take some time and the knowledge of the Soviet System of socialism. Look at Poland, Estonia, or Ukraine, these and some other countries are trying to reverse totalitarian socialism, created by Stalin and implanted by the Soviet System for seventy years. It is a very hard and long process. Yes, we had only eight years, but preparations were started with Clinton’s Mafia in 1993.

Just look at Obamacare. Run by the government, it was intertwined with all activities of the state, the way the Soviet Health Care was established. I believe that the Russian Academy of Science provided Obama with the model of redistribution of wealth. Obama’s objective had been clear to create chaos in existing health care and bankrupt the American economic system. Don’t be surprised that the Republicans having a lot of difficulties to dismantle Obamacare. Only knowledge of the Soviet System and time can do that. Alas, neither Republicans nor our 17 intelligence agencies have that knowledge. Yet, Obamacare must be stopped; it is like a snow ball bringing inevitable destruction to the American Republic every day. The Republicans should start the process of dismantling Obamacare now to prevent a great suffering of the Americans, it is a political urgency to do so… The time to act is now!

There is a second mistake of our Intel and the Republicans: the usage of the term Liberals. We do not have real Liberals any longer. Classic Liberalism has been annihilated and buried by Soviet Fascism with the help of progressives in the 20th Century. Do you remember the genesis of progressive values of President Wilson? Those “values” were the beginning of the end of the Democrat Party. Early Progressives like Woodrow Wilson openly attacked the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as obsolete, paving way to the victory of Soviet Fascism. Today we are dealing with a Radical Left usurping the term Liberals.

The irony of our time is the appointment of a Special Counsel to investigate Trump/Russia collusion that doesn’t exist. It is waste of money and dereliction of duty by the DOJ. We have evidence of Obama’s clear intent to transform America to totalitarian socialism: it was a heinous crime. But we are spending money and time to investigate the person who wants to Make America Great Again. I don’t know Robert Mueller, yet he was FBI Director under Obama… Many in the government have called him “an honorable man.” A couple of months ago, we called James Comey “an honorable man.”  Don’t you smell the Deep State in action?  We the former citizens of Socialist countries are recognizing a typical Stalinist Show Trial against President Trump! We also know that Putin and Stalin are tied by the umbilical cord of the ideology…

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Never-Trumpers Infected by Fake News

Watching MSNBC, I heard Chris Hayes list several bogus excuses for Ossoff losing in Georgia. Hayes placed Karen Handel receiving outside funds high on his list. I thought, Are you kidding me? Fake news media are committed 24/7 to deceiving Americans. Blocking Trump from implementing his and our agenda and impeaching him has become their sole reason for existence.

Ninety-five percent of Ossoff’s $23-million campaign funds came from outside of Georgia. Ossoff is the candidate who was overwhelmingly funded by outsiders, not Handel. Handel’s campaign spent a fraction of what Ossoff’s campaign spent. Chris Hayes clearly lied, dispensing more fake news.

The bottom of the screen on MSNBC read something like CBC: Trump hurts black communities. In a letter rejecting Trump’s invite to meet with them, the Congressional Black Caucus wrote, “…we have in fact witnessed steps that will affirmatively hurt black communities.”

Leftists’ narrative that Trump is a racist hurting blacks is a flat out lie — more fake news. Trump reached out to the CBC at least two times, only to be given their middle finger. As a proud American who happens to be black this truly frustrates me.

After 40 years of Democrats’ broken promises, finally a president comes along with the courage and sincere desire to offer real hope and implement real change to black Americans. His genuine compassion is met with “Screw you” from black leaders and Leftists. Meanwhile, these same people celebrated Obama despite blacks moving backwards under Obama

As a black American, I am outraged that the CBC turned down Trump offering real help as blacks continue to murder each other in record numbers. Over 70% of black kids live in fatherless households and drop out of school. And yet, fake news media would have you believe black American’s greatest Nemesis is Donald J. Trump.

