Governor Rick Scott heckled over Common Core

Governor Rick Scott came to Orlando to address the Americans For Prosperity 7th Annual Defending the American Dream Summit. Governor Scott spoke about his many accomplishments primarily on his focus on jobs, cutting the state debt, reducing regulations on businesses and cutting taxes for both Florida taxpayers and businesses. He was applauded for his efforts and major accomplishments in two short years in each these areas.

Near the end of his prepared remarks he addressed education in Florida. At that point the shouts to “stop Common Core” became louder and louder. At one point the entire room of over 1,000 attendees began to applaud those heckling Governor Scott about Common Core.

Please watch Governor Scott’s remarks at the AFP summit. At 15:30 minutes into his talk he mentions education, at that point the heckling against Common Core began:

WDW – FL reported that according to Cheryl Etters, Press Secretary for the Florida Department of Education, “The Florida State Board of Education voluntarily adopted the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in July 2010. The Florida Department of Education strongly supports the full implementation of CCSS in the 2014-15 school year and is focused on providing local districts the support needed for a successful transition to Common Core.”

There is a growing effort to introduce legislation during the 2014 session to take Florida out of Common Core. Chrissy Blevio from the Florida Stop Common Core Coalition states,  “After the recent release of the well-documented response [CLICK HERE] from twelve Republican leaders from all over Florida to the Common Core [HERE] put forth by Senator John Thrasher and other former Republican (RPOF) leaders, support was overwhelming from many others within the RPOF.  So much so, that twenty-five additional leaders and a few other officials have asked for their names to be added, and the letter has been released again.”

Governor Scott is up for reelection in 2014. Will he stop Common Core as the grassroots is demanding or will he go along with the Florida Board of Education and push its implementation? That is the question, which can and will sway voters.


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