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PODCAST: Cabinet Hearings, CNN – “You Are Fake News!,” Hungary Targets Soros

Trump’s future cabinet is cruising through Senate confirmation. And with the world in the state that it is, not a moment too soon.

Terrorism once again strikes Israel in the form of a truck attack. Sound familiar? Of course, the widow of the terrorist is already collecting a pension courtesy of the Palestinian Authority. Yet these people allegedly want peace? In Hungary, the Orban government takes the dramatic step of targeting George Soros’s network of NGOs. Good for them – Trump should follow suit. In France, populist Marine Le Pen promises repatriation of the French car industry, taking a cue from Trump’s (pre-office!) recent successes. Finally, China – continuing their provocations – deploys a sixth reconnaissance ship in the South China Sea.

With so much bubbling in the cauldron of world affairs, the new American administration can’t come soon enough!

Topics of Discussion:

  • Trump’s nominees testify before the Senate
  • Biden gets his very own medal
  • First steps in repealing Obamacare
  • Hungary targets George Soros
  • Widow of Jerusalem truck terrorist gets Palestinian Authority pension
  • China deploys sixth reconnaissance ship South China Sea

and more . . .

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The Face of GQ Magazine: Obama should ‘murder Trump & Pence’ for ‘Humanity’

A writer for GQ Magazine posted the below tweet:

rupert myers tweet obama assassinate trump

NOTE: This screen capture of the Tweet by Rupert Myers has been since taken down.

Rupert Myers, according to his Facebook page, is a “Political correspondent, British GQ. Also writes about society, politics and law for the Telegraph and the Guardian.” He is also a barrister, a British lawyer.

To answer Mr. Myers legal question, yes U.S. Presidents may pardon themselves. Mediateite.com’s Alex Griswold reported:

For those who were wondering, Law Newz’s Chris White argued in October that the president actually can pardon themselves for federal crimes.

So that answers barrister Myers first question. Now let’s look at the second part of his tweet – “Asking for humanity.” Griswold wrote,

“Still, Myers took a rather flippant attitude towards the angry responses. His explanation for the tweet varied, with Myers saying that it was only a joke but elsewhere claiming it was an innocent question about the president’s pardon power.”

Joke? This is more than a joke. Innocent? Myers is a barrister and a political correspondent. His tweet, when put into the context of his background, is anything but innocent.

It is here that Myers reveals his rational to commit two murders, justifying murder in the name of “humanity.” Killing in the name of humanity is evil on its face. In 1759 a classics scholar named Beilby Porteus wrote Death: A Poetical Essay”. The following excerpt discusses tyranny and provocatively contrasted the ramifications of small and large murders:

To sate the lust of power; more horrid still,
The foulest stain and scandal of our nature
Became its boast — One Murder made a Villain,
Millions a Hero. — Princes were privileg’d
To kill, and numbers sanctified the crime.
Ah! why will Kings forget that they are Men?

[Emphasis added]

Myers Tweeted this about the ABC News story of outgoing President Obama awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to outgoing Vice President Joe Biden:

We are going to miss the heck out of these guys

Myers also promotes the fake new story about President-elect Trump on his Facebook page stating:

By me on #Watersportsgate : If you decry fake news but revel in sordid claims about Trump, you’re a hypocrite http://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/decry-fake-news-revel-sordid-…/

Myers in his Telegraph article notes,

golden opportunity has presented itself to mock the President elect. Leaks about Trump’s predilections have produced a cascade of stories – a shower if you will – about the incoming President’s alleged fondness for an unusual sex act which does not bear describing.” His tweet is intended to murder Trump and Pence, his article is meant to “mock the President elect.”

Myers, as a correspondent and barrister, understands what he is suggesting will “sate the lust for power” by those who want to impose tyranny globally. Myers exemplifies the “foulest stain and scandal of our nature.” Myers, should something happen to either President-elect Trump or Vice President-elect Mike Pence or their families, will have blood on his hands.

Myers is the poster boy for what is wrong with journalism.

Myers, and others in the media, have gone beyond bias, beyond hate, beyond bizarre. A call to murder in the name of humanity is an oxymoron like cruel kindness. How is it that one human calls for the murder of two innocent men because they disagree with them?

History has seen this hate in other regimes, Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist Cuba, Cambodia and on and on.


Trump Protesters Vow to ‘Shut Down’ Inauguration, Related Celebrations

Trump’s Entrepreneurial Approach Threatens the Washington Establishent

Rosie O’Donnell: Declare MARTIAL LAW to Stop Trump!

EDITORS NOTE: 18 U.S.C. § 879 : US Code – Section 879: Threats against former Presidents and certain other persons:

(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully threatens to kill, kidnap, or inflict bodily harm upon

(1) a former President or a member of the immediate family of a former President;

(2) a member of the immediate family of the President, the President-elect, the Vice President, or the Vice President-elect;

(3) a major candidate for the office of President or Vice President, or a member of the immediate family of such candidate; or

(4) a person protected by the Secret Service under section 3056(a)

(6); shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.


Who is Checking the Fact Checkers?

Ever since private emails from the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party exposed massive crime and corruption inside those organizations during the 2016 election, so-called “fake news” has become a hot topic with propaganda networks and social media outlets promising to police and censor what they deem to be “fake news” in the future.

To accomplish this, they intend to use “fact checkers” to identify “fake news” and remove it from public view, in a system Goebbels would be very proud to call his own.

But who is checking the so-called “fact checkers?”


Snopes is the brainchild of husband and wife team Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, launched in 1995 at the pinnacle of the “MoveOn” from the Bill Clinton impeachment era. As reported by DailyHeadlines – “Snopes main fact checker is Kim Lacapria, who was formerly with Inquisitr, a site known for publishing fake quotes and hoaxes.  Lacapria was a huge disaster as a writer with many of her stories getting just 10 to 20 shares.  She is a vitriolic far left wing blogger.  While at Inquisitr she described herself as an openly left leaning liberal.”

