Colonel Leland Bohannon Needs Your Help!

Dear Fellow American,

Leland Bohannon

Leland Bohannon is a decorated colonel who has devoted decades of his life to serving our Air Force, including flying missions in the B-2 stealth bomber. He’s been ranked first on his performance reports, has been bestowed numerous honors, and trusted with oversight of nuclear weapons. In other words, he’s the model Air Force officer.

Yet Colonel Bohannon’s life and service are about to be completely derailed because he could not in good conscience sign a “certificate of spouse appreciation” for a service member in a same-sex marriage. Despite the certificate obtaining a signature from an officer of even higher rank, when the service member saw that Colonel Bohannon had not personally signed it, he filed an Equal Opportunity complaint against him.

The Equal Opportunity investigator claimed that Colonel Bohannon violated Air Force regulations by supposedly discriminating against the service member based on sexual orientation. The investigator acknowledged that Colonel Bohannon had asked for a religious accommodation, but claimed—unbelievably—that even had the accommodation been granted, Colonel Bohannon would nonetheless be guilty of unlawful discrimination.

As a result, his superior suspended Colonel Bohannon, withheld his decoration, and submitted a poor performance appraisal to the Air Force Brigadier General promotion board—the rank for which Colonel Bohannon is eligible—recommending that he not be promoted.

Not only is all of this a big waste of time for everyone involved, it is clearly unlawful and unconstitutional. The Equal Opportunity investigator completely failed to understand the nature of how religious accommodations work. Moreover, religious freedom law and military policy demand that he be granted an accommodation in an instance like this—where the objective is easily fulfilled with another signature on the certificate.

At best, this entire matter is a distraction for Colonel Bohannon. At worst, it could end his career.

Please sign the petition below. Colonel Bohannon needs your help!

God bless,




Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin
Executive Vice President
Family Research Council

VIDEO: What Happens When Google Disagrees With You?

Is Google open to a diverse array of viewpoints? Or is it an ideological echo chamber? Just ask former Google software engineer James Damore. He was fired for disagreeing with Google’s (left-wing) orthodoxy. In this video, James shares his story.

Remembering the Horrors of Kristallnacht – Lest we as human beings ever forget

This week marks a cruel yet hopeful anniversary. On November 9-10, 1938, a two-day period now known as Kristallnacht, Nazis plundered Jewish homes, schools and businesses across Germany. My grandfather, only 14 at the time, recalled seeing Jewish stores looted, books burned, and signs saying “kill the Jews.” Two days later, he received a letter from his family saying that his father, my great-grandfather, had been taken to Dachau, which we now know was the equivalent of a death sentence.

It has never been easy to come to grips with my family history. My aunt recently completed a family tree going back centuries; many of its branches end abruptly in the late 1930s and early 1940s. These names, no more than entries on a piece of paper to me, represent my heritage, my family—much of it lost in the hollow corridors of concentration camps. I can only imagine how my life would have been different had my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins never experienced the merciless brutality of the Holocaust.

My grandparents shared bits and pieces of their experiences with me as I grew up, careful to say only as much as they thought I could handle. One day, while riding around on my grandfather’s lap in his electric wheelchair, I asked him, “What is that number on your arm?” Transforming a physical characteristic designed to make him less human into a source of feigned pride, he told me it was a number that made him unique because he was the only person in the world who had it. Only later, as I approached my teenage years, did my grandfather tell me that a fellow prisoner tattooed the number—117022—on his left forearm when he arrived at Auschwitz.

Four years ago, on the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, I spoke publicly about my grandparents’ experience for the first time. Standing in the rotunda of the Minnesota Capitol, I read my grandfather’s account of being transported on a freight car to Auschwitz, stripped of civilian clothes upon arrival, and forced to run naked through a cold April rain.

My grandfather had the uncommon gift of being able to see the light of human generosity in the midst of near-total darkness. He recounted his experience at the camp hospital, sick and malnourished: German nurses reported to their superiors that they had discharged my grandfather when they in fact transferred him to another room until he was able to recover. Their kindness, he said—which they undertook at great risk to their own lives—saved him from the gas chamber.

My grandfather again saw the best and worst in humanity after he agreed to participate in an escape plot. The guards captured three co-conspirators, who were hanged in the middle of the camp as a prisoner orchestra played German songs to accompany the spectacle. The men took the secret of my grandfather’s involvement to their graves.

Only after years researching their stories and reflecting on their lives do I understand the message my grandparents had tried to impart—one of hope and gratitude, not bitterness or pity. As my grandfather said in a memorial service speech in 1979, we remember those who “lost their lives while fighting for their freedom, the freedom of us and the freedom of mankind.” He emphasized that “we, the survivors, have to let the world know that we will never again allow another Holocaust” and told the audience that “you, and you alone, have the responsibility to speak up for our fallen relatives and friends.”

My grandparents always said they were the lucky ones, and that they were left on earth to speak for those who had perished. Their guidepost was humanity, not indulgence in their own sorrow and suffering.

They spoke for their friends and family members who were not “lucky” enough to make it, and to ensure that the stories of those who perished did not become footnotes in a dusty history book in the library. Theirs was a message of optimism, intended to ensure that their children and grandchildren were able to lead a life free from the atrocities that they had witnessed. I get it now, grandma and grandpa, and I hope the world gets it now too.

Justice Stras serves on the Minnesota Supreme Court and is a nominee for the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

‘What is that number on your arm?’ I asked my grandfather one day, too young to have heard of Auschwitz.

City’s Illegal Alien Defense Fund Gives $17,500 to Terrorist Front Group

Ohio’s capital city has launched a defense fund for illegal immigrants facing deportation and thousands of taxpayer dollars will go to the local chapter of a terrorist front group that promotes itself as a Muslim civil rights organization. The pot of cash is known as Columbus Families Together Fund and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), a national organization that serves as the U.S. front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, will be among the recipients.

CAIR was founded in 1994 by three Middle Eastern extremists (Omar Ahmad, Nihad Awad, and Rafeeq Jaber) who ran the American propaganda wing of Hamas, known then as the Islamic Association for Palestine. In 2008 CAIR was a co-conspirator in a federal terror-finance case involving the Hamas front group Holy Land Foundation. Read more in a Judicial Watch special report that focuses on Muslim charities. Top FBI counter terrorism chiefs have described CAIR as an entity that not only promotes terrorism, but also finances it. One group has dedicated itself to documenting CAIR’s extensive terrorist ties which include a top official sentenced to 20 years in prison for participating in a network of militant jihadists, another convicted of bank fraud for financing a major terrorist group, a board member who was a co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and a fundraiser identified by the U.S. Treasury Department for financing Al Qaeda.

Allocating public funds to assist illegal aliens with their legal problems is bad enough, but giving some of the cash to a group like CAIR is like pouring salt on the wound. The effort started when Donald Trump got elected president. Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown vowed to help illegal immigrants fight deportation and posted this on her social media account on January 30: “In Columbus, we stand with immigrants! This morning I announced Council’s commitment to a legal defense fund to support our refugees and immigrants as they face an onslaught of new hurdles to keep their families together. I’m excited to get to work. Who wants to help?”

Last week the Columbus City Council made it official, establishing the new legal defense fund with a $185,000 infusion to help provide legal services to the area’s illegal aliens and their families. The money will go to various nonprofits that will also “educate detained immigrants on their rights under immigration law,” according to a local newspaper report. A nonprofit called Advocates for Basic Legal Equality Inc. will get the largest chunk of city money, the article reveals, but other groups will also benefit. Priority will go to Columbus-area illegal aliens facing deportation in Cleveland Immigration Court and preference will be given to cases involving children. CAIR will receive $17,500 to provide “legal services that help keep families together in the central Ohio immigrant and refugee communities.” This includes “know your rights” education sessions in Columbus that will cover encounters with federal immigration agents. Brown, the councilwoman behind the effort said “we’re sending a signal here tonight. We value our immigrants. We welcome you. We know that the demonization of immigrants throws them into the shadows and makes a class of silent victims. We won’t allow it.”

