Tapes show Broward County Deputy Sheriff told police to ‘stay away’ and then lied about it

The Miami Herald reported:

Roundly vilified for not entering a Parkland high school during a mass shooting, Broward Deputy Scot Peterson insisted publicly that he believed that gunfire was happening outside on campus — not from inside the building.

Watch this ABC News video report on former Broward County Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson:

The recording from the call he made on the day of the shooting shows he lied about his role:

But internal radio dispatches released by the sheriff’s office Thursday show Peterson immediately fixated on Building 12 and even radioed that gunfire was happening “inside.”

And, just as school shooter Nikolas Cruz was fleeing the building after killing 17 people, Peterson warned his fellow officers to stay away — even as wounded students and staff lay inside.

BSO policy calls for deputies to engage an active shooter and eliminate the threat.

“Do not approach the 12 or 1300 building, stay at least 500 feet away,” Peterson said over the radio, according to the records released Thursday.

The second-by-second timeline and audio recording of police radio chatter sheds new light on the chaotic and much scrutinized law-enforcement response to the bloodshed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Feb. 14, the state’s worst school shooting.

Listen to Broward Deputy Sheriff Peterson outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on February 14th, 2018:

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The liberal left work hard to create sociopaths, then blame conservatives when things go wrong.


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Marco Rubio Urges Revision of Obama-Era School Discipline Policy that Discourages Reporting Student Threats.

I Go to a School Where an Attack Was Foiled. Here’s Why I’m Against Limiting Gun Rights.

Police cars surrounded my high school as I walked fast across the street to the science building. Eyes were glancing in many directions. The slight panic—bordering on hysteria—was obvious.

Hundreds of students stayed home, but I did not. Why? Because the threat was safely locked away in jail.

Four months before the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, my own school in Cherokee County, Georgia, was under serious threat in October from two 17-year-old students.

Together, the two juniors at Etowah High School planned a Columbine-style attack using explosives, law enforcement authorities said.

But campus police and the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office learned about the pair’s plans ahead of time through a tip, and reacted immediately to the first report. The two students are charged as adults with attempted murder and other offenses.

If that threat had not been stopped, many people at my school would be dead. It could have been me, my brother, my closest friends, or all of us.

But it was stopped. We are alive.

Having this perspective, my heart was shattered into pieces when I heard the news Feb. 14 about Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. I have been praying for all of the students, teachers, and families who are going through hell right now.

“Take away gun rights. Something needs to be done,” my friends keep telling me.

Yes, something absolutely does need to be done, but not that way.

Reports and tips need to be taken seriously. Death is an unchangeable thing, and anyone who jokes about it is sick. A threat is not a joke; it is illegal, and it demands an immediate response.

Next, teachers should be trained and armed with guns, if they choose to be. I am constantly hearing friends say that if teachers were armed, they would be too scared to shoot back. That is an offensive statement, and it needs to stop.

A coach at Douglas High died because he ran into the shooting and jumped in front of a bullet. How could anyone say that man would have been afraid to shoot back? He chose to die so his students didn’t have to, yet people say teachers would have been hiding if they had guns.

Taking away gun rights isn’t going to help the cause. Immediately after our Founding Fathers listed our God-given rights, they decided that every American’s right “to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Everyone needs a way to defend himself or herself. I realize that many people simply want to add restrictions to buying a gun for everyone, which I thought seemed reasonable at first until I researched it.

Some of the most infamous shooters were approved to buy a gun because their previous felonies had not been reported to gun shop owners. Those shooters should not have been approved, but they were.

The system of background checks needs to be tightened to include felons and those who courts say are mentally ill.

Taking away Second Amendment rights from everyone is not the solution.


Nicole Martin is a freshman at Etowah High School in Woodstock, Georgia, northwest of Atlanta.


After Complete Failure by the Public Sector in Parkland, Fla., Gun Bill Punishes Private Citizens.

How This Ohio Program Trains Teachers in 12 States to Carry Guns

House Majority Leader Says Lawmakers Will Question FBI on Parkland ‘Failures’

Shootings Are a Morality Problem, Not a Gun Problem

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Trust in the mainstream media is at a historic low—and rightfully so given the behavior of many journalists in Washington, D.C.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is of Etowah High School in Georgia, where students pictured in 2003 praying at a flagpole before class. (Photo: Robin Nelson/ZumaPress/Newscom)

What Transgenders can Learn from Women about the Dangers of Hormone Therapy

Planned Parenthood has entered into the hormone therapy business. There is a new growth industry, turning little boys into little girls and vice versa.

Hormone therapy is not new. What is new is using it to change a person’s gender identity artificially. 

Women have for decades practiced menopausal hormone therapy. According to the National Cancer Institute (NIH):

Menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) is a treatment that doctors may recommend to relieve common symptoms of menopause and to address long-term biological changes, such as bone loss, that result from declining levels of the natural hormones estrogen and progesterone in a woman’s body during and after the completion of menopause.