David P. Mikkelson was accused of embezzlement in a divorce proceeding and arrested on charges of fraud and corruption. Mikkelson’s wife is reportedly a “non-voting Canadian.”

Yet, Snopes has been quoted as a reliable “fact checker” even recently, including by a few ill-advised or downright corrupt Federal Judges. For anyone to rely on such an overtly unreliable operation is either gross ignorance or an intentional misinformation op.


FactCheck.org is a creation of Annenberg Project, which of course, begs the question — who and what is Annenberg Project?

For starters, Annenberg Project is Barack Hussein Obama’s first community organizing employer in Chicago, as exposed by Thomas Lifson at American Thinker in 2008. Obama was a star student under the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, working in concert with lifelong cohorts William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn of Weather Underground fame.

On a broader view, Annenberg is a well-funded national community organizing operation highly active on college campuses. FactCheck.org is a subsidiary of Annenberg, designed to help control the public dialogue on behalf of Annenberg community organizing interests by simply labeling any information not favorable to their community organizing efforts as “fake” or “false.” Again, Goebbels would be proud.

A glimpse into the quality of fact checking by Annenberg is seen in their fact checking opinion of Snopes, which is almost comical. Essentially, these orgs are part of a closed-circuit left-leaning community organizing info-op that grant each other credentials based on utter nonsense. That’s the same system they use to check facts.

EXAMPLE: Snopes continues to promote the claim that “Russia hacked the 2016 elections” despite open disclaimers by the same Intel Agencies on that matter. Lead Snopes “fact checker” Brooke Binkowski is a San Diego backpack reporter who has spent most of her ink time on the subject of border security and illegal migration, writing for the Voice of San Diego.

Of course, the cyber-intercept of damning unsecured emails on the Clinton and DNC servers – leaked to the public by Wikileaks ahead of the election, now inappropriately referred to as “hacking the election,” isn’t actually “hacking” in traditional terms. But if you read Snopes and FactCheck data on the matter, you will see the hair-splitting mind-numbing journalistic gymnastics they go through to perpetuate the “fake story” against Russia, as the real story, crime and corruption in the DNC, remains off-topic and irrelevant according to these “fact checkers.”

Someone lies, then someone confirms the lie as “fact-checked” and true, and then someone confirms the credentials of their fellow fact checker. The cycle is complete and the lie stands as fact.

This circus has escalated in the “Russian hacking case” to Chairman of the Senate Arms Services Committee, John McCain, placing the United States on a war footing by accusing Russia of committing an “act of war” for allegedly exposing political corruption to American voters in a fashion that once made Woodward and Bernstein famous. Fortunately, not all Senators are as nuts as McCain and Graham.

So, who is checking the fact checkers? Who can be trusted as the gatekeeper of truth and justice in America? Snopes? FactCheck? Annenberg? The DNC? The RNC? ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNBC, PBS, NPR… anyone?


The only person you can rely on to check your facts is YOU! Of course, even YOU are not reliable if your facts are driven by an agenda, or if you are unwilling to do your homework. In a self-governed nation created of, by and for the people, only the people themselves are qualified to decide what is or isn’t true. To rely on anyone else is to become a willing victim of mass disinformation.


We believe we have identified Esteban Santiago as a radical Islamic terrorist


WeSearchr and GotNews published more of their findings that neither the government nor media have yet discovered or released: BREAKING: #FortLauderdale Terrorist #EstebanSantiago Joined MySpace As “Aashiq Hammad”, Recorded Islamic Music – GotNews

Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier,destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that “Islam had nothing to do with it.”

And take a look at the three songs recorded by “Aashiq Hammad.” The first one is titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah:

That song was recorded in 2007, 3 years before Esteban Santiago went to Iraq as a U.S. soldier in 2010, destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was a “mentally disturbed veteran”, although even they admit Santiago went into an FBI office in 2015 and told agents he was being forced to watch ISIS videos by voices in his head (or something).

2007 was also the year that “Naota33” was posting on an explosives/weapons forum about mass-downloading Islamic propaganda videos, as GotNews exclusively revealed yesterday.

“Aashiq Hammad” also has Bryan Santiago — Esteban’s brother — as a connection…

The Women For Trump Movement posted this on Facebook about the suspected Fort Lauderdale shooter:

“We believe we have identified #EstebanSantiago. We believe he posted on a forum for downloading Islamic jihadi videos in 2007. Stay tuned.”


Esteban Santiago, a.k.a. Aashiq Hammad

In a column “Who is Esteban Santiago?” Christal Hayes , a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, writes:

The gunman who opened fire in the Fort Lauderdale international airport Friday has been identified as Esteban Santiago by Sen. Bill Nelson.

At least five people were killed and another eight were injured in the shooting inside Terminal 2, which serves Delta Air Lines and Air Canada, according to Broward Mayor Barbara Sharief. Santiago was taken into custody after the shooting.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Santiago was possibly a “homegrown violent extremist” who followed terror groups on social media.

Israel said there was no evidence Santiago was a member of any terror group but detectives and federal authorities are continuing to investigate whether he had any ties.

Read more…

CBS Miami in a column titled “Official: Suspected Gunman Told FBI He Was Being Forced To Fight For ISIS” reports:

They add that in November 2016, he walked into an FBI office in Anchorage claiming that he was being forced to fight for ISIS. He was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

In 2011 or 2012, he was investigated by Homeland Security Investigations for child porn. Three weapons and a computer were seized, but there was not enough evidence to prosecute, according to law enforcement sources.

Santiago also has a record for minor traffic violations and was evicted in 2015 for not paying rent.

Read more…


Islamic terror cells shift from Mideast to U.S.-Mexican border

ISIS Supporters Use Fake Twitter Account In Name Of U.S. Diplomat To Spread ISIS Message

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Fakestream Media Watch: WaPo publishes two fake news stories in one week

The Washington Post has published two stories in one week that are untrue.

