VIDEO: Bird’s eye view of Nik Wallenda’s Sarasota Skywalk!

Hat tip to the HuB for these two amazing videos of Nik Wallenda’s 600 foot walk on a wire the width of a nickle. One camera was mounted to the end of Nik Wallenda’s balance pole during his Sarasota wire walk on January 29, 2013.

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Nik’s walk is one of many of the HuB’s big ideas

World famous daredevil Nik Wallenda walked a high wire 180 feet above beautiful downtown Sarasota, Florida. This epic stunt comes on the heels of Nik’s world record walk across Niagara Falls.

Join Nik and a cast of incredible performers for the 2013 Circus Sarasota season (Jan 25 – Feb 15).

The first video shows Nik ascending the special crane which was placed on the Sarasota Bay waterfront.

This second video is taken from a camera mounted on the end of Nik’s balancing pole. Amazing view of what Nik saw.