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Main Street Patriots decided that with the newest Star Wars movie premier on December 15th, 2017 creating a Culture Wars video titled “Join the Rebellion Alliance.” Enjoy it, share it and donate to Trump and the Rebellion Alliance.

May the Trump be with you in 2018!

Remember it was McConnell who endorsed Charlie Crist for the U.S. Senate — Vote for Judge Roy Moore

Senator Mitch McConnell has endorsed candidates that follow the swamp’s agenda, not the will of the people. We in Florida remember when, on the same day that Charlie Crist announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell endorsed him.

McConnell did not want the people of Florida to choose their senator, rather he wanted the people of Florida to elect his pick.

CNN’s Mark Preston and Peter Hamby in May 2009 reported:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, endorsed Florida Gov. Charlie Crist for Senate Tuesday, yet another sign that national Republicans are looking to avoid a GOP primary in the Sunshine State.

Crist announced earlier in the day that he would not seek another term as governor, opting instead for a senatorial bid. National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Cornyn immediately announced that he was backing Crist over former state House Speaker Marco Rubio in the GOP primary.

[ … ]

“Decisions are being made every day in Washington that have a direct impact upon the lives of all Americans and we need Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate to ensure that those decisions will benefit the citizens of Florida,” McConnell said in a statement released by Crist’s campaign. [Emphasis added]

We all know now that Charlie Crist, once a Republican, is now a Democrat member of Congress. So much for the political savvy of Mitch McConnell.

Now we have the very same McConnell supporting another Charlie Crist republican in the state of Alabama. reports:

“President Donald Trump admitted to Alabama voters Friday that he might have made a mistake by endorsing appointed Alabama Senator Luther Strange in the Republican primary.

“’We have to be loyal in life,’ Trump said. ‘There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.’

“Trump appeared in Alabama for a campaign rally for Strange, despite polling showing him still lagging behind his primary challenger conservative Judge Roy Moore.

“Trump predicted that if Strange lost, his political opponents and the media would cite it as a big loss for Trump, but that he wanted to repay the appointed senator for his loyal support in the Senate.

“’Both are good men,’ Trump said, referring to Strange and Moore.

“He specified that his decision was about loyalty and picking a candidate that could win in a general election.

“’Luther will definitely win … Roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election,’ Trump said.

“But he promised that if Moore won the primary, he would be ‘campaigning like hell’ for him in the general election.”

Watch this video to understand that its deja vu all over again:

Judge Roy Moore is the right man at the right time. He will work to make Alabama and America great again.

Please support Judge Roy Moore to represent the great state of Alabama in the U.S. Senate.

Montana special Congressional election on May 25th, 2017 heats up

Hi Folks. Lloyd here, checking in from Montana with Conservative Campaign Committee working to defeat extreme liberal Rob Quist for congress.

Mary has fallen in love with the Prairie dogs running around everywhere with their cute babies following them. I told her to forget about it. We are not taking Prairie dogs home on the plane to add to our 8 birds, two cats and greyhound.

Democrats have spent millions flooding the airways with ads lying about the Republican candidate Greg Gianforte. These people are despicable. Meanwhile, their candidate, Quist is nothing more than another Pelosi hand puppet to help fake news media’s impeach Trump scheme.

Mary and I stuffed envelopes for two hours yesterday. CCC is sending bumper sticks and letters to Montana Republicans urging them to get to the polls on Thursday, May 25th.

Mary ordered the 3 ft by 8 ft “GIANFORTE FOR CONGRESS” banner she and I hold on street corners during our CCC team’s numerous sign waving sessions. Response from Montana motorists honking their horns have been overwhelmingly in favor of Gianforte.

Conservative Campaign Committee is running get-out-the-vote radio ads on several stations. Miss Lulu is managing our phone-from-home initiative.

Folks, I am talkin’ old school, grassroots, do everything you can think of to push your candidate over the finish line campaigning. While it is grueling, Mary and I enjoy working with our CCC team, making a difference for our country.

The Bible says faith without works is dead. In other words, while we should pray for God’s blessing, it is crucial that we work toward what we want; putting legs to our faith.

The theme of our Montana get-out-the-vote effort is “All that is needed for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.”

Republicans outnumber Democrats in Montana. But if they don’t vote, we are toast! Please call your Uncle Joe or whomever you know in Montana and tell them to get to the polls THIS THURSDAY

I always try to taste the most popular local dish. Chicken fried steak is high on the list; flour battered and deep fried; placed on a bed of mashed potatoes and smothered in gravy. Sounds awesome. For health reasons, I ate a bit of cooked medium/plus rib eye. Delicious!

Georgia 6th: Amy Kremer Shades of Trump

Among the horde of Republicans running in the Georgia 6th special election, Amy Kremer is by far the true conservative We the People candidate. Through grassroots and the Tea Party, Amy worked her way to national relevance and influence. Amy played a powerful role in electing Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Allen West and other faithful conservatives.

Despite her impressive resume, Amy lacks political establishment pedigree. Like Trump, Amy is considered an outsider; not willing to play “sell-out-the-voters” ball with the big guys. Consequently, Amy’s campaign has been undermined.

Folks, I have been an activist in the Tea Party movement from its beginning. After Rick Santelli’s 2009 rant leading to the Tea Party insurrection, Amy Kremer was a mom who helped to plan hundreds of April 15th tea party rallies.

It was an exciting time; an amazing grassroots spontaneous phenomenon. Huge crowds showed up at tea party rallies attracting worldwide media attention. Some people jumped on the tea party bandwagon because they saw an opportunity for fame and riches. Over the years, I have seen patriot pretenders come and go; crash and burn.

Fake news media did everything in its power to destroy the movement by branding us a bunch of redneck racists against the black president. I thought it unwise to aid Leftists’ negative branding by writing about insincere tea party opportunists. I kept my pen targeted at defeating our real Nemesis, liberal Democrats and their media operatives.

Amy Kremer has remained faithful to the principles and values we shared since day one of the Tea Party movement. She has grown even more passionate about urging the GOP to have the courage to deliver for We the People.

One would assume Republicans would rally behind and celebrate Amy’s passionate commitment to honoring the Constitution, conservatism and making America great again. Such is not the case.

Like Trump, all our patriot sister Amy Kremer has in her corner cheering her on is you and me; We the People.

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A Republican win in Georgia will create huge momentum!

Folks, one the most despicable things about democrats is that they always promote themselves as doing the polar opposite of their true agenda. It is disgusting and evil. Ossoff running for congress in Georgia is a perfect example of what I am talking about.

Ossoff’s website says,

“We can be a strong, prosperous, secure nation and stay true to the core American values that unite us.”

Insidiously, the reality is the modern Democrat party leadership is repulsed by traditional core American values. And yet, they are trying to pull their standard bait and switch tactic on Georgia voters. We simply cannot allow them to get away with it AGAIN!

The dirty little secret is democrats are actively engaged in demonizing and undermining core American values such as self-reliance, hard work, making right moral choices, education and not thinking you have a right to your neighbor’s hard earned stuff. Americans are the most generous and giving people on the planet. But they object to the government confiscating their stuff and redistributing it among the lazy. And for that, Democrats call Americans mean-spirited and selfish.

Spending over $8 million dollars, the Democrats are busing in operatives from Michigan, New York and North Carolina to help Ossoff in Georgia.

This is a huge deal folks. Ossoff is the face of the Left’s anti-Trump treasonous undermine America movement.

Quoting Mighty Mouse, “Here we come to save the day!” 

My Conservative Campaign Committee team is in route to Georgia from the west coast. Mary and I are in Florida loading up the truck to meet them in Georgia.

Our Miss Lulu will call on you to commit to doing phone-from-home calls. Supporters need simply provide their name and email address and we will have a team member send them a phone list, script, instructions and walk them through the process.

Joe will probably send a fund-raising email asking you to kick in a few bucks.

We need you to help us maximize GOP voter turnout. Because that is what the Democrats have been doing for the past several weeks; quietly investing millions into turning out Democrat “Resistance” voters to try and steal away this GOP seat.
Please help-out wherever you can. This is all hands on deck folks. I am telling you folks, this battle goes beyond right vs left politics as usual. We are in an epic battle of good vs evil.

I feel like singing, “If we can stop them there, we can stop them everywhere, it’s up to you, please come through Ameri-c-c-c-a-a-a!!!”

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much!

FLORIDA BALLOT: Recommendations to voters for November 8th — Candidates, Judges and Amendments

Time to cast our ballots in the Sunshine State. As I have in the past here are those candidates, judges and amendments that I support and oppose. Hope this helps those who have asked me for my preferences.


Donald J. Trump



Sen. Marco Rubio


District 16: Congressman Vern Buchanan
US Congress, District 17: Tom Rooney
US Congress, District 19: Francis Rooney


State Senator District 23: Greg Steube
State Representative Dist 72: Alex Miller.
State Representative Dist 73: Joe Gruters
State Representative Dist 74: Julio Gonzalez



Karen Rushing


Mike Moran


Jim Bender


District 1 – Joseph Anthony (Tony) Sawyer
District 2 – Donna Barcomb
District 3 – Pat Wayman
District 4 – Jody Hudgins
District 5 – David Samuel


At Large Seat 1 – Sharon Wetzler DePeters
At Large Seat 2 – Tramm Hudson
At Large Seat 3 – Susan Tucker
Central District Seat 1 – William P. Noonan
Northern District Seat 1 – Jim Meister


Gina Messenger


YES: Charles Canady

NO: Jorge Labarga

YES: Ricky Polston

DISTRICT COURT OF APPEALS (Vote to retain in office, yes or no.)

YES – John Badalamenti, Marva Crenshaw, Patricia Kelly, Matt Lucas, Robert Morris, Samuel Salario Craig Villanti, Douglas Wallace.

NO – Nelly Khouzam, Stevan Northcutt.


I oppose cluttering the constitution with amendments on issues of a legislative nature.

Vote NO on all amendments.

CRITICAL: Amendment 2, Controlling marijuana use. NO. This affects not just medical marijuana. The amendment has loopholes that would allow recreational use of marijuana and marijuana-infused candy for children. Local governments are considering legislating their own rules to control marijuana because they’re unsure of the effect of the amendment.

Christian Coalition Voter Guides Now Available Online! 