Warner Todd Huston from Breitbart News reports:

Amid all the inflated headlines about Russian “hacking” of the U.S., the Washington Post was forced to retool an article that falsely claimed a Vermont power plant was hacked by Russian hackers.

Late on Friday, December 30, the Post broke a story originally entitled, “Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont, officials say.”

The Post story went on to say, “A code associated with the Russian hacking operation dubbed Grizzly Steppe by the Obama administration has been detected within the system of a Vermont utility, according to U.S. officials.”

But it appears that the paper published the shocking story before actually getting any quotes from the power company in Vermont. It also turned out that the paper’s tale was wildly wapo-logoexaggerated.

Read more…

In a second column dated January 5th, 2017 titled “Former CIA director James Woolsey quits Trump transition team” states:

Former CIA director R. James Woolsey Jr., a veteran of four presidential administrations and one of the nation’s leading intelligence experts, resigned Thursday from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team because of growing tensions over Trump’s vision for intelligence agencies.

Woolsey’s resignation as a Trump senior adviser comes amid frustrations over the incoming administration’s national security plans and Trump’s public comments undermining the intelligence community.

Read more…

However on the Fox News The Kelly File Woolsey says he did not quit and that he was not a member of the Trump transition team and he did not quit. Watch the 4 minute interview between Woolsey and Kelly:

We will continue to monitor Fakestream media and expose their fake news stories. If you have any leads to other Fakestream media news stories that are untrue just leave a comment below and we will respond.


MediaMatters exposes who really influenced the election — hint, its not the Russians

As political scientist Bernard Cohen put it, the press “may not be successful much of the time in telling people what to think, but it is stunningly successful in telling them what to think about.”

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy analyzed news coverage during the 2016 general election from January 1st to November 8th, 2016. The study  titled “News Coverage of the 2016 General Election: How the Press Failed the Voters” flies in the face of the narrative that the Russians gave the election to Trump. Even MediaMatters for America agrees with the Harvard study and goes further to blame the “Fakestream Media” for Hillary Clinton’s loss.

In a MediaMatters column titled “Post-Mortem: How 2016 Broke Political Journalism” Matt Gertz writes:

The [2016 Presidential] campaign broke political journalism. Despite the vast differences between the two candidates, the message media consumers heard from journalists was that to an equal extent, both candidates were flawed.

In fact, according to Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy, which reviewed an analysis of news reports in major newspapers and cable and broadcast networks from January 1, 2015, through November 7, 2016, the conventional candidate actually received a higher proportion of negative coverage over the course of the campaign.


Chart courtesy of Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy.

Gertz goes on to point out:

In a prescient July 2015 essay, reporter and Clinton biographer Jonathan Allen explained that over the course of her career, “coverage of Hillary Clinton differs from coverage of other candidates for the presidency,” and warned that the “difference encourages distortions that will ultimately affect the presidential race.” He pointed out the reason public perception of Clinton is distorted: because “the media assumes that Clinton is acting in bad faith unless there’s hard evidence otherwise” and outlets are willing to serve as a vector for unhinged, unfair, or false attacks on her character.

Here, according to MediaMatters, is the real reason for Hillary Clinton’s loss in one graphic:


It was media coverage of Hillary’s email servers, stupid, not the Russians.

Gertz concludes:

Overall, however, editors and executives at major media outlets failed in their responsibility to present to their audience the full picture of the election in proper context, instead providing disproportionate scrutiny to relatively minor Clinton “scandals” in a way that ultimately resulted in a skewed picture of the election.

And that’s because the political press was unable to adapt its methods and practices to a dramatically different election season. In typical elections, news outlets often treat both major presidential candidates as relatively similar — comparing their flaws, scrutinizing their respective scandals, and framing the vote as a choice between two comparable options.

But this was not a normal election between two comparable choices. That sort of equivalency could not hope to provide viewers and readers with an accurate picture of this unusual race. And on balance, the press did not rise to this unique challenge. 

Even after 16 months on the campaign trail, political journalists never figured out how to accurately depict the unprecedented nature of Trump’s candidacy…

[Emphasis added]

So, even MediaMatters says it was the Fakestream Media who did in Hillary Clinton.

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Facebook to censor your news

Fakestream media is pushing, along with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, a story line that you and I must be protected from “fake news” for our own safety. Sounds like the liberal cartel wants to control the news like it wants to control your guns. This is all about power.

The Fakestream media got the 2016 Presidential election, and the Trump win, wrong in so many ways that it is scrambling to keep the truth from those who seek it. We now learn that the neo-Fakestream media, specifically Facebook, has joined in.

Katrina Trinko in her column titled “Facebook’s Reliance on Liberal Fact-Checkers Means Your News Is About to Be Censored” writes:

Facebook doesn’t think you know what’s “fake news” and what’s not.

In an announcement Thursday, the social media giant said it was going to crack down on fake news through a variety of ways, including letting users report what they deem to be fake news.t one item on Facebook’s list of methods to crack down was particularly concerning:

We’ve started a program to work with third-party fact-checking organizations that are signatories of Poynter’s International Fact-Checking Code of Principles. We’ll use the reports from our community, along with other signals, to send stories to these organizations. If the fact-checking organizations identify a story as fake, it will get flagged as disputed and there will be a link to the corresponding article explaining why.

When you look at the signatories on the Poynter list, you’ll find seven from the United States: ABC News, The Washington Post, Snopes, Associated Press, FactCheck.org, Climate Feedback, and Politifact.

Read more…

Of course nothing can go wrong with this, can it?

Jessica Guynn from USA Today in May, 2016 reported:

… According to tech news outlet Gizmodo, a former Facebook news curator says popular articles from politically conservative outlets on conservative subjects were deliberately left off of the “trending news” sidebar. Among the allegedly verboten topics: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and former Fox News contributor Steven Crowder.