City leaders feel an obligation to protect immigrant and refugee families in Central Ohio from the financial and emotional devastation that results from aggressive immigration enforcement, according to a document describing the Columbus Families Together Fund. “The wellbeing of our immigrant communities is intertwined with the city’s overall wellbeing,” the document states. “Ultimately, Columbus is a safer, more just, and more economically vibrant city for everyone when we address the needs of all our residents.” It also says that, because an intact family is one determining factor in economic self-sufficiency and long-term child success, the city will also pay for additional services that help keep immigrant and refugee families together.

Columbus is not alone in allocating public funds to help those in the country illegally after the Trump administration announced a harder line on immigration enforcement. Last year two major U.S. cities that have long offered illegal aliens sanctuary allocated millions of dollars to help them avoid deportation. A few days after the Chicago City Council approved a $1.3 million legal defense fund to assist illegal aliens facing deportation, official in Los Angeles unveiled a similar program with a $10 million infusion.

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VIDEO: CNN caught deceptively editing, again

Months after Project Veritas exposed CNN for deceptively editing their news — in order to push a phony narrative that the facts don’t justify — they’re up to it again.

Check out this anti-Trump video CNN aired — and then watch as Project Veritas compares it to the footage of what actually happened.

Project Veritas has caught some of the biggest names in news — like CNN and The New York Times — actively pushing a biased, ideological agenda, rather than the facts.

And, somehow, they still think the average American is too dumb to figure it all out.

That’s why Project Veritas’s investigations into the mainstream media are so critical. The mainstream media won’t stop with their lies, deceptions, fake news, and bias — and it’s up to you and me to hold them accountable.

Watch as Project Veritas catches CNN in their latest, shameful round of deceptive editing now — and how our team is holding them accountable.

Thanks again for all your help and continued support of Project Veritas.

Delaware, Beware, of Kids Choosing Their own Race

“White boys could soon self-identify as black girls in Delaware.” So begins one of the latest columns of Fox News’s Todd Starnes, reporting on what parents probably wish was fake news. Unfortunately for the families in The First State, reality may soon be optional for kids in Delaware public schools. In one of the more incredible headlines of the year, local officials in the state’s Department of Education are actually debating a regulation that would let students choose their race and their gender!

If it sounds unbelievable, that’s because it is. For the last few years, families have been shocked that they’d have to defend traditional biology in places as sacred as restrooms, showers, locker and changing rooms. Now, the proponents of this government-sponsored make believe are trying to make everything self-subjective. It’s the campaign for these “protected characteristics,” local liberals argue, that would give children the ability to redefine their most defining traits. And without ever calling home! Under “Regulation 225 Prohibition of Discrimination,” students can make these determinations without letting their parents know.

“Prior to requesting permission from a parent or legal guardian, the school should consult and work closely with the student to access the degree to which, if any, the parent or legal guardian is aware of the Protected Characteristic and is supportive of the student, and the school shall take into consideration the safety, health, and well-being of the student in deciding whether to request permission from the parent or legal guardian,” the proposal states.

“Literally,” Delaware Family Policy Council President Nicole Theis told Starnes, “if a parent affirms their child’s biological sex, and now race, they are [considered] discriminatory through policies like Regulation 225. These policies are setting parents up as… unsupportive, even abusive, if they affirm their child’s biological realities…”

Of course, the irony is that someone’s being abusive, according to the American College of Pediatricians — and it isn’t parents! This is exactly the kind of agenda they classify as “child abuse.” Theis is calling on people across the state to get involved in stopping state officials from putting kids in dangerous situations — and keeping parents in the dark about it.

By law, the people of Delaware have 30 days to “comment” about the regulation, but the agency is under no obligation to change it. Hopefully, parents can apply enough pressure to force the governor to back away from the idea. Join Nicole and other concerned citizens by pushing back on this madness! If you’re from Delaware, click here to speak up!

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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The Korean War on Faith

VIDEO: The Korean War on Faith

President Trump’s speech in South Korea was remarkable for several things, but it was his mention of religious persecution that got our attention. In a message of warning to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, the president took the opportunity on one of the world’s largest stages to chastise the horrible conditions for Christians in places like China and North Korea. While the world watched, the president tackled one of the greatest human rights abuses taking place in the Asian part of the globe.

“In the part of Korea that was a stronghold for Christianity before the war, Christians and other people of faith who are found praying or holding a religious book of any kind are now detained, tortured, and, in many cases, even executed.”

“North Korean women are forced to abort babies that are considered ethnically inferior. And if these babies are born, the newborns are murdered. One woman’s baby born to a Chinese father was taken away in a bucket. The guard said it did not deserve to live because it was impure. So why would China feel an obligation to help North Korea?”

For many North Koreans, just the act of worship is a life-threatening proposition. Hunted down and terrorized for their faith, the underground church has lost countless members to prison camps (or worse) simply for sharing the gospel — a freedom most of us take for granted every day. From the very beginning of his administration, Donald Trump has been intentional about his desire to pick up the torch for religious liberty, first trying to secure it for Americans here at home through executive order and other directives. But with his nomination of Sam Brownback to Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom, the administration has shown its sincerity on restoring the United States’ reputation as a voice for the voiceless.

As we know from our friends at Open Doors USA, North Korea is ranked as the most oppressive place in the world for Christians — #1 on the World Watch List. So it’s no small thing that President Trump included the persecuted church in his admonishment of Kim Jung Un. As Open Doors explains, the situation is so dire that Christians are forced to hide their faith even from their own spouses. “Simply owning a Bible is enough to be considered an enemy of the state, and many North Korean Christians are spending the rest of their lives malnourished, mistreated, and dying in prison.” As quickly as things have deteriorated for Americans of faith under Barack Obama, the culture here is nothing like the nightmare our brothers and sisters face overseas.

When so many other priorities hang in the balance, we’re extremely grateful that President Trump made a point of highlighting the plight of North Korean Christians. Now, it’s time for the U.S. Senate to act on Governor Brownback’s confirmation, so that Americans can start giving the world’s persecuted new hope – first, that they aren’t alone, and secondly, that help is on the way.

For more on North Korea, specifically the nuclear threat, don’t miss FRC’s Lt. General Jerry Boykin on Fox News’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto.”

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC senior writers.

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Delaware, Beware, of Kids Choosing Their own Race

President Trump: Your Sworn Duty Includes Investigating Hillary Clinton

Dear President Trump,

With all respect and humility, I would like to remind you that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice work under you in the executive branch. Of course, any investigation involving you deserves the utmost respect and distance on your part. Morality and decency demands that. It is unfortunate that this same morality and decency is all but an extinct trait within the entire federal judicial system, to include the DOJ and the Supreme Court.

Although your separation in any matter described above is absolutely necessary, separation in other matters of the DOJ would equate to a travesty of justice and a failing of responsibility and duty bestowed upon the executive branch by the States and the people. I speak specifically in regards to the criminal prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

The DOJ has a constitutional and, I will say, a moral obligation to investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton for her innumerable criminal acts. As the head of the executive branch, you must ensure this happens so justice is found for all Americans, and specifically the many victims of Hillary Clinton.

Sir, you met the Haitian people in Florida and across America. You have been informed of the crimes Hillary Clinton has perpetrated and continues to perpetrate upon the Haitian people. I can tell you it is likely the same offenses are being perpetrated on other peoples and their countries, i.e. the Congo. Her actions not only create national security problems, they present a perception of the American people to foreign countries that is completely unacceptable.

