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PBS Lesson Plan Teaches Kids to Sympathize with Muslim Suicide Bombers

We, the American taxpayer, subsidize this poison. It is an outrage. We need a revolution of the mind. Why should we underwrite anti-freedom, anti-American, anti-Semitic propaganda? There are a thousand channels; let these elite destroyers compete in the marketplace like the rest of us.

PBS Lesson Plan Teaches Kids to Sympathize with Muslim Suicide Bombers

Source: News – PBS Lesson Plan Teaches Kids to Sympathize with Radical Islamic Terrorism | Heartland Institute

By Justin Haskins (thanks to) Creeping Sharia, April 13, 2017:

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is home to Big Bird, Frontline, and other “programing made possible by viewers like you,” including lesson plans instructing teachers how to show kids to be more sympathetic to radical Islamic suicide bombers in Palestine.

“Dying to be a Martyr.” That’s the name of a lesson plan offered to students and teachers at no cost by the Public Broadcasting Service, a taxpayer-funded nonprofit, and some of the material seems to encourage students to learn to sympathize with radical Islamic terrorists.

The “Dying to be a Martyr” lesson plan is offered through PBS’ LearningMedia website, “a media-on-demand service offering educators access to the best of public media and delivers research-based, classroom-ready digital learning experiences,” according to the PBS website.

The stated “objectives” for the lesson plan, which is designed for use by students in grades nine through 12, include analyzing “why the Middle East conflict began and continues today,” discussing “how religions can unite or divide people” and explaining “why individuals and groups sometimes turn to tactics of terrorism, and evaluate how terrorism affects the world we live in.”

[ … ]

It’s in “Part 3” the lesson plan takes a disturbing turn. First, students watch a video of 18-year-old Mohanned Abu Tayyoun, a Palestinian terrorist “who entered Israel carrying a bag of explosives with the intention of carrying out a suicide bombing.” Mohanned “wavered, however, and returned home without carrying out the mission.”

In the video, which is called by the lesson plan the “Martyrdom” video, Mohanned is interviewed from a jail cell in Israel, where he is asked why he wanted to be a suicide bomber.

Mohanned responds, “It was my decision. Martyrdom leads us to God. I don’t want this life. When you become a martyr, your prize for carrying out the operation is going to heaven. … We Palestinians prefer to die, just kill ourselves, rather than live this worthless life. Our lives are worthless. We are hollow bodies living a pointless life.”

“Israelis enjoy their life,” Mohanned continued. “They go out at night. They have cafes and nightclubs. They travel all over the world. They go to America and Britain. We can’t even leave Palestine.”

Teachers are then instructed, “Check for understanding by asking students to respond to the focus question. (Mohanned feels he would rather die and by a martyr than live his life, sees his life as hollow—in contrast he sees Israelis as happy, going out, having fun, traveling.) Ask your students why Mohanned may feel that way (Answers may include: Palestinians have less land, fewer privileges, cannot come and go as they please.)”

Nothing in the instructions tells teachers to denounce Mohanned’s claims or radical Islamic views in general.

The final section of “Part 3” has students watch another video interview of Mohanned, this time where explains why he didn’t go through with the act. Teachers are instructed after the video ends, “Ask your students to share their thoughts on why Mohanned didn’t carry out the plan. (Mohanned felt that not all Jews were guilty of being against him, and that God wanted him to continue to live.)”

In Part 4, students are asked to watch a third video interview of an Islamic terrorist. This time, the video includes a terrorist who actually was involved in a suicide bombing. According to the lesson plan, “this is taken from an interview with 25-year-old Majdi Amer, who in March 2003 built a bomb and prepared a suicide bomber for a bus bombing in Haifa that killed 17 people and wounded 50.”

In the interview, Majdi is asked why he believes it’s acceptable to kill women and children, to which he explains, “If the Israelis kill a child in Gaza, I’m ready to kill one in Tel Aviv. If they destroy houses in Gaza, I’ll do it in Tel Aviv. If they give me security in my land, then there’s no problem.”

After students watch the interview, teachers are expected to ask students to explain “how Majdi and Mohanned’s opinions differ from one another, even though they are both Palestinians involved in suicide bombing plots. (Majdi feels that Islam calls for him to defend his land any way he can, he does not recognize the Jewish state, he will kill an Israeli for every Palestinian killed. Mohanned did not see every Jew as an enemy, did not want to kill innocent people, felt that God wanted him to live.)”

No instructions are provided telling teachers to denounce the radical claims made by Majdi, and there are no other lesson plans describing the conflict from the point of view of the Israelis.

On the lesson plan’s website, under the “Credits” section, JP Morgan Chase and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting are listed as the sources of funding. CPB is funded by the U.S. federal government, and it was first created by an act of Congress in 1967, under the leadership of Democratic Party President Lyndon Johnson.

[ … ]

A review of the LearningMedia website by The Blaze found at least six lengthy lesson plans focused on teaching students about various aspects of Islam, including “The Five Pillars of Islam,” “The Haj: Journey to Mecca” and “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life.” However, no similar lesson plans covering other religious groups—including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Taoism or Hinduism—were discovered on the website.

Read it all and contact your elected officials to stop taxpayer money from funding Islamic propaganda being pushed on young Americans.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Geller Report.


Somalis arrested in Clarkston, Georgia a long-time haven for ‘refugee diversity’

President Trump may be admitting new Somalis to the U.S. every day, but at least the Administration is arresting those here illegally.

No time to say much about it, but want readers to see this story from Georgia (hat tip: Joanne):

Federal immigration authorities have started arresting Somali nationals in parts of DeKalb and Gwinnett counties that have long been havens for newcomers, including in Clarkston, according to African advocacy groups.

Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry welcoming new mosque!

The arrests came after Somalia’s U.S. ambassador recently told Voice of America his embassy has learned that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is planning to deport about 4,000 of his countrymen. ICE confirmed that, as of last week, there were 4,801 Somalis in the U.S. who have been ordered removed. The vast majority of them are not being detained.

Until about a year ago, according to ICE, U.S. authorities could not get travel documents to deport people to Somalia, which has endured persistent deprivation and violence. Since Oct. 1, ICE has deported 237 Somalis, according to federal figures through April 1.


Omar Shekhey, the executive director for the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston, said as many as 10 Somalis have been arrested in Clarkston, Stone Mountain and in Gwinnett this week alone. He worries they could be deported to Somalia, which is now in the grips of a deadly drought. Those who have been arrested have been in the U.S. for many years, Shekhey said.


Clarkston Mayor Ted Terry said he is looking into ICE’s activities in his city, adding he is worried how the arrests could impact the relationships between immigrants and refugees and local police.

See my previous post on Somali deportations, here.

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Brexit Group calls for ‘five-year ban on unskilled workers’ immigrating

Brexit group Leave Means Leave says the measures will help migration back to levels last seen in the 1990s and finally hit the failed Tory target of tens of thousands. The group… says Brexit provides a “golden opportunity” to stem immigration at last.

This would be a good start for Britain, yet while the main concern discussed there about migration is the economy, let’s not forget the politically incorrect truth about the threat of jihad terrorism from Muslim migrants and the shocking sex assaults on up to a million British girls by Muslim grooming gangs, which led Rotherham’s Labour MP Sarah Champion to describe the situation as a “national disaster” and “demanding a taskforce to fight the horror.” But news about all that has gone rather quiet. This is no surprise, since many reports failed to even mention that Muslims were involved, while others were blunt in stating that “white girls are seen as easy meat by Pakistani rapists,” as also reported here and here.

“Call for new migrant freeze: UK ‘needs five-year ban on unskilled workers to hit targets’”, by David Maddox, Express, April 10, 2017:

Brexit group Leave Means Leave says the measures will help migration back to levels last seen in the 1990s and finally hit the failed Tory target of tens of thousands.

