The DOD Ignores The Root Cause of Green on Blue Attacks

Paul Sperry in his New York Post column, “Blaming our troops – ‘Friendly’ fire attacks have killed dozens of our heroes. The Pentagon’s response? Ordering sensitivity training about Islam“, reports, “Afghan security forces, our supposed allies, are slaughtering American troops. Thirty-three soldiers have been killed by “green on blue” attacks this year alone. The situation is so bad that the training of Afghan forces has been temporarily suspended. How has the Pentagon responded? By blaming our troops.”

Sperry states, “Top officials believe culturally offensive behavior is the motivation behind the killings, so it’s stepped up Islamic sensitivity training for our troops. If you don’t want to be shot in the back by your Afghan training partners, the Pentagon advises, don’t offend their religious sensibilities.”

Sperry reports one intelligence official as saying, “They’re killing us because we’re ‘infidels’ occupying Islamic lands. It’s what the Koran and every imam over there is telling them, and no amount of cultural sensitivity is going to stop that or change the fact that we’re ‘infidels.’”

Allen Kornman in his column “The Myth of Islamic Democratic Reforms” writes, “Understanding the Islamic Threat Doctrine is essential in predicting events as they unfold on the ground and anticipating what to expect will happen in the future. Fortunately for the American people, our Islamist adversaries are more than happy to tell us exactly what their doctrine and objectives are.”

Chief CBS Foreign Affairs correspondent Laura Logan on the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan:

Established by Al-Qaeda terrorist Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi  the “Emir of Al Qaeda in the Country of Two Rivers”, Kornman reports the Islamic Threat Doctrine is:

“We fight in the way of Allah, until the law of Allah is implemented, and the first step is to expel the enemy, then establish the Islamic state, then we set forth to conquer the lands of Muslims to return them back to us, then after that, we fight the kuffar (disbelievers) until they accept one of the three.

“I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour; this is our political agenda.”

“It is necessary to accept the fact that it is an obligation for every Muslim to rush to help each other and it is also very necessary to agree that the houses of Muslims are just one house. The enemies (the disbelieving nations) have imposed boundaries and divided the lands of Muslims to tiny nations however we do not believe in them and the boundaries of Sax Bacon do not restrict us. We, the Muslims are one nation and the lands of Islam are one land, we fight for the sake of ‘there is no god but Allah’.”

Sensitivity training does not address this threat doctrine. If anything it helps its implementation by holding our soldiers back from taking those actions necessary to defend themselves and their fellow soldiers from the enemy.

Shariah Islamists are our sworn enemy according to the seminal report Shariah: The Threat to America.

The Center for Security Policy has produced a series on the threat. Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood explains why sensitivity training is not the answer to the green on blue attacks we are seeing in Afghanistan and the murders of our Ambassador to Libya on September 11, 2012:

Blaming our soldiers for doing what they are trained to do, protect themselves, their fellow soldiers and America, is a failed policy. It leads to situations where the killer is defended by their victims until the time America is expelled, an Islamic state is establish and our enemies set forth to conquer the lands of Muslims to return them back to them, then after that, we fight the kuffar (disbelievers) until they accept one of the three.

Andrew Klavan in his video “How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre” puts what General Dempsey is doing into the proper perspective:

The Obama Administration believes that we must abandon our founding principles because defending ideals like individual liberty and freedom of expression can be offensive to Islamists and dangerous to ourselves. As Benjamin Franklin stated to the Pennsylvania Assembly, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

By giving up the safety of our soldiers eventually all of us will have neither liberty or safety. Our soldiers are the proverbial canaries in the coal mine of Afghanistan.




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