Hillary Clinton must finally be brought to justice for her role in the murder of Americans in Benghazi. She must be held accountable for her role in the murder of Americans as a result of the Fast and Furious gun-smuggling scheme to Mexican cartels. She must be investigated for her collusion in the theft of land belonging to the American people to be sold to foreign governments for her profit. Her well established cooperation and associations with the Muslim Brotherhood must be brought to light. And, sir, if you begin in these investigations, I am confident a floodgate of evidence of other criminality will open.

I also realize that these investigations will be difficult and you will meet with many obstacles.  First and foremost, the obstacles will come from many political accomplices that will be exposed in this light. You, sir, did promise to “drain the swamp.” These investigations will not only drain the swamp, but will dry it out completely. This will fulfill your promise to the American people.

Another difficulty you may encounter will be the overwhelming taxing of the federal witness protection program. You will have to go to great measures to ensure the safety and lives of any witnesses willing to testify. After all, there is some indication, through past experience, that those who speak against the Clintons come to mysterious ends.

I suspect there are many trying to tell you that any investigation of Hillary Clinton would be politically motivated and therefore inappropriate. Morality and decency say the opposite. To not investigate Hillary Clinton because of her political affiliations is absolutely inappropriate, as we can allow no one can be above investigation and still maintain a just society. Hillary Clinton can no longer be permitted to hide her guilt through her political aspirations. A just society demands your attention to these matters.

President Trump, you may be the only person who is willing to bring justice back to America.  The American people are losing faith in their government and they need to know that people like Hillary Clinton can be brought to justice.

Thank you for your time. I pray you will take this solemn obligation with great sincerity. Many are looking for you to prove that American government can, once again, be dedicated to Liberty, Justice, and Morality.

May God, in his divine providence, give you strength and boldness in these troubling times.


KrisAnne Hall, JD
Founder of Liberty First University


KrisAnne Hall is a former biochemist, Russian linguist for the US Army, and former prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First Amendment Law for a prominent Florida non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne now travels the country teaching the foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has an internationally popular radio and television show and her books and classes have been featured on C-SPAN TV. KrisAnne can be found at


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EDITORS NOTE: For further reading on Hillary Clinton’s actions, click here and here. This column originally appeared in The Revolutionary Act.

Learn How to Find Illegal Votes

Co-Authors Jackie and Bruce Nutting have been eliminating illegal votes for the past 15 years. (PRNewsfoto/Jackie and Bruce Nutting)

UPLAND, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — “How to Find and Eliminate Illegal Votes” is a newly published election handbook aimed at teaching others how to find illegal voter registrations.  It was authored by Jackie and Bruce Nutting and released in October 2016.

In the book they present examples of actual audits and teach the reader how to examine their own voter registration lists and which laws to site when addressing any problems with election officials. There are clear directions as to how to request public records as well as court administrative records. Templates for presenting findings to county registrars, district attorneys and superior court judges are also highlighted.

This book is available at and

One chapter addresses the flaws in the National Voter Registration Act and the Help America Vote Act as regards a lack of critical information that should be given to non-citizens in order to protect their eligibility to be a US citizen.  Under the Immigrant Responsibility Act, a person who votes prior to becoming a citizen is no longer eligible to apply. This includes D.A.C.A. recipients and those seeking asylum.

Jackie and her husband Bruce Nutting have audited hundreds of voter registration lists through the non-profit organization they helped found, the Institute for Fair Elections.  They work with county registrars and district attorneys in California and other states to find and eliminate illegal registrations and subsequent illegal votes. In 2016 they eliminated over 1 million illegal registrations in Californiaalone.

Mrs. Nutting welcomes the opportunity to speak with members of the press and organizations who are interested in learning more about eliminating illegal registrations.

This is a handbook for those who wish to truly affect the election process. It has been reviewed by experts in the field of election law and found to be a breakthrough in grass roots effectiveness. The methods outlined are easy to follow and the laws … Co-Authors Jackie and Bruce Nutting have been eliminating illegal votes for the past 15 years.

Antifa and anti-Semitism

What distinguishes the left these days is its compulsion to forego dialogue and portray conservatism as inherently evil, while giving a pass to progressives who engage in violence, intimidation, and public vandalism.

The American media has been straining mightily to link Donald Trump to the “Alt-right” and to blame conservatives for increased anti-Semitism and social unrest.  Nevertheless, the uptick in partisan violence and anti-Jewish rhetoric these days seems to come more from the left than the right.  This is not to ignore the actions of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and right-wing extremists; but they don’t have sympathetic journalists portraying them as legitimate protesters or mainstream politicians rationalizing their conduct.

The Alt-right are also not instigating much of the conflict marring town squares and college campuses today.  No, this is most often the work of progressive activists and groups, like the Antifa movement, who engage in confrontation and seek to suppress speech.  And the epidemic of campus anti-Semitism is largely attributable to liberal BDS advocates, leftist faculty stooges, and Islamists – not neo-Nazis or white supremacists, who unlike progressives don’t have a symbiotic relationship with American academia.

One can disagree with President Trump or dislike him for any number of reasons, but he cannot reasonably be blamed for suppressing speech, encouraging political violence, or promoting anti-Semitism.  These excesses today are more closely associated with leftists who justify radicalism with dubious victimhood narratives and benefit from media enablers who downplay their extremism.  They are also empowered by the refusal of many Democrats to categorically condemn progressive intolerance.

Last summer’s shooting of softball-playing Congressional Republicans by a former Bernie Sanders volunteer exposed the gross hypocrisy regarding left-wing extremism.  Many Democrats failed to denounce the shooter’s motivations without qualification, instead lamenting “extremism on all sides” to imply that conservative rhetoric was somehow a motivating factor.  Such tepid denunciations contrasted with their penchant for vilifying political opponents as racists, bigots and fascists.  Instead of engaging in honest debate, progressive Democrats often excoriate Republican critics of Obamacare as granny-killing misanthropes, for example, and are quick to label those leading the charge against Muslim extremists as Islamophobic hatemongers.  They freely impugn their opponents’ humanity, but abdicate responsibility when their words incite violence.

This hypocrisy becomes clearer in its broader historical context.  When the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed in 1995, liberals blamed conservative talk radio until the public outcry against their exploitation of the calamity became a public relations liability.  Similarly, partisan ideologues accused Republicans in 2011 of inciting the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by a crazed assailant, who as it turned out was a political independent with a history of mental illness.  Despite the absence of any link between these tragedies and conservative speech, progressive activists seized both opportunities to disparage Republicans and call for unconstitutional restrictions on political expression.

It is not uncommon for partisan demagogues to gin up the base by demeaning their opponents.  Right-wingers do it when they accuse Democrats of being socialists or communists, and leftists do so when they refer to conservatives as Nazis and employ the term “fascist” to describe anybody with whom they disagree.  But what distinguishes the left these days is its compulsion to forego dialogue and portray conservatism as inherently evil, while giving a pass to progressives who engage in violence, intimidation, and public vandalism.

Progressive Jews are complicit when they define their partisan agenda as synonymous with Judaism, even though many of its core priorities (e.g., nontraditional marriage, single-payer healthcare, and Palestinian advocacy) are inconsistent with, antithetical, or simply irrelevant to traditional Jewish law and values.  By claiming their agenda is innately Jewish, they mean to imply that any deviation from it raises the specter of anti-Semitism.  This is nonsense, however, especially considering that anti-Semites who express their hatred as “anti-Zionism” or by spouting anti-Jewish conspiracy theories are among the leaders of progressive political society.  The acceptability of anti-Jewish bigotry was painfully obvious when party extremists burned Israeli flags outside the 2016 Democratic National Convention without censure from party leadership, which instead attempted to draw them back into the fold.

The Jewish left has also helped sanitize the image of radical groups like Antifa (short for “Anti-Fascist”), with some commentators comparing them to the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee of the 1940s, while implicitly equating American conservatives with Nazis.  There is no moral comparison, however, between Republicans and Nazis or Trump and Hitler.  And despite being labelled “Jewish,” the original Anti-Fascist Committee was largely a Soviet propaganda tool.  It was not really established to fight fascism or save Jews from the Holocaust; and it was disbanded (and its chairman assassinated) when its members criticized Russian anti-Semitism and sought to aid Jewish refugees after the war.  Thus, the attempt to sanctify today’s extremists by symmetry with a dubious political myth rings hollow.