The NIH website sites two major studies on the positive and negative effects of hormone therapy. According to the NIH the most comprehensive evidence about risks and benefits of MHT comes from two randomized clinical trials that were sponsored by the National Institutes of Health as part of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI):

  • The WHI Estrogen-plus-Progestin Study, in which women with a uterus were randomly assigned to receive either a hormone medication containing both estrogen and progestin (Prempro™) or a placebo.
  • The WHI Estrogen-Alone Study, in which women without a uterus were randomly assigned to receive either a hormone medication containing estrogen alone (Premarin™) or a placebo.

Women’s Health Initiative notes, “More than 27,000 healthy women who were 50 to 79 years of age at the time of enrollment took part in the two trials. Although both trials were stopped early (in 2002 and 2004, respectively) when it was determined that both types of therapy were associated with specific health risks, longer-term follow-up of the participants continues to provide new information about the health effects of MHT.”

The positives for women are:

  • One-third fewer hip and vertebral fractures than women taking the placebo. In absolute terms, this meant 10 fractures per 10,000 women per year who took hormone therapy compared with 15 fractures per 10,000 women per year who took the placebo (1).
  • One-third lower risk of colorectal cancer than women taking the placebo. In absolute terms, this meant 10 cases of colorectal cancer per 10,000 women per year who took hormone therapy compared with 16 cases of colorectal cancer per 10,000 women per year who took the placebo (1).

The negatives for women are:

  • Urinary incontinence. Use of estrogen plus progestin increased the risk of urinary incontinence (1).
  • Dementia. Use of estrogen plus progestin doubled the risk of developing dementia among postmenopausal women age 65 and older (5).
  • Stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. Women who took either combined hormone therapy or estrogen alone had an increased risk of stroke, blood clots, and heart attack (13). For women in both groups, however, this risk returned to normal levels after they stopped taking the medication (24).
  • Breast cancer. Women who took estrogen plus progestin were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer (6). The breast cancers in these women were larger and more likely to have spread to the lymph nodes by the time they were diagnosed (6). The number of breast cancers in this group of women increased with the length of time that they took the hormones and decreased after they stopped taking the hormones (7).

For little boy wanting to become little girls the risks far outweigh any benefits.

Little boys don’t have breasts and their bodies are not like that of a female. So the positives of these two studies do not apply to boys. However, using hormone therapy on boys, according to these two studies, will lead to dementia, stroke, blood clots, urinary incontinence and heart attack.

The SottoPelle website warns:

Large scientific studies conducted over the past two decades overwhelmingly show that synthetic and animal-derived hormone substitutes are dangerous and risky. Warning labels on these drugs make that abundantly clear. Their molecular formulas differ from hormones made in the human body, making them patentable but incapable of communicating with many receptor cells needed to carry out important work throughout the body.

Pick your poison as the saying goes.

RELATED VIDEO: Benefits and Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Best Actor Oscar Award winner thanks America for ‘the many wonderful gifts it has given me’

After a cursory “thank-you” to the Academy, Gary Oldman said:

“I’ve lived in America for the longest time and I am deeply grateful to her for the loves and the friendships I have made and the many wonderful gifts it has given me. My home, my livelihood, my family, and now, Oscar. The movies, such is their power, captivated a young man from South London and gave him a dream.”

VIDEO: This is why we’re investigating Big Tech

At CPAC, James O’Keefe and former Google engineer James Damore led a panel on the suppression of conservative views in social media. The panel, sponsored by the American Principles Project, also featured Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor, entrepreneur Marlene Jaeckel, and attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Facebook is labeling conservative news as “fake”; Twitter has been exposed “shadow-banning” ideas they don’t like; Google has outright fired those who do not share the same viewpoints as their executives. These attempts to silence views and control opinions is what makes social media companies so dangerous.

O’Keefe spoke about the power that social media companies hold today:

If they can rewire society to prevent people from even talking about things, it’s going to change everything. And we’re not going to let it happen.”

James Damore, who was famously fired from Google for publishing a factual memo, also gave some profound insights during the panel:

These companies are so ubiquitous and powerful that they’re controlling all the means of mass communication… We really need to wake up to the problem and help raise awareness, because this is a big risk to freedom of speech and democracy in general.”

Ethnic Cleansing of Whites in South Africa: White South Africans petition Trump to allow them to migrate to U.S.

The whole Rainbow Nation myth is going down the tubes as whites are persecuted but Leftists, including the Obamas, can’t let the myth die!

Increasingly news is coming out of South Africa that white farmers are being murdered in ever greater numbers and the government there has made the first moves toward confiscating their prime agricultural lands.

white crosses SA

Crosses represent white farmers killed in a campaign of ethnic cleansing.

Be sure to see Katie Hopkins reports from South Africa at The Rebel. How did this racism get so far along before you heard about it?

It’s because it goes completely against the Leftist meme that only whites can be racists and indeed the mainstream media told us that South Africa was to be the beacon for the new multicultural world calling it the Rainbow Nation. It is all BS of course as we have reported in previous posts archived here.

South Africa will be a model for the world alright—a once prosperous country is going down due to its black leadership’s hatred for “the other.”

They aren’t just going after whites, but other black Africans (migrants from other African countries) are terrorized there as well.  It is called xenophobia. See one of my posts here.

michelle and mandela

Michelle and Mandela.