“I’d come on shift and I’d discover that CPAC [Conservative Political Action Conference] or Mitt Romney or Glenn Beck or popular conservative topics wouldn’t be trending because either the curator didn’t recognize the news topic or it was like they had a bias against Ted Cruz,” the former news curator told Gizmodo.

Facebook denied the report, saying it has “rigorous guidelines” to ensure political neutrality in the distribution of news to its 1.6 billion users around the globe.

Read more…

The question is who is checking the fact checker? Who is checking Facebook? Will Facebook turn into Fakebook?

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New Book Warns of Catastrophic Earthquakes for USA

upheavalVeritence Publishing, Inc. announces today the publication of the book, “Upheaval!” which contains specific warnings of climate related catastrophic earthquakes the authors believe are about to strike the United States.

“Upheaval” is the culmination of years of research by an international team of climate and seismology experts and eleven months in the writing and editing stages.

The text’s primary writer John L. Casey, is both CEO of the International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) as well as President of Veritence Publishing, Inc. His previous book, “Dark Winter,” was the number one best-selling book on climate change at Amazon.com during July and August 2015 and was the first climate book of its kind to discuss the strong correlation between the climate and earthquakes.

The book “Upheaval!” is co-authored by prominent geologists, Dr. Dong Choi, who is the Director of Research at the IEVPC in Canberra, Australia, Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, who is Emeritus Professor of Geology at the National Saitama University in Japan, and Dr. Ole Humlum, Professor of Physical Geology at the University of Oslo, Norway.

The text paints a stark view of the future of the United States based on repeating cycles of catastrophic earthquakes, all tied to cycles of climate change. Written for the average man-on-the-street, “Upheaval!” uses historical earthquake records, climate trends, and energy flows within the Earth’s crust to predict this coming period of geophysical devastation.

“The long cycles of nature are once again turning against the planet and the USA in particular,” says Casey. “Our analysis has shown without a doubt, that the cold climate cycles of the Sun are when we have our worst earthquakes. A new solar minimum or ‘solar hibernation’ has begun and has been verified by the US solar physics community. It is expected to bring record cold weather and along with it, as history shows, the most damaging earthquakes. This wave of destructive earthquakes is expected to produce destruction and loss of life on an historic scale. This period of highest earthquake risk is expected to begin as early as next year and last through the 2030’s. We have very little time left for the cities and states in well known earthquake zones to prepare for this calamitous natural assault.”

Dr. Choi, says,

“The time and latitude based patterns of energy flow that drive release of great energy within the Earth’s crust, are solid indicators of what areas of the planet are most likely to see the greatest earthquake occurrence. In our book, we analyze the level of threat for the Cascadia Subduction Zone states, California, the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) states, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. For each of these high risk areas we examine the history of their past earthquakes in relation to climate change cycles and crustal energy transfer patterns to come up with our prediction for when they are going to see their most damaging earthquakes. Our findings are doubtless going to cause great concern in most of these earthquake threat zones since we have found the most likely window for these new catastrophic earthquakes opens in 2017. The cycle of numerous dangerous quakes for the USA, causing substantial loss of life, will not end until the 2030’s.”

I wrote in the Foreword to “Upheaval!”:

“If the geophysical predictions of John and his associates come to pass with the accuracy of John’s past climate predictions, then everyone should begin at once to prepare for the coming catastrophic earthquakes.”

“Upheaval!” will be available in eBook form in a few weeks but is now available in paperback at Trafford.com and can be directly accessed at by CLICKING HERE.


Beware of fake news and those trying to feed fake news!

Admittedly I get all sorts of strange e-mails, but this series of e-mails is the most interesting, informative and amusing I’ve ever gotten.

It began with an e-mail on December 1 from someone identifying himself as ‘Jake.’

Below is a chronological report on our e-mail conversation. I am taking out all references to numbers, ethnic groups and locations so that Jake (or his friends) can’t turn around and say I am promoting fake news.

Read this and tell me what you think!



My company is looking to provide jobs and housing for up to _____ (6-figure number) _____ (Muslim ethnic group) refugees in ____ and ____ (states). We are going to help them gain residence and resettle in the US so they can start a new life here. Can you point me in the right direction so that I may get in touch with the management of the refugee camps in _____and _____ (countries)? We have purchased two properties adjacent to our office park and manufacturing plants and based on early estimates we should be able to provide decent housing for at least ____(6-figure) people. Please if you can point me in the right direction as we are hoping to have these refugees resettled and getting their lives back together within ___ years. Our ultimate goal is the help them resettle in the area as seamlessly as possible.


Hi Jake, forgive me, but is this a joke? LOL! Tis the season of fake news after all….look forward to hearing from you if you are serious!


Hi Anne,

I’m not sure what would be a joke about it but yes we would like to help as many as we can. Please let me know if you have any information for me.

Thank you,



Call me.



I’m currently overseas and have not had great luck with phone service where I am. I wanted to find out if you had information on the management for some of these refugee camps so we can talk to them about our resettlement program. Our goal is to provide____ (5-figure) well paying jobs and housing to families totaling up to ____(5-figure) people.

Me (going along but noting a big discrepancy in the numbers he first gave me):

Hi again, Your numbers have changed somewhat. Tell me more about what you have in mind and if you have been in touch with the US State Department about your plans? What sort of jobs are you envisioning?

When do you return to the US?