Today’s Antifa movement claims to oppose all forms of bigotry, including anti-Semitism, but liberals should be troubled that many of the same anti-Israel academics behind BDS are among the loudest voices calling for a national Antifa campus network.  Considering the anti-Semitism observed among supporters of the now irrelevant Occupy Wall Street movement, fears that Antifa will attract progressive bigots should be taken seriously.

Liberals, unfortunately, have a poor record of spotting anti-Semitism within their ranks, as evidenced by their embrace of OWS despite the anti-Israel sloganeering seen at rallies, the calls of many supporters to “occupy AIPAC,” and the promotion by many of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

The failure to acknowledge leftist bigotry then does not instill confidence in the ability to monitor it now.

Despite claiming to oppose all forms of bigotry, left-wing extremists nonetheless seem quite tolerant of Islamists who believe in jihad, genocide, and the subjugation of religious and ethnic minorities.  Although Antifa does not have an institutional hierarchy that sets policy, it seems to draw from an ideological pool (i.e., the extreme left) that is inherently hostile to Israel and traditional Judaism.  Accordingly, rather than coddle it, the liberal mainstream should be wary of its goals and skeptical of its intentions.

The liberal establishment, however, will not be up to the task if it continues soft-pedaling radicalism or claiming that progressive extremism is an understandable response to right-wing effrontery – characterizations with which federal law enforcement would likely disagree.  According to recent reports, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security characterized Antifa’s activities as “domestic terrorism” in early 2016, although President Obama chose not to act on their observations or conclusions.  Similarly, Obama did nothing to curb the growth of anti-Semitism during his tenure or to contain domestic Islamists and front organizations.

And despite claims of rising Jew-hatred since Trump’s election, research has shown that much of the increase in anti-Semitic activity observed in recent years has been instigated by leftist and Islamist interests (though right-wing Jew-hatred certainly still exists).  Consequently, placing sole blame on white supremacists for the current wave of anti-Semitism – including abuses by progressive thugs against Jewish students on liberal campuses across the country – is deceitful, ignorant, or cognitively dissonant.

If liberals today are really vexed by a lack of civility in public discourse, their failure to condemn the excesses of their compatriots is curious and troubling.  President Trump has become a foil for them to deflect responsibility for their own incitement of hatred and social discord, which they euphemistically refer to as “the resistance.”  They accuse Trump of fostering bigotry against Jews (despite his history of supporting Israel and Jewish causes), while simultaneously facilitating progressive anti-Semitism by defending it as political speech or artfully blaming Israeli policies for engendering backlash.  In so doing, they ignore the role their identity politics has played in creating divisiveness over the last eight years – perhaps more than any policy of Trump in his first nine months in office.

Liberals and Democrats have every right to disagree with Trump, but they should hold themselves to objective standards of honesty.  If they are genuinely concerned about anti-Semitism now, they should explain their silence about it during the Obama years – when synagogues were defaced, cemeteries were desecrated, Jewish college students were assaulted, and the administration was complicit, by act or omission, in some of the most vile, anti-Israel resolutions ever passed in the UN.  Likewise, they should condemn BDS and acknowledge that a majority of their party has indeed abandoned Israel.  And if they truly want to purge their souls, they should acknowledge their failure to chastise fellow progressives for promoting global Jewish conspiracy myths and seeking alignment with Islamists dedicated to destroying Israel and exterminating the Jews.

Most importantly, they need to be morally consistent.  President Trump may be prone to gaffes and provocative statements, and he may not have the same oratory skills as some of his predecessors, but when he condemned anti-Semitism in the wake of cemetery desecrations a few months ago, he did not falsely equate it with Islamophobia as Obama’s minions were wont to do.  Nor has he ever treated Israel as shabbily as Obama did so blatantly for eight years.

If mainstream liberals are honestly concerned about rising bigotry and threats to free speech, they shouldn’t reflexively lay all blame on Trump and the Alt-right. They should instead acknowledge the left’s complicity – from its long history of anti-Semitism to its current assault on dialogue and dissent – and their own role in enabling both.  And they should pledge to do better.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared in Israel National News.

Good vs. Evil: The Moral Compass Lost

All people are evil. You are, as am I. It’s in our human DNA. Every one of us has had an evil thought. While not gender specific, men, I believe, have a far greater propensity for this because of testosterone. Now here’s the good news and the bad news.

First the good news.

While we are all evil by nature, we all have a moral compass. This moral compass prevents us from acting on urges or thoughts of violence. So, how do we come by this moral compass. Well, think, “It Takes A Village.” Your compass and mine are calibrated by the environment and stimuli of the world in which we live. This is all inclusive and includes parents, friends, teachers, clergy, relatives, television, video games, and just about anything and everything that we come into contact with during the course of our existence.

My grandmother had a saying when I was growing up, “Water seeks its own level.” The message that she was delivering to me was that our moral compass can be just as easily be compromised, which allows us to unleash and act on the evil thoughts and ideas that lurk deep within us. Turning off the moral compass is accomplished the same way as turning it on…..It Takes A Village!

Our Village has become corrupt and immoral.

The Village now celebrates homosexuality, Transgenderism, gender neutral and even Pedophilia in some corners as “diversity,” and scorns and shames those who disagree with them. To even suggest that you are a person of white skin immediately makes you a racist. The mention of the name, “Jesus” on television today will likely result in the word being “beeped” out so as not to offend anyone. This Village is full of rage. The NFL falls to its collective knees at the playing of our National Anthem in a clear show of defiance and disrespect.

There is no longer News either on television or print. What we have today is a competition for your mind to set your beliefs, your way of thinking to the right, or to the left. Everything is spin. Everything is either a half truth or an outright lie. You cannot trust anything that you hear or read. It’s a part of the war.

There is a war on boys!

Today, boys are being emasculated. it is no longer appropriate for a boy to act like a boy, it is offensive. Every day we read about a little boy on the school grounds at recess who kissed a little girl on the cheek and then is suspended for “inappropriate” behavior. A little boy draws a picture of a gun and is immediately sent to the school counselor for evaluation. Department stores are doing away with “boys departments” in favor of “unisex” departments. Five and six year old boys are being pushed by parents to be girls because they wear their mothers high heels around the house and the parent is certain that this is a cry for help from the child that they want to be a girl. Contact sports are being eliminated from schools because they are “hurtful.”

In 1971 I referred to a female gym teacher as a “bitch.” I was smacked and literally dragged to the Principal’s Office where I was suspended for three days. When I got home I was asked to recount the events that lead up to my suspension whereupon I was smacked again and given another three days at home doing chores. Today there would be a lawsuit against the school. In fact, students today act and say what they please in the classroom and teachers are helpless to do anything about it. They cannot force a student who is being unruly to leave their classroom. They must call for a Police Officer to remove the student.

Subliminal advertising is a brief flash on a television screen with a message.

It is so quick and so brief, you will not consciously see or recognize it, but subconsciously you certainly will. For instance, during the course of your favorite program, if the word, “Coca Cola” was allowed to subliminally appear 50 times, it is very likely that you would suddenly have an urge to “Have a Coke and a Smile.” It is interesting to note that in the world of television advertising, subliminal advertising is not legal.

It is a form of mind control and still, we are being subject to millions of these types of messages every single day. What’s more, I am not the demographic being targeted. Our young people are. The most impressionable among us are. Before their moral compass can be set. Today there is a war raging for the hearts and minds of our youth and those who wish to set the moral compass have been losing this war, badly.

It’s time we stood up to the facts.