Readers need to know that we have been taking ‘refugees’ from South Africa for years. 

In the first 4 months of this fiscal year we took 45 from South Africa according to the Refugee Processing Center database.  I will bet not one is white! The vast majority are other black Africans (maybe a few Asians and Middle Easterners) that the South African blacks don’t like!

But, I’m guessing it is getting harder and harder for the mainstream media to avoid talking about the self-destructive government in South Africa which began that country’s decay when the communists, led by Nelson Mandela, took charge.

(History tells us that all great communist land confiscation schemes turn productive farmland into wastelands in short order, South Africa will just be the latest example.)

However, this time there is a vast alternative media to spread the news in real time…..

But, yikes! even Newsweek (Newsweek!) is reporting with this headline:


More than 12,000 people have signed a petition asking President Donald Trump to let white people in South Africa emigrate to the U.S. amid a vote by the country’s parliament favoring a motion that could see South Africa’s constitution amended to allow for land to be stripped from owners without any compensation.

The motion, which will still need the approval of the South African Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee before an amendment can even be drafted, has once again stoked fears among the country’s white farmers of a violent and disastrous land redistribution akin to that which crippled Zimbabwe in the 2000s.

The online petition calls on Trump to “take the steps necessary to initiate an emergency immigration plan allowing white Boers to come to the United States.”

Boer is the term used to describe South Africans of Dutch, German or Huguenot descent, who are also commonly referred to as Afrikaners.


The petition suggests that Trump should stop admitting refugees from Somalia and the Middle East, claiming they “cannot be properly vetted,” and allow white South Africans into the country instead.

A similar petition, calling on European Union President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister Theresa May to allow white South Africans into EU countries, has gained nearly 17,000 signatures.

The motion was put forward by the Economic Freedom Fighters and supported, but amended by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), with the party promising reforms that will address racial disparities in land ownership.

Much more here.

The Change.org petition is here (while it lasts).

change.org SA

This is a screenshot of the petition as of this writing. Note that Change.org is already attempting to discourage signing it.

You can see that the Leftist agitators are already going after it and frankly Change.org is a Leftwing creation so this ‘update’ at Newsweek is interesting.  I don’t see that the petition claims to be only from people in South Africa, so why this beef?

It is unclear where people who are signing the petitions on Change.org are based.

A spokesperson for Change.org told Newsweek it would look into whether the petitions violate any company policies and whether the website plans to take any action. The website later added a note stating it had “received flags from some Change.org users that facts contained in this petition may be contested,” adding: “You may consider researching this issue before signing or sharing.”

Truth be told, the one-worlders do not want whites to be designated as refugees.

Ahhhh! Whites as refugees! That would turn the world on its head, and they will fight tooth and nail to not let that happen!

OMG what a can of worms that would open at the UN!  The next thing you know ethnic Swedes or Germans (for instance) would be demanding resettlement in whatever bastions of Western Civilization remain as they are persecuted in countries (their countries!) becoming Islamic states.


Racist South African Political Leader Julius Malema: “Go After the White Man… We Are Cutting the Throat of Whiteness”

White farmers’ land will be seized in South Africa without compensation | TheBlaze

WHITE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA: The new anti-white apartheid.

Maine: Battle over female genital mutilation bill raging

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Germany: Palestinian jihadist sentenced to life in prison for deadly knife attack

Danes want to eliminate immigrant ghettos by 2030

New York Times Agrees with President Trump: Sweden’s Migrant-perpetrated Violence Out-of-Control [Video]

Invasion of Europe…..

Can we expect an apology from The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and the rest of the anti-Trump media about his Sweden comments last year?  Don’t hold your breath!

Powerline blog reminds us here of what happened a year ago February when the New York Times and all of its media lackeys landed like a big bird on President Trump when he said Sweden has a problem with out-of-control immigration (from certain ethnic/religious groups) and the violence it inevitably brings!

In February of last year, at CPAC, President Trump linked mass Muslim immigration to an increase in crime in Sweden. The New York Times, in an article called “From an Anchor’s Lips to Trump’s Ears to Sweden’s Disbelief,” ridiculed Trump for getting his information from television (a report on Tucker Carlson’s program) and suggested that Trump was misinformed. [The President might have said it at CPAC also, but it was at a campaign rally in Florida, here.]

It also criticized Trump for “start[ing] a dispute with a longtime American friend that resented his characterization and called it false.” The Times sniffed that “the president’s only discernible goal was to make the case domestically for his plans to restrict entry to the United States.” The Times seemed to believe that making this case was somehow out-of-bounds.

Powerline reports this from the NYT story as well:

Note that the trend the Times describes began in 2014. Trump discussed the problem of immigrant violence in 2017. He wasn’t premature, the Times is late.

They are all late.

Maybe the use of  weapons of war began in 2014, but their immigrant problems began long before that.  I began writing this blog in July 2007 and my first story on immigration problems in Sweden came in August 2007 (and there were surely more stories before I came along!).

I have a huge archive on Sweden, the country I predict will be the first European country to be conquered by Islam in the modern age. 

Go here to see my many previous posts on Sweden’s failed multicultural experiment.

