Florida 2nd Grader terrified after watching BrainPop video on global warming

WDW – FL received an email from a concerned parent. The email states, “My son attends a private school in Stuart, Florida. This school teaches Common Core Standards ‘Plus other things above common core standards’. My son is in 2nd grade. My son has been coming home worried sick about something that was reported in a classroom news format on TV at school for 2 days. It has been the first thing he has said for 2 days now when I pick him up after school. He was so worried he was bringing it up hourly. He kept on telling me throughout the evenings and I had been so busy I was not to been able to address his concern.”

“A big flood is supposed to happen in 2030. I had never heard anything about it … so I went online to find out about it. It is attributed to rising sea levels, which of course must come from melting icebergs due to global warming aka climate change. When I finally addressed his concerns later, he said the program reporting was BrainPOP on the Smart TV they have there at school,” states the parent.

The mother concludes with, “Meanwhile, my son is not able to fall asleep for the past 2 nights for worrying over this 2030 flood. It wasn’t until he went on for a hour as I multi-tasked that I realized what had occurred.  After I explained my thoughts on it, he was able to finally fall asleep. But he is only 8 years old and shouldn’t even have to be burdened with this!! He woke up this morning and was still going on for a half an hour about it … and then again just before I dropped him off to school. After he shut the car door he came back and said he wanted to make sure that I was going to tell his daddy about it to make sure that I tell his daddy we need to move NOW because we live right on the beach!”

According to Scott Ferguson, Communications Specialist for Sarasota County Schools, “We have a district license to use BrainPop. It is available as a supplemental tool for teachers to quiz students if the material fits the teachers’ content areas. We don’t keep track of which teachers use it in which schools, and which ones don’t use it. No state approval is required for the use of BrainPop. It is approved at the district level by virtue of our having a district license and making this tool available to teachers.”

Here is a link to one of the BrainPOP videos titled “Global Warming“.

According to the BrainPOP website, “Founded in 1999, BrainPOP® creates animated, curricular content that engages students, supports educators, and bolsters achievement. Our award-winning online educational resources include BrainPOP Jr.®(K-3), BrainPOP, BrainPOP Español™ , and, for English language learners, BrainPOP ESL™. BrainPOP is also home to GameUp®, a free educational games portal for the classroom.”

NOTE: Professor Phil Jones  from the Climate Research Unit at Britain’s University of East Anglia and lead author on the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2001 assessment report, has stated global warming ended in 1995.

“Our content is mapped to the Common Core, aligned to academic standards, and searchable with our online Standards Tool“, states BrainPOP. Federal funds, public school districts, private schools and parents in Florida help fund BrainPOP via grants and other funding.

The Environmental lesson is focused on global warming, the use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions and population control. It refers to former Vice-President Al Gore. The quiz for the Environmental lesson reinforces the now disproven theory that global warming is caused by human activities.

As part of the Environmental course is population growth. The BrainPOP lesson titled “Population Growth” states:

Six billion, seven billion…ten billion? That’s right, Earth’s population could reach close to 10 billion by the end of the century. Can the planet really support that many people? In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby look into how human populations put pressure on the environment, and what we can do to minimize our impact. Tim teaches you the history of population growth, too, explaining why it began to explode several hundred years ago. And you’ll get the scoop on how technologies like medicine and sanitation got us to this point!

Watch the Science movie about Population Growth »

What is population growth?

What is the difference between carrying capacity and population density?

Why did the agricultural revolution increase the population?

Scientists now dispute what is being presented as science in BrainPOP.

John Casey, the founder and CEO of the Orlando, Florida headquartered Space and Science Research Corporation stated in April and May of 2007:

1. Global warming was about to end, within three years!

2. The Sun was going to begin a “solar hibernation” beginning with the next solar cycle #24 (which began in 2008). This hibernation would result in a record reduction in the energy output of the Sun.

3. The Earth’s atmosphere and oceans were about to begin a long term drop in temperatures lasting for decades.

4. A new cold climate era was beginning that posed a serious threat to all with the potential to bring global crop damage and loss of life through starvation, cold weather fatalities, and social upheaval on a historic scale.

He proposed that a new climate theory which he called the “Relational Cycle Theory” or simply the “RC Theory” should replace the greenhouse gas theory of man-made climate change and asserted that the Sun and not mankind was the primary cause of climate change.

Perhaps BrainPOP did not get the memo that global warming has ended and a historical cycle of global cooling is here?

This young student need not worry about his home being flooded. However, his and other parents need to worry more about what is being told to their children about science via BrainPOP.