Victory Can Be Ours

If there is one thing that is true about elections in our country, it is that things can change very rapidly.

Nothing demonstrates this reality more than the campaign for president.  In the last 90 days, candidate momentum has changed at least three times.  But since Labor Day, there is no doubt that Donald Trump has gained momentum, with polling in almost every battleground state and nationally showing that he has closed the gap with Hillary Clinton.

In key swing states, such as Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Virginia and Nevada, Trump has pulled either statistically even or slightly ahead.  And he has significantly closed the gap in a number of other key states, including a few that were not initially thought to be competitive such as Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire, Michigan and Maine.

The narrative that the media would have us believe, that Hillary Clinton has the race in hand, is not true.  In fact, some of the leading analysts and political pundits are admitting that Donald Trump has a better than 50% chance of winning.  This is a big change from predictions of just a few weeks ago.

This means that America’s law-abiding gun owners are in a position to stop Hillary Clinton, and we now need to put on a full court press to ensure that Trump voters are motivated to get to the polls on Election Day.

It means something else that is also important.  As Mr. Trump has improved his position in key states, we have also seen a similar improvement for several pro-gun Senate candidates.  Holding on to the pro-gun majority in the Senate is also critical, and the prospects for that outcome have improved in a very short time.

In states such as North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Missouri and Florida, gun owners can make the difference in who controls the Senate.  This is critical to stopping Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) from becoming Senate Majority Leader, which would be a disaster for the Second Amendment.

The message for gun owners is clear.  Now is the time to pull out all the stops to work to elect our pro-gun allies.  We need to talk to our friends and family to convince them of the threat that Hillary Clinton poses to our liberties and that we CAN win this election from the top of the ticket down.

We face a serious threat, but we also have a huge opportunity to win on Election Day and advance our efforts to protect the Second Amendment for generations to come.

Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative (CFR) is an NRA-ILA staff person who is living in your area, coordinating our volunteer activities with one goal in mind–ensuring pro-Second Amendment voters turn out to “Vote Freedom First!” on Election Day.  Your CFR is recruiting volunteers to:  register voters, make phone calls, knock on doors, generate letters to the editor, distribute candidate information, attend events and turn out the pro-gun vote on Election Day.  Please contact your CFR today to find out how you can assist in ensuring pro-freedom lawmakers are elected to office.

To find contact information for your CFR, please click here.

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Florida: GOP State Committeeman breaks ranks endorses Conservative for School Board

Christian Ziegler is the elected Republican Party of Sarasota County State Committeeman. Ziegler in an email has decided to endorse Teresa Mast for school board.

Ziegler’s email is entitled Sarasota: The Most Important Race On Your Ballot….

teresa mast bannerBelow are Ziegler’s comments:

With the Primary Election approaching, I’m often asked about which candidates I’ll be supporting in the Republican Primary. Out of respect for my position as Sarasota County’s Republican State Committeeman, that question typically goes unanswered because I avoid supporting one Republican candidate over another Republican Candidate and instead focus on the two goals that make up my mission:

  1. Ensuring victory by Republican candidates at the local, state and federal level; and
  2. Promoting and advancing the principles of the Republican Party

Those two goals make up my mission. The issue before me today is my motivation, which starts and ends with my almost 3 year old and 5 month old daughters. The moment my first daughter was born, I stopped living for myself and began living for her. Having another child just doubled up that feeling.

With that in mind, after reading that a “Progressive PAC” fueled by anonymous liberal donors is backing Caroline Zucker’s School Board campaign, hearing that the Sarasota County Democratic Party has endorsed Caroline Zucker, and reading an email chain making it clear that the Union is working for Caroline Zucker, I have come to the conclusion that we must prevent Caroline Zucker from overseeing the school district that my children will inherit, and I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.

So today, in what I believe is the most important race on the Primary Election ballot and in the best interest of our School District, I’m officially endorsing Conservative Teresa Mast for Sarasota County School Board and I urge you to do the same!

Here are the reasons why I OPPOSE Caroline Zucker and SUPPORT Teresa Mast for Sarasota County School Board:

Why I OPPOSE Caroline Zucker For Sarasota County School Board:

  • Zucker Is On The Wrong Side Of The Transgender Bathroom, Locker Room and Sleepover Issue – Zucker doesn’t stand with common sense and refuses to prevent students of the opposite sex from sharing bathrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping quarters during school field trips. As recently as last night, Zucker debated the issue on ABC7 and in a clear effort to avoid taking a position before the election, Zucker stated:  “I can’t take a position [on the Transgender bathroom/lock room/sleeping quarters issue] right now”  (Click to watch the video: Mast vs. Zucker – Transgender Issue Debate)
  • Zucker Heads Up A Liberal Organization That Sued Our Republican Governor & Republican Legislature – Zucker serves as the President of the liberal Florida School Board Association (FSBA), which has brought lawsuits against our Republican Governor and Republican Legislature in an effort to block better education options for those who need them the most – low-income students. Zucker has also expressed strong support for this lawsuit in the past.
  • Zucker Knowingly Misleads Voters – Zucker recently sent out a campaign mailer that appeared the show that Sheriff Tom Knight had endorsed her. Sounds standard for a campaign, however Sheriff Knight had not given her his endorsement, or permission to use his name and photo on her mailer. (Click to read: Sheriff Raps Zucker Over Campaign Material)
  • Zucker’s Fundraisers Are Put On By Democratic Party Leaders – The President of the Longboat Key Democratic Party recently hosted a fundraiser for Caroline Zucker. (Click here to read: Zucker Meet-And-Greet)
  • Zucker Supports Wasting Tax Dollars And Low Voter Turnout On Important Issues – The School District Referendum Election takes place in March and last election received just 16% turnout AND cost the Sarasota County School District $324,827.25 to hold an “off-cycle” election. If this election was held in November of a Presidential year, turnout would go up to 75% and it would not cost the School District a penny since it wouldn’t be an “off-cycle” election. Wouldn’t $324,827.25 be better spent in the classroom?
  • Zucker Breaks The Rules When It Benefits Her & It “Appears” As If Zucker Broke The Law – Even though Zucker is running in a “non-partisan” race and is prohibited from sharing her party affiliation without being asked, she ignored that rule when it benefited her. Even the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported that this action “appears to be a violation of Florida State Statute 106.143(3)”. (Click to read the article)
  • Zucker Has Been In Office Way Too Long – She was first elected to the Sarasota County School Board in 1992. Since then, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush AND Barack Obama have each served two eight-year terms, Google was 8 years away from being founded, and the Ringling Bridge still had a decade to go before it was built. It’s time for the voters to apply force term limits on Zucker.
  • Zucker Is The Deciding Seat – With 2 Conservatives and 2 Union Backed Board Members, this race will decide which direction the Sarasota County School Board will head. Do you want the School Board to represent the taxpayers, teachers, parents and most importantly, the students, or do you want the future of the School Board to be decided by an individual put into office by a Progressive PAC, the Democratic Party and the Union, whose sole focus (according to their President), isn’t to ensure great teachers and an amazing education for our students, but instead is to “protect [teacher] income”? (Observer, 10/22/14). A vote for Zucker is a vote for the direction pushed by the Progressive PAC, Democratic Party and Union Bosses.

Why I SUPPORT Teresa Mast For Sarasota County School Board:

  • Mast Is A Conservative – I’m confident that Teresa Mast will be committed to representing the taxpayers, teachers, parents and students of Sarasota County.
  • Mast Brings A Fresh Perspective – Teresa Mast is energetic, has never been elected to office and would fill Zucker’s seat on the Board with a fresh perspective focused on transparency & community engagement. (Read The Observer Endorsement)
  • Mast Listens To The Community – Teresa Mast has spent a good portion of her career working for the Sarasota County Government in a role where she was responsible for seeking, gathering and incorporating citizen feedback.
  • Mast Is The Deciding Candidate – This race will decide which direction the School Board will head. Will the School Board be controlled by an individual put into office by a Progressive PAC, the Democratic Party and Union Bosses or will the School Board represent their real boss – the taxpayers, teachers, parents and most importantly, the students of Sarasota County? A vote for Teresa Mast is a vote for the taxpayers, teachers, parents, and Sarasota County students.

I love Sarasota County. I’ll never be moving away from Sarasota County. Sarasota County is a place where other people hope that they’ll be able to retire to and that’s exactly what I intend to do. And because of that, my two daughters will be attending school in Sarasota County.

It’s no secret that my wife Bridget Ziegler serves on the Sarasota County School Board, and I’m sure the media will make that clear if they write about this email, but this plea is not about her.

Instead, the motivation behind this email is simple – as a Sarasota County taxpayer, parent, and conservative, I feel an obligation to speak up and do what I can to ensure that we elect the best person to represent us on the School Board so that our citizens, parents, and most importantly, the students (current and future, including my daughters) of Sarasota County have access to an amazing school district.

And that’s exactly why I urge you to reject Liberal Caroline Zucker and vote for Conservative Teresa Mast for Sarasota County. 

Please Vote On August 30th & Considering “SHARING” This Email To Help Inform Your Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Neighbors, And Everyone Else On Facebook!

Thank you for taking the time to read this important message and I look forward to working with you to ensure Republican Victory this year!

Christian Ziegler

Father Of Soon To Be Kindergartners – Conservative – Citizen of Sarasota County

Washington, D.C.: August 28th ‘Rally 4 Refugees’ funded by George Soros Tides Foundation

You have got to hand it to them (to the likes of George Soros and big progressive funders like the Tides Foundation), they know how to promote a propaganda campaign.  
Rally 4 refugees logo

We have told you on innumerable occasions that in September Barack Hussein Obama will be leading a major effort at the United Nations to open our gates even wider for hundreds of thousands of third world migrants to be placed in your towns. (We learned yesterday that ORR is gearing up to take care of over 200,000 “humanitarian arrivals.”)

September is also the month when the Administration (Obama and Sec. of State Kerry) will make their final determination for the US Refugee Admissions Program and submit their plan for fiscal year 2017. They said last year that they were shooting for 100,000 refugees for FY17, but we expect the number to be much higher.

The buck stops with Speaker Paul Ryan!

And, frankly there is only one person who is now in the catbird seat to stop them this fall!—Speaker Paul Ryan.  (I know your hearts are sinking, but that is the cold hard truth.)  Only Congress can stop them by not granting the money needed to place hundreds of thousands of needy people, some from countries that hate us, in over 200 American towns (through 350 subcontractor offices).

