Sarasota County Republican Party Resolution calls for US to withdraw support for UN

The Republican Party of Sarasota County will consider at its next regular meeting a resolution asking Congress to withdraw from the United Nations.

The resolution reads in part:

WHEREAS, the United States of America (USA) was set up as a sovereign Union of sovereign States with system of government created for a self-governing people; and WHEREAS, the USA, in becoming a member of the Untied Nations, entered into a Treaty, which now threatens to destroy our national sovereignty, self-government and our Freedom to practice the Rights secured by our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights through continuing UN
encroachments, such as:

1. the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT (subjecting Americans to jurisdiction of a UN court, where they are not protected by U.S. Constitutional Rights); the WTO ‘free trade’ agreements (subjecting our commercial laws to an alien trade committee); and the UNCED Environmental and Development Treaties (i.e., Agenda 21, Biodiversity, and Climate Change Treaties, etc., subjecting our national forest, wetlands and border areas to UN control) are examples of our growing loss sovereignty and self-government under our U.S. Constitution;

2. the INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS wherein all Rights are subject to Orwellian restriction by law (alienable) and there is no 2nd Amendment Right; and

3. U.S. State Dept. Document 7277 (total disarmament in deference to a UN army);

There is growing concern that the United States is headed toward a one world form of governance. This concern is based upon statements from Vice-President Joe Biden, who declared, “The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order…” Watch the below video:

Chriss Streete from the CotoBuzz Journal wrote, “It is amusing that the United States, as the world’s number one arms smuggler to friendly places like Libya and Syria, would lead the effort to pass the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (“ATT”) regulating and controlling the export of weaponry.”

“Advocates contend ATT regulate the sale of assault weapons, such as tanks, combat vehicles, aircraft, attack helicopters and ammunition for such weapons to dangerous rogue countries who may pose a terrorist threat. But ATT only prohibits export of weapons to nation-states; it does not prohibit export to terrorists. What ATT does do is internationally define regulated weapons to include small arms and the ammunition for “such weapons”. ATT compliance will require national gun micro-stamping and registry,” reports Streete.

The world has not become safer since the creation of the United Nations after WWII. The dream of peace on earth has become a nightmare with the spread of radical Islam, wars in Iraq and ongoing in Afghanistan and threats of nuclear attack from North Korea.

National sovereignty is gaining globally, one world governance is losing, just look at the European Union in turmoil.

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