Israel Under Attack and the World Ignores It

By Dr. Rich Swier – Israel has historically founded its use of military power, specifically war and warlike actions, on self-defense. Since its establishment in 1948 attacks against Israel have been conducted in violation of international, and the natural laws, of self-defense. Former Secretary of State Daniel Webster addressing the British attack upon the steamer Caroline on December 29, 1837 on the Niagara River in Schlosser, New York declared that for an act to be self-defense, it “must be a necessity of self-defense, instant, overwhelming, leaving no choice of means and no moment of deliberation.” According to Webster self-defense must be proportional and “not unreasonable or excessive.”

The Caroline incident has become the international basis of nations using military power in anticipatory or preemptive self-defense. This concept was codified in 1928 by Secretary of State Frank Kellogg, author of the Kellogg-Brian Pact, also known as the Pact of Paris.

Israel has the right under international laws to act in self-defense. The following report was submitted from Israel by Marc Kahlberg, President of MK International Security Consulting a former IDF officer and former member of the Israeli police forces:

More than 140 rockets have been fired into the South of Israel from terrorists based in Gaza since Monday, prompting Israel on Thursday to lodge an official complaint with the United Nations. (I have yet to hear the UN call for an emergency session to discuss this).

The Israeli Ambassador to the UN advised UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that “the lives of about a million Israelis are paralyzed” by the projectiles.

Israel fully cooperates with the UN, allowing civilian material and humanitarian aid into Gaza contraray to what the one sided media reports.

On the other side of the UN one sided coin, they do nothing to stop the continuous flow of weapons in the Gaza strip that are used for purposes in escalating the terror on innocent Israeli’s.

This morning after the IDF targeted terrorirsts attempting to fire Grad missiles into Israel’s civilian populations. The world media suddenly came alive and very and very systematically reported in the bias fashion that they have been accustomed to now for several years, that the Israeli IDF attacked and killed 2 Palestinians in Gaza and wounded 17. Why did they not report on those Israeli’s injured over the past 5 days?? or the physical damage to property?? or the closing of business and schools and cancelation of year end graduation ceremonies?? or the fact that it s now school holidays for the summer break and kids are forced to be in shelters instead of outside and enjoying the well earned break?

It should be said that since Monday this week we have had almost 150 missiles fired into the civilian sectors of Israel, placing alomost a million people eithier in bomb shelters of within a 15 second distance from them. Sderot is yet again under attack and a factory was hit today with injuries and serious damage.

Even the Israeli mainstream media are downplaying this latest barrage of blatant and very well planned tactical terror of Hamas and their MB cronies and only give 5th page news at best, in the printed media and a few seconds coverage on the main TV news reports.

I have noticed that there are all sorts of appeals from very good non profit groups around the world, asking for donations in building new bomb shelters etc;

I appeal to the non profit groups who are really trying to do good things to start creating a lobby on how to be pro active and prevent the rockets and missiles in the first place- start doing something other than reactive appeals for bomb shelters. We dont want to live in bomb shelters or even go near them. we want to and have the right to live in peace.

Pressure the politicians to stop this bombing barrage. The results of all of this terror that obviously CAN BE STOPPED BY THE IDF if the GOVERNMENT makes decisive decisions and puts a stop to the stupid “ping pong” of “they fire- we defend ourselves” tactics. The after veffect results will be very bad not only for our economy in the short term but terrible for the economy in the long term coupled by the fact that there will be certain post traumatic stress disorders for almost 1 Million people in the near future.

This is an appeal to all of my freinds on fcaebook to share your comments, share and reach out to all of those that you know to lobby those in decision making positions to do all they can to stop the terror groups NOW and to ensure that the journalists report on what is actually going on in all of the areas surrounding Gaza.

We are witness to a new front being opened in the terror war against Israel and the fence that Israel has been forced to build along our Egyptian border, for several reasons, will not be a serious detterrent as at this stage all a terrorist needs in an Egyptian soldier to bribe and a wire cutter.

The co-authors of “Fighting Today’s Wars: How American Leaders Have Failed Our Warriors“, David G Bolgiano and James M. Patterson write, “The Pact of Paris renounced war as a mechanism to resolve international disputes, and later served as the basis for the charge of crimes against peace prosecuted against Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal following World War II. Kellogg recognized that a sovereign nation [today’s Israel], by means of its individuals, has an inherent right to defend itself from outside aggressions, and that right was neither created by, nor can be abrogated by, written international law or treaty.”

The words of Secretary Webster and Secretary Kellogg’s pact apply today in the Middle East.


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