The group, backed by former Cabinet ministers as well as 15 Tory MPs, says Brexit provides a “golden opportunity” to stem immigration at last.

It is particularly concerned about unskilled labour which pressure group Migration Watch claims makes up 80 per cent of existing EU incomers.

The blueprint for “fair” immigration has been drawn up by former UKIP leadership candidate Steven Woolfe.

He wants to see the introduction of a “British working visa system” and have Parliament vote each year on a figure for net migration.

Many pro-Brexit supporters were angered last week when the Prime Minister hinted that free movement from the EU could continue for years into an “implementation period” after leaving in 2019.

In a speech introducing his findings today Mr Woolfe, now an independent, says Britain needs an immigration system that is “fair in its outlook, flexible in practice and forward-thinking for our economy.

“It won’t mean pulling up the drawbridge as we will continue to encourage the best and the brightest to migrate and settle here.

“But by introducing strict controls, an annual cap and a five-year freeze on unskilled migrants, it will reduce net migration year on year, lessen the strain on our public services and help build a more cohesive society”.

His report states that a five-year freeze on unskilled migrants would significantly reduce immigration from its current level of 273,000 a year.

Work permits would only be granted if the applicant had a job offer with a minimum £35,000 salary, had passed an English test, signed a five-year private health insurance contract and could show savings in the bank.

Among the other recommendations is a proposal to combine work visas with an Australian style points system aimed at judging the annual immigration need for different parts of the UK and different sectors.

It also urges the Government not to give preferential treatment to EU citizens as part of a deal for leaving the failed economic bloc.

He wants those in the UK to be allowed to stay but anybody who arrived after March 29, the day Article 50 was triggered, should not have the same rights.

The report says there should be no cap on highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors or those in the highly skilled top category, or restrictions on students.

It also wants a new body set up to assess NHS needs and ensure it is fully staffed. Former Tory minister Sir Gerald Howarth described the report as “thoughtful, measured and constructive”…..


UK: Muslim who claimed killing British soldiers was justified becomes leader of Muslim group with influence in government

Idaho: Muslim migrant boys plead guilty to sexual assault of five-year-old, but will victim ever get justice?

darfur jihad

Journalists Kidnapped, Imprisoned and Tortured in Darfur

Former  Chadian  General Abakar M. Abdullah , a native of the Zagawa Tribe in Darfur, this writer and Deborah Martin have published a series of articles  on the lies behind the Genocidal Jihad  perpetrated by the  regime of indicted war criminal, President Omar al-Bashir against  the indigenous people of  Sudan.

We published the details of  the regime’s agenda of the secret Arab Coalition Plan that Abdallah recovered in 2015 in the cab of a captured  pickup truck  of the Janjaweed Rapid Support  Force (RSF) renamed by  Bashir, as the Peace Force.  That plan has been implemented with the objective of completing the ethnic cleansing on or before 2020. We reported on the RSF peace force and the recruitment, equipping, training and of a veritable Jihad Army of an estimated 150,000 Arab tribal fighters from the Sahel region, terrorist groups from Africa and the Middle East. That included fighters from the Islamic State deployed in 16 training camps around the capital of Khartoum. It is furtherance of the Bashir plan to create a regional Caliphate in Africa.

We reported on the evidence of the eradication campaign of the regime’s peace force in Darfur and the Nuba Mountains and the deliberate provocations against Internally Displaced Persons camps aimed at intimidating  indigenous tribal people to flee into neighboring countries or urban areas.

We recently reported on the billions of dollars of funded Sudan mineral extraction, water ,infrastructure and agricultural development projects by the Saudi Kingdom and Emeriti governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council.  Saudia  Arabia has also funded over $5 billion for support of Sudanese military in the War in Yemen. Those billions of dollars of projects announced at the recent Amman Arab League Summit were directed at creating  a veritable bread basket for the Sunni Arab Middle East in the lands being cleansed of Sudan indigenous  people replaced by Arab settlers  . These billions of dollar began flowing to Sudan after President al-Bashir ended in 2014 his long term alliance with world’s global supporter of terrorism, the Shiite Islamic Republic of Iran.

We noted the folly of the Obama Administration at the end of its eight year term partially lifting long term economic sanctions against the Bashir regime in the face of evidence that Genocide has actually accelerated.

UK Channel 4 Documentary Team, Phil Cox and Daoud Hari, Chad Dafuri Refugee Camp, December 2016. Source:  The Guardian

UK Channel 4 Documentary of Journalists Kidnapping, Imprisonment and Torture in Sudan Police State

You can write about this, but only video documentaries have the power to move concerned governments and activists to undertake take actions to end Jihad Genocide in Sudan.  Such is the case of a recent episode involving UK freelance journalist/documentarian Phil Cox and his US Sudanese émigré producer, Daoud  Hari, who had last reported on the plight of the Darfuri people in 2005. Cox  induced Hari, who was a cab driver in Brooklyn, New York to return with him as producer/translator to pursue reports of the use of  chemical weapons by the Bashir regime in the Darfur mountain redoubt of Jebel Marra.  They  crossed over into  Darfur illegally  in December 2016 from neighboring Chad after visiting a Dafuri refugee camp where they  connected with Sudanese Liberation Army fighters as security and guides.  They were tracked by Sudanese helicopters using  signals from their cell phone sim cards, and eventually, kidnapped  by Janjaweed Rapid Support Force (RSF) militia, chained and kept for four days in the desert while the  kidnapped while they negotiated  a Sudanese  National Intelligence Security Service commander.

Cox  was ultimately blind folded and flown to the capital of Khartoum for imprisonment and torture until he was released under a Presidential Pardon at the end of 70 days. It was during Cox’s imprisonment in the notorious Kober Prison that he met opponents of the Bashir regime; academics, students, businessmen, some of whom were caught using cell text message and  social media. His American Sudanese producer Daoud Hari was initially abandoned by the Janjaweed RSF militia in the desert, allegedly released, but then retaken and like Cox shipped off by air to Kober Prison where he also received the same treatment. Daoud Hari was ultimately released through the intervention of both US and UK governments.

Cox, wrote about the 70 days of their kidnapping, imprisonment and torture in an April 5, 2017 Guardian article  graphically illustrated in a companion UK Channel 4 documentary report released on April 7th.   Read the Guardian report by journalist Cox and view the YouTube video of his and Daoud Hari’s experience inside what can only be termed Sudan’s equivalent of  Iran’s  notorious Evin prison in the police state of Sudan’s al-Bashir Regime.

Note this excerpt from Cox’s  Guardian report of his and Daoud Hari’s experience in Bashir’s police state:

In the early morning of 24 December 2016, my friend Daoud and I lay side by side on a blanket, our legs chained at the ankles, secured with heavy padlocks. The sun beat down on the desert. We pleaded with our captors to be moved to the shade, but they ignored us. It was not how I had imagined spending Christmas Eve.

Sixteen days earlier, Daoud Hari, my local producer and translator, had crossed with me from Chad into Sudan. We had planned to make a film in the war-ravaged Darfur region, where no independent journalist had entered for years. We had come to investigate what was happening on the ground, and to follow up allegations that chemical weapons were being used by the Sudanese government against its own citizens. Instead we had been tracked by the Sudanese military and captured by a local militia. At this point, we had no idea what would happen to us.

It is hard to describe being chained up beneath the desert sun. Your face and hands slowly burn. Your tongue starts to swell and the blood inside your head pounds like a hammer. Our two guards were responsive to us (although they would not give us their names) and when their commander had gone, they were even friendly. Desperate to call London to confirm we were alive, I formulated a plan to persuade our captors to let us use their phone. I had a passport-sized photo of my seven-year-old son, Romeo, in my breast pocket – I called one of the guards over and showed it to him. I let my tears run and explained that I needed to tell my son I was alive. It was Christmas, I pleaded, and he would be all alone.

