Florida Atheists Dedicating Courthouse Monument to Atheism

bradford reports:

“A Florida atheist group is planning to unveil a 1500-pound granite bench at the Bradford County courthouse praising atheism.  This action comes in response to the large sculpture of the Ten Commandments that was placed at the courthouse last year. Community Men’s Fellowship donated that monument and atheist groups instantly went on the attack, saying it made them feel like second-class citizens.  The group won the right to erect their own monument in a settlement.”

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According to American Atheists, “The unveiling is scheduled for June 29 at noon. It is the first atheist-sponsored monument on government property in the United States. American Atheists President David Silverman will deliver the dedication.”

“The monument features an excerpt from the Treaty of Tripoli, signed by President John Adams, which declares “The United States is in no sense founded on the Christian religion”; and excerpts from the Bible, quoting the biblical punishments for breaking each of the Ten Commandments–many command death,” states Silverman.