Demonstrations against Common Core set for Broward & Miami-Dade on August 7th

The school board meetings in Broward and Miami-Dade counties will have parents and concerned citizens demonstrating against adoption of Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

There is growing concern that CCSS take education decisions away from parents, teachers and administrators. School boards will no longer be relevant as CCSS national standards and curriculum kick in.

Indiana has recently opted out of CCSS. As A.K. Fielding from Watchdog Wire – Indiana reported, “On Thursday, April 25, 2013, approximately 150 Hoosiers created a historic moment by coming together at the Indiana Statehouse to show support for HB 1427. The bill, introduced by Indiana State Representative Rhonda Rhoads, almost collapsed as interest groups such as the Indiana Chamber of Commerce pressed for the full implementation of the Common Core program in Indiana.”

“With the support of State Senators Scott Schneider and Dennis Kruse, HB 1427 had the opportunity to procure a vote on Friday, passing by a vote of 53-42. This means Indiana will NOT be implementing Common Core, at least for now,” noted Fielding.

Floridians Against Common Core Education is leading the charge to stop CCSS in Florida. Their goal is, “To REMOVE the Common Core State Standards from the Education System of Florida to include the FDOE Standards, Curriculum, Accountability, Software, Textbooks and ANY & ALL reference to any tools pertaining to the Common Core Standards as Our Children are NOT Common.”

In an email from Maria Peiro demonstrators will will gather in front of the School Board buildings at 12:30 p.m. Demonstrators will carry anti-Common Core signs. “The signs are to be used outside during the protest as they are not allowed to be displayed within the School Board buildings. Once the rally is over, the anti-Common Core group will go inside and watch the meeting and support those speaking against Common Core,” states Peiro.

Additionally a petition is being distributed by Thais Alvarez, Bear Witness Central Broward County Director, to the School Board members. The petition states in part:

We have forgotten that our nation is a Constitutional Republic. The following request is consistent with the principles of a Constitutional Republic, as the rules as they currently stand are not.

The purpose of this letter is to respectfully request the following:

(1) that the rules dictating how much time Residents have to speak at school board meetings be changed, effective immediately;

(2) that during the time during which a Resident is able to speak, he also be allowed to pose questions to the Board;

(3) that school board meetings be held during the evening and/or on the weekend to allow for more community involvement and attendance;

(4) that there be a Special Residents’ Meeting held once a month on a weekend day for the sole purpose of allowing Residents an opportunity to voice their concerns; and

(5) to these ends, a request is made to be notified by the person in charge to inform as to the procedure that must be carried out to effect these changes, if this respectful request does not suffice.