No driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed HB 235, which would have given illegal aliens drivers licenses.

Governor Scott states in his letter vetoing the bill:

“Qualifying for deferred action status does not confer substantive rights or lawful status upon an individual; it does not create a pathway to a green card or citizenship; nor does it extend to any family members of the person granted the status either. Deferred action status is simply a policy of the Obama Administration, absent Congressional direction, designed to dictate removal action decisions using DHS agency discretion. It was never passed by Congress, nor is it a promulgated rule.”

Governor Scott is using his veto pen to send a clear message to President Obama that he is nullifying the President’s executive action.

Governor Scott goes on to note:

“Given that deferred action status does not confer substantive rights or lawful status upon an individual, Florida is best served by relying on current state law. Already, Florida law allows those with a federal employment authorization card, without regard to their deferred action status, to obtain a temporary Florida driver license.

Although the Legislature may have been well intentioned in seeking to expedite the process to obtain a temporary driver license, it should not have been done by relying on a federal government policy adopted without legal basis.”

Democrat Senator Darren Soto (S-14), who sponsored the legislation, stated, “The vast majority of my peers understand we need to encourage immigrants to become working members of our society. It makes no sense that the Scott administration would veto something it’s already doing.”

What Senator Soto does not explain is why give anyone a privilege who has broken the law.