The most recent and awful tragic shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland, Texas was the result of the loss of a moral compass. You can call it mental illness if you wish, but where did it start, and how was it propagated. Do not look to Washington, D.C. and politicians to fix this problem. When they start beating their collective chests about gun control, tell yourself this irrevocable truth; it’s only because they refuse to talk about the loss of a moral compass in our country, and so we will only continue down this path, unleashing the demons that have been strengthened and encouraged by an ever growing society that there are no vices or virtues, or borders, or rules. Only hate.

Canada falling for the aging population scam, will admit 1 million immigrants by 2020

The idea that in order for growth (why is that a good thing?) to continue, an aging population in western countries must be replaced by younger, mostly Muslim migrants, is what has destroyed France, Germany, Belgium etc.

Now Canada is falling for it. 

Does anyone really think that the migrants from the Middle East and Africa are going to work hard, pay taxes, and lovingly pay to care for us in nursing homes in the west in a couple of decades?  I don’t.

You probably saw the news already.  It is from last week.

From CBC News:

Canada will welcome nearly one million immigrants over the next three years, according to the multi-year strategy tabled by the Liberal government today in what it calls “the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.”


The number of economic migrants, family reunifications and refugees will climb to 310,000 in 2018, up from 300,000 this year. That number will rise to 330,000 in 2019 then 340,000 in 2020.

The targets for economic migrants, refugees and family members was tabled in the House of Commons Wednesday afternoon.

Hussen said the new targets will bring Canada’s immigration to nearly one per cent of the population by 2020, which will help offset an aging demographic. He called it a historic and responsible plan and “the most ambitious” in recent history.

“Our government believes that newcomers play a vital role in our society,” Hussen said. “Five million Canadians are set to retire by 2035 and we have fewer people working to support seniors and retirees.”

So they think that there will be enough workers to support Canadian citizen seniors and the new impoverished migrants on welfare too!

Continue reading here.

Trump migration…..

If they are looking for so many immigrants why has Trudeau been squawking about all those ‘refugees’ flooding in to Canada from the US.  Don’t they count toward the 300,000 for 2017?

See my Canada category here.  What happens when Canada is overloaded?  You guessed it, there will be migration southward!

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Christian center fires man for helping stage ‘Exposing Sharia’ event

On October 21, Jihad Watch brought you the news of an event in Minnesota called “Exposing Sharia and the Deception of Islam,” that had been canceled by the venue where it was supposed to be held. I just received this email from one of the organizers, explaining what happened next. Please contact the Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch and politely and courteously register disapproval of their Sharia compliance and persecution of Gary Froiland for calling attention to unwelcome and unpopular truths.

I wrote to Bob Bardwell and Tracy Bashore and asked them these questions:

  1. Can you confirm that Gary Froiland was a Board member of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch?
  2. Can you confirm that he was fired for his role in the “Exposing Sharia” event?
  3. Do you believe that criticism of jihad terror and the oppression that is justified under Islamic law (Sharia) ought to be off-limits? If so, do you believe the same thing about criticism of Christianity? If not, why did you consider it necessary to fire Mr. Froiland?

Bardwell did not answer. Bashore confirmed that Gary Froiland had been on the Ironwood Springs Board but declined comment on anything else.

Thank you for your article sharing the dilemma about our event in Rochester, Minnesota to have Usama Dakdok speak. I am Gary Froiland, one of the guys helping with this event, and I am the one who designed the poster.

After a pastor who promised us his church backed out the night before the event to have Usama Dakdok speak this past spring in Rochester, we planned to attempt it again in the fall with the American Legion. That should be a patriotic place to have an educational speaker explain why Sharia is not compatible with our constitution. But they too backed out of the contract and gave us our money back after they received pressure from the Sheriff’s department. So we tried the Stewartville Sportsman’s Club.

That’s where your article picked up. We had just covered the town of Stewartville putting door hanging sleeves on nearly every house in town, containing the brochure “Islam in a Nutshell, Peaceful or Violent?” which includes the “Growth of Islam” chart by Bill Warner (Center for the Study of Political Islam). That’s when the Rochester Post Bulletin discovered the door hangings, and the Stewartville Sportsman Club backed out of their contract. Our team met with their board, but without convincing them to let us use their facility.

But we were not about to give up. Next I took my turn to rent a facility. The Cascade Town Hall just north of Rochester was suggested. I rented it as a “Pre-Halloween Family Event”, and added that I would be playing music. (you can type in Gary Froiland in YouTube and see some of my One-Man-Band videos). So we were able to rent the facility. We emailed people three hours before the event to give them the location, hoping that would keep protesters away. About 80 people came!

Late afternoon before the event, after Usama had arrived, he called the Rochester Post Bulletin and invited them to interview him. They jumped at that opportunity for a good story, but didn’t stay long enough to hear the heart of the message, but interviewed him, took some pictures and left. That was Sunday night, October 29th.

The next day the article came out with the front page news. Overall, it was a quite honest article. My name, Gary Froiland, is mentioned in the article, since I was the one who had rented the hall. They made it sound like I deceived them when renting, because I never mentioned we’d have a speaker, but that it was a “Pre-Halloween Family Event (the paper called it a “party”). The event was to start at 6 pm, and those invited were told that I would play music at 5:30 pm for those who came early. That I did, and then closed my half hour by leading everyone in the pledge of allegiance, and had a prayer. Then Usama did his nearly 3-hour presentation.

Now the story continues: Monday the article came out in the Post Bulletin, and my boss read it. My name was in the article, and when I got to work the next morning (at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch,, the boss (Tracy Bashore) met me first thing and fired me for my involvement in an exposing Islam event. So I was out of a job because of our attempt at Freedom of Speech.

I was on the board of that Christian Ranch for 20 years, and the last four years have been a full-time employee. A job opening came up at Ironwood and they hired me for that position in June of 2013. As an employee, I cannot be a board member, so I went off the board at that time. So since June of 2013 I have worked full time at Ironwood.

Bob Bardwell ( had founded the Ranch in 1976, and even though he’s very involved every day there, he gave the job of Director to Tracy Bashore ( It was Tracy and other liberal employees at the Ranch who had a problem with my involvement with exposing Islam, and now that I was more public with it, he made sure it cost me my job. So I guess I don’t have any freedom of speech either.

A week before that, it was my turn to lead in devotions at the Ironwood Staff meeting (we have one on Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings). I had my devotions on Ephesians 6:12 and focused my talk and PowerPoint on Islam and how many of our brothers and sisters are being beheaded for their faith, and some of them praying “Oh Lord, let us be shot”, because they are awaiting execution by beheading, and are praying to die by gunshot instead. The devotions exposed Islam for those on staff who were ignorant. However, there are several liberals working there, and they were very vocal after my devotions about my “Hate” speech.

Tracy related how the Ranch has a good reputation in the community and some Muslims visit the Ranch from time to time, and he doesn’t want to insult them. So with my controversial devotions, and then a week later, my name in the paper having helped make the Usama Dakdok event happen, that was the last straw and cost me my job.

I thought you might be interested in hearing “The Rest of the Story”, so there you have it. I certainly lost my freedom of speech besides losing my job, but I would do it again. My desire is to be a patriot, and cleanse the path that our children will take from evil that lurks. If you want to talk personally to Bob Bardwell or Tracy Bashore, I included their emails above, and the main office phone number of Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch is 507-533-4315.


NYC: Convert to Islam pledges allegiance to ISIS, tells cops “You’re lucky I didn’t shoot you”

UK “loses” 56,000 Muslim migrants due for deportation, including over 700 ex-cons

President Trump Targets Voter Fraud––Dems Go Insane!

“…The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin, 1923

On Tuesday, American voters will once again go to the polls hoping that the candidate(s) they vote for will fulfill what should be their one and only mission, i.e., to serve the needs of We the People.

Republican, ahem, leaders are appropriately nervous that the phony so-called conservatives they’ve been foisting on us for decades will be replaced by authentic conservatives who will help President Trump fulfill his mission to Make America Great Again!