These are just a few examples of fake news media’s relentless 24/7 deceptions.

And yet, Republicans like John McCain still pander to fake news media, desperate for an approving pat on the head. Kissing fake news media’s derriere, Senator John McCain recently made the outrageous statement that Obama was a better leader than Trump. How could any lover of freedom, liberty and America say such a thing? That statement should disqualify McCain from ever winning another election as a Republican.

Never-Trump conservatives/Republicans betray their principles, hoping fake news media will not lump them in with the unsophisticated Americans who voted for Trump. I have totally lost respect for never-Trumps. I suspect many of them secretly wish Hillary won.

Think about that folks. We have Republicans and conservatives who claim to love freedom and liberty. They also claim their disdain for Trump is rooted in morality. And yet, they would prefer a vile human being in the WH who said a woman has the right to murder her baby moments before birth; a serial liar; a cold-calculating extreme Leftist who placed her political fortunes above American lives in Benghazi; someone who is totally against religious liberty and someone who vowed to continue Obama’s mission to make America last.

Never-Trumpers deem Trump’s hairdo and non-traditional political behaviors more repulsive than Hillary’s multiple crimes and misdemeanors. Such convoluted thinking is unworthy of my time or energy.

It is as though never-Trumps are back in high school sucking up to the cool kids, meaning the fake news media. By watching too much MSNBC and CNN never-Trumps have become infected via causal contact. They remind me of Lot’s wife.

God told Lot to remove his family because he was going to burn the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot’s wife was probably a closet subscriber of The Sodomy Times and Gomorrah Post. Infected from consuming fake news, I wonder if Lot’s wife concluded her husband and God were intolerant religious haters. While exiting Sodom, Lot’s wife ignored God’s command not to look back. She stole one last glance at sin city and was instantly transformed into a pillar of salt.

I know never-Trumps who faithfully view CNN and MSNBC. I thought we were on the same side over the past 8 years, fighting Obama’s heartbreaking purposed destruction of our great nation; his repeals of our God-given and Constitutional freedoms. But those principles and values for which we so valiantly fought seem to have taken a back seat to their dislike for Trump. Never-Trumps either totally ignore Trump’s remarkable list of repeals of Obama’s messes or pay them lip-service. Meanwhile, it is clear to see where their true passions lie as they enthusiastically parrot fake news media’s relentless criticisms of Trump.

Fake news media, DC establishment elites and never-Trumps are so shallow in their thinking, worshiping surface appearances over Trump’s patriotic positive intentions. Obama was an extremely cold, calculating, divisive and dishonest horrible leader who looked and spoke well.

Scripture says man looks upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart. We the People see and connect with Trump’s heart. I proudly stand with We the People in my support for our president.

To our unfortunate never-Trump enemies within, with God’s help, We the People will defeat you.

RELATED VIDEO: In the recent video footage obtained by Project Veritas, John Bonifield a Sr. Producer at CNN, admits to several beliefs that are in direct conflict with the official CNN narrative that Trump has colluded with Russia, and that Russia has interfered with the 2016 election. Bonifield expresses clear doubts that there is a fire behind the Russia smoke, stating, “I haven’t seen any good enough evidence to show that the President committed a crime.” He also confirms suspicions that CNN staff is ideologically biased against Trump, stating, “I know a lot of people don’t like him and they’d like to see him get kicked out of office…”

Bonifield even further confirms CNN’s bias against the President, stating, “I think the President is probably right to say, like, look you are witch hunting me…you have no real proof.”

Bonifield exposes that Russia has been great for CNN’s ratings, and that orders from CEO Jeff Zucker himself have directed CNN to pursue Russia leads at the expense of other stories. Bonifield states “And the CEO of CNN said in our internal meeting, he said ‘good job everybody covering the Climate Accords, but we’re done with it let’s get back to Russia.’”

He further comments on Russia, “it’s mostly bullshit right now. Like, we don’t have any giant proof…if it was something really good, it’d leak.”