Jake (highlighting mine):

____ (6-figure number) is correct, ____ (5-figure number) was a typo. We have manufacturing plants and office parks in___ and ___ (states). We would provide training and jobs rang from manufacturing, groundskeeping, to office work depending on the needs and skills, as well as our national and international frieght network. Because of the specialized nature of our work we have been able to streamline the immigration process to gain residence at a much faster pace than is normally provided for refugees. By providing specialized work we can not only ensure that our company has skilled workers for decades to come, we can also bypass the slow relocation process. That is the glory of working with a large company. Right now we have the capacity to fill ____ (five figure) jobs and provide housing for ____ (6-figure numbers, but not the same numbers) people. The most important next step in the processes is to reach out to refugee camps and _____ (Muslim ethnic group) communities so that we can begin the immigration process in the smoothest way possible. Do you have some contact details for me? I think this is a wonderful opportunity to save lives while making the US more diverse. I also feel personally that we need a lot more cultural diversity in the US because the barbaric White/Christian leadership is just so destructive on a global level. As our nation is a melting pot, a refuge for refugees, I hope to see our leadership represented in similar numbers.  [I hope you are having a good chuckle by now, it gets better, keep reading!—ed]


Can you tell me why you feel the ____(ethnic group Jake named) are the best choice for your purpose? No matter which LEGAL immigration program you go through, you still must go through the US State Department, something you would not have to do if you chose out-of-work Americans (of any color), plus they already speak English.

Maybe if you described the actual work, I might be able to make some suggestions.

Thanks, look forward to hearing more!


p.s. when do you plan to be back in the US so we can have a phone conversation?


_____(ethnic group) need our help, isn’t your website an advocacy group for refugees including the ____(ethnic group)? I thought you’d be the best person to talk to. I’ve honestly never met an American who was facing genocide, If an American is out of work they probably need to look harder. I’ve also found that immigrants have a better work ethic. Please let me know if you have the contact info I’m looking for. We build medical equipment, specifically MRI, Dental lasers, x-ray, and sample storage units.

 Me (we are now at December 6th):

Jake, let’s be honest, I don’t know what your game is. And who are you?

For someone supposedly wanting to get ____ (6-figure number) of refugees in to the US quickly, you know so little about the immigration process in America that I can’t believe any company has employed you to get the job done. And, that you would write to a blogger for information that bloggers are not privy to—information about who to contact in refugee camps in Asia—strikes me as incredibly naive (if that is what it is).

Tell you what, if you give me the name of your company (LOL! is it the SPLC?), I will believe you. (I told him I planned to write about his inquiry)


Wow, clearly your website is a fraud. You have no interest in helping refugees resettle in the US. That is pretty pathetic of you to have a supposed watchdog website for the benefit of refugees but ultimately have no interest in actually helping anyone, it’s just for show. I have written about 6 emails to you and you have not offered a single piece of useful information. We have offered jobs to immigrants for decades and the immigration process is handled by our legal office. I do not need sit here and waste me time speaking with a “blogger” if all you will do is ask me questions instead of being useful. From the brief look I had of your site, it seemed that you actually knew something about the situation in ____(country), but I guess that was false. If you can point me in the right direction so that I may get in touch with some camps, please do. If you are unable to provide this then please stop wasting my time. It seems there are two kind of people in this world, people who actually work to help others, and those who just blog about it….


“I do not need sit here and waste me time speaking with a “blogger” if all you will do is ask me questions instead of being useful.” [quoting Jake—ed]

Wow! Just wow! I’m wasting your time? You first e-mailed me hoping I would bite on some fake news. Sorry to disappoint you! Come on who do you really work for? No businessman looking to import immigrant labor would sound so dumb! (not to mention have such poor writing skills!) and contact a blogger for advice! Did you ever hear of the US State Department and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees?

Look forward to more e-mails from you!

Jake and his final salvo (or I think it is) on December 13th:

I’m actually dyslexic but do quite alright at my job and the pay is more than I will ever need. I don’t know what fake news you are talking about but you are a disgrace of a human being if you would use refugees to push a blog about helping refugees but have no interest in actually taking action. The fact that you are profiting by pretending to help others makes you not only a fraud, but also a joke. It’s ok, we have been put in touch with the management for two camps and will be beginning the immigration process shorty. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am that you would attempt to profit from the suffering of people. If there is any justice in the world you will also feel the pain and suffering these people experience. I have been to every corner of the world with my work and I promise you that if there is one group of people who deserve to live in refugee camps and face persecution it’s the average American white trash like you who has no concept of the world around them outside of their bubble of ignorance.

Good day, if you believe in God I hope that he has mercy on you. You are a disgrace and it’s artificial people like you who are the reason our country will fall.

Anyone want to hazard a guess about what Jake was up to all along? Was he trying to get me to report a fake news story? Write a derogatory e-mail to him? Trump derangement syndrome? Or, what?  Look forward to hearing what you think (no expletives or threats please!)!

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PODCAST: Trump’s Generals And The Real ‘Fake News’

With his nomination of General John Kelly (Ret.) to head the Department of Homeland Security, Donald Trump has added a third retired general to his would-be cabinet. Already the left is claiming that Trump is forming a military dictatorship of some sort. But their predictable crowing aside, our country today needs firm, experienced leadership. These men, who will inform Trump on security matters foreign and domestic, have proven backgrounds of courage, valor, and discipline.

Our disgusting mainstream media has a new phrase that they launch at the new generation of conservative/nationalist websites and media platforms: “fake news.” Yet aren’t these the same clowns who didn’t see Brexit coming? Who then predicted Brexit would destroy the UK economy? Who then didn’t see Trump coming? Who predicted his election would tank the capital markets? Who were proven to collaborate with the Democrats during the election?

We ask – who is the REAL fake news?

Topics of Discussion:

  • Trump’s Pre-Office Presidency
  • Cabinet appointments and Gen. John Kelly
  • Pundits of Propaganda: Pushers of Fake News
  • Italian referendum and the effect it will have on France and Germany
  • Harry Reid’s ignominious exit and the one gift he leaves us

and more . . .

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New York Times uses Book Review Section to tie Trump to Hitler by Cheryl Chumley

The New York Times, in its end-of-year review of the best books of 2016, suggested a tome about Adolf Hitler’s rise to power – a recommendation that on surface, would seem no big deal, save for the inclusion of one curious word: “timely.”

What exactly is so timely about a book on Hitler?