The man looked at the photograph and patted me on the shoulder – he would try, he said. Daoud suggested that I refuse any water or food to show how miserable I was. After I had turned down food and drink for a whole day, the guards became worried.

The following morning, one of the guards brought sweet tea. Daoud told them I was still refusing to drink. The two guards conferred – then, after a long while, they brought me their satellite phone – on the condition we would not tell their commander. Phone in hand, I realized I could not remember the number of my house in London, or that of Giovanna Stopponi, my producer. But by a stroke of luck, Daoud had his contact list on scraps of paper in a back pocket. He found the right one and we dialed. Giovanna answered the phone but she couldn’t hear me. The handset was falling apart, so I squeezed it together as hard as I could. I could hear Giovanna saying, “Hello? hello?” There was panic in her voice now.

“It’s Phil, we are captured by the Rapid Security Force militia, we are fine, kidnappers are from the Rizeigat tribe, we are 2km from where I last pressed the tracker alarm, we are probably going to be sold to the government.” I breathed out. The information had got through. “Happy Christmas,” I said.


Watch the YouTube video, Kidnapped, held hostage and tortured in Sudanese prison: the Channel 4 team who went through “hell”:

Jerry Gordon is a Senior Editor at the New English Review.

Lt. Gen. Abakar M. Abdallah is Chairman of the Sudan United Movement. He is a 23 year vetrean of the Chadian Army. He is a graduate of the US Army War College, the US Army Intrelligence School, Fort Huachuca, Arizona  and the counterterrorism program of the National Defense University at Fort McNair, Washington, DC.

Deborah Martin is a 35 year Sudan linguist and cultural expert and consultant.


Russian Reactions to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Visit

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Moscow on April 11-12, 2017 came against the backdrop of a recent U.S. missile strike on a Syrian airbase that was followed by political tensions between Russia and the U.S.[1] At the G7 meeting in Italy just prior to his trip to Moscow, Tillerson had stated: “I think it’s also worth thinking about Russia has [sic] really aligned itself with the Assad regime, the Iranians, and Hizbullah. Is that a long-term alliance that serves Russia’s interest, or would Russia prefer to realign with the United States, with other Western countries and Middle East countries who are seeking to resolve the Syrian crisis? We want to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people. We want to create a future for Syria that is stable and secure. And so Russia can be a part of that future and play an important role, or Russia can maintain its alliance with this group, which we believe is not going to serve Russia’s interest longer-term. But only Russia can answer that question.”[2]

Commenting on Tillerson’s words, Russia Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: “It’s useless to come to us with ultimatums, it’s just counterproductive.”[3] However, the meeting between Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov changed Russia’s internal mood. Maxim Usim, columnist for the Russian daily Kommersant, noted that Tillerson’s language was not confrontational and that this had enabled him to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin just before his departure from Moscow.

The following are reactions to U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson’s Moscow visit:

tillerson russia

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. (Source: State.gov)

Senator Kosachev: “The American Did Not Come With Absurd Proposals… None Of The Parties… Have A Desire To Further Exacerbate The Situation”

Russian Federation Council International Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page: “The first impression is quite positive. No breakthrough occurred, and no one expected it. However, the two sides were able to avoid the temptation of the overstated expectations, and the modest results of the meeting are still positive.” Kosachev stressed that a meaningful result was the Russian and U.S. commitment to maintaining the dialogue by “institutionalizing it in the format of special representatives.”

He added: “The two sides now have a better understanding of the possible and impossible limits in the prospects for bilateral relations and in the interpretation of international problems. The Americans obviously did not come with some absurd proposals similar to exchanging (Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad) for G7 membership, Ukraine for Syria and so on, and also not only with moralizing and ultimatums.”

He stressed: “Otherwise, the meeting with (Russian President Vladimir Putin) would have not taken place, as wasting time on empty words is not his style.”

Kosachev also said that Russia “unambiguously confirmed its willingness to restore cooperation, provided that the two sides could do without the notorious American mentoring and arrogance. Anyway, none of the parties seems to have a desire to further exacerbate the situation, and everyone believes that it is not hopeless.”

(Tass.com, April 13, 2017)

(Source: Sputniknews.com, April 12, 2017)

Kommersant Columnist: Tillerson’s Moderate Language Enabled Meeting With Putin

Maxim Usim, a columnist for the Russian daily Kommersant, wrote that Tillerson’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was not confrontational, but rather business oriented. According to Usim, Tillerson avoided using harsh language regarding Russian policies, while Lavrov was reserved and diplomatic. The impression, wrote Usim, is that both sides want to minimize the damage to bilateral relations by “Trump’s Syrian escapade,” adding that the mere fact that Tillerson avoided “speaking in terms of sanctions and ultimatums” made the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin possible.

(Kommersant.ru, April 12, 2017)

Izvestia: “The First Attempt To Get Along May Be Considered Productive, Even If Not Fully Successful”

The Russian daily Izvestia summarized Tillerson’s the visit as follows: “The most important thing is that during this very short but very intense visit the sides succeeded in reaching an agreement regarding further steps to be taken in order to get rid of the bilateral crisis. At the same time, the visit’s message to the world was: The first attempt to ‘get along’ may be considered productive, even if not fully successful.”

(Izvestia.ru, April 13, 2017)

Duma International Affairs Committee Chairman: “There Was No Ultimatum”

Duma International Affairs Committee chairman Leonid Slutsky stated: “One of the visit’s results is the failed prognosis regarding some kinds of U.S. ultimatum. There was no ultimatum. On the contrary, the sides agreed on establishing a joint group in order to look into the most complicated questions of the Russia-U.S. agenda.”

(Tass.com, April 12, 2017)

Tillerson: “We want to relieve the suffering of the Iraq… Ouch… Liby… Ouch… Syrian people.” The cartoon was published prior to Tillerson’s visit. (Ria.ru, April 11, 2017)

Senator Klintzevich: “It Is Now Obvious That Tillerson’s Visit Was Not A Waste Of Time”

Senator Franz Klintsevich, deputy chair of the Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, commented: “It is now obvious that Tillerson’s visit was not a waste of time. Reiterating the mutual commitment to fight international terror is the maximum which could have been achieved, given the recent negative developments. At the moment, it’s quite stupid to discuss who won and who lost as the result of the meeting, who saved face and who lost face… The sides opted for mutual compromise, but as a result they secured the chance to really cooperate against ISIS. That’s what is really important.”

(Tass.com, April 12, 2017)

Ivan Melnikov, Communist Party, Vice-speaker of Duma: “Given the unpredicted U.S. actions influencing the situation, we may judge only by the deeds rather than by the words and intentions. Mr. Tillerson leaves good impression, and speaks respectfully about Russia as a superpower – but what if the principles of the American imperialism remain in force?”

(Tass.com, April 12, 2017)

Ruling Party United Russia MP Sergey Zheleznyak: “The meeting demonstrated that despite the differences, our countries are interested in cooperation concerning various areas – solving burning international crises as well as renewing economic cooperation. We’ll see how Tillerson’s words in Moscow will coincide with the administration’s actions and then we’ll draw our conclusions.”

(Tass.com, April 12, 2017)

Senator Pushkov: The Meeting Was “The Start Of Dialogue”

Senator Alexey Pushkov tweeted: “Frontal confrontation has been cancelled. Russia and the U.S. proceed from the war of words towards exchanging opinions, controlling the differences and cautious dialogue.”

(Twitter.com/Alexey_Pushkov, April 12, 2017)

Pushkov also tweeted: “The summary of the negotiations in Moscow: Not yet a breakthrough, but the start of dialogue and an attempt to strengthen the mutual trust after serious tensions erupted.”

(Twitter.com/Alexey_Pushkov, April 12, 2017)

According to a Russian Defense Ministry source quoted in the Vedomosti newspaper, Moscow is ready for dialogue and does not consider a dangerous direct confrontation with the U.S. to be inevitable. Simultaneously, Moscow demonstrates its readiness to strengthen its military positions in Syria – this is the message delivered by the deployment of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich to the Mediterranean.

