The US Air Force declares war on Christianity

It appears that Air Force Secretary Michael B. Donley has created the most hostile anti-religious environment in the history of the United States military. Recent events impacting those serving in the US Air Force amounts to a declaration of war against Christianity according to the American Family Association.

Is the Air Force mimicking the IRS attack on Christians and Jews?

Tim Wildmon, President American Family Association, notes, “Under Donley, Air Force leaders have repeatedly submitted to the demands of the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers (MAAF). Behind MAAF leader Mikey Weinstein’s malevolent demands, the Air Force can’t seem to rid itself of anything religious fast enough.”

The most recent evidence of this came just last month. Within one hour of hearing from Weinstein, the Air Force caved to his demand to remove an inspirational painting from a base dining hall because it included a reference to Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”

Wildmon states, “By taking his orders from Weinstein, Secretary Donley’s anti-religious actions clearly demonstrate that his leadership style undermines the moral fitness of our nation’s Air Force.”

The following are examples of anti-Christian actions provided by AFA:

• June 2013 – Air Force personnel received a memo ordering them to not look at news stories related to the rash of President Obama’s recent scandals. Although not specifically religious, it does infringe on liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.
• May 2013 – An Air Force Base was ordered to remove a video tribute to First Sergeants because it mentioned the word “God.”‘ You can see the video below.
• April 2012 – The Air Force removed the word “Bible” from its list of items to be provided in Air Force-approved lodging facilities. This will almost certainly result in the eventual removal of Bibles themselves from Air Base hotels or any hotel that does business with the Air Force.
• February 2012 – The Air Force removed the word “God” from the logo of its Rapid Capabilities Office after receiving a threatening letter from MAAF.
• November 2011 – The Air Force Academy dropped “Operation Christmas Child after a single complaint from an atheist group. The Air Force apologized to the atheists and ordered chaplains to no longer use official mail to promote the charity.

“Under Secretary Donley, the Air Force has become an easy target for atheists, because they know he and the Air Force will submit to their anti-religious, anti-Christian demands without a fight,” explains Wildmon.