Donald Trump

PEOTUS Donald J. Trump

Here’s a thought: It’s post-Donald Trump win of the White House, and those on the left see the billionaire businessman as little more than an American Hitler.

Has the left not learned a thing from Trump’s win?

Mediaite’s Lindsey Ellefson picked up on the odd phrasing, which read in the New York Times: “Hitler: Ascent 1889-1939. By Volker Ullrich. Translated by Jefferson Chase. (Knopf, $40.) The first volume of a timely new biography focuses on Hitler the man, seeing him as a consummate tactician and an actor aware of his audience.”

Ellefson then wrote, in Mediaite:

“A book about Adolf Hitler‘s rise to power made the list, which is unsurprising. People love a good history lesson. But one word is slipped in the blurb that makes this especially interesting. What, exactly, is ‘timely’ about a genocidal, bigoted dictator’s rise to power…?

“A book about Adolf Hitler‘s rise to power made the list, which is unsurprising. People love a good history lesson. But one word is slipped in the blurb that makes this especially interesting. What, exactly, is “timely” about a genocidal, bigoted dictator’s rise to power…?

“Wait, it isn’t a reference to the election of Donald Trump, is it?”

Ellefson then goes on to cite the alt-right’s support of Trump – though Trump neither sought nor welcomed such endorsements.

Regardless, the larger story is this: The media is not honest. And the left-leaning media will use every trick at its disposal – even using something as tame as its book review section – to discredit Trump’s presidency, even before it starts.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on PamelaGeller.com.


Elites Reserve the Right to Decree What is ‘Fake’ and What is ‘News’

Legacy media corporations like the New York Times and Washington Post have big problems right now.

Consumption of their product is dropping. Public confidence in them has tanked. And in front of the nation and the world, they blew the biggest political story in decades by continually pushing the falsehood that Donald Trump had no chance to win the presidential election.

Any rational thinker might take some time for introspection and consider a course correction.  But rational is rarely a word used to describe the legacy media.

So it’s no surprise that in response to their spectacular fall from a once lofty position of prestige and credibility, news outlets like the Washington Post are doubling down by insisting that the elite must continue to assert themselves as the ultimate arbiter of what is real and what is news.

For example, the Washington Post recently spent a considerable amount ink publicizing the conclusions of “independent researchers” who insist that Donald Trump was swept into office by a “flood” of “fake news” spread by a “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign.”

These efforts, moreover, supposedly “exploited American-made technology platforms [such as Facebook] to attack U.S. democracy at a particularly vulnerable moment, as an insurgent candidate harnessed a wide range of grievances to claim the White House.”

The Post article goes on to detail the work of an organization, PropOrNot, which it describes vaguely as “a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds.” This entity – the membership and funding of which have not been publicly disclosed – published a “Black Friday Report” and website, which amplify these assertions. “[T]his propaganda is undermining our public discourse by providing a warped view of the world,” it states, “where Russia can do no wrong, and America is a corrupt dystopia that is tearing itself apart.”

PropOrNot’s prescription to the Red Menace that it identifies is to “[o]btain news from actual reporters,” in particular, “NPR, the BBC, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, VICE, etc, and especially your local papers and local TV news channels.” Its website also contains a list of “related projects” (initially identified as “allies”) some of which will be familiar (and not in a good way) to those who follow the debate over gun laws in America. These include Snopes and Politifact, among others.

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily discourage anybody from getting their “news” from any of the “reporters” mentioned by PropOrNot.

But the days when any thinking American will uncritically swallow whatever “facts” such outlets report (to say nothing of their opinion or analyses pieces) are long gone, and well they should be. Examples of their arrogance, ethical breaches, bias, and outright political collusion are now so numerous that their reporting, especially on politically charged issues like firearm policy, cannot simply be accepted at face value.

Of course, no example is so brutally obvious as the inability of outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post to comprehend that Donald Trump was a legitimate and viable contender for the White House. Not only did they formally endorse his competitor, Hillary Clinton, they portrayed Trump – and even those who would dare support him – in a relentlessly negative light, to the point that “normalizing” the man Americans would eventually choose as their president itself became a sort of journalistic sin. As it became increasingly obvious to most Americans that Trump would win, anchors and commentators for a number of news network could only react with incredulity, anger, and even tears, completely negating any pretense of journalistic detachment.

“Fact-checkers” have repeatedly and notoriously botched firearm-related claims. After Hillary Clinton said the Supreme Court was “wrong” on the Second Amendment and pledged to make that case “every chance” she got, Politifact rated “false” Trump’s claim that Clinton wanted to abolish the Second Amendment. The organization based its analysis largely on the premise that Clinton had not called for an outright repeal of the amendment, dismissing the fact that if the Supreme Court were indeed “wrong” about the provision, it would not protect an individual right to armed self-defense. Later, Politifact rated “mostly false” NRA’s claim that Clinton said gun confiscation was “worth considering,” even though Clinton said exactly that about Australia’s program of forced firearm surrender. As another news source put it, “NRA says Clinton said something she said. Politifact says NRA claim ‘mostly false’.”

News stories have also prominently misidentified firearms or demonstrated rank ignorance about simple firearm-related concepts. Several stories on the federal “assault weapon” ban (which of course concerned semiautomatic firearms) were dramatized on television news with footage of actual machine guns in action. More recently, Rolling Stone (currently subject to a sizable defamation judgment arising from a false story about gang rape on a college campus) breathlessly (and laughably) exposed the five most dangerous types of firearms as pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and derringers.

And reporters and news organizations have repeatedly been caught deceptively editing stories that deal with firearms or self-defense. Katie Couric is currently the subject of a defamation lawsuit for the misleading editing of an interview with a pro-gun group for an antigun documentary. The final cut of the film portrays the group as stunned into silence by a supposedly penetrating question, when in fact taped audio of the exchange proved the group’s members readily offered answers and rebuttals. NBC was caught blatantly doctoring the 911 call in the highly-charged case of George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, to promote the false impression that Zimmerman volunteered information about Trayvon Martin’s race as a basis for suspicion. In fact Zimmerman did no such thing and was only responding to a direct question about the subject’s race from the police dispatcher.

