Florida terrorist sympathizer Atif Fareed caught on video

Alan Kornman from Florida based The United West reports, “Watch as Atif will not condemn his friend Sami al Arian‘s terrorist activity. Atif Fareed was a Character witness for confessed terrorist Sami al Arian Atif Fareed brings shame on himself, his family and his community.”

According to Discover the Networks, “In its investigation of Al-Arian, the FBI raided WISE headquarters and seized some 500 videotapes of conferences in which Al-Arian had participated, where funds had been raised to aid terrorism efforts overseas. One FBI surveillance video of Al-Arian’s fundraising tour of American mosques showed him being introduced as “the President of the Islamic Committee for Palestine … the active arm of the Islamic Jihad movement.”

On February 28, 2006, Al-Arian signed a plea agreement in which he agreed to plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy to “make or receive funds … for the benefit of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” He was sentenced to 57 months in prison, (which included 38 months that he had already served). The judge who sentenced Al-Arian made reference to PIJ suicide bombings and told the defendant: “Anyone with even the slightest bit of human compassion would be sickened. Not you, you saw it as an opportunity to solicit more money to carry out more bombings.” Vis a vis Al-Arian’s claim that he had raised money for charities, the judge said: “Your only connection to widows and orphans was that you create them.”

“We caught up with the Chairman of the Longwood Mosque (a.k.a. American Muslim Community Centers) at their Eid al-Fitr celebration in Sanford, FL,” writes Kronman.

Kornman states, “Atif Fareed has a well documented past supporting self confessed terrorist Sami al-Arian of the designated terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). When the PIJ was closed for business they resurfaced as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) of which Atif Fareed served there as a Florida Director for 10 years.”

Kornman notes, “It is educational watching Atif Fareed repeatedly lie and then try to intimidate the interviewer at the end of the video. Facts unfortunately for Atif Fareed are easy to find and corroborate as demonstrated in this video. Atif Fareed finds himself on the side of terrorist sympathizers time and time again. From a psychological standpoint it is fascinating to watch Atif Fareed Never condemn Sami al-Arian, CAIR, or Hezbollah ideology. Atif Fareed did not categorically denounce the ideology that fuels these terrorist groups.”

“In Atif Fareed’s case the fact he didn’t condemn any terrorist activity or ideology is just as telling as what he did say,” states Kornman.

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