And––oxymoron here––Democrat leaders are even more agitated because looming over the entire election will be the initiative President Trump announced last May to investigate voter fraud, an issue they are all-too-seedily familiar with.

They are also in high anxiety about the inconvenient truth that, according to journalist Susan Jones, “There have been five special congressional elections so far this year, and in the four races where Republicans ran against Democrats, Republicans have won all four. (In CA, two Democrats vied for a House seat, so a Dem win was the only possible outcome).

VP Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach are leading the commission’s efforts to reassure voters about the integrity of federal elections. The president also appointed Hans von Spakovsky, a GW Bush appointee, to head the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

The far-left Washington Post called his appointment “divisive,” which to most Americans meant that the president picked the perfect guy. In 2005, von Spakovsky led the Justice Department’s approval of a Georgia law requiring voters to produce photo ID, which was rejected!

Think about that rejection. You need a photo identification card to get a driver’s license, donate your blood, buy alcohol or cigarettes, open a bank account, apply for welfare benefits or food stamps or Medicaid or Social Security or unemployment or a mortgage or a hunting and fishing license, get on an airplane, rent a car, get a prescription, buy a cell phone, visit a casino and get married––and that is the short list!

But the initiative was rejected because Democrats object to any requirement that would prevent illegals and dead people and cartoon characters from voting and potentially swinging an election in their favor.

What do you think Sanctuary cities are all about? They are certainly not about the deep love and empathy leftists have for humanity, or the preference people who work 12 or 16 or 20 hours a day have for giving total strangers free housing, education, healthcare, and ongoing stipends into perpetuity. No no no….sanctuary citizens are all about Democrat votes!

Sure enough, the reliably cringe-producing Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called on the president to reject the embrace of “white supremacy” and the desire to “disenfranchise” voters that motivated such a commission.

And predictably, as reported by freedom-fighter Pamela Geller––author of the sensational new autobiographical book, Fatwa: Hunted in America––the president’s Voter Fraud Commission faced an avalanche of lawsuits. “But peel back the layers…[and] a common denominator emerges––they’re heavily funded by groups tied to George Soros. In fact, the more groups that pile on the suit, the more the dark hand of Soros emerges.”

It is also no surprise that the most corrupt regime in modern American politics––that of the poseur “president” Barack Obama––elevated voter fraud to an art form. As Thomas Lifson of has reported, “One of the most outrageous abuses of the Obama presidency was a scheme by which fines for corporate misbehavior by the biggest Wall Street banks were channeled into the hands of radical leftist groups that are now vehemently opposing the policies of President Trump. We are talking hundreds of millions of dollars that ought to have gone to the federal treasury, but instead became a slush fund for the left.”

Or as journalist and best-selling author Paul Sperry writes in the New York Post: “An estimated $640 million has been diverted into what critics say is an improper, if not unconstitutional, ‘slush fund’ fed from government settlements with JPMorgan Chase and Co., Citigroup Inc. and Bank of America Corp., according to congressional sources.”

No need to discuss the way that Ms. Hillary rigged the Democratic primary in New York against Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) until we learn if, indeed, Leavenworth lies in her future.

Clearly, the Democrats/progressives/liberals/leftists/socialists/communists/jihadists among us have zero trust or faith in the free-and-fair votes cast by citizens across our country, hence the desperate need to rig elections.


Daniel Greenfield explains why the delusional Democrats were so cock-sure they’d win last November. “The New York Times rated Hillary’s chances at 93%. The Huffington Post raised that to 98%. That was still too modest for Obama campaign manager David Plouffe who predicted a 100% likelihood of Hillary winning. It wasn’t strategy or statistics that made the Dems think that victory was certain. It was ideology.

“Obama had spent two terms telling them that they were on the ‘right side of history.’ The more the Dems swung left, the closer to the right side of history they were…delusions of superiority had convinced them that Republicans couldn’t win an honest election.”

But “they had confused ideology with electability [and] human beings don’t react well to having their egomaniacal fantasies come apart around them.”

And there is one more thing. Democrats felt confident that they had perfected the voter-fraud scheme so exquisitely that their girl Hillary would cakewalk her way into the Oval Office in a landslide. But the one thing they didn’t count on––and haven’t counted on for four elections in which they’ve sustained thunderous losses in state legislatures, governorships, congressional and senatorial seats and, in 2016, the White House––is the preference of most Americans for sane policies that don’t include:

  • Anguish over going to a public bathroom
  • Dictates that insist nuns tout birth control
  • Burgeoning food-stamp and welfare rolls
  • Sissified Rules of Engagement for our distinctly non-sissified military
  • A dumbed-down, anti-American, Islamophilic federalized education system
  • A socialized medical system

You get the picture.


I’ve heard of some cases of Republican gerrymandering. According to Wikipedia, this is “a practice intended to establish a political advantage for a particular party or group by manipulating district boundaries. Not really sure how this works, but it pales by light years from the countless examples of Democrat voter fraud. For one thing, gerrymandering is legal, although it can be contested.

Shortly after President Trump’s commission was formed, stories of Democrat voter fraud from all over the country started to emerge. Of course, most of the fake-news liberal media refused to cover these stories, just as they––including the far-left New York Times––kept buried the story of Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein’s predatory sexual harassment and alleged rape for nearly 15 years, the better to protect a huge financial donor to Democrat candidates.

Here is a small sampling of the kind of voter fraud that is perfectly routine in Democrat circles:

  • October 2017: Corruption in Voting! Los Angeles has 144% of Those Eligible to Vote on Voting Rolls.
  • As reported by the National Review’s Deroy Murdock“some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America’s adult citizens…” Murdock counted Judicial Watch’s state-by-state tally and found that 462 U.S. counties had a registration rate exceeding 100% of all eligible voters. That’s 552 million people, who Murdock calls “ghost voters.” 
  • California, for instance, has 11 counties with more registered voters than actual voters and 10 of those counties voted heavily for Hillary Clinton.
  • September 2017: Hundreds of Illegal Voters Revealed in Philadelphia: non-S. citizens registered to vote in Philly and nearly half of them voted in past elections.
  • September 2017: 248 counties have more voters than eligible citizens. Lowndes County, Alabama, has been accused of having 131 percent of its total eligible population on its list of registered voters. Another 247 counties have the same problem.
  • From the same article by Bob Unruh of Kentucky has 41 counties with more voters than residents, Michigan 32, Iowa 31, Illinois 22, Mississippi 19, Colorado 17, Texas 12, Alabama 12, South Dakota 12, Nebraska 9, Georgia 6, New York 6, West Virginia 6, New Mexico 5, North Carolina 5, California 2, Louisiana 2, Montana 2, Virginia 2, Arizona 1 and Florida 1.
  • September 2017: The NY Post reported about “the endless rigging of NY politics.”
  • September 2017: An election supervisor in Broward County, Florida, testified in court that both noncitizens and felons have voted illegally in her county––just as then-candidate Trump asserted, to the howling denials of leftists and their media whores.
  • In the second meeting of the Commission on Election Integrity, held on Sept. 12, 2017, computer expert Ken Block found approximately 8,500 voters who voted in two different states in the November 2016 election, including 200 couples who voted illegally together. He estimated that “there would be 40,000 duplicate votes if data from every state were available.”
  • A Commission on Election Integrity reports that “voter history data from only 21 states…found that 8,471 votes in 2016 were ‘highly likely’ duplicates. Extrapolating this to all 50 states would likely produce, with ‘high-confidence,’ around 45,000 duplicate votes.
  • Hillary won New Hampshire by fewer than 3,000 votes out of over 700,000 cast. (NH was one of the states that refused to turn over its data for this study, and it is one of only 15 states that allow same-day voter registration). If 74.8 percent of the 5,513 fraudulent votes were cast for Clinton, then the presidential election in New Hampshire was tipped as well.
  • According to a riveting article by Kris Kobach, statistics released by the Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives on the date of the general election in November 2016, there were 6,540 same-day registrants who voted in New Hampshire using an out-of-state driver’s license to prove their identity. But further research proved that over 5,000 were not legitimate, more than enough to swing an election!
  • August 2017: Judicial Watch reportedthat Mass. state employees sold drivers’ licenses and state identification cards to illegal immigrants…according to the Depart. of Justice (DOJ). Also that there is “an epidemic of voter fraud in the U.S.” and the case in Boston “occurred in multiple cases,” a matter being investigated by JW’s five-year-old Election Integrity Project.
  • On August 18, 2017 Tyler Durden wrote a column on Zero Hedge titled “S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults – A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud.
  • Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe has said he has no intention of honoring the new commission’s request for information because “there is no evidence of significant voter fraud in Virginia.” This is the same guy who enabled over 60,000 felons to vote in the presidential election last November, the same slick operator who gave over $700,000 dollars to acting FBI director Andrew McCabe’s wife who was running in a local race. Yes, that McCabe, who just coincidentally was running the FBI investigation into Hillary’s use of a home-made e-mail server.
  • Last June, California’s Election Integrity Project (EIP), in a routine audit of CA’s new VoteCal voter registration database, found that five counties alone accounted for nearly one-million more registered voters than citizens of voting age!
  • Officials in College Park, Maryland, don’t like President Trump’s voter fraud commission and are considering giving noncitizens voting rights, a longstanding practice elsewhere in the state. In Maryland, Judicial Watch sued Montgomery County last month after finding more registered voters than citizens of voting age.
  • According to California political commentator Stephan Frank, “Thanks to [Obama’s] “leadership,” five-million (not a typo) of those granted United States citizenship CANNOT speak or read English.”
  • ‘Substantial Evidence’ Over a Million Illegal Aliens Voted in 2016