(Vedomosti.ru, April 13, 2017)


[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6866, Russia’s Reactions To The U.S. Missile Strike In Syria, April 10, 2017.

[2] State.gov, April 11, 2017.

[3] Ria.ru, April 12, 2017.


VIDEO: Lethal Sanctuary Cities

This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents The Michael Cutler Moment with Michael Cutler, a former Senior INS Special Agent.

Michael discusses Lethal Sanctuary Cities, unveiling how sanctuary cities undermine national security, public safety and the integrity of the immigration system.


16 Years After 9/11, Gaps in Information Sharing Still Plague Law Enforcement

Border authorities’ broad authority: Inside the court cases – The Buffalo News

syria gas attack

Explanation of the Assad Gas Attack: To Prevent Breakdown Of Iranian/Syrian Frontline

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) gives an insight to why the Assad regime used sarin gas. According to MEMRI:

The April 4 Sarin gas attack on Khan Sheikhoun, just one day after the U.S. administration changed its position vis-à-vis Syrian President Al-Assad, declaring that his removal from power was no longer a priority, raised questions regarding the underlying motive for the attack. Indeed, the initial Russian claim that the attack had been fabricated by opponents of the Syrian regime was based on its being so clearly against Syrian interests.

While it is now largely accepted that the Syrian regime carried out the attack, the motivation underlying it remains enigmatic, giving rise to conspiracy theories.


Map legend: Red areas: territory held by Iranian/Syrian-regime forces. Green areas: territory held by the Jabhat Fath Al-Sham (formerly JNS) armed rebels. Red circle: Khan Sheikhoun Red arrows: distance from Khan Sheikhoun to the Iranian-backed forces. Black dotted line: opposition frontline prior to March 21 operations and Iranian forces retreat. Red dotted line: current opposition frontline following the Iranian forces retreat

Iranian Website Specializing In Syrian War Reports Provides The Explanation: To Prevent Breakdown Of Iranian/Syrian Frontline

On April 7, 2017, WarReports, an Iranian research group dedicated to monitoring and covering Iran’s role in the war in Syria and Iraq,[1] published a report on its Facebook page, explaining why the Syrian regime had carried out the gas attack.[2] It claimed that the attack had been “in support of the Iranian-affiliated ground forces, Hizbullah, and the Syrian army, all of which were stationed several kilometers behind the frontline.” According to the report, in the past three weeks there had been 21 casualties from among the IRGC forces and the Fatimiyun Afghani Shi’ite militia located in Hama.[3] The report included a map of the region, showing the retreat southward of the Iranian-backed forces from the Khan Sheikhoun region, a retreat that threatened to turn into a complete breakdown of the front. The attack, therefore, was intended to curb the rebel thrust in Khan Sheikhoun, thus preventing this breakdown.

The report further stated that hitting the civilian population in the rebel-held areas was a known tactic of the Syrian regime, intended to crush the fighting spirit of the forces and to stop their operations. This was the case in the August 2013 gas attack on Ghouta, Damascus, and the October 2015 cluster-bomb attack on the civilization population of eastern Aleppo.

It should be noted that in a recent White House intelligence briefing, officials gave the same rationale for the Syrian regime attack, without providing further details: “They were losing in a particularly important area. That’s what drove [the attack].”[4]

[1] https://warreports.org/about-us/; Twitter: @warreports. Facebook: Persian.war.news.

[3] The website provided a link to the image of one of the IRGC members killed there. https://goo.gl/iunWwn

trump american flag

Is President Trump’s National Security Team Trustworthy?

President Trump’s recent foray into regime change and nation building in Syria has shaken some of his campaign supporters to the core and rattled their broad-based (almost unconditional) confidence. His Tomahawk attack on Syria represents a 180-degree reversal from his campaign rhetoric criticizing Obama era incursions into unilateral regime change across the Middle East over the past eight years.

On 3 April, 2017… President Trump signed an order departing from Obama era regime change policies in Syria and the Middle East. On 4 April, 2017, Syrian President Assad was accused of dropping chemical weapons on the ISIS stronghold town of Khan Sheikhoun, wherein a reported 74 were killed, including 23 children. On 7 April, 2017, President Trump launched a unilateral missile assault on a Syrian air base from which Assad allegedly launched his chemical assault three-days earlier, destroying an estimated 20% of the planes on the ground and none of the runways.

Both Assad and Russia have denied any involvement in the use of chemical weapons – claiming instead, that Assad dropped conventional weapons in Khan Sheikhoun to take out a chemical weapons cache held by ISIS in that town. By hitting the chemical weapons cache, some chemicals were released into the air locally where those weapons were stockpiled, resulting in the death of 74 in the area.

But the U.S. intelligence community was telling President Trump a very different version of events on the ground in Syria. U.S. Intelligence officers and National Security Advisors had very quickly convinced Trump that Assad had “once again used chemical weapons on his own people.” U.S. Intelligence tends to refer to Assad opposition in Syria as “rebels” or “freedom fighters.” Yet, Syrians on the ground have repeatedly accused the U.S. of funding, arming and supporting ISIS and Al Qaeda since 2013.

It’s no secret that Obama, Clinton, Kerry, McCain and Graham have been toppling foreign governments across the Middle East from Libya and Lebanon to Egypt and beyond, installing the Muslim Brotherhood into power in each incident – or that they likewise, set their sights on deposing Assad in Syria long ago.

It’s also no secret that the war-for-profit (Military Industrial Complex) crowd in the U.S. has been involved in numerous “regime change” operations across the Middle East during the Obama administration, or that this is the group that has been “leaking” intel from inside Trump’s White House, and supplying intel to Trump that resulted in his missile attack in Syria. They are also pushing Trump to put boots on the ground in Syria.

Trump’s policy reversal and unilateral attack on Syria resulted in an immediate and somewhat violent backlash from about half of his voters, who found themselves in social media tussles with the other 50% of Trump loyalists who never separated Trump’s well-intended decision from the quality of intel he was acting on, delivered by the likes of McCain and Graham, both of whom have been anti-Trump from the start.

Not only had Trump’s opponents succeeded in getting Trump to reverse his policy and unilaterally attack Syria without provocation, they were succeeding in dividing Trump loyalists in that process.

Clearly, there are two very different conflicting stories regarding chemical attacks in Syria and who may be responsible for the release of chemical or biological gas in Syria. It’s only a little odd that many Trump supporters supported Trump’s decision to strike Syria, even though the attack was unprovoked and without congressional authorization… But it is very odd that those folks would suddenly trust the very swamp creatures Trump was supposed to drain, and the intel they provided to get Trump to take that action…

Half of Trump supporters oppose Trump’s attack on Syria – not because they no longer believe in Trump, but because they still don’t believe in the swamp creatures providing the intel. The other half support Trump without ever considering the possibility that the same people they didn’t trust before, may now be feeding rotten intel to Trump.

Even as they watch the “leaked” internal conflict between Bannon and neocons surrounding Trump, they just can’t do the math…

So, what’s the truth here? Were chemical weapons used in Syria and if so, by whom?

A few basic facts…

  • During the Obama years, the globalist left has affected regime change in numerous Middle Eastern countries, every one of them resulting in the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and mass terrorism filling the void. Each of those countries is worse off today than before their dictators were toppled.
  • Obama confirmed that Assad had turned over all chemical and biological weapons to the U.S. in 2014. According to Obama, Assad has no chemical weapons since 2014.
  • The U.S., Russia, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas and Syria all have boots on the ground in Syria and have had since 2013. The U.S., Iran, ISIS and Al Qaeda are on the same side trying to remove Assad from power. Russia is standing in defense of Assad, fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.
  • Assad is the one person in Syria with nothing to gain and everything to lose by using chemical weapons in Syria while the U.S., ISIS and Al Qaeda are working to depose his regime. Assad’s opposition had something to gain…
  • Past intelligence confirms that Hillary Clinton approved the transfer of chemical weapons turned over by Assad, to “rebels” or “ISIS and Al Qaeda”
  • The entire globalist left has been pushing for regime change in Syria for years, led by Obama, Clinton, Kerry, McCain and Graham.
  • There is video evidence showing ISIS and Al Qaeda (Syrian rebels) firing chemical weapons in Aleppo. Of course, this footage is nowhere to be found in the U.S.A. news media, which has also favored Islam and regime change across the Middle East – It has only been reported abroad because the “rebels” in Syria are McCain and Graham’s “freedom fighters.” They are better known by the Syrian people as ISIS and Al Qaeda… as exposed by Democrat House member and former U.S. soldier from Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard.

(The Syrians) asked me, “Why are the United States and its allies supporting these terror groups which are destroying Syria, when it was al Qaeda that attacked the United States on 9/11, not Syria.’ I didn’t have an answer to them.”

The US government claims it does not fund these groups and only provides assistance to so-called moderate rebels. However, Gabbard said the Syrians she met with told her that there are no moderate rebels in the country. “Let the Syrian people themselves determine their future, not the United States, not some foreign country,” Gabbard said.”

It is this public first-hand testimony from Gabbard that has resulted in her fellow democrats calling for her removal from office

Who is Lt. General McMasters?

The adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, told the staff of the National Security Council on Thursday, in his first “all hands” staff meeting, that the label “radical Islamic terrorism” was not helpful because terrorists are “un-Islamic,” according to people who were in the meeting.

Could Trump’s 180-degree reversal on Syria have anything to do with the pro-Islam advice he is now receiving from McMasters? What is McMasters association with Obama era advisors, or McCain and Graham? Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, why does McMasters defend the brutal nature of Islam taken directly from the Quran?

As reported by Rick Wells, Lou Dobbs is the only newsman in America asking the right questions. PolitiFact points out that Trump’s new policy in Syria is nothing more than Obama’s old policy for the entire Middle East. It should shock no one that the “gang of eight” and the leftist media is finally all behind Trump, as they push him into unilateral military action against a sovereign state, just as Obama had done in several other foreign countries.

Meanwhile, McCain and Co. are busy stripping Trump’s budget of any funds for “the wall” Trump promised to build, as they continue to side with the importing of jihadists via refugee resettlement and open the borders to all comers, including drug cartels and violent gangs like. And… the only man truly loyal to Trump in the White House, Bannon, is on his way out!

Clearly, Trump is losing the battle for leadership in America to his opponents in the ongoing showdown with Soros NGOs and globalists on both sides of the political aisle.

mccain graham

U.S. Senators McCain, Graham and Blumenthal giving an honorary service award to Abdel Hakim Belhadj.

This is a picture of U.S. Senators McCain, Graham and Blumenthal giving an honorary service award to Abdel Hakim Belhadj — the former head of the al Qaeda-linked Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, and a major player in the U.S. – backed overthrow of Moammar Gadhafi, has reportedly joined the Islamic State and is leading its forces there.

On 20 December, 2016 – I asked “Will we really drain the swamp?” and offered three very basic high-priority items Trump would have to address immediately, or he would be consumed by the swamp. Trump did not do any of those three things and today, he finds himself rapidly sinking in the quicksand, surrounded by swamp creatures advising his demise.

Can Trump still clutch victory from the jaws of defeat?

Yes, he can… But will he? Unfortunately, with each passing day, it becomes less and less likely as he grows ever more influenced by and dependent upon the “expert advice” of his adversaries.

Every time you see McCain, Graham or the main stream media backing Trump, you know that Trump is doing something wrong. Sadly, too many Americans exist in an echo chamber void of any facts or truths. Even more unfortunate is the fact that they like it that way…

I have repeatedly warned that “the people” would have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Trump or Trump would be eaten alive in that swamp. Is Trump failing the people? Or did the people fail Trump?

RELATED ARTICLE: FBI agent “didn’t try to stop” Garland jihad attackers — did FBI want Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer dead?


Mormon Boy Scout troop being used to promote MORE refugees

It is really pretty shameful to use Boy Scouts who couldn’t possibly understand the complexity of the US Refugee Admissions Program to be shilling for a resettlement contractor paid by the head to place refugees in communities like Twin Falls just so local businesses can take advantage of taxpayer-supported cheap/captive labor that refugees represent.

boy scoutsHere is the latest from Leo Hohmann at WND.  Be sure to see previous posts of mine about how the Mormon church is getting in to the refugee seeding process. LOL! I think they are angling to become VOLAG number ten!

One week after three refugee boys from Sudan and Iraq pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls, Idaho, the city council has voted unanimously to lay out the welcome mat for more refugees.

The council voted 7-0 to direct the city staff to draft a resolution declaring Twin Falls a “welcoming city” after hearing a pitch from local Boy Scout Troop 4, which is sponsored by the Mormon Church.

The Latter Day Saints Church sponsors a scouting troop that is involved in an Eagle Scout project to help refugees being resettled in the area by the College of Southern Idaho.

About 12 scouts and their parents showed up to promote the CSI Refugee Center and its continued resettlement of refugees from Sudan, Iraq and other parts of the world.

But not all residents were for the idea of making Twin Falls a “welcoming city.”

“By putting people into different categories instead of all residents, we’re setting aside a precedent that we’re all created equal with equal rights,” local property owner Terry Edwards told the council. “It’s surprising to me that we have a Scout troop here that are in favor of the refugee center, and I don’t know that they know a whole lot about it.”


On Monday, LDS parents and relatives of the Boy Scout troop filled the council’s meeting chambers, along with a leader of the Idaho Dairymen’s Association, local doctors, teachers and attorneys who all spoke in favor of more refugees. [Big Milk (big yogurt!) wants the cheap labor!—ed]

The LDS community has been supportive of refugee resettlement in Utah and Idaho, offering volunteers and financial donations to the resettlement agencies.

Please read on, there is much more.

Click here for our huge archive on Twin Falls.

ESISC - The Clock is Ticking for Turkish Secularization and EU Membership (PRNewsfoto/ESISC)

The clock is ticking for Turkish secularization and EU membership

BRUSSELS, Belgium /PRNewswire/ — European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center – a think tank specializing in collecting and analyzing sources of intelligence in the areas of security, geopolitics and economy – has published an article on the upcoming, and highly controversial, Turkish constitutional referendum.

The proposed concentration of powers in the presidential office would entail shifting the “civilizational vector” back from the system set up by the creator of modern Turkey Kemal Atatürk. This destabilizing move can potentially undermine national stability and might even trigger a popular revolt, yet those in Turkey who predict this possibility are being either silenced or demonized by linking them to terrorist groups and the Gülenists, note the authors. They also add that among the reasons for Erdogan’s urgency on the matter of constitutional changes is the increasing number of serious problems brewing in the Turkish economy. It is vitally important for the president to broaden his mandate before the plummeting social and economic standards start to seriously erode his support basis in the country, possibly leading to dissent and civil unrest.

“The frail veneer of democracy of the Turkish leadership, contradicted by the authoritarian positions and the massive propaganda campaign in favor of passing the referendum, proves that the EU should not accept a positive outcome of the referendum as to do so would entail an implicit acceptance of the authoritarian shift in the country and of the repression of dissidents in the Turkish society,” – conclude Genovefa Etienne and Claude Moniquet of the ESISC.

turkey erdigonThe clock is ticking for Turkish secularization and EU membership

Turkey is heading towards a controversial referendum on constitutional changes that will concentrate powers in the office of Presidency. If passed, the reform would lead to an authoritarian shift in the country that would sweep away the Kemalist Revolution and strain the relationships with the EU and NATO in a heartbeat.