Now more on The NYT’s evidence that Trump is right on Sweden from the Daily Caller:

The New York Times published a report Sunday on Sweden’s growing problem with immigrant gangs — more than a year after the paper chided President Donald Trump for calling attention to the same worrisome development.

sweden time bomb

Sweden’s pin has been pulled in more ways than one.

Entitled “Hand Grenades and Gang Violence Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class,” the report examines how weapons of war and clan-like*** violence have accompanied an influx of immigrants from certain parts of Europe and the greater Middle East.

The story centers on the death of a man in the town of Varby Gard, a once tranquil Stockholm suburb that is now the home base of an increasingly destructive immigrant gang. He was killed in early January when he picked up a mysterious object lying in the street that turned out to be a live hand grenade. The device exploded when he touched it, killing him instantly.

It was one of more than 100 incidents involving military-grade explosives in the Stockholm metro area that police have attributed to an “arms race” among immigrant gangs, reports The NYT.  There were only a few such incidents in Sweden until 2014, but since then, the number of explosions and seizures of grenades has shot up and remained worryingly high.

The police seized 45 grenades in 2015, while 10 others were detonated in public, according to Stockholm Police. The next year, 55 were seized and 35 detonated. A modest decrease occurred in 2017, when 39 were seized and 21 exploded.

Though The NYT readily reported on the nature of the violence, it was somewhat more circumspect about its origin. Nowhere in the story do the words “Muslim” or “refugee” appear. The only mention of the word “asylum” is to describe a witness to the explosion, one of many Varby Gard residents who arrived there thanks to Sweden’s famously open asylum policies.

The fact is that Sweden’s spike in gang violence and certain categories of crime coincided with the resettlement of more than 100,000 asylum seekers from predominantly Muslim nations beginning in 2014. 

More here.

Here is a bit from the New York Times article itself:

Sweden’s far right-wing party blames the government’s liberal immigration policy for the rising crime, and will thrust the issue to the fore in the fall campaign.

Last year, Peter Springare, 61, a veteran police officer in Orebro, published a furious Facebook post saying violent crimes he was investigating were committed by immigrants from “Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown country, unknown country, Sweden.” It was shared more than 20,000 times; Mr. Springare has since been investigated twice by state prosecutors, once for inciting racial hatred, though neither resulted in charges.

Yesterday we told you about Italian elections and said there might be hope for Italy if it gets rid of most migrants (most are economic migrants) and Italians start having babies.  Same goes for Sweden, but there is even less hope there that they can turn around the DEMOGRAPHIC conquest in time.

Dear readers, I’m asked often “what can I do?” Here is one vital thing: follow news from Europe daily and be sure to send what you learn far and wide because as Europe goes, so go we (just a little farther along in this century)! Unless, of course, we heed the lessons unfolding before our eyes!

My ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

NOTE: By the way, any mention of clan violence means only one thing—Somalis are involved.


Somali migrant attacks, tries to rape student after hiding in women’s restroom

U.S. Mosques Are Secretly Giving Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants

The Radical Left and Muslim Brotherhood Continue Their Assault on Protecting Our Constitutional Rights

Dear Donald, give Bibi a gift today, cut federal funding to HIAS….

Italian election: Anti-EU populism on the rise; immigration is key issue

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VIDEO: A Streetcar Named Disaster

There are few more illustrative examples of government dysfunction and waste than the DC Streetcar.

At a hearing last week, the Washington, D.C., City Council reportedly discussed replacing its fleet of streetcars, just two years after the DC Streetcar went into service, even though the Federal Transit Administration generally sets a streetcar’s lifespan at around three decades.

Acquiring the new streetcars will cost the city at least $25 million.

This would be just the latest unexpected problem for a public transport system plagued by delayscost overruns, and failure. It has become a monument to government waste.

Currently, the streetcar operates on a 2-mile stretch on H Street, a mere fraction of the 40 miles of track originally promised.

The Daily Signal went to H Street and spoke to Michael Sargent, a Heritage Foundation expert on transportation and infrastructure, and Lyndsey Fifield, who is the social media director for the Heritage Foundation and a resident of the District of Columbia.

They discussed why this project has had so many problems and what it has cost taxpayers.


Portrait of Jarrett Stepman

Jarrett Stepman is an editor for The Daily Signal. Send an email to Jarrett. Twitter: .

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Trust in the mainstream media is at a historic low—and rightfully so given the behavior of many journalists in Washington, D.C.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, it is painfully clear that the mainstream media covers liberals glowingly and conservatives critically.

Now journalists spread false, negative rumors about President Trump before any evidence is even produced.

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Obama-Era Policies Helped Keep Parkland Shooter Under the Radar. Here’s What Went Wrong.

One of the most heartbreaking and perhaps infuriating aspects of the Florida school shooting that took 17 lives is just how many red flags there were surrounding the shooter.

The national debate following the shooting has mostly revolved around guns. Much ink has also (rightly) been spilled about the failed leadership of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office in its moment of crisis.

What’s been lost in this discussion are the issues of school safety and discipline. Those issues are highly relevant to what took place in Parkland.

Prior to the mass shooting, Nikolas Cruz was involved in a huge number of incidents on and off campus, numerous calls were made to the police, and the was FBI even involved. He certainly appeared to be a ticking time bomb.

It would seem that somewhere along the way, he should have been stopped before the shooting took place.

But that wasn’t the case.

Max Eden, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, explained in City Journal how an Obama-era Department of Education initiative designed to put an end to the “school to prison pipeline,” combined with local mismanagement, helped allow the shooter to fall through the cracks.

“[I]n 2013, the school board and the sheriff’s office agreed on a new policy to discontinue police referrals for a dozen infractions ranging from drug use to assault,” Eden wrote.

A separate report by RealClearInvestigations found that Broward County was part of a “vanguard of a strategy, adopted by more than 50 other major school districts nationwide, allowing thousands of troubled, often violent, students to commit crimes without legal consequence.”

This was part of a larger Obama administration effort, launched in 2011, to reduce racial disparities in school discipline numbers, according to RealClearInvestigations.

“Students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, would now be disciplined through participation in ‘healing circles,’ obstacle courses, and other ‘self-esteem building’ exercises,” the report said.

“We must ensure that school discipline is being handled by trained educators, not by law enforcement officers,” said former Secretary of Education John King in 2016. “Some schools are simply turning misbehaving students over to [school resource officers]. This can set students on a path to dropping out or even to prison.”

Florida’s Broward County, which is where the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting took place, was a leader in adopting this new program and was even touted for it by former Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

The number of school arrests dropped dramatically in the years that followed, but that didn’t mean serious crimes weren’t taking place.

The Parkland shooter was involved in a number of alarming incidents, including assault and bringing bullets to campus, for which he was eventually moved to another school.

Yet the police never arrested the shooter or expelled him, which is in part why he passed a federal background check and was able to purchase a firearm.

The red flags swirling around the shooter went unheeded, and it appears that Broward County’s lax policies deserve some of the blame.

Nevertheless, it’s worth noting there have been many problems with “zero tolerance” policies as well, which became common in the 1990s.

These policies, which Congress designed in part to make school campuses gun-free zones, have at times criminalized behavior that was innocuous and that certainly didn’t require police involvement—hence, the stories about students being suspended for chewing a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun or being arrested for wearing an National Rifle Association shirt.

In dealing with campus policing practices, it’s important not to overreact to problems and thereby create new problems. Zero tolerance policies come with their own complications.

There is no single policy or idea that can solve the school discipline and school shooter problem overnight, but it’s not unreasonable to expect a department to change its practices after such a catastrophic failure as we saw in Parkland last month.

Whether Broward County and the federal government will honestly evaluate their own failures and change policies remains to be seen.


U.S. Funded UN Commissioner in D.C. to Promote Leftwing Agenda in Guatemala

The head of a U.S.-funded global commission operating under the famously corrupt United Nations (UN) is in Washington D.C. today to promote his leftist agenda in Central America. The Colombian attorney and former judge, Ivan Velásquez, runs the UN-backed International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a controversial body known to utilize measures that threaten the impoverished Central American nation’s sovereignty. Officially, the CICIG claims to strengthen the rule of law. Like many leftwing global organizations, its stated purpose is to protect “the right to life and to personal integrity” of citizens from vigilante groups that “commit illegal acts” — those linked to “agents of the State or [with] the capacity to generate impunity for their illegal actions.”

The reality is that Velásquez appears to be part of a broader effort launched under Barack Obama—and apparently supported by the Trump administration—to destabilize moderate and conservative governments abroad. Judicial Watch uncovered details of a similar initiative in Macedonia, where the Obama administration spent millions of taxpayer dollars to destabilize the democratically elected, center-right government by colluding with leftwing billionaire philanthropist George Soros. In Guatemala, the Obama administration meddled to protect guerrillas backed by communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped oust an attorney general that was replaced by a sympathizer of the guerrillas, Claudia Paz y Paz.

Obama’s ambassador to Guatemala, Todd Robinson, and CICIG Commissioner Velásquez, notorious for his powerful leftist alliances, collaborated to illegally promote changes to the Guatemalan constitution. One news report accuses Velásquez of seeking to illegitimately neutralize certain legislators the Guatemalan people elected. Under his leadership, CICIG probes have infringed on Guatemalan sovereignty while conveniently ignoring crimes committed by leftwing allies. As a lawyer in Colombia, Velásquez aligned with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), the violent Marxist guerrilla formed by communist farmers in the country’s central region. Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe says that as a judge in Colombia Velásquez launched a crusade to absolve the country’s leftist narcoterrorism. During eight years as Colombia’s president Uribe’s hardline security stance transformed the country from a notoriously violent narcoterrorism state to a thriving democracy. Velásquez abuses the justice system to persecute his political enemies, according to Uribe, who currently serves in Colombia’s senate.