All of the above cases, from just the past few months, involve Democrat voter fraud and this is the teeniest tiniest tip of the iceberg!


Founded in 1970, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), received multimillions in federal funds, ostensibly to work on social issues like affordable housing and healthcare in poor neighborhoods, as well as voter registration.  It soon became known as a massive voter-fraud scheme that registered dead people, children, illegal aliens, felons, fraudulent absentee voters, even cartoon characters.

The group was finally outed in 2009 by conservative activists Hannah Giles and James O’Keefe who used hidden cameras to expose ACORN’s nefarious agenda. The U.S. Congress cut ACORN’s funding and the group eventually disbanded. But it continues to operate to this day under new names.

According to journalist and author Matthew Vadum, “Project Vote––the voter mobilization division of now-defunct ACORN––leaves behind a legacy of lies, criminal conspiracies, and voter fraud, including millions upon millions of fraudulent voter registrations.” As he documented in his book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts Are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers, “at least 54 ACORN employees and individuals associated with ACORN have been convicted of voter fraud, a blanket term coined by lawyers referring to fraudulent voting, identify fraud, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, and other crimes related to the electoral process.”

In a stunning, must-read, three-part series–– here, Part 1 by Katy Grimes, here, Part 2 by Megan Barth and here, Part 3 by Katy Grimes, Grimes begins with a chilling quotation from Joseph Stalin: “…The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Grimes and Barth report the massive election fraud that took place during the California primary in June (2016).

  • Thousands upon thousands of California voters showed up at their designated polling stations only to discover that their party registration had been changed, or they were dropped entirely from the rolls. And it was evident this was done from within the state’s electronic voting system.
  • “A group from Princeton needed only seven minutes and simple hacking tools to install a computer program on a voting machine that took votes for one candidate and gave them to another,”
  • Recent DNC delegate manipulations made it so nearly every primary and caucus magically favored Hillary Clinton, despite the millions of winning votes going to Sanders” [and the probability that he won].  Just last week, a new book by longtime democrat consultant Donna Brazile claimed that Hillary rigged the DNC Primary, or, as she corrected that notion on Friday, that Hillary “totally controlled” the bankrupt Democratic National Committee. She did this, as reported by Jon Levine of The Wrap, by agreeing to pay off the DNC’s debt in exchange for overseeing the “party’s finances, strategy, and all the money raised.”
  • Three liberal federal judges (two appointed by Pres. Clinton, one by Barack Obama) overturned voter-ID laws––in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Texas––claiming they were racially discriminatory.

Going back to the fiasco of the 2012 presidential election and liberals’ aversion to voter identification cards, Rev. Austin Miles writes:

  • Voting machines, supplied by George Soros, were rigged to automatically receive an Obama vote, no matter who the voter actually voted for.
  • In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not a single vote recorded for Romney (a mathematical and statistical impossibility).
  • NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

Barth cites a study on Democrat fraud in multiple states, the conclusion of which was that election fraud [occurred] and benefitted Hillary Clinton – especially in states that used unaccountable, electronic voting machines.

“What’s more, two of the three companies that controlled the electronic voting machine market, Dominion Voting and H.I.G. Capital (i.e. Hart Intercivic) were on the list of big money donors that donated to the Clinton campaign, as shown by the DNC documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0.”

These stories were nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. Either was the video––since removed––of a Diebold machine spitting out incorrect votes in favor of Hillary.

In addition, according to Dean Garrison at, not only did Reuters rig a major poll to show Hillary winning when Breitbart News was reporting a 17-point swing towards Trump and away from Hillary, but Thomas Reuters, owner of the Reuters News Service, was among the top-tier donors ($1.5 million) to the Clinton Foundation!

It is impossible not to mention the famous “popular vote” that Hillary insisted she won by. Actually, in October of 2015, just a year before the presidential election––perfect timing––a motor-voter law cooked up by California Governor Jerry Brown was enacted. In short, this gave over three-million illegal aliens the “right” to vote.

A report from Investors Business Daily said that: “According to the American Civil Liberties Union—which opposes the motor-voter law—California houses 3.3 million illegals, or a quarter of the nation’s total. So the stage is set not just for extending voting to illegals but for swinging national elections, too.”

Well whaddaya know? That number––3.3 million–– is just about the exact number Hillary and her bitter minions––and her pathetic book––say she won the popular vote by!

We all know how this massive voter-fraud attempt ended. Donald Trump not only won the 2016 election, but successfully exposed the fake news and fake polls that until 8 p.m. on election night continued to insist that Hillary was ahead and would win.

They never ever counted on the one entity for which neither media hacks nor pollsters have any respect: the American public!


To this day, in their profound denial of the outcome of November 2016’s election, Democrats/leftists/progressives––whatever they’re calling themselves these days––are living in the past, denying there’s a new sheriff in town, and railing against the president’s voter fraud commission as if individual or collective temper tantrums by the media or staged bought-and-paid-for demonstrations can undo reality.

Walter Murray of The Horn News, understands this species. “If you can’t win by the rules… change the rules!” he writes. “Crazy? Maybe––but no one has ever accused the far left of being sane when it comes to their plans to seize power, gain control and skew elections.”

One of their desperate schemes, he reports, is “to undermine the electoral process” by using the courts…to forever change presidential elections by doing a complete end run around the Electoral College. He says that liberal Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig “intends to file lawsuits in 48 of 50 states” to do away with the Electoral College.

“With a winner-take-all, most of America is ignored,” Lessig told Fox News. Murray adds: “By `most of America,’ of course, he means California and New York.” Oh, and Lessig would also like to “disenfranchise older white Americans, who tend to vote Republican.”