On Sunday, April 16 2017, Turkish citizens will vote on the highly debated constitutional referendum sponsored by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and of Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım with the support of the opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) chaired by Devlet Bahçeli. The voters will decide on a set of eighteen amendments to the Constitution of Turkey, aiming to transform the current presidential system into a presidential system.

The proposal for constitutional reform has been on the table of negotiations from 2011, and became a core point of AKP electoral programme in the 2015 general elections in June and November. In October 2015, the majority impasse in the Parliament was overcome as the MHP, traditionally hostile to an executive presidency, decided to cooperate in drafting and passing the reform. In May 2016, current prime minister Yildirim succeeded to his predecessor Ahmet Davutoğlu, who allegedly resigned due to clashing views with the President on the change of the form of government. In a vote held in January 2017,  the Parliament consented to submit the reform of the constitution to the popular vote.

The reform has raised concerns in the Turkish civil society and in the European Union because the envisaged measures would lead to a concentration of powers in the hands of the Presidential figure. Since the President would be elected by a popular vote and since the office of the Prime Minister would be eliminated in favour of the creation of two or three vice-Presidencies, the president would de facto become the head of the state and of the government. Furthermore, the Presidential office would gain the command of the armed forces and of the national security services, the right to settle budgets, to appoint and dismiss ministers and judges of the Supreme Court and to issue decrees in some legislative areas. Last but not least, whereas today the President is obliged to take a neutral stance, in case of a “Yes” victory the Presidency would be allowed to have a clear-cut political affiliation.

It is an open secret that President Erdoğan has been willing to secure his grip on power for a very long time. However, the urgency of the referendum is influenced by the severe plummeting of social and economic standards in the country. The rising unemployment rate, the high inflation and external debt and the recent downgrading of Turkey’s international rating are leading to an economic crisis and are eroding the President’s popular support basis. Therefore, it is vitally important for the current leadership of the country to broaden its mandate in order to avoid ousting in case the economic crisis leads to unrest and rebellion.

Nevertheless, Turkish civil society would have to pay a high price to let President Erdoğan hold power until potentially 2029 on the levels of national concern and of the country’s international relations.

From the internal point of view, the constitutional reform promoted by the AKP and the MHP would indeed dismantle the secularization of the country implemented by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the beginning of last century to create an authoritarian state of Islamist orientation. But since the Kemalist Revolution is still cherished by the Turkish citizens and since Atatürk is still considered the father of the modern Turkish country, any attempt of interfering with this system seriously undermines the national stability and might trigger popular revolt. This is confirmed by the high mobilization of the opposition forces supporting the “No”, which gather around the slogan “For Our Future”, and by the electoral polls showing that the two opposite outcomes are neck and neck only one week ahead of the vote – circumstance that raises the spectrum of electoral frauds.

The liberal and pro-democracy strata of the society are struggling to win this battle as the current leadership is implementing an overwhelming propaganda operation of stigmatisation of the “No” supported by conducting an attentive stick and carrot policy. Although President Erdoğan has conceded an appearance in a rally supporting the “No”, the government and the AKP officials are indeed hammering a demonization campaign against any opposition by linking them to terrorist groups such as ISIS, the PKK and and the Gülenists, i.e. the followers of the cleric exiled in the US who stands accused of staging the July putsch. Voices of intestine dissent are equally silenced: the provincial AKP deputy Ozan Erdem was forced to resign after he declared that the country would face civil war if the constitutional changes were defeated in the vote.

From the external point of view, instead, the referendum is worsening the relationship with the EU with some of its member countries. As a “yes” victory would entail the shift of the “civilizational vector” of the society, the consequent loss of rights and freedoms would strike a fatal blow to Turkish EU membership, already lying in a state of permanent freezing. This would entail drastic consequences for the pro-European strata of the Turkish society, which tend to be the most educated and economically active, and which do not wish a departure from the EU and its values.

The European Union has taken stance on the side of democracy against holding the vote in the current state of emergency, lasting from last July’s coup d’état, and warned Turkey against the disruptive potential of the referendum outcome.

In the statement by the High Representative Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the EU argued indeed that “the proposed Constitutional amendments raise serious concerns at the excessive concentration of powers in one office, with serious effect on the necessary checks and balances and on the independence of the judiciary. It is also of concern that this process of constitutional change is taking place under the state of emergency”. Moreover, the representatives of the EU Commission declared that “the proposed amendments, if approved at the referendum of 16 April, and especially their practical implementation, will be assessed in light of Turkey’s obligations as an EU candidate country and as a member of the Council of Europe”.

In addition to that, the Turkish government has triggered clashes and diplomatic crises with several EU countries, notably Netherlands few days ahead of the elections and Germany, by qualifying them as “Nazis” because they would not allow Turkish ministers to campaign for the “Yes” among Turkish communities living within their borders. If the constitutional reform will be approved this Sunday, it is likely that relations will become even further strained.

The frail veneer of democracy of the Turkish leadership, contradicted by the authoritarian positions and the massive propaganda campaign in favor of passing the referendum, proves that the EU should not accept a positive outcome of the referendum as to do so would entail an implicit acceptance of the authoritarian shift in the country and of the repression of dissidents in the Turkish society. These consequences would contradict the values of democracy promoted not only by the EU, but also by NATO. Therefore, although cooperation with Turkey is useful with regard to the regulation of the refugees’ flow to Europe and to military cooperation, in case of approval of the constitutional changes both EU and NATO should reassess the need for allied relations with a country which is more and more revolving around an authoritarian leader.


yes we scan obama

Complicity & Negligence in Domestic Political Espionage

Below, is the latest edition of Chris Farrell’s On Watch.


I’m Chris Farrell . . . and this is “On Watch”

Keep your eye on the ball.  There are a lot of distractions and misdirection’s in Washington, D.C.  Some of them are deliberate, some of them are mistakes and errors exploited by political opposition and the media.  You’ve got to remain focused and not fall for the curveballs, change-ups and sinkers.

Today, I’m talking about a domestic political intelligence operation that dwarfs and trivializes Nixon’s Watergate.  It’s now clear that the Obama White House used national signals intelligence collection means to spy on political opponents.

Leftists are quite comfortable exercising all of the lever of the organs of the state. They come from a Franco-Germanic political philosophy that, historically, has always placed the state over the citizenry.  They derive their power and exercise it vigorously thru the state.

We KNOW that the Obama administration weaponized the Internal Revenue Service to obstruct and punish political opponents who had organized themselves as Tea Party groups.  It’s not an open question.

Through litigation, Judicial Watch obtained thousands of pages of material detailing the actions of Lois Lerner and others in a concerted operation to thwart the free expression of political opposition and organizing guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Were there any criminal prosecutions for this outrageous abuse of power and corruption?  No.  Why? Because the highly politicized FBI and Justice Department were complicit in the scheme.  After all, the IRS transferred 1.25 Million taxpayer files to the FBI so that they could thumb through them and look for anything “interesting.”

Now, we know that so-called “incidental collection” was the ruse exploited to target Obama opponents.  Even the use and emphasis of the term “incidental” has been manipulated to minimize and trivialize the unlawful exploitation of signals intelligence. After all, it’s just “incidental” – you remember the elementary school excuse used by children caught doing something “accidentally on purpose.”  That’s the insulting excuse you’re being asked to believe.

The Obama Administration National Security Advisor, and designated liar, Susan Rice appears to have orchestrated much of the unmasking  — that is — ordering the names and identities of US persons to be revealed.

With great irony, the American Left keeps crying wolf over Russia.  A few weeks back I dissected their false and misleading claims in a segment called “The So-called Hack” – I encourage you to go back and view that episode.  Russia has run Active Measures Campaigns against the United States since 1917 – sometimes with the active, witting assistance of people like NY Times reporter Walter Duranty and Senator Ted Kennedy.  To be frank – we’ve done the same thing – run various influence operations around the globe to encourage or assist various political factions.  There is nothing new under the sun.

