Sanford, FL: Black man points gun at White child, pistol whips Mother

During the trial of George Zimmerman there was another incident in Sanford, FL that went unreported until now.

According to the Sanford police, Charles Anthony Jones, 41, is seen on surveillance video on July 6, 2013 pointing a gun at a child inside the Cancun Salon on Hiawatha Avenue in Sanford. The store owner and mother tried to protect her child and was thrown to the ground and hit in the head with the gun.

Police in Sanford, Florida solved the armed robbery after a veteran detective was able to identify the black man in the below disturbing surveillance video this week.

“Two times he says, ‘Give me money, I want money,’” said the owner, Inez Rodriguez. “Take my phone. Take my computer. Everything is money,” she said. Rodriguez said he only wanted cash. There were two children in the salon …