Now here they go attempting to soften up Congress by rallying in Washington for refugees on August 28th!

They are promoting their rally as a “collective voice against intolerance!”  From DCRally4Refugees (hat tip: Cathy):

In the midst of the greatest refugee crisis since WWII, advocates from across the country will gather at DCRally4Refugees, August 28, 2016 at the outdoor Sylvan Theater at the Washington Monument on the National Mall in Washington, DC, 10:00 AM – 2:30 PM (rain or shine).

The rally will raise awareness about the magnitude of the global refugee crisis, encourage advocacy and U.S. action to alleviate suffering through relief efforts and support, and stand in solidarity with refugees and displaced people worldwide. Anyone is encouraged to join the #SeaOfOrange, buy a T-shirt, attend the historic rally and use #DCRally4Refugees to show support.

Steps from the U.S. Capitol, DCRally4Refugees will call on the U.S. to provide more refugee resettlement and increased support to countries and organizations already involved, support proven relief efforts overseas, and offer resources for those who wish to help, raising a collective voice against intolerance.  [Message is clear, if you are concerned about the economic costs and the security for your community you are a hateful, intolerant boob!—ed]

Please read their website carefully.  They want people to attend (obviously), but they also want the Open Borders agitators across the country to send postcards to Congress, send money to them (LOL! through the already massively funded Tides Foundation) and to buy their orange T-shirts (these are master marketers!).

Here is the postcard they have prepared for their people to send to Congress.  If you can’t read the list of supporting groups click on the link above.  Most of the major federal resettlement contractors are listed.  And, although there are other Catholic groups, I’m not seeing the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (hmmm?).  What is up with that? Are you giving them too much guff in your parishes?

I still have a hard time understanding how decent concerned Christians and Jews have joined the globalists and are willing to help multinational corporations import cheap (slave!) labor! (Confirmed on my 30 day tour of the heartland).

Screenshot (1)

Go here and see that they are also planning events around the country!

Only two things you must do now!

So here are the primary things you need to do in the coming weeks (in addition to putting out fires where you live) — tell Speaker Ryan and your member of Congress to cut the funding for any expansion of the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and elect Donald Trump as the next President of the United States.


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Why I’m Endorsing Ray Pilon for the Florida Senate in District 23

The Florida Senate District 23 race has been filled with mud slinging, vitriol and attacks between candidates. And that’s just the Republicans running for the open seat.

Big money, the media, big business and the establishment GOP have worked to put into the District 23 Senate seat anybody but Ray Pilon. Sound familiar?

Ray is not beholding to big donors and has not gotten into the mud slinging pig pen, like some other candidates. Ray Pilon is the only candidate who is talking about and focused on the issues impacting Floridians. That alone is reason enough to cast a vote for Pilon.

But there are other reasons that compel me to vote for Ray Pilon. The reasons fall into four categories: Illegal immigration, law and order, the Florida economy, public education.


George Fuller, an expert on immigration issues, sent me the following in an email:

This afternoon I received a response from Ray Pilon posted below who is running for the [Florida District 23] state senate. I voted for him previously and will again.

Thanks George, if I make it to the Senate you won’t just hear rhetoric from me you will see legislation and a campaign to correct this [immigration] mess. What you have said all along is getting worse. It is a major priority for me and maybe my fellow legislators will finally wake up. I will seek your counsel as we move forward.

Ray [Pilon]

Illegals cost the state of Florida over $5 billion annually according to FAIR. This is a heavy burden on all Florida taxpayers. Andrea Billups from NewsMax reported:

An estimated 925,000 illegal immigrants lived in Florida in 2012, according to data from the Pew Research Center. They made up 4.8 percent of the state’s population.

The annual costs to Florida’s taxpayers were estimated at more than $5.2 billion, according to data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This deficit was calculated after state revenue from illegal immigrants totaling $261 million was counted.

FAIR reported the following costs associated with illegal immigration in Florida, broken down as such:

  • $3.34 billion went to education
  • $660 million to healthcare
  • $579 million to justice and law enforcement
  • $317 million to public assistance
  • $568 million to general government services


Ray Pilon was born in Pontiac, Michigan, and attended Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 1968. After graduation, he moved to the state of Florida in 1979, where he began working as a police officer.

Perhaps the second most important issue facing Florida is the maintaining of law and order. With the recent killings in Orlando and Fort Myers it is clear that the terrorist and criminal elements are always waiting to strike.

Pilon was part of that thin blue line keeping Floridians safe. He understands that without law enforcement officers there is lawlessness.


A healthy economy depends on low taxes, a skilled workforce, and a regulatory environment that encourages job creation and entrepreneurship. In the Florida legislature, Ray Pilon has worked to remove government-created obstacles to prosperity.

I am confident he will continue to work with Governor Scott to create jobs, cut regulations and increase the chances for entrepreneurs to flourish in the Sunshine state.


Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) was working on both a comprehensive bill to restore local K-12 education control and a focused curriculum bill to fix the loopholes in SB 864, passed in 2014 as FS 1006.283.

FLCA in a press release stated:

We are very pleased to report that Senator Alan Hays and Representative Ray Pilon are championing companion bills to fix FS 1006.283 and its loopholes:  SB 1018 and HB 899.

The purpose/intent of the original SB 864 was to assign constitutional responsibility for all instructional materials to school boards, and require a transparent policy/process for school boards and parents to remove objectionable materials. Due to several loopholes in FS 1006.283, the spirit and intent of the original bill are currently being ignored by many school districts in Florida.

FLCA later asked its members, parents and concerned citizen to “send a ‘shout out’ to Senator Hays and Representative Pilon, thanking them for their leadership.”

Ray Pilon has been a champion of moving power to students, parents and teachers in Florida.

Not sure what else I can say other than I urge all voters in Florida Senate District 23 to vote for Ray Pilon.

To learn more about Ray Pilon please click here.

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I’m endorsing Vic Rohe, Candidate for the Sarasota Charter Review Board – District #2

There are 20 Charter Counties in the state of Florida. In 1968, the electors of Florida granted local voters the power to adopt charters to govern their counties. In these counties the Charter Review Board (CRB) members are elected by the citizens of the county. This is the best way to keep local government in check. It is the purest form of power in the hands of the people, not career politicians.

In November 1971 Sarasotans voted to become a Charter County and control county government via an elected board of citizens.

That ability to control county government rather than be controlled by county government is under attack.

vic rohe

Vic Rohe

Vic Rohe is standing against this effort the disenfranchise Sarasotans.

The Sarasota County Charter is like a limited home rule constitution. It describes the structure of county government and the rules it must operate under.

As Rohe puts it, “Asking the County Commission to control their own power, is like asking your dog to guard your lunch.”

The Charter Review Board is made up of 10 unpaid members elected from 5 districts in county wide elections, one from each district every 2 years. The board holds public hearings at which the public can propose changes to the charter. The board then decides to put those changes on the ballot for voter approval, or not.

During a recent campaign stop Rohe warned:

Someone is trying to steal from the voters of Sarasota County. To Steal from us. Someone is trying to steal from you.  I’m talking about your right to elect The Charter Review Board. Also, your right to a fair hearing, of your ideas before that board. Once you loose these rights you will never get them back.

Right now, as we speak, the Charter Review Board has pending a proposal to change this elected [Charter Review] Board into an Appointed “Puppet” Board. That is a puppet of the County Commission. That’s the same County Commission that challenged in court the Term Limits placed on them by the Charter Review Board and the Voters of Sarasota County. But for serendipity, they would have gotten away with it.

Rohe’s opponent appears to favor turning power to government by taking the elected Charter Review Board away from the people. In a recent Republican Party of Sarasota straw poll Rohe is tied with his opponent in District 2:

  • Donna Barcomb: 126 (50%)
  • Vic Rohe: 126 (50%)

Rohe is a political and fiscal conservative who is committed to preserving the rights of the people as expressed in the original intent of the Constitution for the United States.

Rohe has pledged to keep the Sarasota Charter Review Board independent and elected by the voters. Rohe has a track record of service to the Sarasota County community and is well experience in Legal and Regulatory systems.

The benefit of having Vic on the CRB is that he will use his dedication and experience to help shape legislation for voter approval, only when prudent, and discourage ill advised or unnecessary changes to the Charter.

Learn more about Vic Rohe by clicking here.

Rohe wants to save the Charter Review Board from the political insiders and keep it in the hands of the people. That is why I am endorsing Vic Rohe for the Sarasota Charter Review Board in District 2.


Why I am endorsing Teresa Mast for the Sarasota County School Board

Children under 17-years old are 23% of America’s population but are 100% of its future. It is critical to elect the right person to be on local school boards for the good of the children and the future of the nation.

I met with one such person. Her name is Teresa Mast. 

Teresa is running for the School Board of Sarasota County Florida. I seldom endorse candidates but Teresa is an exception because she is exceptional. Here are my reasons for endorsing Teresa:

  1. She is not a career politician. Teresa is a small business owner who cares about her family and community. She understands that for children to be successful, like her own two daughters, they must be taught how to think, not what to think.
  2. Teresa and her daughters have personally experienced both public and private schools. Teresa understands the pluses and minuses of each. She understands education as both a consumer and mother.
  3. Teresa unequivocally believes in local control. She rails against any and all federal interference or mandates put upon the children, teachers, administrators and local schools. She does not accept the idea that the federal government can dictate local policy by using the threat of withdrawing funds from schools. This is a matter of power over public education and the power belongs at the local level not in Washington, D.C.
  4. Teresa will operate in the sunshine. Parents, teachers and administrators must know what the school board is doing in what are now secret meetings held behind closed doors. Transparency is Teresa’s middle name.
  5. Teresa is a listener. She understands that for too long the communication in the district has been top down. She wants that changed so that students, parents, teachers and school based administrators are not only welcomed to speak at school board meetings, but are encouraged to do so. Teresa believes that voices from the schools must not be filtered by district staff, but rather heard without fear or retribution.
  6. Teresa will be an independent voice and vote. She is not afraid to disagree on issues that impact the children, be it transparency in spending, to text book adoption, to pro-school house policies and less district control and more power to the students, parents, teachers and school principals.
  7. Teresa is not a go-along to get-along person. She thinks and acts independently on behalf of the children and parents.
  8. Teresa is a people person. The people always come first.
  9. Teresa is a woman of character. After 23-years in the U.S. Army one becomes a judge of character. I know Teresa is an honorable woman who will do the right thing.

