Juveniles responsible for one-fifth of all rapes

It is estimated that in the United States, juveniles are responsible for up to one-fifth of all rapes and up to one half of all cases of child molestation committed each year (CSOM, 1999). Juveniles are 36 percent of all sex offenders who victimize children. Seven out of eight are at least 12 years old, and 93 percent are boys (Crimes Against Children Research Center, UNH, 2010).

Juveniles are more likely than adults to commit sex offenses in groups, and their victims are younger and more likely to be male. (Crimes Against Children Research Center, UNH, 2010) Will boy predators singly or gang victimize Scouts? The latest book from the foremost expert on how sexuality has been twisted in our day: Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America.

On May 23, Chuck Peters, of Voice of the Voiceless (“the only anti-defamation league for former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their
families”), having been a young sexually violated Scout himself, charged: “New Boy Scout Policy May Lead To Increased Pedophilia.”

Assuming the votes were trustworthy, 854 adults, that is, 61 percent of roughly 1,400 BSA’s National Council voting members, “who cast ballots,” have opened their boys to youths branded as “openly gay-identified Boy Scouts.” Adults are meant to know better.

Youths commonly heed adult ideas and mark themselves accordingly (I’m stupid, clumsy, ugly, or even brilliant or wise!). However, adults are meant to help vulnerable youths grow, learn and become who they are meant to be – years hence. Instead, 854 adults stamped a “bull’s eye” on the Boy Scouts as pederast targets. Now, bigger and/or more manipulative lads, with cell phones and other pornography resources stirring their sinews, will greedily entrap any and all boys who seem easy prey.

“Boy Scout” is defined in Gayspeak, the homophile lexicon:

“Boy-scout queen: (sexually experimenting boy scouts who fear giving a response); one who pretends to snooze as he is f–-ed or s–-ed off, ‘sugar loaf,’ ‘sugar babe,’ etc., bees to the honey!” I sanitized the text for you.

What cowards to pretend ignorance of the massive history of Boy Scout molestations! Eroticize the campsite and you eroticize boys to one another and to their leaders. “Gay Scoutmasters” will arrive soon to “help” “their” lads, to train and encourage them – to believe they are naturally “that way.” The “I just knew I was different since I was 5 years old” mantra.

I’ve written often of the pedo-Kinsey lies – that 10 percent to 37 percent of males are sometime homosexual. But even Kinsey didn’t use the born “gay” myth. He just rated homosexuality higher in his pantheon of “specials.” “Gay” youths consistently report higher rates of early sex abuse; 38 percent of the teens in the 1983 book, “One Teenager in Ten: Writings by Gay And Lesbian Youth,” reported early sex abuse. Surprise! They thought they were “born that way.”

By July 2000, “Sexual Assault of Young Children as Reported to Law Enforcement – Victim, Incident, and Offender Characteristics, A NIBRS Statistical Report” found “14 percent of sex assault victims … under age 6.” Juvenile males were 15 percent of the victims of sexual assault with an object, 20 percent of the victims of forcible fondling and 59 percent of the victims of forcible sodomy. Of course, that won’t happen in the dark of night on a Scouting camp out. Moreover, NIBRS reported that under age 12, boys experienced sexual assault with an object (19 percent), forcible fondling (26 percent) and forcible sodomy (64 percent). Forcible sodomy of the younger boys, those under age 12, was 64 percent!

Well, no, based on the hard data, yes, it will. However, my colleague, Matt Barber tells us “the good news.” He says:

“I and dozens more will be convening for a coalition meeting of pro-family leaders next month in Louisville, Ky., to discuss the creation of a moral alternative to the Boy Scouts. Nature abhors a vacuum. We intend to fill it.”

I anticipate that this gathering of Men will become a real leadership force of future Boy Scouts Defending America. Welcome!

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