The nexus between Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, the Second Amendment and Israel

You may be asking yourself what possible connection is there between Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law, the Second Amendment and the state of Israel. The one thing they all have in common can be summed up in two words – self defense.

Christopher Amore, a graduate of Brooklyn Law School and an associate at the law firm of Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass in New York, in the National Security Law Journal notes:

The concept of self-defense has long been a part of most legal systems. For example, the Bible endorses the principle of self-defense in its recognition of the right of the homeowner to kill the unlawful intruder. The Talmud acknowledges a right to use force against aggressors who threaten human interests, or threatened to kill. Saint Thomas Aquinas, a thirteenth century Italian Catholic priest and philosopher, reasoned that the purpose of using deadly force in self defense was not to kill, but rather to repel the attacker. “[The] force had to be directed against the attack, not the attacker. The death was a side effect of the legitimate purpose rather than the goal itself.”

“In 1688, English lawmakers, affirming the natural right for people to defend themselves, codified the right to bear arms in the Declaration of Right: ‘the Subjects which are Protestants may have Arms for their Defence suitable to their Conditions and as allowed by Law.’ The Convention Parliament, the legislative body responsible for the drafting of the Declaration of Right, believed that the right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense was one of the ‘true auntient and indubitable Rights and Liberties of the People.’ England’s recognition of the inherent right to self-defense in the seventeenth century would be echoed over three hundred years later by the United States Supreme Court. Interpreting this provision of the Declaration of Right in the landmark Second Amendment case District of Columbia v. Heller, the Court explained that ‘the right of having and using arms for self-preservation and defence’ was necessary in order to protect ‘the natural right of resistance and self-preservation’,” states Amore.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws and the Second Amendment are founded on the principle of the right of self defense. Self defense does not always require a gun, but when it does, it’s use is permissible under the law in Florida.

How is Israel part of this discussion?

Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, signed on June 26, 1945, states: “Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations . . .” By referring to this right as “inherent” the Charter acknowledges that the right to self-defense predates the drafting of the Charter, and is fundamental to international humanitarian law.

Israel, as a member of the UN, has the “inherent” right to defend itself from those who have repeatedly called for its destruction, e.g. Iran. If a belligerent neighbor threatens you with death and the destruction of your homeland you have “the natural right of resistance and self-preservation.”

President Obama has been consistent in his efforts to keep law abiding citizens of the United States and the world (Israel) from defending themselves.

President Obama interjected himself into the George Zimmerman self defense case, has used the Justice Department and other agencies, like the EPA, to attack the Second Amendment right to defend against tyranny and now is preventing Israel from defending herself from a nuclear armed Iran. The recent agreement with Iran allows for the continuation of nuclear material enrichment and the building of a hard water nuclear plant, one to produce U235 and the other to produce plutonium for a nuclear weapon.

Colorado’s Democrat Senator Evie Hudak, who resigned to avoid a recall, put it best when she said, “You Don’t Need a Gun to Prevent Rape.” This quote is Obama’s domestic anti-gun and anti-Israel policies in a nutshell.

It is the policy of this administration to disarm those who have a right to defend themselves against evil doers and criminals. You see criminals and rogue nations, like Iran, don’t care about anything than becoming better armed than you, your local police, the County Sheriff, state and federal law enforcement and our military.


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