Teresa is refreshing in that she is the exact opposite of the person she is running against. 

In Sarasota County the school board is considered a nonpartisan race. It is anything but that.

Teresa is the only candidate with Republican values running in District 2. She is the only Republican running in District 2.

To learn more about Teresa Mast please click here.

EDITORS NOTE: Teresa Mast’s District 2 opponent is a career politician who has a long record of failing to put the children of Sarasota County first, believes in kowtowing to the federal Department of Education, has violated school board policy and Florida state statutes, is a collectivist with her only concern getting re-elected to continue business as usual. Teresa’s opponent is a “Charlie Crist republican”, who has been endorsed by the Democratic Party and holds the same values as President Obama and Hillary Clinton when it comes to public education. To learn more about Teresa’s opponent see the Related Articles below.


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Regarding Sharron Angle: I Got Angry the Other Day

Folks, I got angry the other day. Mary and I were on the road most of this year campaigning for Ted Cruz. We’re back home in Florida. My grass is over a foot tall, neighbors are still polite and my lawnmower won’t start. I dropped off the lawnmower for Darrell our mechanic to fix. But that is not what made me angry.

I got angry thinking about how insane policies mandated by government are becoming the norm in America. We are being forced to accept numerous insane things like allowing men, even dressed as men, to enter girl’s restrooms. All of us folks whose common sense tells us that these government mandates are insane had better keep our mouths shut or be branded bigoted, mean-spirited, intolerant and haters; face prosecution and jail time.

I got angry thinking about how in the midst of surrendering more and more of our freedoms, conservatives are still being coached not to dare run true conservative candidates to stop the Democrats/Lefts insanity. Folks, I feel like that guy in the movie, “Network”. I want to run to my window, throw it open and yell, “I’m mad as heck and not gonna take it anymore.”

Our nation was founded upon patriots who were fed up. They said, “Screw it, we ain’t taking it anymore from the all powerful British.”

The American colonies were broken into two groups; the Loyalists and the Patriots. Patriots felt they were treated unfairly by British government; taxed without any say or representation. Patriots wanted to break free of British rule.

Loyalists behaved similar to battered spouses. Though treated unfairly, loyalists saw benefits in remaining British citizens, fearful of being totally on their own. Loyalists were also extremely afraid to go up against the mighty, seemingly unbeatable, British military.

Thank God there were courageous patriots, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Washington, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, Ethan Allen, Patrick Henry, and Ben Franklin who refused to listen to cowardly gloom and doom loyalists.

We have fearful GOP loyalists today cautioning us to be reasonable, don’t make the Left really angry by pushing back too hard and don’t dare run real conservatives. Thank God that we have conservative patriot warrior candidates today like Sharron Angle, Rob Maness and Kelli Ward to name a few.

anglebookpicTrue rock-solid conservative Sharron Angle is running for US Senate, Nevada. Patriots we must get behind this courageous, laser focused on liberty patriot sister. If I hear another person on our side say a real-deal conservative can’t win, I am going to slap them. Well, not really. But for crying out loud folks, when do we start firmly supporting conservatives with proven records of loyalty, patriots with histories of putting it all on the line for us? When do we stand for what we believe to be right rather than surrendering to the Left’s seemingly unstoppable fundamental transformation of America?

Patriot and national conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin gets it and has endorsed Sharron Angle for US Senate. Levin said he realizes that Angle faces an uphill battle against all the forces against her, but he is sick of it (mad as heck, not taking it anymore). Levin’s and other endorsements are great, but not enough folks. We need patriots across America to rally behind our patriot sister; calling family and friends in Nevada, telling them to vote for Angle in the fast approaching June 14th primary. Early voting starts May 28th

Sharron is seeking to defeat a RINO named Heck who voted with Pelosi and the democrats 62% of the time. Heck, Nevada’s so-called republican senator voted with democrats for gun control, to fully fund Obamacare and voted for amnesty. Well, what the “Heck” is the benefit of having a RINO, a democrat in disguise, in that seat? 

Three items atop Sharron’s list of democrat insanity she will correct is to eliminate Nevada Obamacare exchange, require voter ID in Nevada and protect student privacy.

My fellow Americans, we find ourselves in a similar situation as did our Founding Fathers, choosing to side with fear-driven GOP loyalists or brave conservative patriots. Battered conservative GOP loyalists will go along with the status quo, allowing Heck, a RINO to represent them in the general.

Taking a cue from our courageous Founding Fathers, brave patriots will back the true conservative in the race, patriot sister, Sharron Angle at

VIDEO: NRA Endorses Donald Trump for President of the United States

Fairfax, Va.— The chairman of the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund, Chris W. Cox, released the following statement on Friday:

“The stakes in this year’s presidential election could not be higher for gun owners.  If Hillary Clinton gets the opportunity to replace Antonin Scalia with an anti-gun Supreme Court justice, we will lose the individual right to keep a gun in the home for self-defense.  Mrs. Clinton has said that the Supreme Court got it wrong on the Second Amendment.  So the choice for gun owners in this election is clear.  And that choice is Donald Trump.  That’s why the National Rifle Association of America is announcing our endorsement of Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.”