Through all of the smoke, deflections and distractions – keep your eye on the ball concerning the Obama administration’s criminal abuse of national intelligence collection platforms and systems to spy on their political opponents.  There’s been nothing even remotely like it in the history of our country.

It is not just an abuse of individual rights – it’s an abuse of the power of the government and a crime against the Constitution.  The story will be frustratingly slow to develop, because many in government were either complicit or negligent in allowing it to happen.

Judicial Watch will pursue this corruption with every legal tool available to us.  You have my word.

I’m Chris Farrell . . . On Watch


76 Times Obama’s White House Illegally & Unethically Abused Its Power as Documented by Ted Cruz

A Shoe Drops: Obama Administration Spied On Carter Page [Updated]

How did Susan Rice know which Trump campaign and transition surveillance intercepts to unmask?

Susan Rice unmasked

border patrol agents

We are deporting Somalis — 4,000 are in the pipeline!

Although, much to my dismay, the Trump Administration is continuing to admit refugees (including hundreds of Somalis), I’m happy to see news like this about illegal alien Somalis being found and deported to Somalia.

For years we didn’t send Somalis back even when they committed one crime after another, but at least this portion of the Trump agenda is being carried out.

(BTW, the theory about not sending illegal migrants, even criminals, back to hellhole countries has been that it is too cruel for them and they will be in danger there.)

From the Voice of America:

Obama with Somali Ambassador to US in June 2016.

Somalia’s U.S. ambassador says his embassy has learned that U.S. immigration agents are planning to deport about 4,000 Somali nationals now living in the United States.

“We learned through immigration sources that the total number of the Somalis that are in the books of [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to be removed are close to 4,000,” Ahmed Isse Awad told VOA’s Somali service Saturday. “Most of them are not in detention centers.”  [Good luck finding them! They are probably on the way to Canada!—ed]

Since Somalia’s embassy in Washington reopened in November 2015, the ambassador said, about 170 Somali immigrants who either ran afoul of U.S. law or had their asylum applications rejected have been deported to Mogadishu, the Somali capital.

Most of those previously deported had applied for but been denied political asylum in the U.S., he added. Another group of Somali applicants whose requests for asylum have been denied are now in detention centers or prisons, awaiting deportation.

Is Virginia a magnet for criminal aliens?

ICE agents recently arrested 82 people from 26 nations during a five-day operation in and around the U.S. capital.

According to a statement from ICE, 68 of those detained March 26-30 had previous criminal convictions, for crimes including armed robbery, larceny and drug offenses. All but three were arrested in the state of Virginia.

Be sure to see the whole story.  VOA reports on one Somali deported in the past who simply returned with a new name.  He has been here for decades.  How many more like him are out there?


Jeff Sessions Delivers Sweeping Reforms to Protect the Border and U.S. Citizens

Australian Christians told not to wear cross after Muslims attack man wearing crucifix, yelling ‘F*ck Jesus’

hufpo al jazzera logos

The Islamist nexus between the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera

The Huffington Post has former Al Jazeera journalists writing articles.  Huffington Post Arabic is led by hard line Islamists from Al Jazeera.  The Islamist nexus between the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera is one of the top reasons why Florida Family Association is encouraging Corporate America to stop supporting the Huffington Post with their advertising dollars.

The Huffington Post published an article written by Ben Piven on January 12, 2017 titled“Why Al Jazeera America Failed, And Why We Need It More Than Ever.”  The subtitle stated “America desperately needs something similar to pioneer this new era of uncertainty and misinformation.”  Ben Piven “was at Al Jazeera for over 5 years, including several years at AJAM in New York City and also in Doha at AJE during the height of the Arab Spring.”

The Huffington Post Arabic edition is run by two hardline Islamists according to a report published by Breitbart.

Breitbart:  The Huffington Post Arabic venture is led by hardline Islamists

The two men leading Huffington Post’s new Arabic-language site have in the past been accused of having direct involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood and radical clerics; and one has openly expressed conspiratorial views that have been interpreted as having an anti-Semitic connotation.

Anas Fouda, an Egyptian native now living in Muslim Brotherhood-friendly Turkey, is the new editor-in-chief of HuffPost Arabi. He was arrested by UAE authorities in 2013 after being charged with being a leader in the Islamist group, according to a NOW Lebanon, which linked to an article in which Fouda allegedly admitted that he has been a member of the Brotherhood since 1988. Prior to becoming the Huffington Post Arabic editor, Fouda was an executive producer at Al Jazeera Arabic, a network accused of having rabidly pro-Brotherhood biases.

After examining his past statements, NOW Lebanon writer Alex Rowell described Fouda as “bread and butter MB; recommending for instance, articles praising” Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who is considered the spiritual leader of the Islamist group. Qaradawi has in the past praised Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as someone “sent by Allah” to “punish” the Jews. The Muslim Brotherhood kingpin’s arrest is now being sought by INTERPOL, the international counter-terror organization.

The Huffington Post’s Arabic venture was created after the left-wing news network teamed up with Integral Media Strategies, an organization led by Wadah Khanfar, who was previously employed as Al Jazeera Arabic’s managing director. Khanfar, like Fouda, has been arrested by an Arab government (Jordan) on suspicion that he was a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood terror group. Additionally, Zvi Mazel, the former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, has in the past noted with certainty that “Wadah Khanfar is a Muslim Brother,” and that the former Al Jazeera chief turned the network into a “weapon in the service of” the Muslim Brotherhood.

Khanfar was known to “work closely” with al-Qaradawi and the Qatari government, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs has reported. Under Khanfar’s control, Al Jazeera Arabic’s coverage shifted towards “encouraging opposition and promoting incitement against Arab regimes, exposing the corruption of their leaders and their entourage, while holding to an extreme Arab nationalist attitude against the US and Israel and extolling the values of conservative – and sometimes extremist – Islam,” the research institute found.

The Islamist nexus between the Huffington Post and Al Jazeera is one of the top reasons why Florida Family Association is encouraging Corporate America to stop supporting the Huffington Post with their advertising dollars.

islam wilders quote

WATCHDOG WATCH: The Media’s Smiley Face Islam


Islam smiley face Imogen.

Smiley face Islam.

That seems to be how the media is determined to depict the face of Islam. The media has unacknowledged, and at times unknown agendas on multiple fronts. It’s the perfectly natural outcome when a large group of people have essentially the same worldview and their check and balance on that worldview is each other.

There is not going to be much of a check or balance. In a word, bias.

The bias in Muslim coverage seems to be ensuring that all Muslims are painted as exactly like every other American, and that Islam as a religion is depicted the same as any other religion. The truth is that Islam is a mixed bag in 2017 unlike any other religion. There are many productive, pro-American, peaceable Muslims in the United States. We probably have the most moderate Muslim population in the world, on a whole, and a majority fit into the American culture.

But while polls show that American Muslims are some of the least radicalized in the world, they also show that Islam worldwide does not fit the media narrative and hundreds of millions believe Sharia law, for instance, a legal system antithetical to American beliefs. And that raises questions of immigration.

Yet the media persists in describing Islam as an overtly peaceful religion that preaches tolerance, and the thousands of adherents to Islam that participate in atrocities are not really Muslims. No real reporting on the millions that support atrocious behavior, but do not participate directly.

So the truth is there really exists a smiley face Islam. But there also really exists a hateful, murderous Islam. Both are true, but the media highlights one.

The happy face example

An example that beautifully illustrates this bias was published a little over a year ago in a well-regarded Florida daily newspaper. In fact, this particular Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper helpfully directed readers with the headline, “The Face of Islam in Southwest Florida.”

Here is the lead:

“Imam Yousuf Memon is the face of Islam in Sarasota and Bradenton — and it’s a face that smiles constantly and is quick to laugh.

