Is ABC’s “The Fosters” pushing a political agenda?

While sitting  in a movie theatre recently a WDW reader noticed an on screen ad promoting the new ABC Family series The Fosters. The ad states the Fosters are the “new American family”.

But is it and is ABC Family pushing a political agenda?

The Fosters is an American drama series on ABC Family that premiered on June 3, 2013. Produced by Jennifer Lopez and her production company Nuyorican Productions, the series follows the lives of the Foster family, an interracial lesbian couple who are raising biological and adoptive children together.

A June 14, 2013 Investor’s Business Daily editorial states:

Nearly half a century after the 1965 Moynihan Report on black family disintegration, a prominent liberal think tank finds things “have only grown worse.” Its clueless recommendation: more government.

The Urban Institute, working with the Albany-based Fathers Incorporated, last week released “The Moynihan Report Revisited.” It re-examines the black family since LBJ Labor Department sociologist and eventual Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan analyzed the “tangle of pathologies” afflicting black America.  The institute’s report laments that “the statistics that so alarmed Moynihan in the 1960s have only grown worsenot only for blacks, but for whites and Hispanics as well.”

White illegitimacy has reached the rate of black illegitimacy of the 1960swhile black out-of-wedlock births “tripled between the early 1960s and 2009, remaining far higher than the percentage of white children born to unmarried mothers.”

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Is ABC Family redefining the black family in its new series? Is it beneficial for the black community to have the main character a black lesbian as a role model? Will the series lead to black, Hispanic and white children growing up believing that two lesbians are better than a biological father and a mother (already a serious and growing problem in minority communities)? Is ABC Family pushing a political agenda wrapped in a “ABC Family” prime time television series?

We report, you decide.