Incredibly, the Tillerson State Department has not wavered in its support for both Velásquez and CICIG, which receives millions of dollars annually from Uncle Sam. When Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales tried to bar Velásquez from the country last year, the U.S. State Department quickly issued a statement defending Velásquez and expressing “deep concern” over his attempted ouster. “Mr. Velásquez has been an effective leader of CICIG in its fight against corruption in Guatemala,” the State Department release said. “CICIG has played and should continue to play an important role in strengthening Guatemalan institutions and tackling the corruption that undermines security and prosperity in Guatemala.” During a visit last week to Guatemala, U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley reiterated the Tillerson Swamp’s support for CICIG and its commissioner. Haley told Guatemalan President Morales that it was in his best interest to back CICIG, according to a newswire story that reveals the U.S. has given CICIG $44.5 million since it was established a decade ago.

During today’s 3 pm. appearance at the Wilson Center in Washington D.C., Velásquez will be praised as a key figure in Guatemala’s fight against corruption and impunity despite his controversial history. The purpose of his U.S. visit is to discuss the process of choosing Guatemala’s next attorney general and other related anti-corruption efforts involving the rule of law. Besides giving Guatemala boatloads of tax dollars, Americans should be concerned because the country is a renowned gateway into the United States for narcotics and illegal aliens worldwide, including the Middle East. Guatemala shares a 595-mile border and many porous crossing points into Mexico, creating a clear path north. In fact, many of the thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) that entered the U.S. in the last few years came from Central America.

OSCARS: ‘Interspecies Sex’ Wins Best Picture Surrounded by 500 ‘Assault Rifles’

Hollywood’s 1% gathered for their 90th annual look at me party, known as the Oscars. I, like millions of others who did not watch the Oscars, decided to tune into something much more interesting, like episodes of the first prime time series on American television which ran from 1950-1963, The Rifleman.

What happened at the Oscars?

This morning I woke up to learn that the Academy’s best picture was “The Shape of Water.” Since I did not see the film I decided to Goggle it to learn more about it. What I found out is that Shape of Water is about “interspecies sex.”

In a Forbes article titled “Review: ‘The Shape Of Water’ Successfully Depicts An Interspecies Relationship, Somehow” 

[I]n The Shape of Water, he’s [Director Guillermo Del Toro] managed to accomplish something very difficult indeed. He’s managed to depict a loving, consummated relationship between Sally Hawkins and a slimy fish creature, and not induce the audience into vomiting. [Emphasis added]

I then Googled for the closest definition I could find that represents a human consummating a relationship with a different species. The closest I could come is “bestiality” which is defined as:

  1. savagely cruel or depraved behavior.
  2. sexual intercourse between a person and an animal.

Newsweek’s Emily Gaudette reported this on The Shape of Water:

In the first few minutes of Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water, a mute janitor named Elisa, played by Sally Hawkins, draws herself a bath and masturbates. She completes this quick ritual several times early in the film as part of her daily routine. Elisa is lonely, and efficient.

Eventually, she meets the man—or, rather, the monster—of her dreams: an aquatic humanoid without a name, played by Doug Jones under layers of hand-painted latex. Del Toro is a noted monster visionary (as in, an inventor of creatures), but this is the first time the director has envisioned one that makes love to a woman.

Hollywood has morphed from its #MeToo moment into its #MeBestiality and #MeMasturbate moments.

So a human woman having a “consummated relationship” with an animal (bestiality) is worthy of the Best Picture Oscar? Is this like Hollywood actors having consummated relationships with underage children (pedophilia)? Or multiple women having consummated relationships on the casting couch with a well known Hollywood producer (rape)?

What else happened at the Oscars?

A second headline that caught my eye, no not that this year’s Oscars was the lowest rated in history, was the number of guns, including AR-15s, present at this gala Hollywood event.

This headline was interesting because the cause célèbre, no pun intended, for the 2018 Oscars was support of gun control by wearing orange lapel pins.

In a Breitbart news article titled “Oscars: Celebrities Push Gun Control Surrounded by a Wall of 500 Armed Officers” Jerome Hudson reports:

The Los Angeles Police Department will deploy 500 officers to wrap the Dolby Theatre in multiple barriers of armed security for the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night, an event at which several of Hollywood’s most celebrated stars will actively push for more gun control in America.

“We have these concentric rings of security that start in the middle and radiate outward,” said LAPD Cmdr. Blake Chow, the man tasked with overseeing the massive operation. “We have a lot of officers in fixed posts and foot beats keeping an eye on the event.”

Several celebrities plan to wear orange lapel pins on the red carpet and during tonight’s ceremony in support of gun control and the Michael Bloomberg-founded gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Tom Trento in a column titled “Hollywood Actor’s Gun Pledge” wrote:

The irony of “Hollywood” deserves its own Oscar.

Here we have a contingent of people who, because they sell tickets, truly believe they have something important to say to us “common-folk.”

So, let’s make an important point with Reductio Ad Absurdum and show the foolishness of “actors” who demand non-actors to change their beliefs and practices while exempting themselves from their own moral standards.


As a Hollywood actor I’m a special person with unique insight into life because I get paid a lot of money to make believe I’m other people. Therefore, GUNS are bad and should be BANNED. I stand in solidarity with students across America to tell Trump to change the law and stop the killing.  We know he won’t because the NRA will not let him but this PLEDGE by all of us Hollywood Actors, Directors, Producers, and Investors will change the law, stop the killing and Make America Gun-Free Again!