The full speech by Donald Trump at the NRA:


Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. More than five million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at NRA on Facebook and Twitter @NRA.

Cruz: Finally, A President Committed to Really Fixing It!

Our Conservative Campaign Committee team has been traveling state-to-state, boots-on-the-ground campaigning for Ted Cruz in caucuses and primaries. After campaigning for Cruz in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we joined a rally led by Heidi Cruz.

In her speech Heidi shared how Ted fell in love with and memorized the U.S. Constitution as a teenager. Ted also memorized large portions of the Bible. Against all odds, experts and polls, Ted resoundingly won his bid for the U.S. senate.

Heidi cited her husband’s courage. He went to Washington as a Texas Senator fully committed to staying loyal to the Constitution and the voters who sent him. This is why it drives me nuts when I hear clueless voters say Cruz is a part of the problem or Cruz is disliked in DC. I want to yell, “Cruz is NOT a part of the corrupt system. Cruz is disliked because he is a powerful leader and advocate for We the People who refused to go-a-long to get-a-long. Of course, the DC politics-as-usual crowd are going to hate him.”

Folks, as I said, my CCC team and I have been traveling the country attending Cruz rallies. Every time I hear Cruz speak, I think, “Praise God! This is the man we have been praying, longing and waiting for; a president truly committed to fixing all that is wrong in our country, coming out of Washington.”

Each GOP debate has confirmed that no other presidential candidate possesses a better understanding of the issues and has better solutions than Ted Cruz. The best part is Cruz has a proven peerless record of following through with his promises.

Like Ronald Reagan, Cruz continues to out perform the polls and expert opinions. Clearly, Americans have had their fill of our country’s downward spiral imposed by Leftist governing. Americans are ready to make a sharp right turn. Cruz will win the general in a landslide. And Lord knows we desperately need Cruz folks. Our country is a mess.

In Nashville, TN, I picked up a local music magazine with an article praising Black Lives Matter. The gist of the article was America sucks for blacks and cops seize every opportunity to murder blacks. News flash: Blacks are murdering each other in record numbers, not cops. 

I am black and have witnessed first hand in my family the stifling impact of blacks believing Leftist/Democrats’ lies; filling blacks’ heads with victim-hood-ism and negativity regarding their remarkable country. The Black Lives Matter movement was founded on the lie that Michael Brown was shot by a white cop while trying to surrender with his hands up. The truth is Brown was shot while assaulting the policeman, trying to take the officer’s gun. And yet, the Left/Democrats continue to further the lies to keep blacks believing America is against them and only keeping Democrats in office will keep racist white America a bay. This is pure evil folks.

Cruz is proud and grateful to be an American and wants to bring us together as Americans; rejecting the obvious benefits of campaigning on the fact that he is Hispanic.

A line in the Bible says “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Man does this scripture apply to black Americans. Thanks to decades of Democrat deception, far too many blacks are ignorant to the truth that they are blessed to be born in America; the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it.

Our CCC team spent a night in Asheville North Carolina. On TV in the hotel lobby was a report about Black Lives Matter attempting to hijack a Trump rally. Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton commented how dangerous Trump is. I spontaneously spouted out loud, “No lady, you’re dangerous!”

Folks, this despicable woman played a major role in the deaths of our U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi and lied about it. Hillary looked Pat Smith in the eye and lied to the grieving mom about the circumstances which led to the death of her son in Benghazi.

Hillary headed the Bimbo Eruptions initiative to persecute and silence all the women with whom her husband, President Clinton, had a sexual encounter. Hillary sells government access via $250,000 fees for her speeches. Her email scandal is criminal and a major threat to national security. Her arrogance, condescension, superiority and sociopath lying are extremely dangerous. As a black American, it is particularly insulting hearing Hillary attempting to sound black when dressing black audiences; trying to fool us dumb colored folks. Everything Hillary and her fellow Democrats say or do is designed to deceive.

Ben Franklin said, “The sting of rebuke is the truth.” Folks, I can hardly wait to see Ted Cruz sting Mrs Clinton’s derriere with the truth all over that debate stage.” It is time that the American people see this corrupt, evil and sociopath presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, for who she really is.”

Ted Cruz is a huge blessing; a breath of fresh air. Honest. Straightforward. Cruz promises to rescind Obama’s thousands of job killing regulations. He also promised to repeal the disastrous Obamacare.

Cruz said “The social safety net should be a trampoline and not a hammock.” As a black American who has witnessed Democrats crushing the hopes, dreams and potential of members of my family by addicting blacks to generational government dependency, I view Cruz’s statement as tough-love; real compassion.

On foreign policy, Cruz said he will rip to shreds Obama’s catastrophic insane Iran Nuke deal.

Cruz promises to abolish the IRS; replacing it with a flat tax that Americans can file on a postcard.

God promises to bless those who bless Israel. Cruz promises to restore our relationship with our longtime ally, Israel. Ted Cruz is our guy folks. C’mon, letting come together as Americans and rally behind this once in a lifetime opportunity to vote for someone with the know-how, character and commitment to really fix Washington for We the People. Let’s rally behind Ted Cruz.