Islamic history and culture purged from FBI counter-terror training, but forced on Florida students

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Creeping Shariah

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A photo of President Obama in a turban and cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that led to terrorist plots against the Danish newspaper that published them are among documents purged from FBI counter-terrorism training materials, new disclosures from the agency show.

The documents deemed unfit for inclusion in FBI classrooms range from slides showing verses in the Quran favored by terrorists to a video called “God Hates Lady Gaga” produced by a fundamentalist church best known for its intrusive anti-gay protests at veterans’ funerals.

Entire sections dealing with Middle Eastern history, Islamic culture and techniques for interviewing Muslims while being mindful of Islamic customswere removed.

That’s odd, because the Dept. of Justice just two weeks ago forced cancellation of a Florida school board’s meeting to protest a biased, pro-Islam section of a history book. No other religion has an entire section or as much coverage. The DOJ intervention essentially guaranteed continued use of the inaccurate and whitewashed Islamic dawah lesson on unsuspecting school children.

Islamic history and culture is now required for school children in America, but banned from FBI and counter-terrorism operators.

Much more at the link above and examples of purged documents at the link below.

More information

Click here to see the two volumes of removed documents provided to the Washington Examiner by the FBI and the five volumes of explanations for removal provided to Judicial Watch

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