(insert real Hollywood name) Pledge to:

  • Never act, produce, direct or invest in any movie that includes a gun in any way in the script, even if it’s a water pistol or one of them guns with the orange thing in the hole in the front.
  • Never hire any bodyguards who carry guns, ever carried guns or thought about carrying guns.
  • Hand in all guns I own to a company that can melt them into plowshares or at least a giant peace symbol.
  • Calculate all the money I have made in movies, TV shows, videos, direct-to-DVD productions and give all that money to groups opposed to the NRA.

Perhaps we can add to Tom’s list:

  • Never act, produce, direct or invest in any movie that includes in any way in the script a “consummated relationship” with an animal (bestiality).

Will Hollywood begin pushing sex with robots? Oops, too late. They already have with the 2017 remake of Blade Runner and the 2015 film Ex Machina. Hollywood deserves a rating of “D” for depraved.

What most impressed you about the Oscars?


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The Government Has Already Tried Universal Basic Income. Here’s What Happened.

How would you like to receive $500 a month, no strings attached?

Stockton, California, a city outside of Silicon Valley, is providing such benefits to a group of its low-income residents in a pilot version of universal basic income.

Universal basic income is a policy that gives all people a set amount of benefits without requirements or stipulations. After a brief stint of popularity in the 1970s, the idea has resurged in the public interest, with backers including innovators Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, union leader Andy Stern, and even libertarian Charles Murray.

The pilot program, called the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, has received initial funding from the Economic Security Project, an advocacy group for universal basic income policies.

There is no official start date for the program, but Stockton’s mayor, Michael Tubbs, has indicated they will be screening applicants through June. Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, is providing $1 million toward the effort.

To those familiar with the universal basic income debate, the renewed interest in the program is baffling because similar programs have been tested with terrible results.

In the 1970s, the government ran four random control experiments across six states to try the negative income tax, a similar policy proposal that was popular at the time. In each test, the work disincentive effect was disastrous. For every $1,000 in added benefits to a family, there was an average reduction in $660 of wages from work.

There are many reasons universal basic income proposals fail. The policy tends to direct resources to people who do not need them, while increasing dependency and decreasing work across the truly needy population.

The most apparent flaw in the universal basic income proposal is the lack of work requirements. Work requirements are important because they help those in poverty achieve self-sufficiency. Additionally, a vast majority of Americans believe that people should be required to work in exchange for benefits (upwards of 90 percent by The Heritage Foundation’s latest estimates).

Robert Rector, senior welfare policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation, spoke recently about universal basic income with The Daily Signal. In the podcast, he suggested expanding the earned income tax credit, a program that rewards work with benefits, as an alternative to universal basic income.

Rector pointed out that the earned income tax credit “has the same effect as a guaranteed minimum income, but it’s linked to positive contributions to society.” To improve it, Rector suggests making the program more generous and supportive of marriage, as well as working to reduce fraud.

Despite the admirable goals of the Stockton proposal, the program is likely to reduce work, increase dependency, and overburden the taxpayer. Instead of overthrowing our current welfare system, it is better to focus on the initiatives that work.

Strengthening work requirements for major programs and reforming the earned income tax credit would be a good start.


Portrait of Mimi Teixeira

Mimi Teixeira is a graduate fellow in welfare policy at The Heritage Foundation. Twitter: .

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DACA Is a Cheap Amnesty Ploy

Every year, millions of families make the trip to one of Disney’s famous amusement parks. Thousands of parents diligently save to bring their young children on the vacation of a lifetime.

Honeymooning newlyweds stroll the streets of “The Happiest Place on Earth,” snapping pictures with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. Some visitors even pick up a season pass to enjoy this magical place all year round.

But what if there was an easier way to enter Disney World? What if your status as a child under the age of 16 entitled you to a lifetime pass? And what if that pass not only entitled you to free entry but automatic access to every one of Disney’s special VIP perks?

And what if the only condition was that you have a parent carry you into the park? Sound unfair?

Well, that’s exactly what the bipartisan open border club has been telling hardworking Americans they must do when it comes to DACA, or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. “Compassion,” they proclaim. “It’s the right thing to do,” the insulated elites exclaim.

The hardworking parents who took on extra shifts to pay the ticket price for admission certainly would appreciate learning of such “compassion.” Disney’s shareholders would likely revolt, slamming the board members who so carelessly voted to open park doors.

And wait until you saw the new lines of young parents desperately trying to get their children into Disney to take advantage of such a unique opportunity.

But this isn’t a low-stakes issue involving theme parks and line-skippers. This is a dangerous national security issue that’s putting our country at risk and setting a dangerous precedent for our nation.

For decades, the establishment immigration lobby has been insisting Americans give so-called “Dreamers” a lifetime pass to America: citizenship. Don’t worry, they say. These “Dreamers” will enhance the American experience.

At the same time, the open borders club turns a blind eye to the pitiful state of our immigration system, demanding that immigrants who skip the box office be welcomed into our arms.