“Memon, only 24, shatters the stereotype of a Muslim cleric.

“Before services Friday, he was dressed in a trendy Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie, jeans and flip-flops.

“He admits he’s much younger than most Islamic clergy, but in the eight months since he became Imam of Sarasota’s diverse Muslim community, his efforts have drawn wide acclaim.”

The brave Imam — truly a brave young man — condemns violence in the name of Islam and says if he got wind of radicalized Muslims in his community, the first thing he would do is report them to the authorities. Here here! That is precisely the type of leadership many Americans hope for from Muslim clerics. So that’s all great and may God protect him.

What is missing journalistically

But as to the journalism…this story is one big promotional puff piece for smiley face Islam on Page 1 of a newspaper. Paid advertising is only mildly more overt. There are verrrrrrry long quotes (which you rarely see) by the Imam explaining that his view is true Islam and not the violent views of others around the world and occasionally in the United States. That’s legitimate, except that there is zero balance in the story.

What is missing? No normal journalistic push back. No context. No actual tough questions or topics, which are abundant with the Muslim issue. As a former journalist, I would ask some basics such as:

  • Do you believe in Sharia law?
  • Do you think it is safe to let in Syrians?
  • How have ISIS and others gained such huge followings in your religion, particularly when no other religion has anything like this going on?
  • Why do such large percentages of Muslims around the world support Sharia and even support terrorism and terror organizations in many instances?

That used to be basic journalism. But none of those were asked — or were not reported if they were asked, which seems unlikely. Instead, we got a happy face Islam promotional piece ignoring all the tough questions.

This type of coverage played out recently in President Trump’s 90-day ban on people traveling to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries. The first day of the ban, 109 people were detained because of it, out of 325,000 who entered the country that day. All were released within 48 hours. But the media reported chaos at the airports (which was caused in part by a major computer outage at Delta) and referred for a while to the “Muslim ban” (an absurd characterization) while endlessly quoting people about the inhumanity and civil rights violations and un-Americanism of it all.

This is a constant within media coverage, and driven by a monolithic worldview that sees Islam as peaceful, violence as not Islamic, and Christian extremists are an equal threat as Islamic extremists. This is done in two ways: One, equating maybe half a dozen terrorist acts attributed to Christians in the past 30 years, to literally thousands of acts attributed to Muslims in the past 10 years. The false equivalence muddies the waters and makes way for the second way, smiley face Islam the reality.

There are obviously Americans like Imam Yousuf Memon who is an important and productive part of his communities. If all Islam were like him, obviously there would be no conversation. But the data overwhelmingly demonstrates that is not the case.

You just won’t get that in most media reporting.

RELATED ARTICLE: 100% of Christians Face Persecution in These 21 Countries

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

trump commander in cheif

Commander-In-Chief Donald J. Trump

Is our involvement in Syria and Iraq SCHITZOPHRENIC?

Many in leadership positions such as National Security Director McMaster and Secretary of Defense Mattis are woefully ignorant about the ideology of Islam as are most of their staffs and advisors. They have been Politically Correct for far too long which has led to this willful ignorance of what and who we are dealing with in the Middle East. This is a tragedy.

Islam has been split between two sides for about 1200 years. There are two major tribes and their hatred of one-another is intractable.

One tribe are the Sunnis, which includes the Wahhabis and some fellow travelers. They include most of the Moslem world starting with their chief financier, Saudi Arabia. For the sake of simplicity here, I’ll call this gang the SS which includes the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan, al Qaeda, ISIS, DAESH, and other alphabet soup monikers. They are SS.

The other are the Shia of Iran and Iraq which includes the Alawites of Syria. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll call these the SA. Hezbollah is a part of the SA.

Both are sharia compliant fundamentalists, hate the civilized west, and live for the death and destruction of us and one-another.

We cannot choose sides because no matter what we do, we will be the fall guy, the hated foreigners sticking our noses into their business, despised by one and all.

President Trump has vowed to destroy ISIS, which is SS, and we’ve been working to do this for years. This war on SS’s ISIS benefits the SA.

Last week the SA used a WMD in a gas attack on the SS in Syria.

President Trump attacked the SA in Syria which benefitted the SS’s ISIS.

Yeah, take some time to wrap your head around this. We are now taking both sides – simultaneously helping both tribes while attacking both tribes. Schizophrenic?

The media, and government officials are claiming that Assad attacked his own people. TILT! Fake news! Willful ignorance at its best! Assad, a member of the greater SA tribe – in keeping with a long standing 1200-year tradition attacked the hated SS tribe.

We defeated Saddam Hussein, a leader in the SS tribal branch in Iraq and turned the country over to the SA who have been exacting savage, barbaric revenge on SS tribal members for a decade. It will not stop.

Mosul, in Anbar province has been a homeland to SS tribals for about six hundred years. We are now helping the SA to ‘liberate’ SS Mosul by driving SS tribal members from a traditional SS homeland. Does this make sense? Or, will this become another cause for the SS to wage even more savage warfare against us and the SA.

The Iraq/Syria theatre (in military terms) does not meet the definition of a quagmire (defined as soft, wet ground). There is no appropriate counter-term that would define what I will now refer to as a sandmire (a sand pit) which aptly describes much of Iraq and Syria. Include Iran and we can call it the Greater Iran, a creature of our own doing.

We’ve been involved in battles in the sand mire for 27-years, since Iraq invaded Kuwait. [Before that, we assisted SS member Saddam in his long war with SA Iran.] We’ve squandered thousands of precious American lives and multiple billions of our treasure.

Most recently, we’ve been sending increasing numbers of our troops over there to fight (with the SA) against the SS. But, just this week, we joined forces with the SS to wage war against the SA.

We, our leadership, our media, our ‘intelligentsia’, the elitists in academia, have no real idea regarding who or what we are dealing with after 27-years without a clear victory. Might it be time to pack up and get out until we have a clear understand of who and what we are dealing with regarding this eternal war between the SS and SA tribes.

Who does know and understand: The Moslem Brotherhood in America. Russia knows.

The creators of the Balfour Declaration that chopped the Ottoman empire into countries occupied by both SS and SA members understand, too. For the British and French, it was a classically clever example of divide and conquer – keep both sides in permanent strife against one another to protect the greater civilized world.

Russia’s involvement is clearly defined and simple. The SS have attacked Russia’s southern flank for a thousand years, including being allied with Hitler in WWII. Russia hates the SS – the Turk branch in particular. Accordingly, allying themselves with the SA makes good strategic sense to them and letting the SS and SA to butcher one-another is fine. It keeps from killing more Russians.

Our involvement, with great willful ignorance influenced by the Moslem Brotherhood (MB) in America leaves us flopping around all over the place like schizophrenics.

What should we do? What is actually good for America?

Recognize that the Moslem Brotherhood is a dedicated hard core sharia compliant Civilization phobic organization that has infiltrated our government and insinuated itself all over America.

  1. Follow the lead of several relatively level headed, mature, and responsible Moslem nations and outlaw the Moslem Brotherhood and the alphabet soup initials identifying their dozens of subordinate anti-American entities in America. This has been proposed to President Trump who inexplicably has been waffling – which provides great benefit to the America hating MB – the SS whose worldwide SS members finance and support ISIS, al Qaeda and others, and who recruit Moslems from America to engage in hostilities (mostly anti-American or anti-Western) of one form or another all over the world.
  2. Take out the SA’s Iranian nuclear weapons programs. The Russians understand that when their honeymoon with the SA eventually ends, the SA (Iran) will unquestionably aim their nukes at Russia.
  3. Consider joining with Russia to provide all of the conventional arms to both the SS and SA that they need so that they can keep killing one-another which will reduce their attacks on us. This will also suit the “New World Order’ and Agenda 21 population reduction goals, especially regarding the SA and SS who have enormous birth rates.