Throughout his campaign, Trump’s opponents sought to delegitimize him and his supporters. This effort continues, now that he has been elected. If anyone doubts this, try the simple experiment of attempting to find any positive coverage of the president elect in a major mainstream news source, especially any of those that formally endorsed Hillary Clinton.

The fact that newspapers like the Washington Post would try to pull the same stunt on their upstart competitor news sources is hardly surprising.

So read often and widely, but just remember that those who are now pointing fingers have plenty to be ashamed of themselves. And be especially critical of any news source that supports the regulation and investigation of its competitors, while exempting itself from those recommendations. If that reminds you of how the elites approach gun control, it should.


Why Mainstream Media Loves NBA Legend Marv Albert and Hates Bill Cosby

Last week, I was watching some NBA games on TNT and one of the game’s announcers was famed broadcaster Marv Albert. He is considered by many to be one of the top announcers in all of sports history. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1997, the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame in 2014, and the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2015. Some refer to him as “The Voice of Basketball.”

He is the same broadcaster that was accused of forcible sodomy and pled guilty to a lesser charge of misdemeanor assault and battery in 1997. Albert was given a 12-month suspended sentence.

NBC subsequently fired Albert only to bring him back on the air after less than two years. For a more detailed summary of the Albert issue, click on this link.

Now juxtapose Albert’s situation with the case of legendary civil rights activist, TV star, comedian extraordinaire, and incomparable philanthropist, Bill Cosby. Several women have come forward to accuse Cosby of drugging and raping them, but these accusers have provided no evidence to backup their allegations. Yet, Cosby is treated as a convicted felon not only in the court of public opinion, but also by most of his business partners, like NBC.

It seems now that women have declared a war on men, especially feminists like media chasing attorney, Gloria Allred. She is behind the women who implicated Albert and accused Cosby. She was also behind similar attempts to destroy former presidential candidate Herman Cain, golfer Tiger Woods and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to name a few.

Allred seems to have this insatiable obsession with bringing down Black celebrities, with Cosby being the most notable one, but that will be the focus of a future column.

Albert’s then employer, NBC, stood by him simply because he pled not guilty when the charges were announced back in 1997. According to NBC, “This past May, when charges against Marv Albert became public, Mr. Albert asserted his innocence and assured NBC senior management that there was no basis whatsoever to the charges. Today, given Marv Albert’s plea of guilty to assault and battery, NBC terminated its relationship with Mr. Albert.”

Now, this is the same NBC that cancelled Cosby’s new show that was supposed to air in 2014, right when these women all came forward with baseless charges. Cosby publically stated that there was no substance to these charges; unlike in the Albert case, NBC refused to stand by Cosby and give him the benefit of the doubt.

I will leave it to my readers to make their own conclusions, as to why there seems to be a double standard between how Albert was treated vis-à-vis Bill Cosby. Both are males, Albert is 75 years of age and Cosby is 79 years of age, one is White and one is Black, and one of them cost NBC money and the other one generated money for the media company.

Albert cost NBC money, because he was a paid employee, but Cosby made NBC money because he was a partner with them. So, they stood by the employee, who cost them money and rejected the partner who made them money. Can someone explain that to me?

So, it’s been about two years since NBC cancelled Cosby’s show. The same amount of time that Albert was made to sit on the sidelines after pleading guilty to a crime against a woman, even though others came forward and accused him of similar crimes. So, can we now expect NBC to reengage with Cosby about the timeline for bringing his new show on the air? Mind you that Cosby has never been convicted of anything.

I am sure that NBC stands for “Nothing But Consistency.” I am sure that NBC’s seeming double standard has nothing to do with race, especially when one actually admitted to wrongdoing and the other has consistently denied wrongdoing.

What’s even more amazing is that the very year Albert was charged with a sex crime (1997), he was inducted into the basketball hall of fame and has subsequently received similar types of awards since. A few months ago, Albert received a new contract from TNT, his current employer.

Again, juxtapose that with the treatment of Cosby. Without being convicted of anything, NBC cancelled his new show before it aired on TV, Spellman University returned Cosby’s $ 20 million gift, and several schools rescinded honorary degrees given to him.

Am I the only one who is noticing this double standard? One person was convicted in a court of law of a sex crime, but pleaded down to a lesser charge and was rewarded with new contracts, lifetime achievement awards, and given the good housekeeping seal of approval by corporate America.

The other person has been convicted of nothing and his whole life’s work and reputation has been stripped from him. In my best Fat Albert voice, “Hey, hey, hey, I got something to say.”

How can a man who has done so much good for so many people for so long not be treated better than a convicted woman abuser? This is truly America in Black and White and there is nothing funny about it.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Black Press USA.


‘Thou Shalt Not Speak…’

Not to bear false witness is the Ninth Biblical Commandment, and for journalists it should be the first; yet, 10 words used daily and even hourly by the media have for decades permeated the written and spoken word, all of them patently false:

  1. “settlers”
  2. “Palestine”
  3. “West Bank”
  4. “died”
  5. “attacker”
  6. “Palestinians”
  7. “occupied territories”
  8. “refugee camps”
  9. “settlements”
  10. “insane.”