Those same elites never mention the millions of law-abiding and hardworking immigrants who enter our country legally—some after waiting over a decade to join this place we call home—and are getting delayed and punished for following the law.

They certainly never discuss the thousands of felons shielded from deportation by so-called “prosecutorial discretion” (translation: ignoring congressionally-passed law).

And the American citizens who refuse to reward the line-skippers and call for enforcement of our current laws first? Attacks of racism, bigotry, and, yes, anti-Americanism.

What good is having a price for park admission or a national immigration policy if they are not enforced? Why subject any potential immigrant to vigorous background checks if other immigrants can walk right across our border, wait a couple of years, and unlock the golden ticket: American citizenship?

Americans know DACA is nothing more than a cheap ploy for amnesty, a sort of citizenship-for-votes scheme that could only be hatched in the darkest corners of Washington, D.C., by liberal elites.

The forgotten men and women of America have a message to the backroom wheelers and dealers in Washington feverishly looking for a so-called permanent “DACA fix” in 2018: Do your job. Secure our border. Keep America a place that rewards those who work hard and come here legally.

And most importantly: Do not reward law-breakers. Anything less would be, well, goofy.


Portrait of Ken Cuccinelli

Ken Cuccinelli is president of the Senate Conservatives Fund and the former Virginia attorney general. Twitter: .

A Note for our Readers:

Trust in the mainstream media is at a historic low—and rightfully so given the behavior of many journalists in Washington, D.C.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, it is painfully clear that the mainstream media covers liberals glowingly and conservatives critically.

Now journalists spread false, negative rumors about President Trump before any evidence is even produced.

Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. That’s why The Daily Signal exists.

The Daily Signal’s mission is to give Americans the real, unvarnished truth about what is happening in Washington and what must be done to save our country.

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Virginia Assembly Delegate and Former Green Beret Nick Freitas’ Open and Honest Debate on School Shootings

Michael Jacques published the above video titled “A Assembly Delegate Nick Freitas Open Honest Gun Debate” on his YouTube channel. Del. Nicholas J. Freitas, R-Culpeper, a former Green Beret, has formally announced his bid for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination to run against Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), Hillary Clinton’s running VP running mate. Jacques notes:

A Speech by Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, the liberty-minded conservative who is challenging Senator Tim Kaine, discussing the importance of the Second Amendment has been viewed over five million times in the past 24 hours.

Well stated rebuttal to the Left’s call for gun control.

If you ever wanted to say something to the Left and cover all of your points in one shot…this is how its done.

Crushes it…with reason and logic…something the Left is devoid of.

A Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates roiled his Democratic colleagues Friday when he delivered a speech in which he suggested many people who commit mass shootings come from “broken homes” and blamed the “abortion industry” for helping to foster such a dangerous society for decades.

Frietas shared a video of his address on Facebook, explaining that he was reacting to Democratic lawmakers who have compared Republicans who have blocked the passage of gun control legislation to Nazis and segregationists.

In the speech, Freitas discussed societal issues that may have lead to an uptick in mass shootings.

“So, over the last several days, Mr. Speaker, there’s been a lot of discussion about an open and honest debate with respect to school shootings, gun violence, gun control, etc…and an open and honest debate as I understand it, is one that would rely on data, facts, evidence, analysis, reason, logic, etcetera, etcetera… and I’m certainly willing to have that deate,” Freitas began. “I think if we were going to look seriously at school shootings and gun control, we would analyze things like: Why do all mass shootings seem to take place in gun free zones? Wouldn’t it be reasonable to test whether or not the efficacy of gun-free zones have actually achieved what they’re intended intent is?”

Freitas brought up the fact that most mass shooters come from broken homes — and pointed out some of the government policies that have encouraged the breakdown of traditional families.

“We would start to look at…most of the shooters come from broken homes. What sort of government policies have actually encouraged broken homes? You can look at Left-leaning think tanks like the Brookings Institute, that will actually say that some of it can be attributed to various cultural change that happened in the 60’s to include the abortion industry,” Freitas said. “You can look at a more conservative-leaning organizations that will say that the welfare state contributes significantly to dismantling the family as families became more and more dependent upon the government than they were mothers and fathers in the home raising children.”

The senate candidate also discussed how areas like Chicago, New York and Washington, DC have strict gun laws, and yet, the gun violence hasn’t stopped.

Freitas also laid into the Democrats for claiming they only want to get rid of bump stocks and impose background checks.

“If you’re wanting the other reason why we can’t have an honest debate about this one is because, quite frankly, I don’t think any of us, on this side of the aisle, believe you when you say that’s all you want to do. It will be bump stocks, it will be background checks, it will be a different kind of background checks that register the guns… Then, after that, it will be ‘We need to ban assault weapons.’ ‘What’s an assault weapon?’ ‘Something that looks scary,’” Freitas asserted. “Then after that it will be semi-automatic rifles, then it will be semi-automatic hand guns. Then it will be revolvers, shotguns… because when the policies fail to produce the results you were promising your constituents, you will be back with more reasons for why we’ve got to infringe on Second Amendment rights.”

Freitas point was that the Democrats refuse to consider other options to end societal violence that do not consist of “tearing apart or gutting the Second Amendment.”