Mention of Rubio’s name draws boos at Dennis Michael Lynch immigration presentation

socoThree hundred Floridians attended a presentation by Dennis Michael Lynch in Sarasota, FL last week. This event is part of Lynch’s “Never Forget 2013” tour with appearances in The Villages, Sarasota, Sebring, Juniper and Fort Lauderdale. The Sarasota event was hosted by the non-partisan group Sarasota Patriots. Lynch was introduce by Beth Colvin, founder of Sarasota Patriots.

Lynch was there to give his personal experiences travelling across America studying and filming the impact of immigration on border states, law enforcement and the unemployed. Lynch is the producer of two documentaries on immigration.

Lynch began his presentation with a story about Tom, a man who he passed daily for two years while making the film King of the Hamptons. According to Lynch, Tom was standing on a corner holding an anti-immigration sign, because he and twenty-five of his employees lost their construction jobs to illegals five years before. On the day of the release of his King of the Hampton’s film, Lynch decided to stop and ask Tom why he was standing there. Tom said, “I will stand here until they [the illegals] leave America.” Tom is still standing there.

Lynch then referred to Senator Marco Rubio. The mention of Rubio’s name drew loud boos, cat calls and negative comments from the audience.

The encounter with Tom inspired Lynch to make the first of two documentaries titled “They Come to America“. Lynch recently released “They Come to America II”. Below is a trailer from his second documentary.

Lynch made a number of points during his presentation. He showing how the border with Mexico is not secure and illegals are at best taking jobs away from American citizens and at worse will in the long term lower wages for all US workers. He pointed out at a successful entrepreneur that a business looks at the cost of labor and makes a decision to hire the best worker at the lowest cost to be competitive.

Lynch stated that if he was in a foxhole and needed someone to watch his back he would pick a Democrat. Why, because they stick together and protect one another no matter what. Republicans, said Lynch, do not do that.

Lynch noted that his effort to tell the truth about immigration has been met with resistance. His documentaries have been rejected by the film industry because “Michael Moore controls Hollywood”. His website notes, “On August 7, 2012, I announced a national tour.  The plan was to show THEY COME TO AMERICA at libraries, schools, small playhouses and VFW halls.  However, two obstacles arose when I started touring.  First, hundreds of people were showing up to see the film; I needed bigger facilities.  Thus, I was spending a majority of my time finding large facilities willing to rent me space.  This spurred the second obstacle.  Due to the subject matter, many facility owners feared a backlash from the community and protesters. Other facility owners didn’t welcome my message.  My tour became very limited.  I was anxious to run away from the topic of immigration; I was prepared to bury my film.”

Lynch said he will not give up. He stated the Senate Amnesty bill pushed by Senator Rubio and passed by the US Senate was more dangerous than the Affordable Care Act and would irreparably damage American workers and our competitiveness.

Milton Friedman could have been talking about Dennis Michael Lynch when he said, “He moves fastest who moves alone.”

Dennis Michael Lynch testified before the Ohio State House of Representatives on May 21, 2013. His testimony was in support of a bill which prevents illegal aliens from obtaining drivers licenses:



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