Instead, the accurate terms are:

  1. “Jews” or “Israelis,” referring to people building permanent residences, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, businesses, public amenities, and houses of worship
  2. “Israel,” being the only independent nation in the particular area, with a long-established body of laws, history of commerce and industry, and being formally recognized by the countries of the world (No independent nation of “Palestine” has ever existed in history.)
  3. “Judea and Samaria,” being the legal names for the regions of Israel where Jews have lived for thousands of years
  4. “murdered,” referring to Jews from infancy through elderly whose lives are ended through acts of Arab or Muslim violence committed upon them
  5. “Islamic terrorist,” being a person whose religious ideology compels him to commit acts of violence against persons of other religions and their property
  6. “Arabs” or “Muslims,” referring to stateless peopleliving in the region of present-day Israel  and whose fellow Arabs and Muslims slaughtered and/or rejected their entry into existing Arab and Muslim nations, with sizes many hundreds of times larger than the tiny State of Israel
  7. “Judea and Samaria,” being regions administered by Israel through her victory in the defensive 1967 War and lawfully recognized under international law, historical precedent, and Biblical rights
  8. “cities” and “towns,” referring to the places where the Arabs and Muslims rejected for generations by their own people live in apartments and homes with full amenities and standards of living often better than in American inner cities
  9. “communities,” being areas of development for residential and commercial purposes under the laws of the State of Israel, including public governmental institutions, medical facilities, well-maintained neighborhoods, public utilities, private enterprises, and international industries
  10. “Islamist,” referring to a person whose religious doctrines drive him to commit acts of violence against those who are not of his own Muslim persuasion, their family members of all ages, and their property.

“Thou shalt not bear false witness” against the Jewish State through fallacious and inflammatory terms that re-write history and re-define a miraculous nation and its People, Divinely established and blessed, using words and images to make news rather than to report it as it truly is.  In truth, every news coverage that uses the word “Palestine” is ab initio false; since no nation of “Palestine” ever existed. Likewise, every news report about the “West Bank” has renamed geographic regions of Israel legally called “Judea and Samaria.”

When reporters have become falsification wordsmiths and historical revisionists, the world loses, as is certainly the case in this epoch of time.  Words matter, and history matters.  Lies matter especially when they determine history.

Lest we forget the horrific lessons of history’s lies, all of us, be we journalist or not, must use the words of truth to tell Israel’s story.  As it was explained to me by my student, Robbyn, like Joshua and Caleb, who corrected the false reports of their 10 fellow spies sent by Moses to survey the Holy Land before entering it to give an accurate assessment to the Jewish People, “We have to correct a bad report …. We have an obligation to fight a bad report” lest we will wander and be buried in a desert of lies.  

hear no evil see no evil report no evil

Hear No Evil See No Evil Report No Evil

For years the Obama administration has been conducting a non-effort war effort against the Taliban, Isis and other Muslim terrorist groups in Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, as well as here in the United States.  In fact, the president and his cronies in Congress and the U.S. State Department all have one thing in common. They have so far refused to allow the military to go hard after Muslim terrorists around the world.  Specifically, they have made it almost impossible for our military to properly do the job of killing menacing enemies and break things, because of politically correct rules of engagement.  Thus they prevent our mighty soldiers from imposing their will upon Islamic terrorists who are forcing themselves upon every nation that allows them to.

In addition, there is the rampant Muslim practice of raping boys and women.  I cannot leave out the fact that millions of black Christians and even black Muslims are living out their horrific days in chains as forced labor and sex slaves.  Why there has not been a world wide effort to squelch the Islamic threat to civilization is way beyond me and my usually immense ability understand situations as they arise.  But one thing is for sure, as America has by design been drifting away from her core common sense and Christian principles, she has been saddled with a litany of stupid and in some cases detrimental decisions.  Thus endangering our national sovereignty and personal unalienable rights.

The Constitution of the United States plainly states, We The People of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United states of America.  Article III Section three of the Constitution says Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.  No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt Act, or a confession in open court.

The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood or Forfeiture except during the Life of the person attained.  Not only has the Obama administration both adhered to our enemies, (Iran comes to mind) but has given them both aid and comfort.  Iran comes to mind again, along with illegal immigrants with Isis terrorists in their midst.  During the so-called negotiations with Iran Secretary of State John (Lurch) Kerry did nothing but adhere to every single demand the Islamic enemy leaders of that nation uttered.  In total, somewhere in the neighborhood of $2 billion dollars was handed over to Iran.  Recently, the Imam in the White House admitted that he realized that at least some of the money given to Iran will be used to fund terrorists.  This after Iran for years has been chanting death to America and Israel.  Iranians have added the boastful threat of blasting the United States mainland with long range missiles.

If Obama’s money handover to an enemy like Iran that is actively working with and funding bigoted American hating Islamic terrorists isn’t treason, then we need to apologize to Benedict Arnold.  Not only is President Obama guilty of treason, but Secretary of State John Kerry is guilty as well.   In an appearance in Bangladesh Kerry plainly stated that the media could “do us all a service” if they didn’t cover terrorism “quite as much.”  “No country is immune from terrorism, “Kerry said at a press availability in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  “It’s easy to terrorize.  Government and law enforcement have to be correct 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  But if you decide one day your going to be a terrorist and your willing to kill yourself, you can go out and kill some people.  You can make some noise.  Perhaps the media would do us all a service if they didn’t cover it quite so much.  People wouldn’t know what’s going on.”

If Kerry’s request wasn’t so insane, it would be hilarious.  Could you imagine the outcry that would occur if the Secretary of State during the Reagan administration had requested the media not cover the atrocities the communist the communist government of Poland or Russia waged against the citizens of those nations at that time?

Unfortunately, the current administration and the elite leadership in the House and senate are void of common sense and honor.  The U.S. Justice Department and State Department are similarly plagued with dishonor and I must add a severe lack in the willingness to act first and foremost on behalf of protecting We the People or American interests in general.  The shameful effort to hear no evil, see no evil or not wanting evil reported is reflective of an unwise, unpatriotic and an unwillingness to defeat enemies who are acting on their threat to defeat America and wipe Israel off the map.  To place the interests of our enemies above the need to defeat those enemies is the real unwise legacy of the Obama administration that must be taken into consideration, considering that fact that Mrs. Clinton wants to carry on the destructive missions of the Obama regime.

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