But leaving a number of fringe ideologies behind, things are already happening as a result of the president’s commission:

  • As reported by Jim Hoft in July, top Democrats are worried after more than 3,000 likely illegal voters cancelled their registrations in Colorado since learning about President Trump’s voter fraud commission. The same thing happened when the president announced building “the wall” on our southern border and illegal crossings dropped precipitously. This is what happens when a leader is perceived as a “man of his word.”
  • The ever-vigilant Judicial Watch has warned California to clean its voter registration lists or face a federal lawsuit.  The watchdog group sent a notice-of-violation letter to the state of California and 11 of its counties threatening the suit, and it sent similar letters to Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee.
  • We should know by Tuesday’s vote if there has been compliance––and, if not, what the consequences will be.
  • In early September, a federal court required that all voters in Texas present an accepted photo ID card in order to vote. The U.S. Department of Justice and President Donald Trump supported the ruling.
  • The Heritage Foundation’s election fraud database just got a major upgrade. With the addition of powerful new search functions, the database gives Americans a quick and easy way to sort through 1,088 documented instances of fraud, to see how nefarious election activity has affected their own states and communities. The site features over 100 new cases, documents 1,071 instances of voter fraud spanning 47 states, and includes 938 criminal convictions.

Still, huge challenges remain. A couple of months ago,  computer experts told Pres. Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission that the country’s voting machines are susceptible to hacking, which could be done in a way so that it leaves no fingerprints, making it impossible to know whether the outcome was changed.

“There’s no perfect security; there’s only degrees of insecurity,” said Ronald Rivest, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And here is an irrefutable truism about Democrat voters from an unknown source: “It’s worth noting that the U.S. population has increased since 2012, meaning there are likely more dead and invalid voters than before.”

City of Chicago Uses Trace Report to Deflect From Its Own Failed Governance

This week brought more proof that Chicago’s feckless public officials have perfected the art of scapegoating.

On Sunday, the city released the second edition of its Gun Trace Report. The document presents a host of ATF trace data on firearms recovered in the crime-plagued metropolis and attempts to shift blame for the city’s violence to the Illinois General Assembly, the state legislatures of neighboring and far-flung states, federally licensed firearms dealers, and the U.S. Congress. Lacking any introspection, the report fails to acknowledge any role the city might bear for its current predicament.

At the outset, the report asserts that in relation to crime perpetrated with firearms, “Chicago is in many ways a microcosm of a national epidemic.” This is not true. In 2016, Chicago’s murder rate was more than five times the national average. Moreover, Chicago’s murder problem is so acute that it drives statistical analysis of urban violence nationwide. Research from the NYU School of Law’s Brennan Center for Justice published in December 2016, noted, “The 2016 murder rate is projected to be 14 percent higher than last year in the 30 largest cities. Chicago is projected to account for 43.7 percent of the total increase in murders.”

Bizarrely, after calling the city a “microcosm” of a national gun problem, the report then contends that “Chicago faces a unique predicament in enforcement efforts against illegal gun trafficking. Illinois is surrounded by states that lack comprehensive firearms regulations…” First, trace data shows that Illinois is far and away the largest source state for guns recovered in Chicago; with double the number of firearms of the next highest source state. Second, without conceding to Chicago’s definition of “comprehensive,” the geographers at Chicago City Hall might be surprised to learn that California abuts pro-gun states Arizona and Nevada, while New York is adjacent to Vermont and Pennsylvania. Yet, Los Angeles and New York City’s murder rates are a fraction of the Windy City’s.

Despite their contention that out of state private firearms transfers fuel Chicago’s violent crime, a significant portion of the report targets federal licensed firearms dealers, who are required by federal law to conduct a background check prior to transferring a firearm. The report lists the top 10 gun dealers that firearms recovered in Chicago are traced to. Undermining the report’s contention that loose foreign gun laws are to blame for the city’s problems, “seven of the top ten source dealers are within Illinois.”

To remedy this situation, the report promotes the state-level dealer licensing requirements embodied in the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, which is currently making its way through the Illinois General Assembly. According to the report, “adding state and local law enforcement could greatly enhance regulatory enforcement over gun dealers” and the measure’s requirement to video record all business in a gun store will “deter straw purchasers.”

It is not clear how city officials expect this to reduce the illegal acquisition of firearms. Under current Illinois law, residents must acquire a Firearm Owners Identification Card in order to possess or purchase a firearm. Therefore, prospective straw purchasers must make their identities known to the state government and a dealer in order to purchase a firearm from a gun store. That sale is also documented in the dealer’s records, as required by federal law. A criminal already willing to be documented in this manner is unlikely concerned with how often a dealer’s books are audited for paperwork errors or the superfluous video recordation of his criminal acts. The chief effect of this dealer licensing legislation is to make the business of legally selling firearms prohibitively expensive.

The report also advocates for a state law restricting private transfers between FOID holders, and firearms registration. Missing from the report is any explanation of why those who would divert firearms into the criminal market, who have already displayed a willingness to expose themselves to severe state and federal criminal liability, would be deterred by these additional measures.

As ATFNRA, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have acknowledged, straw purchasers are a real problem. However, an effective means of thwarting straw purchasers would be to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Illinois already has an “unlawful purchase of a firearm” statute that targets anyone “who knowingly purchases or attempts to purchase a firearm with the intent to deliver that firearm to another person who is prohibited by federal or State law from possessing a firearm.” Violation of this statute in relation to the purchase of a single firearm carries a maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Further, Illinois law requires a private individual who transfers a firearm to determine the transferee’s status as a FOID holder. Failure to do so can carry a sentence of up to three years in prison.

In what the Chicago police called “not an uncommon example” of straw purchasing, in September 2016, police arrested 22-year-old Simone Mousheh for selling two guns to a gang-affiliated man in Chicago. Reports indicated that Mousheh was “aware that he did not possess an FOID card and that he was on probation for domestic battery.” One of the firearms Mousheh sold was later recovered from a juvenile on Chicago’s West Side. Following a guilty plea, Mousheh was sentenced to 15 days in an alternative work program, 12 months of probation, and a $679 fine.

This sort of lackluster enforcement of existing gun laws might be why a Cook County Jail inmate told a researcher in 2013, “All they need is one person who got a gun card in the ‘hood’ and everybody got one.”

Chicago’s trace report also raises important questions about the permissible use of ATF trace data. Since 2003, Congress has restricted the use of trace data under the “Tiahrt Amendment.” Named after former U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Kan.), the amendment permits federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies to have trace data “in connection with and for use in a bona fide criminal investigation or prosecution.” ATF and the Fraternal Order of Police support the Tiahrt Amendment as public disclosure of trace data could imperil ongoing law enforcement investigations, and according to FOP National President Chuck Canterbury, “threaten[s] the safety of officers and witnesses.”

ATF has taken issue with the use of trace data in Chicago’s recent report. A report from Michael Bloomberg anti-gun mouthpiece The Trace, cites an email from ATF spokeswoman Marky Markos who wrote that the Chicago report was “a prohibited use of the data.” Markos also pointed out that, “Through the eTrace [Memorandum of Understanding], parties agree that no data will be publicly disseminated, and that it is law enforcement sensitive information as it relates to criminal investigations.” eTrace is an online trace request submission module for law enforcement agencies.

Chicago issued a flippant response to ATF’s charges. Offering a creative interpretation of when it is necessary to comply with federal law, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s spokesman, Adam Collins, stated, “This is just classic… The Trump administration is arguing it would be better to hide the facts on the deadly effects of gun trafficking than partner on a solution? Well, burying your head in the sand won’t change the truth and it won’t solve the problem.”

It is ironic that Chicago would accuse the Trump administration of “burying [their] head in the sand” on this issue. The discouraging truth about Chicago’s violence is that it is the product of a host of societal factors – including a lack of vigorous criminal prosecution – that cannot be remedied by a change to the current gun laws. Faced with this complex problem, Chicago’s public officials have repeatedly chosen to disparage their fellow Illinoisans and law-abiding gun owners throughout the country, rather than rise to meet the challenge. The city officials’ continued refusal to confront their own shortcomings and the city’s more intractable problems only serves to prolong the suffering of Chicago’s 2.7 million residents.