Florida Mosque etiquette for snowbirds (please read carefully)

As the winter approaches many who live in the Northeast come to Florida to enjoy its warm weather, beautiful beaches and attractions. However, not all are accustomed to Florida’s casual lifestyle, great traditions and of course the proper way to conduct oneself when entering a Mosque in the sunshine state.

Islamic Center of South Florida Rules and Regulations. For a larger view click on the image.

For those who are unfamiliar with “Mosque etiquette” the Islamic Center of South Florida provides, as a courtesy, a list of dos and don’ts. Among them are:

2. When leaving your home, work or business, Go Toward the Mosque with Eagerness and Enthusiasm for you would be meeting fellow believers who have come to worship Allah.

4. Brothers Should Wear Proper Attire Before Entering the Masjid. No pictures on T-shirts that can distract the people in prayer. No shorts above the knees are allowed for man. The top part of the body should also be covered. Their clothes should show modesty and hayaa [shame, shyness].

5. Sisters Should Wear Hijaab At All Time, cover their body with loose clothes: no tight dresses or pants are allowed. Their clothes should show modesty and hayaa. The long skirts are permissible if they are long enough to cover down to the ankles and they are not too tight, not to show the shape of the body.

7. Make Sure your Feet and you Socks Smell Clean

8. Never Walk Outside the Masjid Bare Foot Especially if you are Going to the Bathroom or Wudu Area (Avoid Briniging [sic] Germs to The Masjid)

11. It is totally Forbidden for the one who is in the state of janabat [a ritual impurity caused by the discharge of semen or by sexual intercourse] to enter the mosque. Only after having performed the required ghusl(major ablution) can such a person enter the mosque

12. It is Totally Forbidden for a Muslim woman who is in the state of Hayd (Menstruation) to enter the mosque. (For detailed rules on these please refer to books on Islamic Laws) [Islamic law is contained in the book Reliance of the Traveller]

For anyone entering a church or synagogue these rules do not apply, with the exception of perhaps of number 2, when going toward a church or synagogue.

WDW – FL provides the below video commentary, courtesy of The United West, on Mosque etiquette: