Disney adding same-sex parents to channel watched by children

With the recent Supreme Court Decision on DOMA, it appears that the Disney Channel, which is for family viewing, is redefining the family. TVGuide.com reports in part:

Exclusive: Disney Channel Breaks New Ground with Good Luck Charlie Episode

In a first for the Disney Channel, next season an episode of Good Luck Charlie will feature a family with two moms.

Producers are currently casting the couple, with production set for next week. The episode will air in early 2014 as part of Good Luck Charlie‘s final season. Because Good Luck Charlie is coming to a close, the characters are only expected to appear in this one episode. Click here to read more.

Bizpacreview.com reports, “The LGBT lobby has been pressuring Disney lately to feature characters from its community in family-oriented programming.  Once again LGBT activists are pushing their agenda on Disney.”

David Caton of the Florida Family Association states, “However, it appears from the choices that the Disney Channel made that they are reluctant to include same-sex characters on a regular basis.  Disney made the decision that these characters will only have one episode which is the last episode of the final season.  Disney has clearly limited these characters on this channel.  Additionally, Disney announced the episode more than six months before it will air.  This may mean that Disney is gauging public reaction.”

The Florida Family Association is asking parents and viewers of the Disney Channel to send an email to Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks President, Disney/ABC Television Group, to voice their opinions.

According to the FFA website, “Florida Family Association hired two aircraft to pull banners  for  20  hours  the  day  before  and 10 hours the day of Gay Day.  The banner warned tens of thousands  of  families  about  the  offensive gay pride event in the Magic Kingdom on June 2, 2012.  Thousands of LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bi-Sexuals,  Transgenders)  converge on the Magic Kingdom the first Saturday of every June to demonstrate their same-sex affection to a captured audience of children with the mission of using  their  large numbers to legitimize their lifestyle.  Florida  Family  Association’s  team in the park estimated that attendance by mainstream families was down approximately 50% to 60% over the average attendance  of  the last  ten  years.”

To view the survey results click here.

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